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We are the Nibiruans, Book One by Jelaila Starr

From the Readers:

“I would like to say thank you for your book. I have just started reading it and already I am receiving amazing answers to questions that have plagued me for years. I also see some huge similarities in my journey and yours. Although, I do not believe I am a walk-in.

I came to the realization after years of signals, visions, traveling to other dimensions during sleep time, experiences (unwelcomed) with mediumship and a host of other things, that there is something going on with me. I don't say this lightly. I live a "normal life" with a husband who is Vice President of a company and two kids. I live a typical middle/upper class life. However trying to live this life knowing "things" is sometimes very difficult for me. I know I am different. I see the world in a way different than everyone I know. And, I have never fit in anywhere. Not in childhood, not now. I am and always have been the black sheep of my family, much to my parents frustration. I have had a very difficult time existing here. I could go on and on...

I have spent years searching and experimenting in religious and spiritual areas. I have been begging my guides for answers. I'm beginning to learn now about Starseeds, Lightworkers and Walk-ins. Perhaps the frustration will end soon and I can get on with my mission. Maybe the sadness of not being able to explain the thoughts and sights I see with my "3rd eye" or spiritual visions will be explained. Maybe the huge desire to go behind the stars will be explained. Maybe the years of seeking will end. Maybe I feel like an alien in this world because I am. Try explaining these things to people in a totally different mind set (for example mothers of the PTA or my Muslim mother-in-law, or my Christian mother, etc.) and it makes life really frustrating sometimes. I feel like I am all alone on an island.  Hopefully, I will get answers soon.

I keep telling my unseen guides that whatever it is that I am suppose to be doing, I'm running out of time! I'm already 43. We have only so many years on the earth. 

In addition, I really believe that I have been going through some sort of "awakening, slowly."  Being able to admit this to myself (and others? Not sure), will probably help me to live better, and get on with hit...

Thank you for your time. Thank you for letting me release this.  Thank you for your book. - Constance

“I recently finished reading your book "We Are The Nibiruans" and wish to thank you for sharing your special story and bringing to light the history of creation and the role man is playing for being a part of it. Having been aware of UFO's and such since the late 60's, your book helped significantly to fill in the many blank pages of  the story I believed to be man's origin and past.  Truth  again proves to be stranger and so much more awe inspiring then fiction; the tangled web of illusion or "official word" spun by our leaders and educators through time.

I sensed from reading Part II that you had a vast amount of information to convey but only a limited time and space to do it in. Because of the density of such information I found I really  had to concentrate and sometimes got confused with different time frames and lineage's. Thanks for inserting the various diagrams in their proper places, they helped me tremendously  in tying things together.” - Michael

“Reading your book, We are the Nibiruans changed my life. I can say that it did open the door to a wondrous and magical journey.  Thank you.” - Gilda M.

“I've read your book twice, once immediately after I received it and again over the past few days, and now I'm ready for the next step. So I'm ordering the liver cleanse pack and the keys of compassion booklets.

Thanks ever so much. It seems almost too good to be true that one could so easily develop multidimensional awareness. The steps on the path -- working through one's difficult relationships to find a higher meaning -- are certainly worthwhile in themselves. I've never been into the pity idiom of compassion, but the redefinition of compassion in your work is something with which I totally resonate...”  Richard C. from
Toronto, Canada

“I just received my copy of "We Are The Nibiruans." First I would like to say that I was so thrilled when I opened my book and there was "Enjoy, Jelaila Starr" written on the first page! Thank you. I am blown away at what I have read so far-Part 1-. Your description of how you were being guided through your trek. It was the second Paragraph of -Picking up the spiritual path- of Chris-chapter4- ending in "I was moving at warp speed". That description/paragraph is exactly how I have come to understand my own trek.

Your references to reading Sitchin's work and it being a major magnet for your own development- homeward calling- paralleled the direction I am going in my journey of life. Sitchin to me is a major force in why I think the way I do now! It's funny cause I compare the importance of your book with The Lost Book of Enki, although in my heart the information in "We Are the Nibiruans" far surpasses the intensity of subject matter. Thank you so very much for your direction Jelaila!” - Uriah

“I attended your lecture on Becoming a Galactic Human at The Learning
Light Foundation on May 16, 2002.  I enjoyed the lecture and have been
looking forward to seeing or meeting with you.  Upon reading "We are the Nibiruans," I finally understood why I've never felt a part of this world.  An observer is all that I've been, but I never knew why.  Thank you for giving me hope.” - Erick A.

“I can hardly wait till you finish your second book so I can read it.  I am at the end of the other one, and I have enjoyed it so much.  There is so much that has been answered for me in the part that Anu talks in.  And the part about us going into the 5th dimension too.

I didn't remember that Marduk had usurped Anu's throne on Nibiru, and I wondered how the Reptilians and the Nibiruans fit into this scheme of things. But your book explained all of that, and more.  Even the part of Enki and Marduk being of the reptilian race because of their mother's heritage.  I love that book!” - Deanne

“I have finished reading your book "We are the Nibiruans". This is the last one on a big stack of titles that have "landed" on my lap for the past 12 years or so.  I am starting the Formula right away.  I am an Holographic Repatterning practitioner so, naturally, when I read about H .R. in the last part of your book I couldn't help smiling totally pleased at the synchronicities. You also mention Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow... two of my dear authors and revealers.  When I read the Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand C. I felt near home.  My quest has not been in vain, yet I have been lonely for many years (especially when one cannot speak about certain issues with people). I don't know if I'm a walk-in, but I certainly lived a truly scary experience when I had a rebirth in l984 during a workshop in Mexico City. 

In l987 (very important date) my life changed and I started a new road in healing therapies.I have been confused about my mission but after reading your book I believe the Formula is a great tool. I took the liberty of translating the Formula into Spanish for the benefit of my friends who do not speak English well.  I plan to work with them, especially my fellow practitioners in H.R. in order to start the liver cleansing and the RRA.  I don't know if your book has a Spanish edition.  I would like to do the translation because I am a pro translator of 4 languages into Spanish.  Please feel assured that what I translated will NOT be used for commercial purposes, only in workshops that will give details on the Formula.  Eliminating anger will help us reach other dimensions for sure. I respect copyright this is why I'm letting you know about my plans.  Making a decision to share this information with others who cannot read English suddenly lifted my week old depression (moon and certain planets being quite demanding on my poor 3D body).” - Martha L.

“I am in the process of reading your book about Nibiru.  I had read it a few years ago, and then the other day I picked it up and started reading it again.  I had been asking some questions that I wanted to know.  And the book answered all the ones that I had at that time.  I of course had to call my two sisters that have the copy too, and we have been discussing on the phone.  

I loved what Anu had to say, and I am now in the part where you are explaining the different steps that have to be taken to have the 10 strands reunited with the other 2.  That was really interesting because a few nights before I picked up the book again, I got really sick and kept having dreams about DNA, and other such things happening to me.  Then was when I started to read, after my eyes could focus on the written page.  I know that my DNA has been being worked on, and my sisters have been having similar experiences also.  My sister Colleen, was saying that she had talked to you over the phone a few times during the time she had read your book. When do you thing the next one will be out?  We are looking forward to reading it.” - Deanne R.

“I just finished reading your book "We are the Nibiruans" and was quite amazed at the parallels we have in our lives....from the council's logo tattooed on the back of my neck... to Nefertiti... to Hetshepsut to only seeing the red/orange planet when someone tried to hypnotize me, etc. any case, I felt it important to contact you.” - Marie K.
Malibu, CA

“Thank you so much for the information you are providing to all of us who are interested in the ascension of this planet. I am reading the book I just purchased (We are the Nibiruans...) an find this all very real. I'm very familiar with many of the other books which give similar information but your book brings it so nicely together in short form. Thank you so much for this  great work you have done.

In reading your Oct. update I see your announcement of a Nibiruan Academy and feel very strongly that I will be there to help too. I  am fluently bilingual (Spanish/English) and very familiar with the things you  talk about. If there is any way that I could be of help to the dissemination of  information in the capacity of a facilitator I am qualified to do this type of  work.

I'm exited about the progress we are making as a galactic nation is spite  of the dark forces that must assist in the bringing about of this great next  step. I am a galactic Maya who has returned as an immortal human incarnate to see this spectacular event take place, remain neutral (after a short bout of  sadness), and participate in the education process for those have chosen to take the step into the next dimension. I have been conscious of the process of my  preparation I have been receiving since I was 7 years old.

It has taken many  books to bring me more into focus of the pieces that have marked my training,  but the beautiful part is that I have come to be in contact with people like you here on earth -- loving, compassionate, and aware. Thank you again.” - Jeanette from
Sedona, AZ

“Having just read your book and checking out the web site I am further inspired as to my own cause. What a beautiful and simple book to read confirming so much of what I already understand and putting everything into place!  I look forward to the updates now that I am on the mailing list. I am going slowly and easy with my 'thing' although I'm sure everything is as it is meant to be and I'll come out on top.” - David

“Just a note to you, Jelalia, to tell you how much I am enjoying your book, We Are The Nibiruans! I can't put it down! I'm sure I'm not the only one. I saw all the comments on your web page.

I am glad you are moving to KC because I will hopefully be able to be a client of yours soon. I wish you the best and think it's great you will be spending full time with your daughter. I bet she is excited, as well. I have a twelve year old daughter, too.  So I can put myself in your shoes. I'd be excited to reunite!...

...I am enjoying the booklets and love what I am learning. Have a happy move and I'll meet you soon. Thanks for ALL the information you have passed down to me! It's what I have searched for all my life.” - Lisa C.

“I just finished reading Parts I and II of "We are the Nibiruans" in one marathon session. And then I had to make myself stop, so I could save the rest as a treat for today!  Thirteen thank-yous aren't enough to express my gratitude to you for what you've done and for the information in that book.  It all resonates for me, and validates many of the answers to questions I had prior to reading the book.” - Michele

“My name is Angela. I’m a 36 year-old starseed born in Stockholm, Sweden (Italian father).  I  have just read your book, We are the Nibiruans. It answered many of my questions that I have carried in my body for years.  Thank you!!  I'm so grateful for you, Anu and Devin.

When  I'm looking on the front cover of the book and the first page on your homepage  my heart is jumping in my chest - I get "homesick".  You  have a marvelous homepage!

...have gone  through some relationships that have caused me some emotional "damages" but  thanks to your book I can now  start to see the contracts that I have made with the men.

...My heart is  beating and longing for my correct amount of DNA strands.  How can I  proceed?  Please send my thanks, regards, and love to Devin and Anu.  Please tell Joysia that I have great fun in trying to figure out how he pronounces his name.  Send him great  love from me! Thank you Jelaila for your great work.” - Angela O.

“My friend (and her family) from Texas brought your book "We are the Nibiruans" with her for their New Year's skiing visit with us in Michigan.  I really connected with the text.  Can you tell me when the next book will be available and how to get on a mailing list of some sort?  I was also impressed with your advice on "boundaries".  I recently left a position at a residential substance abuse treatment center.  Many people have no concept of boundaries, let alone healthy boundaries.  Leaving that position set very clear boundaries for me and raised my self esteem tenfold. 

The future looks very bright.  As more and more people embrace the light within themselves, we can expect unconditional love on Earth.  I look forward to this.  Thank you for your perception of reality.  I find it quite refreshing!” - Audrey W.

“Love makes the world go 'round. All you need is love. Our purpose is to love each other, and ourselves, unconditionally.  But, HOW do you do that --- specifically? Particularly when you're carrying around a LOT of emotional baggage. Particularly when those bags have your name on the address label, your spouse's name, your mother's or father's name, your child's name, or a coworker's name. Replace the word, "love" in the above paragraph with the word, "compassion".

How do you show unconditional compassion for yourself and those family members and friends? How do you permanently eliminate the negative emotions --- anger, frustration, shame, guilt, fear, etc. I also FEEL the compassion for these individuals? What are the details? The answers to the above questions are contained in Part 3 of WE ARE THE NIBIRUANS.

This most important section of the book contains a specific 9-step formula --- the Formula of Compassion --- which, when applied, will remove multiple layers of negativity from your emotional body, leaving you a more loving and understanding soul. And oh, by the way, you regain your multidimensionality as well (clairaudience, clairvoyance).DNA Recoding, Reconnection and Activation --- in conjunction with the 13th Dimensional Formula of Compassion --- is the most powerful tool for healing in the universe.

This is the meat and potatoes of ascension. Everything you have read about, participated in, or experienced up until now has served its purpose ..... but it is just the appetizer.  Buy the book. Read Jelaila's story. Apply the information in the last section of this very important work to YOUR life. It will transform you AND those on the planet with whom you live. I promise.” - Beck Horne, Ashville, NC

“We have the free will to choose to embrace life's lessons, learn from them and change or to simply reject them. Often, we have to fall into the depths of despair before we see that we need to change - - and often, in our pain, we cry out for help to do so. If you are now ready to identify, accept, and integrate your life's lessons and, in so doing, gain mental, physical, and spiritual health and happiness, then this book holds the keys.” - Ira L., Idaho

“In "We are the Nibiruans", the entire genetic cosmic puzzle is laid out and the pieces put together so one can see, compassionately and clearly, where one fits in the "cosmic soup" of life. If you've ever read "The 12th Planet" or similar works and yet somehow felt something was missing, or it left you cold, this book will definitely shed light and answer all your questions on the topic. It does not pit one genetic group (reptiles versus humanoid for example) against another, instead, it helps you understand where we may have come from and where we are likely headed. Not only does this work take the idea of ET connections out of the realm of theory, it prepares your psyche for real contact with compassion. Please do the planet a favor and read this book!” - Greg M.

“My name is Michael. I am from the Kansas City area. I found your book at the Aquarius Book store. I opened the book and it was as if energy was coming off this book into me. My insides changed  because I had never experienced a book quite like this. You might say I went a little crazy over this feeling. To make matters worse I did not have the cash to buy the book so I had to leave the book--I could'nt take it with me. So I left this book of energy and could not get it for 3 days. All I could think about was what was in this book. It pretty much consumed me, although I was reading other books to keep my mind busy.  I read the book and it was if I had come home.  Everything I have studied has prepared me to read your book. I was ready to read your book. My life had already been changing but your book gave me keys to the software in my brain that defined this whole process that I have been going crazy to find out about...

... My life will never be the same again now that I know about the 13th Dimension of compassion. My first order of business was me .I NEVER EVER gave myself any compassion, but I would be quick to give it to someone else. All I kept seeing was my own face--that's who I hated -that's who I was really so angry with. I gave myself compassion for the first time ever !  Is life still hard ? You bet it can be. But my "personhood" has grown a leap or two, getting ready to fulfill my contract...

...This is as brief as I can say this without writing my own book to you.  So do I say thank you. Yes thank you so much . I could even say I love you but that would not do it either. There is no way to say it . Just my mind is now open like it has never been opened before and your book of "energy" freed my mind and I will never be the same again. My goal is to  complete my training to fulfill my contract.   I hope to meet you one day and and shake your hand in gratitude. If we don't ever meet thank you for shaking my hand and touching my mind with the words in your book. ..

...There is so much more to share but I  will leave you here...Again I wish you well  and I hope to hear from you.” - Michael Tony

“What a beautiful lady and spirit you are. I read your book, "We Are The Nibiruans", and was very pleased with the information that was given. I know it to be truth. I have read numerous books over my lifetime, trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle of life together, but there is one question that still isn't answered fully in my mind.  Thanks Jelaila,{ what a beautiful name} and will be looking forward to your new book this spring. Love and kindness to you, Jelaila.” - Terry

”In light and love I received your Book 1 We are the Nibiruans this afternoon, just finished it. Puts all my previous knowledge of earth history in perspective!” - Jim

“I've just finished We Are the Nibiruans. Wow! I know I have connected with something really important for me. There were parts of the book which made me cry...tears of joy, tears of knowing loneliness. Some parts invoked fear...but I know they are things I need to work on.” - Deb

“I am a beginning student, reading the first book/manual, using the Formula and doing the Liver Cleanse. Boy do I feel different!  I have gone through a tremendous shift in a short amount of time.  I am ecstatic about finding my way has been a long, long journey.  Thank you for working out your mission to help the planet and giving us the tools to do the job.” - Bill F.

“Well I had to write and congratulate you on such a gripping and interesting book. I couldn't put it down. I got the book on Saturday morning and I've finished tonight Sunday 9.30pm.  It just seems weird but I feel as if I know all this already....Anu spoke about the history of the world, that seems to be so inspiring.

To know I've been here before and gone through so much.  I'm really confused at the moment though. I have so many questions that need to be answered.  After my session with you, I have started to dream.  About what I can't remember but I know i'm going to where i used to be.  I can feel it.

... Just seems strange the part about Jesus Christ in your book. That was hard to swallow, to state Jesus was "just" a well traveled Jew.  Not sure if I can handle that yet....Anyway, I still here with you, I bring peace and love and compassion to all.” - Arrow

“I was led to your book 2 weeks ago  and had no idea why except that I knew I was to read it.  I have to admit, I had  some doubts. But I've read it cover to cover, discussed and shared it with my  dearest friend and have been visiting your web site every day for several  hours.  This morning I read your article on fears and being real... what a truly  loving article.  Thank you so much for leading us to see and understand both the  light and dark sides of being.  Wanting to learn more to give  more.” - R. Downs

“Thank you for your writings on We are the Nibiruans. I just finished reading it. I am also hooked into the web site and will continue. I am so glad to have your information because it clarified all the work I have done in preparing for a "new body" so to speak. I am happy and relieved at the same time. I know I am being guided and it is in the proper direction. Thanks to the Most High God and the Higher Realms and people like yourself.  I will write you again.” - Leah

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