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The Mission Remembered, Book Two - Excerpt 2

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Chapter 7
A Reminder from Marduk

There were other things that happened at the Star Knowledge Conference in Estes Park, Colorado, that weekend that, at the time, were so shocking that I chose not to write about them in Book One.  But now, with the hindsight of several years, I can see their importance and why they happened.  One such event was a surprise visit from Marduk. 

I had promised Barrie that I’d do a session for him, so after getting through the crowd of people, I left the meeting hall and made my way back to the cabin to prepare.  After completing the preliminaries, I closed my eyes and called in his guides.  Several seconds went by with nothing happening.  All of a sudden, I was struck by the darkest, most disgusting energies I had ever felt.  Then out of the corner of my right eye, I saw a being appear.  He was coming towards me, growing larger the closer he came.  It was a man draped in a long black cloak.  He looked at me with menacing eyes.  I had never felt anything so dark, evil and so absolutely terrifying. 

Pulling myself together, I telepathed a question, hoping that he wasn’t picking up on my fear.  “Why are you here?” I asked.  “For you, I came for you,” he replied calmly.  Now I was really frightened!  But then he did something that totally blew me away.  He threw open his cloak and, to my surprise, a blinding white light of the purest love came pouring out of his chest.  Then he morphed into a small blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy of about seven years old.  Looking at me with pleading eyes, he said in his little boy voice, “I want to come home.  Don’t forget that you said that you’d help release me from this role.  Remember—you promised !”  “Okay,” I replied, trying not to cry. “I’ll remember.” Then he disappeared. 

I sat there in silence for a moment, trying to compose myself.  Marduk was no longer just a name in a book; he was no longer the Devil and Satan that I had been taught, like everyone else, to revile.  He was real to me, a soul playing a role and a horrible one at that.  Seeing his pain had touched me at the core of my being.  I understood as much as I could, knowing that he withheld a lot from me, how he suffers and how the little boy inside—his  Inner Child—suffers.  Each day he awakens to feel the pain of all the millions of us who had been taught to hate him.  Each day he must find a way to carry that pain.  I now saw him as a fellow soul, struggling in this very dark role, and desperately wanting to be free.  The pain I felt at his reminder of my promise stayed with me, and, even to this day, it brings tears to my eyes.

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