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Jelaila StarrJelaila Starr and the Nibiruan Council provide workshops on a variety of topics.  Each is designed to provide in-depth training and knowledge in a comfortable, relaxed, and fun atmosphere. We hope you will join us as we take you further into the ancient wisdom of the higher realms and prepare you for ascension and entry into the galactic community.

Workshops by Phone or Skype

Guide Communication (Phone and Skype)
Secreted away for thousands of years, the multidimensional knowledge of Guide communication is now available to all of Mankind.  Learn to communicate with your Guides and Angels as intimately and easily as you do with your best friend. Save time and money by taking this workshop by phone in the comfort of your own home!
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Emotional Clearing/DNA Recoding  (Skype only)
Why is it that the need to heal and clear emotionally seems to be a priority for so many people now?  Perhaps it is because we are hurting in ways and to a degree like never before with incurable illnesses and and emotional pain that tears our families apart.  With little or no hope of true and lasting healing we succumb to the pain and look for ways to medicate in order to survive.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are tools that are being given to us now that were designated for use at this time.  Get this workshop in the comfort of your own and save the travel expenses!
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Emotional Clearing Retreats

Emotional Clearing Retreat with Jelaila Starr
Have your own private workshop and healing retreat!  Jelaila will work with you one-on one to clear the emotional blocks that stand in your way. 
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If you have any questions about a workshop or wish to cosponsor one, contact Jelaila Starr at (913) 599-6222. 

Return/Cancellation Policy
No refunds after a workshop’s cancellation period. Fees for workshops/sessions canceled within the allotted time can be applied towards any Nibiruan Council product or service. All product sales are final.  Defective items will be replaced upon notification and receipt of item. 

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