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The Mission Remembered, Book Two - Excerpt 3

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Chapter 16
Sanat Kumara and Sirius B

Back in late April, a man appeared to me in a series of three dreams over a two-day period.  In the first dream, he informed me that he had been observing me for some time and asked to ally with me in my work.  In both of my dreams, this man appeared as an old and wizened, white-haired healer, but both times he came to me, he wouldn’t reveal his name.

In the third dream he again appeared, but in a slightly different manner.  This time he was a younger man in his forties.  He was about twelve feet tall and had a strong muscular build.  His white-blond hair was straight and fell just to his shoulders, and instead of having white skin as he did in the previous dreams, it was bronze.  But what caused me to identify him as the same man was his commanding presence. 

In this dream, he appeared sitting on a massive gold throne atop a raised dais in a large room.  Only looking at him for a second before looking away, just long enough to identify him, I knew instantly that he was of the purest royal bloodlines of both the Human and Reptilian species.  This was important because it meant that kingship was his by right of his royal blood.  Rulership is given only to those of royal blood.

I stood by an entrance to this throne room, several feet away from him, still looking away.  Suddenly the words “Pay attention!” resounded loudly in my head.  He was leaning forward, his eyes an electric blue boring into the side of my head when, with a deep and powerful voice, he commanded me to look at him and listen.  I turned my head to calmly meet his gaze.  “Impatient guy and full of himself,” I thought, crossing my arms as I leaned against the doorway.  “I am Sanat Kumara and I have a message to give you,” he said.  And then, as if needing to ensure my cooperation, he added, “You have a contract to deliver messages for me as I am part of the Council.”  By this time, his voice had changed, becoming smooth and melodious.  I listened as he spoke for what seemed like hours, but I can’t really say how long it was.  There was no sense of time.  At the end, just before he vanished, he gave me a symbol.  It was a white dove in a blue circle.  He said, “This is the symbol by which you will know me and my people.  It holds the energy of my office and soul group.”  He also gave me a message to deliver to two of his people.  They were two of his daughters and each had blonde hair and blue eyes.  “How interesting,” I thought to myself as I stood there, thinking about them both.  “I know these women and both are teachers like me.”  Sanat Kumara ended our meeting with a personal message for me.  After that, he disappeared.

I awoke from that dream unable to remember the message because it had been downloaded and locked in my mind.  Having experienced this before, I knew that I didn’t have to try to remember the message; I only had to wait for the person who held the key to step forward and open the packet by asking the right question.  But other parts of the packet—I refer to downloaded messages as packets, especially when part of their contents remains temporarily locked and unavailable to me—were available.  As I lay in the dark, asking questions about this man, his people and their history, this information filtered into my consciousness as answers.  Soon more pieces of the universal puzzle, pieces I had been missing, fell into place.

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