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New Visitors

Welcome new visitors!  Below you will find basic information about our site.

Our Mission

To assist those who came to earth to be the teachers, healers and inventors who will usher in the 5th dimensional reality.  Most of these individuals are starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers.  In this site you will find a vast repository of higher dimensional knowledge needed to help you remember and complete your missions, recode your DNA and ascend, while at the same time helping others to do the same. In addition, we provide you with emotional and physical support.

Navigating Our Site

The Nibiruan Council site is an extensive educational site providing information on an array of universal and galactic topics. It is divided into areas for greater navigational ease.  There are over 190 pages of articles, history, and higher dimensional knowledge to explore so bookmark us for future exploration.  If you are looking for information on a particular subject, use the Site Search Engine to find key information. 

If the information you seek is of a personal nature consider a Counseling Session with Jelaila.

If you are interested in attending a workshop or lecture about the Galactic Federation, DNA Recoding, Walk-ins, starseeds, or topics, check out the Workshops area.  To find out where Jelaila will be speaking next, check the Calendar.

The Nibiruan Council site is supported through the sale of products in our Online Store. You will find a wide variety of multidimensional information in our books, booklets, tapes and videos on topics such as DNA Recoding, Ascension, Nibiru, Starseeds, Walk-ins, and Universal History.

For valuable discounts, check out our Product Packages.  The Packages can save you up to 23% on the items you want. 


I provide ongoing support via my Weekly Message.  To receive it, just join the NC Mailing List.  It’s totally free and you can subscribe here.

Connect with others of like mind on the Nibiruan Council Facebook page.  Get status updates on Twitter and share personal thoughts with Jelaila at the NC Blog/Jelaila’s Journal. Click here to join.


We dedicate this site to those teachers, healers and inventors who are starseeds, walk-ins, and lightworkers...the wanderers.  We know that you are far from home and lonely.  We know the gift you bring to earth, a gift that many cannot yet see. Hold fast to your inner guidance and you will succeed. 

We honor you and appreciate your dedication...and remember my brothers and sisters, you are not alone...

Jelaila Starr, messenger

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