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Excerpt Three

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We are the Nibiruans, Book One by Jelaila Starr


Part Three
Chapter 15 - DNA Recoding, Reconnection, and Activation
By Joysia/Jelaila

Greetings, beloved ones of Earth. I am Joysia, Chief Genetics Engineer in service to the Nibiruan Council, from the Galactic Federation, and to you I bring wonderful news!  You are now ready to:

1. Activate the production of the Hormone of Compassion.
2. Receive the realignment and fusion of your twelve strands of DNA by removing the implants from your astral bodies.
3. Reconnect those twelve strands into your physical bodies’ endocrine systems through  your twelve crown chakra crystals.
4. Permanently access your Oversoul or download your Oversoul into your physical body.  Your Oversoul arrangement depends on your contract.
5. Activate your MerKaBa, crown chakra crystals, and dormant psychic glands, thus making you a fully conscious being existing in a 3 rd-dimensional body.

“Fully conscious” means being able to receive transmissions 24 hours a day, from incarnate beings in the dimensions beyond 3rd dimension.  You will know what we mean when we say living in 3rd dimension but not being of it.

We are very excited to be of service to you in this long-awaited endeavor.  Through the process of DNA Recoding, Reconnection and Activation (RRA), you will regain the full powers of a multidimensional human.  Ten of your twelve DNA strands were disconnected long ago by your Pleaidian parents, the Nibiruans, so your spiritual growth would catch up and move ahead of your technological growth, thus removing the possibility of your destruction by your own hand.

To the starseeds and walk-ins, yours is a path of awakening.  You came from the future back into your past to affect the outcome of Earth events and assist the heirs to the planet--the Earth Sirians.  This, of course, means accepting your soul contract for this lifetime and fulfilling it.

For the rest of humanity, which also includes the Lightworkers who are not starseeds or walk-ins, this is your first opportunity to obtain full power.  As stated in the writing of Anu, earlier in this book, the rest of humanity is comprised of those beings who belong to the Etheric Sirian soul group who became stuck in the animal incarnational cycle when Earth was still Tiamat. 

They needed a way to slowly evolve out of this cycle to the state of spiritual maturity that would enable them to take over the duties of guardians of your planet.  We call them the Earth Sirians, the rightful heirs of Earth.  The Earth Sirians, too, must accept their soul contract and be willing to fulfill it to be recoded, reconnected and activated.

In August, 1987, of your years, a number of you came together for a ceremony you named Harmonic Convergence.  It was watched and celebrated by all of us here at the Galactic Federation.  We rejoiced as you came together around the world to open yourselves and Lady Gaia (Earth) to the higher dimensions.

We knew then that it would not be long before you would be ready for the next major step, DNA Recoding, Reconnection and Activation of your MerKaBa.  Yet, we knew we could not begin at that time due to the level of density still existing on Earth and in your physical and emotional bodies.

We convened a series of meetings, and it was decided to wait to bring this process to your awareness until you had cleared enough density to enable a major portion of you to begin and complete the RRA process.  We were well aware that if you began too early, the plan would fail and you would experience so much pain from the density that many of you would leave your bodies and never return to complete your work on Earth.

We sent energy shifts in the months of January, February, and early March of 1996 to shake you to emotionally so you could release some of the emotional negativity stored in your bodies.  I am proud to announce that on March 21, 1996 at the Spring Equinox, enough negativity had been released to increase your planetary frequency to the degree needed to allow you access to the higher dimensional RRA process.

We began working through our emissary Jelaila first, to anchor the frequency of mankind’s recoding into the high heart of Earth, Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.  This created the template and made it easier for others to move through the nine levels of RRA.

We are happy to say that as of this writing, Jelaila has completed all nine levels of recoding and reconnection.  Jelaila is now fully conscious and multidimensional, meaning able to hear and see in the dimensions beyond your 3rd dimension.  Jelaila is the 9th dimensional Oversoul downloaded into Joscelyn’s 3rd dimensional body.  Her MerKaBa is activated along with her Crown Chakra Crystals.  The physical proof can be seen in her aura pictures.

Jelaila created the template by moving through the nine levels of recoding, one after the other, then reconnection, and activation.  After all, that was her agreement with us--to created the RRA template to place in Earth’s grid system.

The experiential information she provided allowed us to create techniques to make the process easier for those following in her footsteps.  Therefore, Jelaila has experienced the full range of feeling and emotion in each of the nine levels, from extreme joy to extreme depression, confusion, and pain.  But do not feel sorry for her.  She will be greatly rewarded for this work she has accomplished when she returns to us.  Jelaila will also receive many rewards while on your Earth plane.  One of them will be her lifemate. 

Some of you will move through the nine levels more easily than others.  It all depends on your frame of mind, the amount of clearing you have done, and where your lessons lie.  In any case, when complete, you will be reconnected to all dimensions and you will begin receiving communications from beings in these higher levels.  It will be a thrilling and heartwarming experience.

Many of these Higher Incarnate Beings have not ever been able to communicate with your dimension.  There were no channels with a frequency high enough to reach and connect with them.  Now, as more and more of you raise your frequency through RRA, you will be able to establish contact with these Higher Incarnate Beings.  They are waiting in line to communicate their messages of love and support to you, dear ones. 

Many of you may be wondering about the other processes of recoding and MerKaBa activation you have tried.  You may be wondering if you are already recoded, reconnected, and activated.  My answer to you, dear ones, is this.  If you can see and hear clearly into the dimensions beyond 3rd, and you can see the antennae of your MerKaBa in your aura picture, you are already multidimensional.

We have sent many to give you processes that would bring you and your planet to the necessary frequency that would allow you to access this higher dimensional knowledge--RRA.  You will find the tools we give you now to be the tools that complete the job of recoding, reconnection, and activation.  Every process given before March 21, 1996, was given to prepare you for the tools you are receiving now.  In other words, they paved the way and did the job quite well I might add.

This is the big push, the major production number, the worldwide campaign as you would say.  The Nibiruan Council and I are giving you the two most powerful tools available on your planet for shifting yourselves and Earth to its eventual 5th dimensional state!  When enough of you have completed the process, the increased mass frequency you create will shift your planet into higher planes of the 4th dimension, thus averting a catastrophic pole shift by the battle star/planet Nibiru!

In closing, I wish to say again how honored I feel to be of service to you at this time in your history.  It is, indeed a most exciting time for you.  Each of you will be assigned a genetics engineer of your own, yet please call on me at any time if I can be of assistance.

Love and Light to all of you and a pleasant recoding, reconnection and activation experience.

Chief Genetics Engineer from the Galactic Federation’s Sirian A Council

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