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Dear Jelaila,

Searching the web for latest Galactic Federation news, I came across your website. I recognise your resonance and congratulate you on the wonderful up-front work that you are doing.

I live on the other side of the world to you but we are one in heart.  I'm not a walk in - I came in with full consciousness and chose my mother in 1945. My Galactic name is Commander Soleil. I work on so many dimensions simultaneously. Some of them may be seen on my website at

I just wanted to make contact with you, sister.  From one coalescent point in the wholeness/holiness to another, I greet you.


Thanks to YOU and Devin for your service,

Lately, every now and then, I am receiving the information you bring to us on Earth translated to Spanish by a lady called Martha, and I am delighted that the information and teachings are reaching  me.

I am in San Diego, CA. I was born in Peru  and I lived here in the U.S. since 1976. I have never lost the "craving" for an Spiritual connection  with Latin America, and finally is happening.  For some reason, living here in the U.S., it has not happened that I could connect more deeply with Spirituality in North America, books yes, relationships no; I have  tried and there seemed to be something that did not "click". Anyway, It is through Latin America that your teachings are reaching me, and I am very GRATEFUL to you, Devin and Martha for being the vehicle to these teachings.

That is all. Martha requested that we contact you so you will know that your contribution to our blessings are being manifested more vastly than you probably thought.

In Love and Peace for you Jelaila, Devin and Martha,
Patricia Cardenal

Dear Jelaila,

I’m sending this email to you to thank you so much for providing such a wonderful  and comprehensive web site.  I found it thru reading an article in an Elohim  magazine.  What you had written resonated so strongly in me, and I felt that I  had come home!  When I read what you have written on your web site I feel my  eyes filling up with tears, as what I have felt and known for so long is echoed  back to me.  I am also working with others to support them as they go thru their  ascension process, and have found your articles to be a useful tool.  Once  again, thanks so much for all that you do.

with love and gratitude,
Sally G. from Australia.


I want to personally give you my heartfelt thanks and to your spirit guides also.  I, just like you, also stated questioning the belief system I was raised with at a very early age.  Which has taken me to here today.  Please let me explain. 

I have had a computer for my use for around 4 yrs.  And it wasn't until around a month ago that I discovered all the spiritual info available on the web ((((sometimes slow I guess)))).  Amazing enough, the first sight that caught my attention was from the Zetas.  I was so ready for some higher awareness and I was seeking.  My eldest daughter is also of like mind.  So when I found this sight from the Zetas, I ate it all up in 3 or 4 days, much to my exhaustion, and in turn created total confusion for me and my daughter.  We started making plans to leave Florida, go to higher ground, and give up our life as we know it today to be prepared for the pole shift by Planet X and learn how to eat grub worms in the aftermath…*ugggg*!  We were running in complete insanity over the things we thought we were to be facing. Total confusion consumed us, along with fear. 

Then a week ago on Saturday morning the 5th, an exceptional thing happened.  We were talking over coffee and I looked at her and said, "You know, Sweetheart, I have always been a firm believer in the light. And I know that that light will always prevail.  But as long as we are functioning in fear we will never see it."  For, you see, that is what that site created for us...our worst fears.  What happened next was like a miracle, Jelaila.  I felt a weight lift off my shoulders (hers too) that we had been burdened with for over a month.  We still felt some confusion, but the fear was gone.  Then on Sunday night the 6th, I was guided to your site—what a blessing to hear about compassion, using the Dark to grow with, and confronting our fears. 

You are truly a messenger of light, and I feel blessed to have been guided to that light.  I'm taking in the info gently but with eagerness, with total acceptance.

Just in finishing, today is the 9th and I just read your info on the Zetas.  Some more light was given my way to diminish the rest of my fears around the Zeta talks.  Bless the Zetas for trying too, and I will forever remember them and the gift they give me, THE LIGHT. 


Dear Jelaila,

A little over 4 years ago I had an overwhelming urge from inside to write a story. It seemed for 4 days that something was using me for its own means. I am not a writer. In fact I find it hard to express feelings.  At the end of those four remarkable days I was left feeling quite exhausted and drained.  I changed dramatically after that. I began telling my friends of a higher purpose than pursuit of wealth and possessions and how we should have more compassion and understanding of our fellow Humans.  As you can probably guess nearly all of my friends are now history. My family is still with me and they made it clear that they will not tolerate such nonsense forever. 

So, for a few years now I have been alone. Not physically alone, but mentally alone…until today. I woke up early, turned on my computer and typed in a search for Galactic Council (this was completely out of the blue) and I found you. For the last hour and a half I have been reading your web pages with streams of tears running down my face.  I did not imagine time travel and had an inkling of other Dimensions, but apart from those couple of things, everything I wrote 4 years ago was there in front of me.  I still have my notes, even though I could not convince those closest to me of the truth in what I had written, and they are once again my most treasured possession.

Thank you for educating Humanity in what must be.  I look forward to attending your workshops and eventually taking my rightful place in our Galactic Community.

Michael Way


I have been reading your material, Kryon, etc., been on the path since 1963, am 55 now in this body.  I have been told by guides that my Lemurian position is the closest reality to my path that can be shown.  Many loved ones have said my writing and some speaking is my weapon of choice, and that I have a very powerful entity waiting in the back room for me.  It has announced itself to me with the term, "KNOW ME"....

Anyways, I have enjoyed your material and offer the compliment that you are loved and highly appreciated both for your soul, colors, and even your struggle.  The world is in appreciation of your offerings, writings, counseling, and "putting it on the line". You are not invisible on our wavelength, only heir's!!  You are seen and embraced for "stepping out of line".  This maybe was what generated the lesson of child abuse for you. Having a Nibiruan Council webring is a GREAT idea and I hope to join soon with my wife, Marlynn.

Love ya,

Dear Jelaila,

I am writing to say THANK YOU for your wonderful web site. I only came
across it the other day, and as so many others have commented, I have hardly been able to do anything else but go from one article to the next. I have been pursuing metaphysical concepts for nearly twenty years now, even though I was not raised in any particular religion. When the fasination first started for me in my late twenties, I would often hear in my mind someone calling to me saying, "Starchild". I never knew who it was or just what they were refering to. I became fairly good at doing channeled writing, but I put it aside as so many of the things I would get just seemed too far out, I couldn't handle it. Too crazy!! I guess I was expecting more Jesus or Ascended Masters type info. Not ET stuff.

Luckily I kept all the channelings and have now gone back to them after finding something very familiar about what I was reading on your web site. Often when I have had body work, I would receive an image of a huge lion's body being super-imposed over mine. And once I channeled that I was from a place called Albion, or something very close to sounding like that. I poured over star books, trying to find that planet, with no success. Makes me wonder about the House of Alvyon? And most recently,(couple of days ago), I had taken a print-out of one of your articles to share with some friends at a local coffee shop. As I sat there reading and drinking my coffee before my friends arrived, a young girl I had never seen before walked up to me and asked if I was Devin's mother. Hmmmm.... now wouldn't that be something!! Again, many thanks for all your work and effort to put out such a great web site. I ordered your book the other day, and am anxiously awaiting it's delivery.

Blessings to you and yours.
Anon...Carol L.

Dear Jonathan,

Your web site was very easy to use and organized.  Found what I needed in seconds.  It must have been a huge project to do.

I appreciate the time your wife took to answer my lengthy email.   Frustrated, feeling small and overwhelmed about the reptilians (I''d read too  much David Icke w/o inserting positive reading in the mix.) I'd written her on why the Powers that be, keep putting the reptiles with us, killing all the loving beings off repeatedly, I ask her if we will ever survive them?  She said  yes, we can survive them.  That coming from her is powerful.  I realize  in my heart, that she is right.  I'm glad she has you to support her and keep  her strong.

Doing my part to educate the world...

Lori L.

Dear Jelaila,

How I wish I could throw my arms  around you and give you the biggest hug.  You are a Godsend!  I've been walking  around for years waiting to meet you...when I stumbled across your website a few weeks ago, I ate the information like a starving concentration camp survivor.  I'd always been made fun of and called "too serious" by many.  I knew I was living a reality that few if anyone else was.  I knew things, understood things,  heard things that I just couldn't explain.  I had prophetic dreams and a crazy idea that I was some sort of messenger for God.

Lately, I have done  nothing but fixate on my inability to manifest anything material in this  physical world.  I know I am intelligent and educated and incredibly talented (I write freelance social commentary and children's books, I am a singer-songwriter, I have a band,  I participate actively in helping the elderly and my neighborhood) but somehow,  I haven't been able to transmute any of this talent into money or even a new engine for my car. I was boo-hooing all morning when I stumbled upon your wife’s Living in the 3-D article.

I was grateful before because your website finally gave me the missing puzzle piece I needed to understand the  reality that I was living in.  Finally, it had a name.  The dreams made sense.  I understood. That was cool but not as much as praying in earnest to please be helped because surely something was terribly wrong if I couldn't manifest down  here. 

I still don't have all the answers but I had to write and say thank  you...and I know how much it hurts to not be able to have the support of your  Earth family because I live that reality as well. My heart goes out to you.   Please don't be discouraged.  Please don't turn away from your truth (not that  you would for even a single second!).  You are brave and true...and right.  Do  not fear the judgment of the mass publics opinion.  It is like the lyrics of  one of my songs "Lamentations"  What do they know of my soul?  They just repeat what they've been told.  Thank you so very much.

Your friend,
Austin, Texas

Dear Jelailia,

In simple words, thanks, thank you a lot for your website and for your many  kind words. I’m writing to you because, yes, I do feel very alone but I’m starting  to remember, slowly, little flashes do come back and the veil of the past year is slowly coming to fade.

Thousands of shivers have run through me ever since  i've started browsing through your site and I will no doubt go through most  of it in the next weeks. I've recognised so much of my lifestory in your  accounts of Starseeds and Walk-Ins, I know I should better by now, but it still is a blessing to know of someone who has had a likewise path.  I too feel it is time to remember, time to find our way home,

many blessings to you,

Dear Jelaila,

I am writing this from the campus of the University of Stirling in central  Scotland where, as a 40-year old single mother, I am in my third year of a  degree in social sciences.  I have been on a conscious spiritual path for the  past 13 years and I cannot begin to tell you the relief, delight and gratitude  with which I have been exploring your website this past week.

You have answered so many questions and deep frustrations - money worries,  weight gain, why I am studying here and not some type of healing course,  inability to manifest - and above all, this feeling I have carried all my life that I do not really belong here.

I hope you will feel - heart to heart - just how healing your information and  connection has been for me.

With many, many, many thanks,

Sue B.

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