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We are the Nibiruans, Book One by Jelaila Starr


by Terry (Versarai) Spears

This book is a handbook for ascension, a process we can choose to go through purposefully.  It’s not happenstance or serendipity.  People don’t default through it.  It’s that eye of the needle, and now this book has guided many through the eye.

I have been working with Jelaila since 1996, personally in training and helping others with recoding, as a coach and trainer of what we have come to call the RRA Process, short for Recoding, Reconnection, and Activation as presented in this volume.

I, Versarai, was one of the early ones to apply the Formula, over and over, to peel layer after layer off of my emotional blocks.  Jelaila worked with me in numerous sessions as I hit my emotional walls, getting deep into the hidden and denied parts of myself.  Her patient and persistent guidance with the steps in this volume, helped me finally reemerge into my own multidimensionality, complete with functioning psychic glands and compassion for myself and others.

The basics are in this book, for those of you who can accept and integrate the broader perspective to ‘do the Formula’ that will help you complete your chosen lessons for this lifetime. I have seen many people go into their greatest fears, deeply feeling and flagrantly expressing these, to gain the higher perspective.  They could then begin the Formula that would release them from the bondage that has ruled their many lives over eons.

This works.  Everyone can do this.  This is simple, yet often not easy, for you must go into your ‘stuff.’  Many of these people became multidimensional over a short period of time doing just this.  They became their higher potential, and their psychic glands began to work again.  And this is the higher dimensional book that will help you through your process if you choose.

The three parts of this book are set up to:

1) Satisfy the reader’s need to know who is sharing this information and how she came to have this information, given in Part I.

2) Satisfy the reader’s curiosity and perspective, in Part II, with an updated universal history to 2000 BC as presented from Anu through Jelaila.  This process involved Jelaila thoroughly researching a long list of reference materials.  Then Anu used Jelaila’s memory banks to help the essential pieces flow into a historical order.  The universal history helps you, the reader, understand the progressive development of the universe and all souls within this universe, through the chosen soul evolution game - The Polarity Integration Game.

3) Share the tools for emerging from this soul evolution game.   These are the final pieces to finally graduate, channeled from Joysia and given in Part III.  These include the road map of the nine levels of changes all of humanity will eventually grow through, and you can choose to do proactively.  These changes result in Accelerated DNA Recoding, Reconnection, and Activation.  The vehicle to navigate these changes is the Formula of Compassion.

Two supplemental tools have emerged as we have assisted many with their recoding process: The Compassion Key and the Soul/Ego Partnership.  These are available in audio tape and booklet form for now, and will be included in a further book, in the near future.  For those who desire more help with these ascension tools, a network of coaches have been trained, who are ready to assist ‘recoders’ individually and in workshop settings.  More information on this is listed at the close of this volume.

I leave you, the reader, with the option to read further.  See for yourself how and why this works, and is the key to ascension in this time of accelerated change.

My hope is, having applied this knowledge and gained the benefits of living life compassionately and multidimensionally, that the template created here will open wide the roadway for you and many others to quickly and easily do this for yourselves and all of humankind.

Congratulations on getting to this point.  As this book is in your hands, you are ready to begin your own emergence from the fear and pain of third dimensional Earth into your multidimensional life. This is your handbook to know the way and successfully navigate the path.  May you enjoy your journey.

Terry (Versarai) Spears
Kansas City, MO

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