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Website Comments 4

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Dear Jelaila & family/associates,

I wanted to thank you for spreading your knowledge and "word". I am 21 years old, and I have recently bought your book. A recent change in my life, and THAT feeling in my heart, that I have felt for years, but had no answer for lead me to your website, which lead me to purchasing your book. I am currently reading a wide variety of books on similar topics. And it is so assuring to find that all the information within the books coincide with each other.

I take every word, and every sentence that I read to heart , feeling more fulfilled with every page i read. I am only half way through the book, and already see the changes in myself and my perception.  Sometimes when i say, feel or even think certain things, I cant believe its coming from ME. 

I very much appreciate what you are trying to/doing  for all of man kind, and I hope one day, I will be able to join you in your quest to achieve it.  I understand how distant man has become from its inner self and soul, and I too was a victim to that.  But I am letting you know that your book, has guided me to the path of regaining my inner power and my self realization process has begun. If it were not for you , its a possibility i could have stayed lost and ignorant for many more years of my life. THANK YOU

Fortune Carpio

Hi Jelaila,

I just wanted to say I am so grateful you exist! I can't remember how I first found you, but I must say as I read the articles on your website, I am often moved to tears by your words.  You give me inspiration & the confidence to continue with my mission.

You live in the same city as my daughter. I don't get there often (the last time was last October!), but I would so love to meet you sometime.
Again, thanks for your wonderful website! I have included some of your articles at my website on my Ascension Help message board --
, giving you full credit & including all links, of course. Thank you for sharing so much practical information!

Love & light,
Barb McLaughlin
Soul Quest Learning Center


I wanted to thank you for your updates and wisdom you share on your website ....I have been with you for years and I believe I understand clearly what your mission is.

You really got me through the poverty stricken aspect of my life thus me total understanding of what I have been going through and how I can work to get out of it....

Although my health has been good throughout my research of your valuable information you have given throughout my landslide money loss I have expereinced through the past 4-5 years....I believe I have the energy to finally say thank you ...I believe without you and the council I would have gottten deathly sick during my trials with poverty.

Keep locking in those grids...You doing great!

Mike Huber

Dear Jelaila,

I would like to thank you so much for your web site, it has helped me so much over the last few days.  I was guided to your web site last week.

I started on the path a year ago, and felt like I had hit a slump, until I found your web site.  The truth in your words really hits home, and it does resonate with me on every level.

I have been making notes for myself, and everything that I thought has been confirmed in your articles.  It is really nice to have something that "popped" into my head confirmed, especially the name "Shimbala".

Thank you very much,
Sharon G.
South Africa

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the workshop update. Unfortunately I won't be attending it as I write to you from South Africa, Johannesburg.

I thought I would tell you how I came across your website, only a week or so ago and since then have been hooked on it!!!

I was attending a metaphysical workshop where we had to do a soul art collage poster. We had to cut out pictures and all sorts of magazines were provided, including one of the local spiritual magazines called Namaste. While paging through it I spotted an article about Ascension and Money from the Nibiruan council. Needless to say nothing was cut out of that magazine and in fact I took it home with me. Now, two interesting facts here. The first is that the magazine was dated 1999, (been waiting 6 years for me to appear!!!) exactly the year I had a rather severe wake up call from the Universe sending me on my spiritual path, although at the time I wondered about the state of my life and why everything was falling apart. Secondly

I have recently accepted an offer for my business so that I can dedicate myself to my spiritual contract and of course thoughts of an impoverished future have crossed my mind....So the article couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you to the Nibiruan Council for the teachings.

Since then I have spent many hours reading the articles and I find it very interesting. They have expanded my knowledge and confirmed a number of things I wasn't so sure about or didn't quite understand. I will continue to read and learn.

I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and thank the Nibiruan Council for providing so many teachings that can only help the Lightworkers, Mother Earth and the Whole.

Love and Light,
Candy M.

Hi Jelaila,

I don't have anything to ask or request, I just wanted to say how refreshing your site is.

It's refreshing because although you come from the ninth dimension, you work and try to relate to those that read your site as a human being in your current form, rather than a higher entity who is so enlightened that it removes you from those that you are required to help.

There is so much information available now to those who are interested in ascension, and I have spent the past year and a half reading a lot of it and deciding what I do and don't like the sound of.

There are so many expressions from those that are spiritually enlightened which is inspirational, but sometimes it is expressed in such a flowery, poetic, mystical way that most people who wish to learn can not interpret or apply it on a daily basis. It is delivered in a detached and cryptic way that it causes more confusion sometimes.

I guess what I mean is that your work, rather than just being a mass of enlightened channeling, it gives your own personal experiences, the human emotions you felt, your physical symptoms and while your are so consciously evolved, your saying 'right now, I'm in a human body and I go through the same things you do' rather than pretending that your life is like floating through an enlightened cloud where everything is like a dream and comes at the snap of your fingers.

That is the impression a lot of enlightened people give, as if they are afraid that if they go through experiences that are human, it would lessen their conscious credibility or something.

I was just thinking about it for a while, so I thought I'd write to you although I'm sure it's been said before.



I am an almost 64 year old lady who has been searching most of my life. From my first reading of Edgar Cayce's wonderful books right through today, when I've' just finished reading all of your pamphlets, web site material, book & manuscript, listening to all your tapes & VCR tape, & mid-way into my colon cleansing & on the road to my DNA Recoding process, I just needed to take a few moments of time to give you my heartfelt "Thanks".

What a wonderfully God given, momentous Contract you, Jelaila/Devin & all those surrounding you have accepted for the sake of all of us that are so in need of the lessons & Ascension processes, keys & information to ease our troubled minds & hearts & give us the ability to finally be able to "Remember" & make sense of our present earth lives, reconnect with the Contracts we came here to fulfill & in so doing, help others to find "their way" also.

My heart is light & happy & my Soul & mind & Inner Child are Joyous with all the knowledge you have & are giving us.

I know I am joined by many who want & need to hug you and tell you how much we love you and appreciate all your hard work & sacrifices & ask you for the continued benefit of all our brothers & sisters to continue leading us to Multidimensional /Universal Compassionate Ascension.


Dear Jelaila,

Greetings to you.  I have been delighted to been forwarded your website address which I have been reading and digesting over the last couple of days. I love your straightforward, concise and clear way of mapping things. I also love your openness and honesty.

The resonance is so strong, I have had CFS since 1988 and have been clearing for the last 8 years. I too have been shown myself leading thousands of people preparing them for Earth changes back in 1993, and told to write a book ! I feel a session would be most helpful in moving me on, my energy is very low at the moment and my next steps not particularly clear...

All good wishes to you,


How is your day going?  Me, well better I think now that I discovered you site online.  First let me thank-you for taking the time and money to place that site up for those of out there like myself.  I do not know why this subject in my life pulls me towards tireless research but I must for some reason.  There are many questions that I do have but only one stands out.  I know you are busy so I will be to the point.

Is that new planet discovered within the last year Nibiru returning?  I believe this because of my study of history and theology.  Nevertheless I will let you go but do point me in the right direction.  If you can..

Thanks again,

Jelaila’s Answer:

Hi Jesse,

The planet Sedna is not Nibiru.

Hello Jelaila!

Searching out answers to rid myself of deep angers and seemingly my inner child led me to your web site. I have worked for years on my anger and have tried to heal the pain with little success. I feel this is the answer to my prayers. I have all my life felt I am here to help people, to serve and to heal. Knowing I have to heal myself first I am so grateful to have found you and your group. I immediately resonated with Galactic Counseling. I have often felt alone on this planet and maybe I have finally found a part of my calling.

...I just want to say thank you again! Your website carries the purest energies I've ever ran across on line. It is so clear and gentle from the heart.

Much love,
Amy K.

Feet to the Fire Radio Interivew Comments:

Hi there,

Just finished listening to you on Feet2fire and would just like to congratulate you on a job well done. You could tell the Host was really into it and I found it funny when he liked the idea of actually SEEING God but not in the form of Ets! I think the way he sees it, the SOURCE is God. Alot of lightworkers, channelers etc make that same observation and I think that just makes for confusion when you're trying to enlighten someone who knows only of the religion-God (which goes for most people)... and not of a universal intelligence that embodies everything and everyone.

I'm a young 22yo female and I chose your name amongst a very long list of channelers back in early 2000. After getting acquainted with your fascinating website, I never looked back at that list. Spiritually, I've harmonized with your knowledge and wisdom, off and on, over the years... but still haven't begun to actively work through my fears/issues and DNA changes. It's only now that I strongly FEEL that it is time to get a move on.

The amount of times I repeatedly see digital encoded numbers, is just crazy and all within the last month. I used to see these numbers now and again since I was a young girl and now it's like then but squeezed into a month. Numbers like 10:10, 11:11, 12:12 (12 strand dna), 111, 222, 911 and so on. However, some would never come up like 666 and upwards. Other types of synchronicities are glaringly obvious but amazingly so, psychic faculties are improving, time is zipping by, experiencing tough emotional challenges and yeah, those memory lapses are annoying.

All of this is definitely an awakening of some kind, even though my spiritual path began late '99 with the discovery of our true ancient origins, planet X and finding you shortly afterwards. Then untold amounts of study and research after that. There were times when I deviated from my path for months at a time but I'm back and raring to go into the unknown with everything open. I have a good feeling about all of this! :¬)

Thanx for listening, J.



Wendy C. has sent out your newsletter and I requested how to stay connected as the information is so deeply comforting.   You now have my email and I resonate with the info nicely ...although I am not aware of my misison yet. 

I have been focused on learning of it all my life but most intently over the last year.  I am doing trying everything I can learn of to bring up the memory recall and what I have relaxed into is trusting that it is coming to the surface and to just prepare.   

I have recall of being three years old and wondering what the heck LIFE is all about, and being so frustrated with the whole earth/life process. Also, in not getting any answers from my earth parents or friends.  I am now fifty and I feel like a nomad wondering the earth's surface trying to make sense of it all ...getting caught up in the struggle of creating financial energy and then being there to help all who's path I cross who are in need.   It's been a very slow spiral upwards.  I feel comforted by your words I read and I want to ensure that  I stay in contact and not rely on someone else to do it for me.   Is there a newsletter list that I sign up on or can yo sprinkle some high frequency dust on me and encourage the recall to take place?

trying to fully wake up in rural Montana.
Rosemary B.


I just wanted to write this and let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing. I have only read a hand full of the articles on the website but they ring true and have given me the insights that I have been looking for lately. I thank you for this.

I will probably be scheduling a General Counseling session sometime soon as I was led to this site for a reason. In the mean time I hope perhaps this message may serve some purpose because I feel compelled to write it.

I believe things are starting to come together for me somewhat. This was the first time I had heard of Sanat Kumara and I feel a connection of some kind - as I do with nearly all of the names mentioned and the symbols given for the 3 Grand Experiments. The message from Sanat Kumara that ended in “Let peace be our rallying call and compassion be our armor” was the best thing I have heard in a while, believe it or not! I may be one of the ones that was meant to receive that message - we shall find out.

I'm finally starting to feel a little relief about things after reading some of your writing about 'love and light.' It seemed the more I tried to distance myself from the 'Dark' and adopt the other polarity the more fearful I would become, in turn attracting more negativity towards me.

I'm still a tad bit confused now but I think I'm on a better path. Fighting the darkness feels like ignoring a part of myself that I need to realize.

When I read a lot of New Age literature I would constantly get the thought of this quote by Carl Jung popping into my head:

"Too much light casts a very dark shadow" or something like that. Pretty sure it was Carl Jung, I always liked that guy for some reason.. he seemed to be onto something.

These are some of the reasons I feel I should write to you and thank you. I was beginning to think something was wrong with me for actually having a little compassion for acts or beings deemed "bad."

Compassion definitely feels like the way to go - for everyone. I am going to make it my armor now, never did like the idea of this "mirror shield" I read so much about. Why not transmute the energy rather than send it back? I never used it though, don't know why I mentioned it. Anyways...

I shall stop myself here before it is too late! I have a tendency to ramble on when I write about such things. Many of the items on the website are of interest to me, particularly the information regarding DNA recoding and that which is directed at Starseeds. Do you know of any other books or websites that may interest me? Anything on safely integrated the Dark is of interest

- I'm weary of what a lot of sources out there may preach.


Hi Jelaila,

I would like to give you some feedback on your “24-hour Technique.” I have been questioning my reason for being here. I read one of your articles about just asking Devin as he can hear. Well, I followed the instructions, this was at night before bed, I woke the next morning with nothing, disappointed I got nothing in the dream state, usually I get tons of info. Well later that day I was emailing a friend, he asked me to explain about my ideas for tours I would like to do (spirit has told me I am going to do!) when the information just rolled out without me even registering it until I saw what I had typed. Lo & behold it was within the 24hr period, it was clear & concise so I couldn't misinterpret it. What an eye opener! Just goes to show I shouldn't have preconceived ideas about how things should be done.

And my mission - I am here to be a spokesperson for the new knowledge that will be emerging.

so thanks again,

My dear friend,

I really don't know how to start this... I just found information about the Nibiruan Council, as usual, by mysterious ways, totally unpredictable. I haven't read all the information yet, but for sure I will!!! I just read that word, "StarSeed" and I love it!

...When I was reading the first lines of the website... I almost cried, a few minutes ago... I feel like that!!! I feel alone (thought not sad), and I feel I came from up there... I know it, but can't explain it. I always find myself looking up to the sky trying to talk to them, my brothers and sisters, and I know they listen.

...Jelaila, I am just so happy that I finally found you guys... I have missed you my whole life!!!

...May the power of light, true love, and perfect intelligence be with you forever...

Eldan Cruz
Halifax, Canada


I wanted to personally e-mail you to thank you for opening me up to a more grand scale of things.  Previously, I found myself somewhat suppressing the darker side of things not realizing that they too are important to understanding what is truly going on here on Earth.  You have opened up mymind to so many things and taught to explore both sides instead of just focusing on the light.  With each one of your articles I feel as though your are reminding me of things that I somehow already know.  I get this amazing feeling each time I read on and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable and prepared for what is undoubtedly coming, and I look forward to the whole outcome. 

I feel as though there is a role for me to play, a personal legend of sorts, but have up to this point been unable to determine my role and how I fit in.    It is difficult at times to see all of the signs and determine what path is to be taken.  I truly appreciate your infinite wisdom and will continue to look upon you and the Nibiruan Council as a guide of sorts.

{{{{Sending love and positive vibrations}}}}

Respectfully yours,
Luke Apps


I like you web page and your articles especially the one about your own ascension experience........Now that I can relate to! Its nice to know that someone else has had some of the same problems I have (laughs..that sounds really bad doesn’t it?). The ascended masters make it sound very easy but im finding ascension quite hard, but that’s probably got more to do with the strange path ive chosen (perhaps even more so than yours and thats saying something on account of your a walk in!)....I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind me asking you some questions about the battle planet and the different races and stuff.


Hello Jelaila,

I recently discovered the Nibiruan website and I am happy to say that it has uplifted me and given me hope for the year 2003 and beyond.  I had previously read alot of the website called and it has dire predictions for cataclysms and death of 90% of the population due to the arrival of the Planet X.  I decided that I was not going to give any power to this possible occurrence after about a week of worrying about my survival.  I just wanted to let you know that your website and information has given my renewed hope and I am currently reading every article.  I hope for a bright future.

Thanks again,
Brian B.
Seattle, WA

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