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Emotional Clearing Teleconference Comments

Hi Jelaila,

I was one of your listeners, and although I didn't speak, I got quite a bit out of hearing the others --- things to work on with myself.  Mirrors can be a problem for me as I know they are a reflection of me.  I do get upset allowing others to trigger me but the real anger is against myself.  I've been told before that I am extremely hard on myself and have for a long time felt at odds with my Higher Self for the design of my life.  I know there is still anger there but the last few months have brought a deep and calming peace within me.  I want to be able to sustain that peace as I reside on the "Ring of Fire" (Pacific NW) if worse comes to worst. 

My ego self does not wish to live a survival type life but I'm no longer afraid of the anger and mass betrayal I once would have felt for my Higher Self if that happens.  There is an acceptance of whatever will be will be and feelings of great joy and desire for the life ahead for all of us. 

I have followed you ever since I came across you in the magazine "Connecting Link" ages ago and am grateful for all you've taught me.  You and Steve Rother and the Group ( have been a mainstay in my life and I absorb it all!

Best ever --- espavo!
Diana L.

Hi Jelaila!!!

I thought the call was great, and very helpful actually.  I personally got the most from when other people told you about a very specific difficulty they were having, and you helped them to understand what may be going on.  The guy with the women friends that were always mad at him, was awesome - helping me to understand boundaries in that if he spoke his truth and they said it was okay but acted angry - they were crossing a boundary, and he needed to say something. 

The woman with the mom who held her up to ideas of perfection was interesting.  My aunt is very much like that, and made me wonder if I did that to myself. 

Having those specific life examples, and hearing how you see them and understand them was the most helpful in understanding emotional clearing and the higher perspective.  I didn't have any specific question for the call, but I heard a good deal of insights that apply to my own life. 

I also realized, a good one I think, that both Joe and I are not willing to hear one another.  Both of us reject the others emotional expressions when they are negative - because we both take on blame and feel at fault and unworthy.  This, in effect, nips any kind of emotional clearing through the relationship right in the bud. 

All I can suggest is letting callers and email people know (on the page for the calls) to bring very specific difficulties they are having in which they cannot seem to move forward.  Maybe give an example of a good specific difficulty/question would be very helpful.  It seemed that mostly, people were unsure about what to ask or how to discribe their difficulty.  So, participant preparation!  :-) 

I feel that most people who were on the call yesterday will be much better prepared for the next call!  I think it would also be great, if a time came where there wasn't a question during the call - that you could describe the specific stages of emotional clearning and maybe use examples from your own life.   

I really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to the next one!  Good job!
Much love,

Hello Jelaila,

Thank you very much for this great opportunity of offering so much counsel from your talents and gifts.  It was brief still I got some keys that game light on how clear and heal some issues!



Just plain thank you.  You have no idea how you helped me.

What I really liked was, of course your feedback to my question, but hearing other peoples questions and your answers.  I didn't see where the CHAT ROOM questions were as valuable.  It seems in that format, you couldn't respond with the depth the way you could with verbal dialog and the depth is what I need.

Until next time, I will be developing the "divine bitch" and asking my little girl what she wants in any relationship!

Love and light,

Hello Jelaila,  

I think it went rather well for being the first time. Here is my feedback. I think that due to the time constraint, you could offer for the registered callers to email you their questions in advance with the specifics they want your advice on. That way you can enunciate during the call that for example "so and so emailed me this question and due to the nature of the question I will answer via email"  Or you can provide the answer directly to the caller in the program.  

I liked the participation and I benefited from your responses to the callers because it helped me deal with other issues at hand. Also, keep in mind that not everybody is quite open to discuss their personal situations and they would rather listen.  


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