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Workshop Comments 2

Below are participant’s comments via email and from Event Evaluation filled out from the different workshops we have held at home and around the country.
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Countdown to 2012 Workshop:

Hi Jelaila!

I wanted to thank you for all the effort and information that you provided. After three days of being around you, I felt like there was something about me that you did not like. But, by the end of our dinner, I felt connected with you. When you reached out to give me a hug, my spirit sang with delight. I guess I went through that range of emotions so that I could be stronger. I have lived my life around people that have never truly understood me, and that hug represents the first time in my Earthly existence that I have been embraced by someone who understood. It is amazing how just a few moments in passing can mean so much.

On my plane ride home, I was looking out my window at 4 a.m..  I was looking at the big dipper.  After about 10 seconds, one of the stars started moving in the same direction as the plane.  I then realized that it was not a star, but a ball of light.  I watched it for about 20 seconds, and then looked back to the left of the big dipper.  There was a blue light holding stationary.  The light then swelled up to 3 times its size and gave of a brilliant white light.  After several seconds, the light reduced down to its original size, and then sped off away from the plane and disappeared.  For a moment, I wanted to grab the persons in front and back of me, to show them.  But, then I realized that those were my friends out there just saying hi to me.  It wasn't for anybody else, just for me. 

Several months ago I seen a large light swell up to about the size of the moon, and then shrink back down and speed away.  That is when you told me that I was downloaded.  Unfortunately, it fried my circuits, and I ended up in intensive care for 8 days.  I think my friends were telling me that I am on the right path.

I told you that I had lost my job on the day I came out to the conference. This morning, when I walked outside to let my 2 little fur balls outside to pee and get some air,  my land lady asked me if I would paint the whole apartment complex.  All the exteriors and doors of 112 units.  She also offered me another job at a marina, along with some other side work.  Either I am on the weirdest acid trip of my life, or this shit really works!
Your friend forever,
Michael A.


Galactic Training Level One—New York, NY 2002
The Hatsheptsut Template


I discovered that I was Hatshepsut’s panther.  My new understanding is my attribute of compassion. Being Sirius A Feline is a completion in itself!  I liked the interactive process of the workshop, and learning about the underrated component of love—compassion.  I have experienced the awareness of being compassionate resolved many behavioral traits that I thought as odd before.  For example, I never bonded with any group, affiliation or even people, because of a polarization box or entrapment.  Now I understand why I am a solitary being by nature.

Zena J.

Dear Jelaila,

Everything I already knew seemed to become clearer, like all paths are slowly coming together as one, a huge thrill!  I liked the simple, clear and concise explanations of what is exactly going on in our perceived world—a great presentation. 

David A.

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