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Excerpt One

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We are the Nibiruans, Book One by Jelaila Starr


Part One
Chapter 9 - Anu on Universal History

I will begin this story with a brief overview of how the universe is set up and managed.

Our universe is made up of many galaxies, stars, and planets. The Spiritual Hierarchies oversee all of this. There are many different hierarchies. The Universal Hierarchy is like the board of directors of a large corporation. The other hierarchies oversee the different galaxies. Still other hierarchies oversee the constellations and star systems, and beyond that are the hierarchies that oversee the individual planets and stars. These are the Planetary Hierarchies.

All hierarchies are made up of souls that have chosen to serve in the angelic realms. Amelius/Sananda, although not an angel, is in charge of your planetary Spiritual Hierarchy since he is head of the Etheric Sirians, the heirs of Earth. Another type of hierarchy oversees the Divine Plan of the different soul groups. I will discuss this next.


There are two kinds of souls, those that incarnate and those that don't. Those that don't incarnate are called angels. Those that do incarnate are called incarnates. All souls are divine fragments of Divine Creator, or as many of you say, God. Angels learn and evolve just like the rest of us , only they do it in a different way. They evolve through serving and ministering to the incarnates as members of the spiritual hierarchies. Incarnates evolve through learning to serve each other.

So, in essence, all souls evolve through service to one another. Service is synonymous with unconditional love and unconditional love for each other is what we all strive to achieve.

Soul Groups

Souls are divided into groups according to their preference for evolution (angel or incarnate) and their stage of evolution. Grouping incarnates makes it easier to manage them and their Divine Plans. Souls move in and out of groups as they evolve. Some souls evolve faster than other souls.

Soul Clusters

Soul clusters are clusters within the larger soul groups. Clusters consist of no more than fifteen souls who are together to work on a specific lesson such as impulsiveness or selfishness. Once the lesson is learned the souls move on to other clusters to learn other lessons. Guides are attached to each soul cluster to assist them during their incarnations and later, when they return to spirit.

Earth's Soul Groups

At this time there is one very large soul group using Earth, the Earth Sirians. This particular soul group is the one for which the two-stranded DNA physical body was created. All souls on Earth at this time use the two-stranded DNA vehicles, regardless of planetary origination. There are many other smaller soul groups on Earth as well. The starseeds and walk-ins make up some of these smaller groups. Now let's look at the Great Divine Plan.

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