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Workshop Participants’ Comments

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DNA Recoding/Emotional Clearing Workshop:

Linda from Dallas, Texas:

What did you like about the workshop? What benefits/changes are you experiencing as a result of the workshop?

I really liked the environment that was created. It allowed for very open and honest communication as well as a safe haven for expressing my deepest emotions. As a result of the workshop, I have broken down some walls and moved forward in my growth.

Would you recommend this workshop to others, and if so, why?

I highly recommend this workshop to others who are looking to break down walls and move forward with their lives. The insights gained during the workshop have been instrumental in changing how I approach situations that have been troublesome for me in the past. The tools learned are of great benefit and will serve me well as I continue the adventure called life. The emotional clearing workshop has something for everyone!

Kevin from Ontario, Canada:

Thank you for a wonderful workshop. As soon as I arrived at home I went shopping for a bat. I have been to a lot of workshops and I must say you are the most Down to Earth facilitator I have seen yet. Great Job " J " !!! Keep up the Good work. So Nice to have met you.

Jacque from Atlanta, Georgia:

What did you like about the workshop? What benefits/changes are you experiencing as a result of the workshop?

What I liked about the workshop was the way we could confront each other in order to help us trigger our emotions. Also to be straight forward with each other without fear of consequences.

Would you recommend the workshop to others, and if so, why? 

Definitely. I was able to find out that I had created some situations that I had to take responsibility for. I was suggested to go back and reconnect with my brothers, which I did, and the response was amazing. I no longer have this feeling of resentment and the astonishing result of this application was to receive a call from my son after 2 months of silence.

Gary from Austin, Texas:

What did you like about the workshop? What benefits/changes are you experiencing as a result of the workshop?

...As to the workshop benefits, once again I attended the session with certain expectations that were greatly altered in the reality of the experience. This time though we had major breakthroughs, and of course they were exactly what I needed most at the time. It also allowed me to complete the last chapter in my book.

...Would I recommend your workshop? I have been recommending your website for those interested parties for many years now, as it is clearly stated in the last chapter of my book.

Thank you for all that you do. Without you and your messages in my life I would have had a much more difficult time of maintaining any sort of balance as I dealt with this 3D reality that surrounds me.

Hi Jelaila,

Howard and I wanted to update you on our progress since attending your
class.  We both feel that it jump-started a major acceleration in growth for us...

...Thank you again for moving us into the 9th dimensional consciousness and for giving us a quick start on the DNA activation.  We are now learning what most people would call magic! 

...Please let us know if and when you will be traveling and offering workshops again in other cities.  I'm still very interested in your radical compassion course and the possibility of facilitating training in this arena.  How far along is it?

Without attending your class, and moving into the next dimension, I know that we couldn't have moved into this next phase of learning and growth.  Thanks again so much!


I personally recommend this workshop because I've done it more than once and so has my husband!  It is awesome!  Jelaila is particularly
gifted in this work and you couldn't be in better hands.  Nothing gets you "unstuck" better than emotional clearing and you will continue clearing for months after the workshop.  You will learn tools and skills that will serve you for a lifetime.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the process, don't hesitate to contact me at:  



The [workshop] has been the eye opening experience of my life. When Madonna [fellow workshop participant] said what she said and I did not notice it-well I now realize I have allowed the worst behavior from my seeming sweet husband. I arrived home and for 24 hours it was exciting and I shared everything and he was so happy with my progress. Then the next day his behavior was well...he was scared because I took the time to point things out and he felt so vulnerable. I felt we were making progress. Then last night grief hit me real hard and I was crying and all of the sudden he went into this crazy rage-like a child mocking me. Jesus- I told him to leave and not come back. Of course he thought She  is not going to do that- and he went to bed-which then I told him to go into another bedroom.

So this morning we gutted it out and tonight we are going to write our agreements. One if he rages silently or outwardly he has to move. And I really mean it. Does not scare me one bit. I realized as I talked to him that I have been horribly emotionally abused by him. How could I never have noticed it? DAAA

But the really positive thing was what happened the day I got back.  I got a call to show a 1.600,000 dollar property and am getting an offer today. Every relationship has a much more positive reaction for I am more present and not walking out the door as I walk in. Even when I walked up to introduce myself to the Broker and his client I did not have one negative thought and presented myself in a very strong package. The other Broker said such positive things to me on how I showed this 421 acres and it was the first time I felt so in my shoes so to speak or in my boots--does that make sense. I have you and the group and Jonathan to thank for not letting me walk out that door. 

JD your, Texas Connection

Hi Jelaila,

I just wanted to say hello and tell you how my recoding is going.  It's actually going very well.  I did a successful liver and colon cleanse, then I filled out the chart and I'm now ~55% complete in my recoding. 

During a mediation workshop (Monroe hemi-sync) I was leading this past weekend, I found myself on a ship with lovely beings around me.  At first I was in a bright white, round, dome-roof-shaped command center with bright white beings inside.  They showed me on a graph the impact I am/will make on human consciousness.  I asked them to show me what's beyond the round, dome-shaped white room and they told me I wouldn't understand, but I insisted.  The room then opened up like a lotus flower and I saw what looked like a space ship, with many instruments/beings/forms I've never seen before. 

Later on, I found myself in an "operating room" and witnessed how they were working on me and inserting various bright-white crystals into my body, one went into my right shoulder.  The room was circular and there were two "beds" in the room, separated by a table with instruments.  I saw the other person they were working on, a friend of mine (Thai Chi Master), who was co-training the hemi-sync workshop with me.  He afterwards confirmed the same experience (round dome-shaped control room, spaceship, operating room, beds, table ) and seeing me there.  This was last Sunday pm.

About a week ago, during the cleanse, I had forgotten to take the laxative herbs at night and in a dream you, Devin and another guide appeared and reminded me to take it and woke me up.  So THANK YOU!!

Peace, Love and Light,

Dear Jelaila,

Greetings from Canada and the home of Valerie, the blonde and proud owner of 2 baseball bats!!!! I am still processing all the info from the intensive. wow. a new me has emerged. Although I feel very scared and lost at times, I do feel I am keeping my head above water! Have had anger with my dad come up. My husband and I are contemplating a move to a larger center where the possibilities for job changes are better. My daughter has used her bat with success a couple of times.

Thank you again for all this info and your expert insights and compassion.



I am still processing the seminar. The most important point of it to me, was to first realize how we stuff emotions automatically, and then to clear them. You have so much courage to facilitate a class like that even though it can cause YOU pain as well.

I had a great night with my ORB friend last night. I was surprised at how much easier he opened up than the ORB in our class. We both cried as he told me how his parents, especially his Mother was abusive and used to throw large objects screaming at his father. So, he doesn't like confrontation or that energy. We got it all out and I can go as far as to say healed. Now we are great friends and enjoy each other's REAL company.

What you showed us takes practice so as I go about my day I am feeling how things feel to me in each moment. Thank you for what you do.


From Melanie:

What did you like most about the workshop?

I like the fact that Jelaila and Rebecca were so real. They modeled for us so well how to identify triggers and work through them until completely clear. Just watching their clarity and focus helped me to see what I want to emulate in my own development. And in this way they both were just as much participants as they were facilitators. The class dynamic was very unconventional in the sense that we were all there to learn whatever it was we were meant to learn. There was no tension or social constriction which prevented Jelaila and Rebecca from sharing with us on a personal level. Their willingness to “go there” in terms of feeling the pain and working through it themselves amplified the experience for me. Above all, I learned that being real is the most sacred yet difficult thing to maintain in life. It takes tremendous courage and most likely will be looked down upon by our societal programs for some time to come, but ultimately, it’s what set these women apart as true goddesses in action. 

What would you like to see done differently?

I would like to see more people coming to the workshops really. I think the group energy would be much more intense with more people, but I realize that when more people are ready for the material, the numbers will follow. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think much should have been done differently. Only in retrospect does the progress of the workshop make perfect sense. The nature of the workshop is very spontaneous and directly related to what the group needs at that time. To quote Morpheus from The Matrix Reloaded though, “what happened happened and couldn’t have happened any other way.” I think I saw value in each event that occurred in those five days because when understood properly, they equated to great lessons learned.

Although, one thing I can think of now is that the lunch breaks seemed a little too long. I would have wanted more lecture time instead of an extra half hour for break!

What benefits/changes are you experiencing as a result of the workshop?

I am noticing how my emotions have been tweaked or refined to some extent. Just within the past few days I’ve been feeling through the energy center of the high heart region. I don’t think I’ve felt through that part of my body before, but now it’s almost natural for me to feel through that area. I notice my heart races more frequently, and I’m not quite as numb as I used to be. I can immediately recognize myself slipping back into old habits of stuffing and suppressing, and the act of doing it becomes blatantly painful so that I must change my behavior and break the habit. I’m experiencing an overall increased sensitivity to my emotional states of health. And lately I’ve been feeling intense ups and downs, and I can recognize how certain pains that spontaneously manifest in my body have deeper meanings behind them. For instance, if for no logical reason a certain part of my body begins aching and I find the meaning behind that, the pain just dissipates once I decide to change that certain thought pattern creating (through my inner child) that pain.

Another result of the workshop is that the communication link with my inner child is much clearer. I can actually hear her speaking to me now. It changes you completely when you can hear that inner voice and listen to it. I now understand why the IC relationship is so, so important.

To say the least, the workshop changed my life. It was perfect timing and I was so ready for this experience and training. I’m naturally a very introspective person, but in those five days I learned so much about myself that I never imagined was there, just underneath the surface. I had to really take a look at myself and reevaluate everything about my behaviors, beliefs, and habits. By going through the seven steps of compassion with the guidance of Jelaila and Rebecca in class, I was able to get a solid feel for what this process is all about. Because of this I was able to heal my relationship with my parents when I returned home. And in turn be able to start building a relationship with my inner child. Also, just by going through it once in class, it’s like my synapses have been reconditioned to go through the process again when the occasion arises for me to clear something in the future. I know my neural wiring has been changed. It’s like consciousness—once you expand you can never go back.

This is the most powerful technology there I’ve ever come across. And it’s one thing to understand the process intellectually, but something totally different to go through it emotionally.

Would you recommend this workshop to others, and if so, why?

I would definitely recommend this workshop to someone who I felt was ready for it. The concepts presented in many cases break down old belief grids, and some people just aren’t ready to face that. It takes an open heart and an open mind to fully participate in the workshop. Anyone with both of those and the desire to change should go to an emotional clearing workshop, because it changes the way you think about the world and yourself. It will change you to the core and make you realize the nature of our universe.


From Linda:

What did you like most about the workshop?

What I liked most of all about the workshop was being shown by the facilitators what parts of myself I was unconscious of---in my case, being ashamed of my Dark side and, therefore, not owning it. Although it was very uncomfortable, I liked being triggered by the facilitators and my other group members. It made me aware of how I react to those in the outside world who exhibit similar behaviors. It also made me aware of how that behavior acts as a mirror of how I treat my Inner Child. I had been conscious of some of these behaviors even before the workshop but the workshop strongly emphasized this aspect of my Spiritual Path and the importance I need to place on it as I move along. I also liked being shown the use of the padded bat as a means to physically release anger stored in the body.

I liked the discussion on caretaking/enabling behaviors. I found it very useful to learn at the workshop how the consciousness of people in the different dimensions---3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th differs from that of each other and how different souls are here at this time on Earth to ascend to different levels. This enables me to understand and accept others who may not be aspiring to reach 9D.    

What would you like to see done differently?

I would have liked to see a discussion of DNA Recoding tied to the Emotional Clearing process in the workshop and to have been able to find out where I was in the DNA Recoding Process. I would have liked to see myself being triggered more intensely by my group members.  

What benefits/changes are you experiencing as a result of the workshop?

As a result of this workshop, I am experiencing all my emotions far more intensely and deeply than before. I can clearly feel that I am going through a major shift in consciousness. At the same time, I am experiencing myself more consciously inhabiting other dimensions while being physically in the 3rd. I really liked being told in the workshop that cussing was a way to clear out the energy stored in the lower chakras-- -that was a revelation to me. I have begun to cuss and swear and it feels really good!! I realized only after getting home from the workshop that, while I have moved away from caretaking behaviors in my life in the last few years, I have an enormous amount of guilt regarding this change in me---I wasn’t aware of this deep-seated guilt within me. Now I have the tools to start releasing some of this guilt.

I have also begun to appreciate more deeply than before the role that the Dark Forces are playing in this world in the process of soul growth. More than that, I can clearly see now how each one of us is playing the Dark role for someone in our lives and how others are playing the Dark role for us. I am also experiencing how difficult it is to play this role because now I am more conscious of it.

Would you recommend this workshop to others, and if so, why?

I would definitely recommend this workshop to others primarily because they would be able to find out experientially that what the world outside tells them is okay (namely, stuffing their emotions, “cussing is bad”, “caretaking is helping”, “all that is dark is evil” etc.) is precisely not right at all and vice versa, if they want to evolve spiritually and ascend. The workshop would provide a very strong validation for what we know within ourselves to be true and necessary but which is not accepted in the 3D world outside. I feel that all of us need this kind of validation if we are to succeed in finally integrating the polarities of Light and Dark.

Email from Linda that I received after she returned home.

I am home and reintegrating back into my everyday life. No, it feels very different than when I left it. I seem to have entered a very new world although physically things are very much the same. I can clearly sense that my consciousness has shifted.

I feel an incredible sense of empowerment and freedom since I made a decision during the workshop to own my dark side, to feel intensely the pain inflicted on others by the dark role I played instead of going unconscious over it. I thank you and Rebecca for bringing home to me this very important insight into my behavior and actions.

...Thanks once again to you and Rebecca for playing so wonderfully the roles you played for me in the workshop.



Thank you for your gentle patience, supporting me in breaking into and moving through my shame block.  Also, thank you for being yourself and setting an excellent example of what it looks like to be real.



Finding, negotiating and reconnecting with Bobbie, my own Inner Child was by far my most precious discovery.  Realizing the he is a real person that I need to be considerate and thoughtful of!

The workshop ran smoothly and in a very professional manner.  The facilitators were extremely well prepared and capable I fell that we each received adequate assistance with our most pressing issues.

I enjoyed the high quality of industrial strength Kleenex and the filtered water and top notch coffee.  I also enjoyed all the wonderful restaurants we went to and that we went as a group.

I would ask that you suggest we bring gloves for the clearing work as some of us had ripped skin from hitting the pillows with the bat while in intense releasing. 

Since the workshop I have noticed that it was easy for me to sing along with my tapes on my way home.  My throat was clear for the first time in many years!  Since the workshop, my lower back pain is gone and the varicose vein in my right leg has greatly subsided.  I’ve regained self -esteem and feel much happier!  I feel the workshop was well worth the time and $1100+ (workshop fee, hotel, meals) that I invested!


Dear Jelaila,

The first day home I worked out my agreements with my Inner Child and Soul  I could hardly function until that was done.  I t felt so important!  I talked briefly with  my husband about him reading the Keys and working on agreements together and creating an anger corner.  He agreed!

The relationship with my sister has improved 100%.  WE used to only feel safe communicating via email. WE are not talking daily and I’ve shared quite a bit with her about the family patterns and how she’s been expressing anger for all of us.  It’s obvious she feels the difference in me because she now feels safe to talk with me...and I with here.  This alone is huge for us! 

One big thing that I learned form eh workshop that is helping me now is that it actually takes more energy to not feel something than it does to feel it...however painful it is.  I’ve started feeling the grief and pain of losing my mom to cancer, something I’ve been avoiding.

Much love and gratitude,

Hello Jelaila,

I feel like I have grown a lot since the workshop.  I realize how important it was for me to feel my inner child and realize that he is a real part of myself.  After understanding the basics of creation and how this game is setup, the new burning question had become "Who am I?".  I reconnected with a part of myself at your workshop.  I realize that it is so important to make that connection with your inner child first before you reconnect fully with your higher self because you would run the risk of totally disregarding that part of your self if you did it the other way around. 

That burning question of "Who am I?" still persisted after the workshop, and I was led to research the Vedic tradition.  Those teachings essentially help you answer the question "Who am I?", but they teach you to go directly to the higher self and disregard the inner child.  I understood at that point how important it was to connect with my inner child first.  Our higher selves want us to learn about all parts of itself not just one side.  I don't want to become someone who goes off into the woods meditating all day long and not interacting with anyone.  We can't make a change that way.  I look forward to the next step of regaining that stronger connection with my higher self.  It seems to grow stronger everyday.
I'm continuing to feel and express my emotions in the moment.  I'm still clearing out a lot of junk, but it helps when you stop constantly stuffing it back it in.  I'm also continuing to see the power of agreements.  I'm using them with my inner child, my mom, and they are also helping at work...

...Thank you for all of your help and inspiration,


From Rayanne:

What did you like most about the workshop?

I liked the honesty expressed, learning to bring the unconscious thoughts to the surface, learning that anger is okay and to witness others’ process.  I liked learning the proper way to make an apology so that it healed the pain inflicted.  I liked the way we shared meals together.

What would you like to see done differently?

I think it is done well.  I felt comfortable and safe to be myself.

What changes/benefits have you experiencing as a result of the workshop?

I know what I need to do (set boundaries) and know that it is okay to be terrified about doing it.  I was stuck and now I’m unstuck. 

I feel much lighter since taking the workshop. I know what I need to do and that I have the tools with which to do it...and the support. 

Would you recommend this workshop to others, and if so, why?

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is willing to be honest with themselves, wants the truth and is willing to take a hard look at themselves.  Where there’s no willingness, I would not recommend this workshop because they would leave.


From Don:

What did you like most about the workshop?

I liked discovering my main block.  For the first time in my life I understand that is is okay to express my anger and not stuff it.

What would you like to see done differently?

Since it was my first workshop of any kind, I have nothing to compare it with.

Would you recommend this workshop to others, and if so, why?

Yes, if it can help me, it can help anyone.


From Delores:

What did you like most about the workshop?

I liked that the workshop was held in a comfortable, casual environment.  The energy in your home was great!

It was unique in that the workshop I experienced immediate real-time, hands-on triggering of my emotions, and then again immediately, hands -on step by step application of the Keys of Compassion to clear the issues.

I liked seeing you “walk your talk” as you explained and expressed issues between you and Jonathan as they occurred.  I also liked the self -examination exercises and tools to assist in clearing blocks and identifying unmet needs.

What would you like to see done differently?

Be more specific about participants staying Sunday night and leaving Monday.

What changes/benefits have you experiencing as a result of the workshop?

As a result of the workshop, my awareness of how I “do” and operate in the relationship with my partner has greatly increased.  I am more honest with him and myself. In disputes with him, I very quickly look to see what’s the lesson and what’s being mirrored for me.  As a couple we have begun working through the Keys and taking responsibility for our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  We have brought a new understanding and intimacy to our relationship. 

Would you recommend this workshop to others, and if so, why?

I would highly recommend this workshop for its experiential mature, learning how powerful the Keys are, and the great tools and exercises that assist in examining your life, and for seeing where and what blocks exist and ways to move through them.  Our future depends on this kind of emotional clearing work to facilitate the DNA changes we will need going forward.


From Mark:

What did you like most about the workshop?

I liked being able to do the emotional clearing work at your house.  It is cozy and comfortable.  I liked that you were able to give us all the attention that we needed, and were open to each person’s reality.  The material and presentation was a nice mix of detail and conversation,feedback and interaction. 

What would you like to see done differently?

For the analytical minds such as myself, I would have liked to have a printed agenda for each day.  Also, I wasn’t prepared for the energy drain of emotional clearing.

Would you recommend this workshop to others, and if so, why?

I’d recommend this workshop for the 25% of the population that is ready for emotional clearing work.  I think you should be on TV or have some other visible mechanism; the Internet is great but not everybody goes there. 


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