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Excerpt Two

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We are the Nibiruans, Book One by Jelaila Starr


Part Two
Chapter 12 - Anu on....Earth 480,000 to 100,000 B.C.

The Anunnaki Revolt

Around 250,000 B.C., the astronauts in Africa mutinied.  They were dissatisfied with mining gold in the hot interior of the earth.  They had reached the breaking point and joined together in a revolt.  Enki called Enlil to notify him of the situation.  When Enlil arrived at the mining operation, the Anunnaki took him hostage.  Enki, although siding with the Anunnaki, asked his men to release Enlil, which they did.  Enlil accused Enki of inciting and encouraging the Anunnaki and wanted him brought up on charges before the Council.  Both brothers returned to Nibiru to speak before the Council.

It was decided that the Anunnaki were more valuable doing the jobs they were trained for than mining gold.  Enki believed the solution was to create a worker race to mine the gold, as this would also take care of their agreement with the Christos Sirians.  So Enki, being a master geneticist as well as an engineer, along with Ninhursag, retired to the laboratory in Shuruppak to create the workers.

Creation of the Lulus (Primitive Workers)

The creation of the new worker race was the second of two things we were to accomplish in our agreement with the Galactic Federation, the planetary Spiritual Hierarchy including the Christos Office, and the Founders.  For this we were given assistance by the Felines.  My Feline wife, Rayshondra, mother of my daughter Ninhursag, was very helpful.  She arrived in Shuruppak to oversee the work.  As a mother/daughter team, they work very well together.  Rayshondra was quite experienced in the field of genetics.  She had trained Ninhursag, and Enki had been tutored by her as well.

There were others from Sirius A who came to lend their expertise, Natara and Joysia in particular.  This was a much-awaited event.  Not only for the Nibiruans, who needed to save their planet, but for the Earth Sirians as well.  The creation of their new physical vehicles as at hand.  The Christos Sirians also arrived to witness this momentous event.

Many of your planet believe we created this worker race just to mine gold and to serve us.  I can understand their reasoning since the more important spiritual reasons were removed from the historical records we had written and left behind for you. I would like to share them with you.

As the descendants of Devin and the House of Avyon, we are karmicaly and genetically tied to Tiamat/Earth, although the evolving humans had been taken aboard Pegasus.  So, in essence we were still the parent race for a race of beings; they just weren’t on Earth anymore.

With the creation of the worker race we were, once again, the parent race for beings on Earth.  This race was the result of the second seeding of land guardians by the Etheric Sirians and the Felines.  The date for the completion of the evolution of this second seeding is your represent time, and third date could not be met without genetic acceleration for the race’s DNA, but us.  Without the genetic acceleration, the evolving Humans would not have kept the date, and this would have stalled the spiritual evolution of the galaxy and the universe.

Additionally, we would gain understand of polarity integration by parenting this new race.  This is part of our Nibiruan/Pleiadian Divine Plan.  It is our spiritual reason for coming to earth.  Last, the DNA acceleration of homo erectus to homo sapiens was need to give the Earth Sirians the time to transfer from the animal bodies to the new Human Physical vehicles through a period of incarnations.  This transfer took 200,000 year to complete.

The DNA Upgrade

This new upgrade gave the Human primates many new abilities.  They had the ability to reason and make more complex choices.  They could learn the fundamentals of reading and writing.  Though they retained their telepathic abilities, they weren’t given any new psychic abilities.  Those would be given when all the Earth Sirians had made the transition to human forms. The additional psychic abilities would be needed for spiritual progress. At this time we were more concerned with giving the Earth Sirians bodies that were not too complex, as they had severely regressed during their millions of years in the animal incarnation cycle...

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