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As part of our commitment to helping you prepare for 2012 and create the world of peace that we all desire, the Nibiruan Council is offering a monthly 90-minute teleclass or class by phone.  Each month Jelaila and Jonathan will discuss a different topic.  Learn about DNA Recoding, starseeds, walk-ins, finding your mission, earth changes, the money, health, and much more.
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We gratefully accept all donations. Donations are accepted through PayPal or by mail. 
Mail to: Jelaila Starr: 16117 W. 82 PL, Lenexa, KS  66219

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There are no more new teleclasses at this time.  Teleclasses will be replaced by “Weekly Video Message from Jelaila.”  

Previously Recorded Teleclasses
(all recordings are in streaming audio format, click on a title to listen)

September 2006 - Getting Through the Challenges of Emotional Clearing: Clearing the Pain After a Conflict - The third in the series on Emotional Clearing.  In this class we explore how to effectively and permanently clear the pain after a conflict is over so that there are no lingering bad feelings.  As I have found in my work with couples, ineffective clearing leaves feelings of feelings of hurt behind.  The hurt then festers into feelings of bitterness and resentment.  Such feelings quickly dampen the passion and intimacy in a relationship.  And, if left long enough, will destroy them.  Two excellent examples are included.

August 2006 - Getting Through the Challenges of Emotional Clearing: Recognizing the Lesson in a Conflict - The second in the series on Emotional Clearing.  In this class we discuss how to recognize the lessons that our Soul is wanting us to learn through our conflicts.  These are always about finding and changing dysfunctional core beliefs.  Once we find them we can complete our clearing process and return our relationships to a loving and peaceful state.  Several very good examples are included.

July 2006 - Getting Through the Challenges of Emotional Clearing: Handling Anger - The first in the series on Emotional Clearing. In this teleclass we discussed the concept of triggering anger and how to deal with it once we are triggered.  Several good examples are included.

June 2006 - Emotional Clearing: the Key to Ascension - What role does emotional clearing play in the ascension process? Do we all have the ability to ascend? How do we use our “Inner Technology”? What multidimensional tools make it work? Get the answers to these questions and more.

May 2006 - First Contact, the Galactic Federation and Nibiru - Is there going to be a first contact in 2006?  If so, will those coming be friend or foe?  What does the GF have to do with it?  Will those coming be from Nibiru?  Surprising answers await you....

April 2006 - The First, Second and Third Waves - What are the First, Second and Third Waves?  Who is in charge of activating these groups of starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers?  What is the overall mission of each group?  These questions and more are covered in this class. 

March 2006 - DNA Recoding - Do we need to recode our DNA?  How is it done?  What are the benefits to doing so?  These questions and many more are answered in this teleclass.  Also covered are updates on the DNA Recoding Process, the 9 Levels of DNA Recoding along with how to get started. 

February 2006 -
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Countdown to 2012 -This is the introductory talk that we did for this workshop series. Lots of good information on what will be covered along with a few choice tidbits of information from the workshop that everyone needs to know in order to prepare for 2012.


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