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Hello Jelaila,

I am new to the Nibiruan Council website (about 4 weeks reading articles, etc). and I received the  announcement for the Feb. 7 workshop on Mission Support.  Unfortunately, I hadn't been online for a few days (most uncommon) and I missed the workshop altogether.  Nevertheless, this was a very encouraging moment and it confirmed for me that the purpose of the NC website, you, Jonathan, the galactic counselors, etc. are "for real".  I believe you understand what I mean when I say this.  There is so much  "fluffy" and "airy" information on the web and elsewhere.  And even  those groups/individuals that have something real going on, they are not sufficiently organized, nor grounded or committed enough to pull off what you and the NC are doing. 

I have felt for a while now that it is not enough to be only spiritual, but that the galactic connection has to be firmly in place for complete success in personal and planetary ascension.  What has stood out for me is the fact that this website is completely mission oriented and has the processes, tools and curriculums in place, operating and available for anyone ready to choose them.

I had been doing a search on the web on the Galactic Federation and the Nibiruan Council kept coming up.  Ironically, this was the last site I chose to check out and it is now the only one I have been going back to.  I have ordered and received half of the Keys of  Compassion, the Liver Cleanse booklet and both DNA booklets.  I have also just ordered "We are the Nibiruans" from your website.  Ironically, I have not been able to get a copy from anywhere else, including!  I have also downloaded and printed a number of articles, as well as the PDF docs from the Galactic Counselor Network. It would appear as though  am choosing the NC path or it is choosing me.  All I know is that for the last few months I have felt like "Neo" from "Matrix Reloaded" when he says, "I just wish I knew what I'm supposed to do."  I have had a sense
of urgency most of my life that we're supposed to get on with something, but I haven't known who "we" are or "what" we're supposed be getting on with.

Since just before the Sirius/Sunrise conjunction of 1997, I have been awake to my role as a "member of the Galactic Federation" and that I am here to assist the Earth and humanity during "the Shift" (a numerologist told me all of this...and I believed every letter he spoke without flinching, even though I had not heard of these things prior to meeting with him).  Since then I have embarked on a very serious program of emotional healing/clearing as well as abundant self-education
(remembering) of primarily galactic level information.  As is common in these cases, my life has gone through a complete upheaval and I am not
the same person I was almost 7 years ago.  I have been precisely at the
point of my emotional healing where I want to transmute my remaining emotions to compassion and have peace for myself and toward all others, especially toward those who have participated in my lessons.

I have known that in order to step into my galactic role/purpose, I have to have completed my healing/DNA recoding processes.  I have known fully for the last year that "this is it", the moment has arrived, and the choices are right here right now to make.  I can go on, but I believe you are fully aware of all of this and more.

...Thank you so much, as well as Jonathan, the other Counselors and the Nibiruan Council for all that you have done and continue to do.  I look forward to meeting you one day soon, and meanwhile to stay in touch with you via email.

In Love and Service,

Dearest Jelaila,

I’m not quite sure where to start but firstly, I want to thank you for the incredible work you are doing and for really sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with the rest of us. I just wanted to share my recent experience with you.
The other day, something inside of me shifted and I knew I could no longer continue hiding my beliefs/faith/knowledge in order to protect other peoples feelings and my own..I became exhausted with living a lie and that’s when I found your website and its been nothing short of a Godsend, because your guidance and The Formula of Compassion is just what my soul was crying out for. At the same time as finding your website, I met a very special person, a person I have admired for over 8 years. In a state of absolute openness, after reading through the steps and about your story re: fear of commitment, I confided in this person, poured out the real me that had been bottled up and suppressed for so long and I am now dealing with the pain of his resistance and disappearance! Its such hard work and so lonely and the fear of this happening every time I want to open my heart is terrifying. But, it gives me such strength in knowing that there are so many other people that are going through similar processes, or have been through them and come out the other end shining. So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being honest and for continuing to help all of us reach full consciousness.
I would be really grateful if you could add me to a list if you ever come to London, England, or if you know of any people over here doing the same work as yourselves.
Thanks again
Kindest regards
Kate M.

Dear Jelaila,

Just want to thank you for your work. Your voice speaks very clearly to me. I am new (a few hours) to your writing, but everything you say and the way you say it has been extremely clear and precise.
Your article, What is Compassion? summarized a process I have been consciously living for over a year without any organized "theory". Reading the article was like hearing myself speak in the clearest of tones. I read this article (my first one) at exactly the correct time in my process. It marked a passage of sorts. I cannot count the synchronicities.
I will continue to read for you certainly are one of the voices (at the moment the clearest one) I need to continue on my path. Thank you.
your attentive friend,

Jelaila’s Answer:

It can be pronounced it as you do.  We pronounce it “Nib (as in bib) er (as in after) oo (as in you) an (as in and).”   The accent is on the 3rd syllable.

Hi Jelaila,

My name is Lone, I live in Denmark, and I recently found your site.  I have enjoyed reading your articles very much, especially because you do not pretend to be something different than you are (human), just because you are on the spiritual path and ascending. I loved to read about ascension, because I actually did not know what it was.  I had a vague idea, nothing more.  It turns out to be wonderfully logical, the way you describe it, it is for everybody who wants to go through the discomfort of opening up to all the things we have put aside, and I feel it is very much the way God as I know HIM/HER would make it-available to all.

Thanks for being you, openhearted and trusting, and inviting us to learn from you.  I am going through much of the same as you described in the ascension-articles, and I am very relieved to learn that I am quite normal.

Lots of love from Lone

Dear Jelaila,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for supplying so much information! Everything resonates so true and clear in me. I am also amazed at how closely your life  and mine have followed the same patterns---right down to having to leave behind a 10 year old child.

After I read the article about Sanat Kumara, and asked for signs as to whether I am one of his people, (I am drawn to almost all of the symbols there), I seemed to get nothing. So I posed the question to Devin after about 48 hours, as to my origins. Three things happened in very short order. I amazingly found a piece of dry cat food in a pair of pants which had been hanging on the clothes line! I have no cat, and no one with cat food ever comes into my back yard. Then, one of my sons knocked a blue candle holder that had a picture of a dove on it, (another Sanat Kumara symbol) off of its perch and it shattered. And then, I was downtown with another son and we had walked around to the back of my truck to load something, and there on the ground was another piece of catfood---same shape as the other---right there by my foot! There is no grocery store anywhere nearby. That's when I said, "O. K. Devin, I get it. Boy are you guys amazing!!"    
I send you Love and Light, and deepest gratitude!! God Bless you Indeed!



I am one of these souls just recently awakened. I wish to thank you for all the work you have done. I browse you site regularly as there is so much information to catch up to. I simply want to say how much I appreciate all this hard work you are doing, have done, will be doing.  I hope to do my share as I become more and more multidimensional.  I will be ordering the "Keys of Compassion" as I now understand what it is all about.  Last night while reading the information on the Nommos, I remembered who I am!

Hi there Jelaila,

I recently have come across the Nibiruan Galactic Federation of Worlds home page.  I have followed the links and have been introduced to a whole slew of new ideas, thoughts and possibilities.  Ones of which I find resonates with me to the core.  I mean, it feels right.  It's like the light bulb is going off.  I don't know how to describe what I am feeling.  But I can tell you it is that of peace and understand and just over-all well-being.  Its like the path is now clearer to me and my sense of purpose is coming into better clarification.

I have read some of articles and chat sessions that had linked up on the website which I have been reading.  All are very fascinating and very enlightening.  I have always asked and wondered, what is life, and what is my purpose and why is there a universe and how it was formed ect..ect.   Throughout my life I had a fascination with science, space, the universe/multiverse and about god.  I have always thought that there had to be more to what is currently presented to me on earth.  I mean I thought there had to be a purpose to life.  Also with my fascination with the stars and the universe that I totally believe that there is life out there that is different than what we find here on earth.  But at the same time I felt lost, with no purpose and with many questions unanswered.

As I read the channelings and what Devin  says through you, things start to become more clearer on some level.  And how he says that our choices are being laid right in front of us are now ringing true.  Some through the unconscious mind and DNA recoding/encoding and some through our mediums of media as in movies, t.v. and the internet.  Some of which you have mention, like the StarTrek series, Star Wars, The Matrix, Earth: Final Conflict, Babylon 5, Stargate Sg-1 t.v. series(which of is my favorite show).  ...As I have been reading and taking in the information from the Council, I can see the manifestations of the other cultures coming to light now and how they are trying to prepare us.  So now the pieces of puzzle are starting to come into place and I sincerely hope that more of those pieces are to come,

I feel that I have just barely touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  I want to convey so much to you and some of the things  are hard to express  by words in an e-mail.  ...I just want to convey my love, warmth and respect for what you, Devin and the others are doing and have been doing. And how it has brought new hope and new light to my life and my ongoing journey. 

Thank you and may your journeys bring you peace and enlightenment. 

Good evening,

Although you probably receive many of these types of messages, I would like to thank you for the information posted on the website. For some time I have been searching for answers and information of this nature only to find it full of weird and wonderful claims. However for once, it feels like I know what is going on and of my and everyone’s importance in the days and years to come. So I thank you for bringing this forward and hope many others will benefit from this information.

Kind regards,
Mark R.

Good day Jelaila!

I have just experienced an epiphany and am as excited as an old man can get! I am at a loss to explain what has happened, but your writing - even the elementals that I've read today - have registered like a hit in the head. The reason for the excitement is that my earlier cursory examination of the material didn't register, the internet experience was a disaster. Seemed like computer connections were with some self serving imposter with no redeeming values to be found. Sort of like peaking in and deciding that wasn't of any positive interest to me. Today you must have uncloaked! Thank you!

It is clear that who I am, where I am from, and what I can do to help the integration and ascension will begin to emerge quickly with simply understanding what and where I have failed to break out of a protective (?) cocoon!

Again thank you!
Mel F.

Dear Jelaila,

How can I fully express my gratitude for all the guidance you share that is assisting me so profoundly in my soul growth.  It has completely transformed my life.  You undoubtedly hear this many times and it may sound like a cliche, but I speak from my heart, beloved sister - your courage to share who you are has profoundly changed my perspective and my consciousness of who I am and why I'm here.  I thank you for your love and your compassion, for your wisdom and your inspiration, for your strength and your integrity.

Because of your willingness to share your gifts, I am now able to stand in my own strength and integrity and act from compassion and wisdom instead of anger and fear.

There is no money to repay a gift like this but if I had a million dollars, you would be an immediate beneficiary.   Meanwhile, I offer you my heart and my gratitude and my ongoing support.

When you come to Southern California, I offer my assistance in helping you in whatever way I can.  I see you will be coming the Pasadena in November so please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance with that event.

I had been reading your website for some time and first saw you at the Conscious Living Expo in L.A. in February.  And I saw you again at the workshop in Mt. Shasta/Weed on May 12.  Both were deeply moving and exhilarating experiences for me, not only in hearing you speak but also in meeting several of the Galactic Counselors.  I feel they too are of the highest integrity - a remarkable group selected by a remarkable person - most fitting indeed.

I remember when I first read your description of a starseed - I cried for hours as I'd finally found someone who could describe and understand who I am and help me to understand myself as well. It was the start of an exciting process which is still continuing - thanks to your commitment to assist Earth in our ascension process.  But perhaps the most amazing information was learning about dancing with the dark and how to integrate light and dark through compassion.  I finally learned to re-connect with a part of myself (lower 3 chakras) which I'd ignored most of my life - focusing on higher chakra stuff with spirituality/metaphysics, etc.   I got my body back -- I'm a whole person again!

Well, this is becoming long-winded now, but I felt I needed to express my heartfelt thanks to you.  

I send my deepest love,
Angie R.


Just a quick thanks for the messages you put forth. So much of what you say and channel are truths that I have been intuitively trying to embrace and live out. When I see the faces of the men/puppets who orchestrate or perform the dark dance, I have been experiencing a voice in my head that says, 'love them'. I keep getting this same answer when I contemplate other social ills and inequalities, the message again is 'find a way to love them all, forgive them all, and continue to truly love yourself.' This so speaks to the compassion you speak of and it feels right at a very deep level of consciousness.

Thanks for any reply, you were kind enough recently to respond to my query about some recent Egyptian discoveries as well as some recent advances in space technologies. Are you aware of the teachings of Ramtha, who channels into the Gnostic School in Yelm? So much of Ramtha early teachings ring true with yours and the Nibiru council and reaffirm that truth is truth! Take good care and know you are so appreciated for speaking up and out.


Dear Jelaila,

Please accept my gratitude to you and Devin for all the Information you have given to us. Especially I am extraordinary thankful to Nibiruans for giving the instructions about 9D templates and the Completion of the 9D Grid. By some personal experience I know that otherwise it would be awful!

Lots of Love to all of you,
Elena, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Jelaila,

I was given a link to your website through a group of lightworkers, star-seeds, and walk-ins.  We met through a beautiful spiritual counselor from Sedona, AZ and we anchored in some loving energy earlier this week.  I am new to this and only learned a few days ago about the  Nibiruan council, etc.  Although I don't understand it all, I know there  is something greater out there and am learning my role for the universe.  In reading about the first-wave, I feel that I fall into this category.  I have gone through over the last 6 mos. an accelerated course in releasing, forgiving, compassion and loving unconditionally.  It has been tough, although it has been the most rewarding experience of my life.  It has only been revealed to me this week that this is what I was experiencing.  Our spiritual counselor channeled  the council and we all had accelerated DNA recoding.  Over the last few days! I  have felt like a clunky-old shoe at times and experienced immense highs and lows.  By the 3rd day, yesterday, I feel like I have never felt before.

Interestingly enough, on 12/31 I started to create a website called "Safety  Within" and haven't put much on it yet as I am waiting to get more information from my guides (am learning how to communicate with them).  As I look back over the last year I see that I have been receiving messages for a very long time, didn't recognize them as such. 

I really want to thank you for your website.  It is very informative and explains in great detail.  As I understand all this and make it part of my reality, I know that others around me will not choose it as their reality and that is okay.  We all have compassion at the root of our being and they do not need to accept what I accept to feel compassion and  love.  It is there - we all need to "re-member" it.  I will do my part in  helping the world "re-member" compassion and unconditional love.

Many blessings to you and your husband as you walk your path to awakening the world!  Sending lots of love and light to you all!

Jenifer H.

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