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NC Teleclass Comments

Hi Jelaila,

I've been listening to yesterday's [September] teleclass. I wanted to write this on the blog but I didn't know under which item.

I think it's very brave of you to tell your story in public. This teleclass was very profound. Especially after you explained things after Patty's story. The way you described it made me recognize my own mirror in my own story after so many years. It hit me so hard that I started crying while I was listening to the recording.

While I was sobbing my solar plexus chakra started heating up. I assume I have been releasing some old blocks which were still there from the past. The heat usually happens when I have a very good cry. And indeed, even though I have been grieving before, this was different. It was not really hurting but it felt like sadness with love and compassion for the both of us and what happened, even it has been a few years ago now.

Thanks again for your work.


Profound. That's all I can say about your September teleclass. I will definitely listen to the audiolink again.

The participants in your calls have been willing to share some very deep and personal stories to illustrate your points for us. I could have spoken up about the issues that I was facing, too, but mine, all dealing with friendships, seemed minor by comparison. It doesn't matter. By the end of the week, I had gone through the 7 Steps of Compassion with a friend to resolve a matter between us--and received the gift.

Don't worry about the class ending sooner than usual. Sometimes that's a good thing. We were all silently digesting the information, I'm sure. We received all that we needed. Just enough. Thank you.

Why, you'd think that you guys were galactic beings or something by the way that you always seem to hit the right note.


Dearest Jelaila,

First I must thank you again. You are truly amazing and I'm so grateful for your incredibly able assistance. I can only hope to be as good a counselor as you one day.

It was only after we all hung up [from September teleclass] that I thought of the next step, and wished I would have asked the question it brought up. Knowing full well that I am going to make 'mistakes' and trip up along the way, if I commit 100% to myself and my inner child, what is an effective agreement I can make with her so that we (she) can survive a betrayal should one occur? Can it be as simple as letting her know it's a good probability that I will slip up, and ask her to be compassionate and understanding with me, and I'll do the same for her? I know I have judged myself very harshly for a long time. Perhaps it's as simple as letting go of that?

You are more than welcome to post this on your site. I feel it's likely this question will come up for all who were on the call and for all who will listen to it. I don't think anyone will be untouched by what you revealed this night.

Sending Love and Gratitude to you and Jonathan for all of your hard work and dedication.

Patty Luna

Jelaila’s response:

Well, the rule is don't make agreements/promises you don't feel you can keep. So, with that said, just let her know that it is your intention to make this change and ask her to hang in there with you.


Wow. What a powerful event your August teleclass was! I'm still absorbing the lessons and have listened to the audiolink as well. You know, Jelaila, one of your greatest gifts to me on our first meeting in October 2005 was the suggestion that I explore my beliefs that led to a daily headache at 3:00 p.m. I had been trying, without success, to find a solution for years. You invited me to explore my mental constructs during the 3-5 hours before the onset of the headache. To my great surprise, I realized that I was putting undue pressure upon myself, starting at noon, about how much I needed to accomplish before 3:00 p.m., when my husband was coming home from work. The underlying panic stemmed from the thought that "at 3:00 p.m., my day is done." In other words, whatever I hadn't accomplished before 3:00 p.m. had to be put on hold because the rest of the afternoon and evening was "my husband's time." Huh.

Did he ask for that time? No. Did he even want that level of attention? Probably not. Some past event had probably embedded itself in my consciousness that it was appropriate to give him all that time. Oh, yes, I remember now: my mother always rushed around, tidying the house and fixing her make-up before my dad's imminent arrival home. Must be what is done. But what is it costing me? Don't I feel frustrated, cut off mid-sentence in something that I'm composing? Or irritated because I don't have time to finish a book or take a walk or talk to a friend? Hmmm...maybe there's a better solution.

When I examined it, I realized that I was really saying to myself, "His time is more important than mine, so I forfeit mine." It's not a great leap to realize that I was really saying "He is more important than me," a thought that I would indignantly deny in a saner moment. No wonder I had a headache!

Once I understood what I was doing to myself on a daily basis, I gave myself permission to have a life after 3:00 p.m. I told myself that, if what I wanted to work on wasn't done by 3:00, I would simply find a way to continue with my project. I would say, "I need this time for me." My headaches disappeared immediately. What a gift! Thank you, Jelaila.

This teleclass took that concept even further, and I found myself understanding core beliefs at a deeper level. For example, the most helpful tools that I took from this teleclass were:

  • You will always attract people with matching core beliefs. (Ew--really?)
  • Every relationship is a reflection of your relationship with your inner child.
  • You can't change your pattern until you change your core belief.
  • To find the core belief, work backward from the behavior you observe.

You two have really outdone yourselves this time.

With gratitude and affection,

The teleclass tonight [July teleclass] was wonderful, as always!  Thank you both again for all your help and guidance--I really got a lot out of the betrayal example especially.  I never thought of it as related to betraying ourselves.
Dear Jelaila,

My given name at birth is Yonnette. I have been in tune with your message for approximately four years and have had the pleasure of speaking with you once when we did a session together. Much has happened since ....

I want to tell you that I am closely following your tele-sessions and they are helping me to better understand what I am feeling on a cellular level. I am particularly touched by your explanation of starseeds who are here from other planets being here to change a few things from their home planet.

A few months ago, I dared to reach back to my home planet for how to cope with the coldness and harshness that I feel happening on Earth at the moment. I was shown and told the story of my home planet and a bit about how it was destroyed. After that communication, I understood many things about myself and came out with a few keywords one of which was MALDEK. I searched wide and far on the web but didn't get much further with the other key words I was given, until I went up to your website to see what you've been doing and tuned in again to what you are saying...I am very pleased to say that your story resonated with my communication...

I want to say thanks again for being a sort of lighthouse for me , for helping me to understand the bigger picture and what my purpose is here. Your words are confirming, and I am in wonder about our inner technology .

Joyous blessings.

Jelaila’s reply:

So good to hear from you again! It's interesting that you have a connection to Maldek. If you want to learn more about Maldek, let me know. I am about to release a DVD of a workshop we did in 2005 (the Escondido Template) that is designed to help heal the remaining wounds of that destruction and prevent it from playing out in our future.

Hi Jelaila & Jonathan,

Thank you both so much for providing the monthly teleclasses. It's interesting to me that you started having them a few weeks after I was wishing for a way that all "us folks" who have not had the benefit of your workshops could communicate with each other and help each other prepare for the transition. Then you provided such a wonderful solution.

Blessings to both of you,
Harriette L.

Hey Jelaila,

I wanted to let you know what an absolutely EXQUISITE teleclass [June teleclass] that was last night. you articulated everything sooo well (I loved 'another brick in the wall'). it was just fantastic...and Jonathan piped in at the perfect times, with such great things to add. you two seem to harmonize well together, with your periodic good humored bickering thrown in (very cute to hear).

thank you!

Dear Jelaila,

Many, many thanks to you and Jonathan once again for a most informative teleclass!! [June] Even though you went through the steps of emotional clearing in the workshop here last October, I still had questions about it. It is all so much clearer (pun intended) now!

The bulk of information which has come to me since the beginning of this year has been to, above all else, value myself and think highly of myself. Being a female and a Dragon, I believed that I didn't have value and therefore didn't have the right to set boundaries. I felt I didn't have the right to feel angry at trespasses committed toward me because I have caused so much pain for so many within the role I chose to play. So I continued to stuff my stuff.

As I have begun to focus on what a fabulous being I really am, everything in my life has started to change for the better. I truly cannot thank you enough for showing me that there is value in the dark. When I finally accepted that truth within myself, a great feeling of peace washed through me. I finally realized we do indeed need both forces to be whole and fully empowered.

May you and Jonathan be showered with blessings!!


Hi guys!

Excellent, excellent!!!  You are doing a superb job with the teleclasses.  You have multiple user-friendly links; you make the process easy and affordable for everyone; and you make your expectations clear.  On top of that, you have the audiolink on the website in record time.  What's not to like about that?  Creating a link so that anyone can access and "catch up" with previous teleclasses is brilliant.  It means that people whose schedules don't allow for listening at the time of your call aren't excluded.  Even those who do not have low-cost long distance service, if there are any, can access the internet recording totally free.  What a bonus!

And folks like me, with interminable curiosity, can re-access a portion of the recording to answer a question.

With the topics that you are picking, you are truly moving into the mainstream.

Would you like me to print your teleclass information and mail and hand-distribute it to my contacts?  I'll modify the letter that we created with the new info.

Great job! 

Hi Jelaila,

I have listened to your latest teleclass, First Contact...I always wondered if my "gut" feelings were right about being "duped".  I certainly can't blame Nibiruans for staying away right now because the consciousness the majority of humans have is "shoot em down".

There is so much "crap" on the internet right now.  I am grateful you told people to use discernment.  And I am glad you are doing a teleclass on emotional clearing because that definately is a biggy and something that is a continuous process.  Every little bit of information helps and you my friend are doing a marvelous job.  You and your hubby keep up the good work.

Love and Laughter
Elaine P.


My name is Dave and I am 19.  I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting the teleclases you do on the internet for free. It is an excellent service and is much appreciated by lots of Earthlings, especially me!!!

Cant wait to download the latest audio and will look forward to the emotional clearing one.

Love light and happyness.


Thank you so much for all that you are doing, the sacrifices you have made, the work you have put in.  I had overwhelming love for you when hearing the teleseminars.  I can feel you downloading the highest answer possible to these questions channeling right then and there.  You are so talented and special.  Much love to you and Jonathon.  Lori Ann Lloyd
Lori Ann

Dear Jelaila,

I have just spent, dare I say an enlightening time listening to your program. I was specially intrigued about your explanation of the mythical Jesus(being one of a twin etc) in answer to one of the questions. Having been 'brainwashed' in my youthful (and very impressionable) early years by the 'Exclusive Brethren" Christian sect, but had difficulty accepting the dogmas. I can however remember at a very tender early age that  I was drawn to the Sun, which seemed to have guided me off the bigoted track, many of my friends and even siblings took. I am now 67 and am very much into the "new age" scene and am following the Mayan Calendar with added interest. I am also undergoing a Meditation course based on brain-wave frequency guidance. It has certainly removed much of the the detrimental addictive baggage inherited in my early dysfunctional years. It has not been without trauma, but am getting to know myself better. Avenues seem to present themselves to me rather mysteriously, and getting in touch with your website is also part and parcel of my evolutionary path, I believe.

I am contacting you, because I still have some doubts about all this Galactic Federation stuff and remain a bit skeptical. Listening to your broadcast via the net has definitely lessened this skepticism, because you sound so down to earth(pardon the pun !) With your spontaneous responses and friendly way you dispense your thoughts, definitely gives me the impression that you have indeed been in touch and in league with these beings in outer space. Can I politely ask if you have been in contact with these beings? There are other questions I have in mind, but for the moment I would leave it at that as I continue on this exciting journey of self discovery. Thank you for being a part of it.
I end this email with the glorious news(which you must have heard of) of the final release of the 2 miners just freed from 2 weeks entrapped in the gold mine tunnel not too far from here, in Beconsfield, Tasmania. I am very sure these events are leaving us valuable messages - that we should stop messing about with Mother Earth.

Thank you very much and I look forward to your next session.

Peace and Love,
Justin Jayatilaka,


Thank you for sharing these message via the web after transmission.  Since I am on the east coast, it is bit late for me to join as I am sleepy by that time but I love being able to access the talk afterwards.  It is a wonderful service you are providing.  So thank you again.


Dear Jonathan,

I found the classes very informative and helpful.  They are bringing a lot of things together for me.  Thanks to you and Jelaila. 


Hello Jelaila & Jonathan,

I have just finished listening to your may teleclass.  WOW!  I found it exciting, informative and was totally absorbed in all that you were saying.  I have spent up until about last year wishing that I could go home, not really understanding what that meant or why & it has only been in the last 5yrs or so that I have become aware as to who I am.  Your website has been a comfort and helped me understand more of what life is really about, helping me feel "normal"  The teleclasses are an added bonus to help me feel less different & alone. I still long to go home though have come to accept that I am here for a reason - that is yet to be made clear to me - and that I need to do what I came to do, whatever that may be.  Your website has helped me understand my own visitations better & now accept them to be normal & part of who I am.  I dont feel alone now.

Thank you for all the wonderful work.

kind regards

Hi Jelaila,

I am so appreciative, so hungry for the information you are bringing to the world. Thank you! I tremendously enjoy the teleclasses, the time flies by... it seems like we've barely gotten started.

I haven't found anyone else "out there" that I feel a high level of trust for in the knowledge you bring to us.

The explanation of who Jesus was satisfied a huge question that has intrigued me since reading your book, most of Sitchin's works, along with a few others Devin recommended... Is this information in print?

Looking forward to your next teleclass,

Thanks for being here,
Bonnie B.

Jelaila’s reply:

There is a book that I recommend that has some of the Jesus info in it that I shared during the teleclass. It is “The Bible Fraud.” You can order it at:

Hi Jelaila,

I want to thank you and Jonathan for an absolutely fantastic teleclass on Wednesday May 3rd, it was very informative. I especially was glad that you explained the myth about Jesus because never believed the story that was taught to us in school and church. I knew that it takes longer than 3 hours to die when crucified because in roman literature it is mentioned often that it took one to two weeks for people to die on the cross. I also couldn’t believe in the immaculate conception because that would mean that Divine Creator was going against his role of free will by interfering in our future.

I had a question about the 13 richest old families that run our world but didn’t get a chance to ask it. Would they also be known as the illuminati? That was the group I was asked to join in 1998 because of my psychic abilities but refused telling that man that I would never work for the enslavement of the human race.

Once again thanks to both of you for being here to assist us in our next grand adventure.


Jelaila’s reply:

The families I referred to are the 13 families of the Global Elite.


I just listened to the teleclass on the First, Second and Third Waves. Well, to make a long story short, I have had a very synchronistic morning. I started off by reading my horoscope... Which said that I should "spend the morning delving into the question, "How can I fulfill my calling as a human being?". Ummm, that was interesting. I proceeded to try to delete some of my 200+ emails in my box and read important items. The first one I came to 200+ was your email from April 9. I opened it up and clicked on the teleclass recording. WOW!!!! I can not thank you enough for the insight and guidance that I received this morning!!!



Man! listening to the third wave audio thing- you are getting sooo good at this! towards the middle part you are channeling the integration game stuff about the 'veil of forgetfullness'.... just want you to know your info is improving so much in clarity and effectiveness... or maybe i am just getting better hearing now! with all my meta-morphing stuff going on.


Hi Jelaila and Jonathan,

I just want to tell you that you two did a great job last week on the teleclass. I really enjoyed it!  I like the question and answer format. Jonathan's inputs at all the appropriate times are very nice.


Hello Jelaila,

Thanking you for making the telecast available on streaming audio.  I received a lot from the listening, and left the streaming audio version feeling less isolated and very much in tune with what you are offering.


Hi Jelaila,

I was on the call, but I had to use my cell phone, so I did not chime in.  I did want to tell people to remember that we all have come into this world butt naked at our birth, but not empty handed.  Our nakedness is symbolic of the fact that nothing on the outside of us would help us.  All that we will ever need is already inside of us.
    I wanted to comment on Jims question about being gay.  I beleive that is directly connected to integrating the male and female.  And also, to help any negativity about homosexuals.  There is a difference between reading a book about China, and actually going there.

Hi Jelaila,

I just wanted to thank you again for answering my questions. And thank you for doing these calls. I feel like it’s a recharge each month you and Jonathan have one, like a jumpstart to stay on track. You guys are doing an awesome job and I was glad that there was a bigger group tonight. There were a lot of good questions.


Dearest Jelaila and Jonathan,

Just a note to thank you so very much, once again, for the informative teleseminar last night. One thing is bothering me at this point, however. I'm sure you will be, or are being compensated on some level. I also appreciate you donating your time and information, but it doesn't feel right to me. I wish to send you some money for the energy exchange. If I was a wealthy woman I would be happy to send what I feel these classes are really worth. But I'm not...yet. So I hope you will accept the meager sum I am sending, with the hope it will assist you on your way a bit.

In Loving Gratitude,
Patty L.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the wonderful teleconference on March  8th.  Hearing your voice was a treat, as was the information you conveyed.  I  especially enjoyed the way you handled that UFO guy's question, which wasn't  really a question but a self-aggrandizing marketing opportunity.  You were  faaabulous.  The DNA clearing information you gave was invaluable and clarified  a lot of questions I still had about the process.  I'm


Hey Jelaila!

I figured I'd let some of the dust settle before I wrote to thank you for the seminar. I got tears as I sat there listening to soooo many people calling in. It gave me hope.

I don't want to take anymore of you're time, as I'm sure you are incredibly busy. You can put me down as one who would surely participate in phone seminars with regularity.

Sending Love and support,


I’m listening to the audio stream now. Your message is so powerful and STRAIT! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for doing this, Joscelyn. I have 2 names too, Chris and Nupariel, we are gatekeepers, I feel, having a name for either side of this ascension. It has become a necessity and I notice where the names are used in certain areas where needed.... I am doing my part in music. I give my whole life for the message as you are. let's keep our spirits up!

Chris C.


I listened to the replay of the teleclass last night and very much enjoyed it!!! It helped me pull a couple of things together in my head and made me laugh out loud at one point.

When you told one of the listeners that your life goes to crap after DNA activation you weren't kidding. I had an activation nearly 2 years ago and my body had already begun the process even prior to that, but anyway, I swear perhaps 2-3 days after the activation my husband of 18 years said he was divorcing me, taking the money, yadda-yadda...then within 2 months I broke my hip (and I'm never sick or injured) I ended up immobilized for 9 months taking care of my children, selling my home (via e-mail), going through the divorce...everything you can imagine fell apart. Things even literally I picked up a hard plastic toothbrush one morning and it fell part...didn't was almost like the molecules let go or something...zillions of lightbulbs blew...small things all through the house were in disrepair...I felt like my world was falling apart, and it was.

When it was all over or settled down only the real things children were still here and love body completely healed...and now my life is better than it has been in years. I now have the sense of childlike wonder...(it's been 40 years since I've felt that way)..and the new life that's emerging is much fuller and "real." But you're absolutely wasn't easy or all love and light...:) And it continues...

I also wanted to say that I'd be very interested in a monthly call. And I'd love to go to one of your workshops but won't be able to visit the cities you've slated to date. Had an idea...there must be lots of people like me who want the information but can't attend, so I think it would be great if you could offer a high-quality CD or other format of the conference (you could sell it and earn a bunch of money plus you could disseminate the information to tons of people).

Well, that's my 2 cents:) Thanks for everything. Talk to you soon.



Just a quick note to give you very positive feedback on the teleclass last week!  I loved the idea.  I would really love if you would do something like that monthly!


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