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Liver and Colon Cleanse Comments

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...I ordered awhile back the Ortho Phos drops for the liver cleanse from you, and you asked me to let you know the results. I definitely passed a huge amount of stones, I gave up after I had passed a 100 in trying to count them, so well more than a 100. The first ones I passed were HUGE.

I used to be a nurse and I have never seen people pass stones this large, without surgery. So I assume that the acid, pectin, etc., plus the Epsom salts were literally magical. I am suggesting the Epsom salts to my neighbor to help pass stones when she has them, and will also teach her the whole process, she may want to try it.

I will need at least one more cleanse. I am waiting until I am finished with another procedure first. My guides also want the liver to regrow where I passed the stones from before I do another. But I have less swelling under my ribs, and have improved. Do encourage the use of the Epsom salts by everyone trying this, to relax the ducts.

I had NO PAIN from passing these huge stones, and I have taken care of people in absolute agony trying to pass stones. This was an amazing experience. I assume that most doctors are still in the dark about this. I doubt that surgery should ever be needed except in the emergency situation. I also used only 1/2 cup of the olive oil, because I used to vomit bile after big fatty meals, which is awful. The 1/2 cup was quite adequate, and I didn't get sick on it.

Take care,
Candy M.

Jelaila and Jonathan,

I want to thank both of you for being the vehicle for this work.  I released so much yesterday....if I was to count them, including the ones that had not formed yet, there were probably about 500!! 

One thing that may have helped is that I ate very little the day of the flush and the following day too.  I'd like to do another one in a few weeks, unless that is too soon. 

Thinking about the DNA Recoding now, as I am all flushed out!!!

Blessings and Love,


Dear Jelaila,

I had emailed you several weeks ago regarding the liver cleanse.  I had ordered the liver cleanse package from you and had done one cleanse. I wrote to you asking if you though I should still do another one as I still had a lot of bloating.  Thank you for responding.

You seemed to sense that the bloating was due to food allergy.  My body seemed to tell me I needed another cleanse.   So I did another cleanse and got out more stones, then I did another one.  In total I have done five cleanses!!  On the fifth cleanse I flushed out approximately 12 -15 large black stones and a lot of small ones.  I waited at least two weeks between each cleanse.  I have started with the sixth cleanse today. I follow the directions exactly as in your booklet.

I wanted to write and let you know this in case there are other people who need more than one cleanse.  I am 65 years old so there is a lot stored in my liver.  I have been a service oriented person all my life. I had been taught that "I really didn't matter and the Christian thing to do was to deny self ".  It is evident that I have a lot of stored anger and I am doing clearing work to help understand and transform my hidden and stored anger.

Again, thank you for responding and keep up the good work.

Love and blessings,
Margaret W.

Good Morning,

Thank you for being so prompt with our order.  We did the cleanse and it  was successful. I had more stones than I would have ever believed.

Becky L.

Hello Jelaila,

Today I finished the liver cleanse. Indeed this morning in my stool there has been this green small things...I feel so light and in a certain way I feel healed!

With best regards,

From the Nibiruan Council Forums:  Response to inquiry about the liver cleanse.


My name is Andrew McAfee and I live in Apex, NC, just outside of Raleigh. I have done a liver cleanse once before when I was at the Barbara Brennan School of healing in 1999. I saw about 15-20 greenish stones on that round.

This time, following the Liver Cleanse from the Nibiruan Council I had a different result. The recipe I used this time was a little different in that I did the colon cleanse first along with the apple juice and "Phos" drops and then a full cup of olive oil at the last eve. I had at least 50 pea to marble sized stones pass over next two days! The stones were soft like putty and passed without pain. I was amazed, absolutely amazed at how many there were. I still can't believe that I was holding that many in my gall bladder.

I have had a lot of anger issues in the past but didn't think I could create 50 stones!  I am now 36 years old,  6'2'', 175, and in very good health.

How could these build up like this? I have taken digestive enzymes, lecithin, etc., to help break up some lumps that I have under my skin. Also, I have been doing incredibly deep emotional work in the past few years. My life has changed significantly and this is one of the easiest things I have done to facilitate change. Within just one week, I had purged my system of so much stuff. Afterwards I emotionally and physically felt so light and JOYOUS!  Yes, me, the serious type feeling joyous! I am thankful for the colon cleanse. I think that really helped the process. I am now on a digestive tract rebuilding program to get the good bacteria restored and balanced.  The results were incredible for me and the process was easy compared to other kinds of ascension type processes that I have done.  And the best part was the instant tangible results!  Since then I haven't been as stuck or reactive with my anger and have been much more easy going.

If you have any hesitation about doing a liver cleanse, know that it is easy and painless.  And, it doesn't require a new belief system or a faith system to see the results.


I have gotten monstrous green stones after liver cleanse yesterday. Thans for sharing a great cleanse with all of us, Jelaila! :-)

Hello Jelaila and Jonathan:

I thought I'd email you a copy of this re: cleansing product endorsement which I emailed to approximately 30 people who have their own email list.


Hi Bill,

I just finished the colon and liver cleanse. I am happy to report that it  worked for me :-) I was really relieved (my body and my mind) to see these stones leave my body (for 2 days now)! During the process, I experienced some discomfort, as was mentioned in the booklet. Reason for this is I was not following the instructions very religiously (my schedule) and at the  last day, I opted not to take the Epson salt as prescribed to relax my colon and liver. I had a lot of spasms and discomfort and lots of sounds in my tummy :-)  But it still worked!

The whole process took 13 days without  changing anything in my eating regiment. I'm wondering what would have happened if  I made any eating  modifications....I also have noticed a sense of lightness and well-being, less reactive to situations and able to think better as in "is it worth it to get upset/annoyed/irritated/threatened/angry/jealous /arrogant/about this issue?" Of course there is a "reaction" of fight or flight, but it is not as intense/nerve wrecking as it used is easier to see a situation for what it is, be it on email/by phone/video/or an interaction with a human - no judgment and interestingly, no guilt even though I can still hear little voices arguing in my head as if saying "aren't you going to do something about this?"  I can hear and see things clearly. Wow, talk about relief and what a treat.  I may do it again in a few weeks, just to see what happens.  So there you are - my feedback to this process.

Enjoy! Julia

PS: You are welcome to pass this on to your email list. I strongly recommend those interested to just do it and experience!

Hi Jelaila,

The cleanse went wonderful.  Lots of stones came out and due to the fast  afterwards it continued for a few days.  The anger was more of agitation that  allowed me to deal with a major compulsion and confusion about my anger towards  my mother and woman in general and anger towards my father.  The issues revolved  around not receiving the love I felt I deserved, not being heard, not being  recognized for my feelings as far I saw it as a child.  I have begun the  forgiveness process, placed them in my heart since I have chosen to love them  with my heart and realized they did the best they could. 

In the beginning and up until I did the iawazca I was feeling like a  million bucks.  I had more light flowing through than ever before.  I believe  the whole process including the liver cleanse allowed me to face this compulsion of my attraction and anger towards woman that created an emotional disturbance and need to masturbate while looking at nude pictures. Pictures because there  was no exchange of feeling allowing me to feel safe. There are other aspects to this that I have also addressed and am actively exploring as I delve  further.

I believe the cleanse is powerful especially when one has the opportunity  to give the process attention to the cleansing intention.  For me having salt  massages by my wife during this tremendous release assited in integrating my emotions and calming my nerves.

I have answered more than you asked though I believe for me their were many pieces to the cleanse.

The booklet was helpful & I have already recommended the cleanse to  others.


Hi Jelaila,

...The liver cleanse worked wonderfully. I released approximately 100-200 stones!...

Mary W. from Virginia


A few months ago...on Nov. 6th, 2000 I had a difficult night getting to sleep and asked to go to the other side (I wanted to be released from my present life) without committing suicide.  I know this sounds funny but, I had a chronic crying session one night- 5th of November and woke up the next day different.  Somehow I knew I had changed.  I consulted my spiritual psychic friend a few weeks later and she said I had a great burden lifted. She had me read Anne's book "The Power of Twelve". 

Needless to say I already knew I was taken over by an oversoul or walkin.  Anne's book opened my eyes in the first part about Anu and Nibiru.  Her book didn't really interest me beyond that...I felt she was a little self centered and preoccupied with money.  (Sorry I'm just being honest here, not critical.) 

Anyway I read Z. Sitchin's book- The 12th Planet and I have been doing a lot of reading and soul searching for myself.  I must say, I loved your book and felt compassion for you and your struggles through these past quite a few years. 

Anyway, I bought your DNA Recoding Package and proceeded with the colon and liver cleanse.  Yuk- the olive oil/cola mix was horrible...all night long I burped and well we will leave it at that.  The only saving grace of this procedure is that I took a three hour nap after lunch on a Sunday afternoon and hardly got any sleep that night with that concoction.  I must say I haven't in the past three weeks noticed any crazed behavior and found that quite odd.  Well, here it is 2 1/2 weeks later and I flipped my lid today.  A combination of PMS/anger release/and real hate for my boss!  Really!

I listened to your Estes Park tape (T1) this morning and whispered the words of completing my contract during the second side of the tape- while it was running.  Later that day my temper was starting to grow into an!  I had to leave the office and go home and call you to make an appoi8ntment to talk!  I rang but hung up after Jonathan and your greeting! 

I was extremely mad...I haven't been this crazed since I was a little girl...You described it well in your booklet/pamplet The liver cleanse.  I could not slam enough doors during this rage.  Needless to say I felt this rage for about an hour all the time thinking- I know I am mad and I know the reason why- how do I release the anger understand the anger and where it is coming from?  Well I got in the car and went back to work...ten minutes later I was over it. 

My lesson at present is my boss Carey...I know this.  She is the dark side and I must release her.  I know she is a problem all the time.  Irresponsible, unorganized, her integrity I do question and I can't tolerate her.  This is my lesson.  Yet she is more forgiving than I and I tell myself I wish I were like her in that way.

Anyway enough about this...I need answers...I need to schedule time with you.  I want to know more about my oversoul and where I am in the process of completing the DNA recoding.



Has any one tried the liver cleanse.  How did you do????? I want to do it, but I have reservations. I would enjoy  support here.

Hi Barbara,

I found the Liver Cleanse to be quite  an experience. It's pretty easy to do, and I've felt better since. I did clear a  lot of anger following it. The ends justify the means, I say.


Hi Barbara,

I have braved three liver cleanses in the last two years. I also find that a lot  of anger/fear comes up immediately following this process. It worked great for me! After clearing the fear/anger I was able to feel lots of JOY!  I encourage you to try the process for yourself.  Good  Luck!


Hi Jeliala,

One quick question.  I just became aware of your web site.  I have been  working in the areas of DNA and recoding for the past 15  years.  Recently my liver has been painful and with the recent updating of  the 20 codons to 24, I feel something is relating and when I saw on your site  the info about liver cleansing, it has made me wonder if they are  related.

Joan Q. Frank

Jelaila’s Answer:

Yes, they are related indirectly.  The liver holds anger and when we activate  the four additional codons the body cannot store this anger.  In my opinion,  if your liver is acting up this indicates your body's desire to release the  stored anger so that it can move to the appropriate frequency.  Hope this  helps.

Dear Jelaila:

...I feel really great since the Liver cleanse! It's taken years off my Thankyou!


Dear Nibiruan Council,

Please tell the folks that I recommend this liver cleanse. It works.  I have been plagued with Gall Bladder attacks since I was a little boy and I am now 51.

They never could figure out what it was many years ago so I had to live with it for soooo long, and when I found out what the problem was I couldn't go along with the idea of loosing another organ since loosing my tonsils cost me my voice.  I use to could sing with the best of them.

On the cleanse I used apple cider with no preservatives from IGA,  I passed many stones, one as large as the end of my little finger from the finger nail on.  The stones were as soft as warm clay, (I just had to check them out) just like you said.  The attacks have left me but now I have pressure building there.  It’s been more than a year so its time for another cleanse.  Many thanks.  There are other cleanses out there but this one is the simplest one I have found and it is effective.

Mike L.

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