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The Mission Remembered, Book Two - Excerpt 1

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Chapter 1
First Contact - March 1993

Standing in a garden on a lovely summer’s day, shafts of sunlight stream through the trees, creating dancing patterns on the ground.  A soft breeze caresses my cheek while the beautiful notes of a harp fill my soul with peace.  Suddenly something catches my eye; it’s two women in the distance.  In long flowing gowns they glide towards me on feet that never touch the ground.  As they draw closer, I see how lovely they are, and how their long red hair shines like copper in the sun.  The tinkling sound of their laughter is like wind chimes stirred by a gentle summer breeze. 

Reaching me, they separate to stand on either side.  Then, twining their arms through mine, we take a step forward; a gentle tug and my spirit steps out a few feet ahead of me.  Awareness of being in both places at once feels completely normal.  We all hesitate for a moment while I take in what has happened and then the women start walking away arm-in-arm with my spirit.

In my spirit form, I look down and notice that, just like the women, I am gliding, but my feet don’t touch the ground.  Consequently, I’m unaware of where we are going as we cross the expanse of lawn banked by tree height hedges on my right.  As we glide, I suddenly know where we are going because I know there is a large rectangular reflecting pool just and ahead and to the right.  To reach it we must walk or rather glide to the arched ivy-covered entryway and descend the short flight of steps that lead to it.  In the split second that it took me to see the pool in my mind, we are there.  Silently we turn and begin descending the stone steps.  The last thought I recall is how the cool the stones feel beneath my bare feet.

My attention returns to my body.  Watching my spirit turn and descend the steps, I sense that she is fine and that there’s no cause for concern .  Once she is out of sight, I turn my head and notice that there is a man standing in front of me.  I am surprised to see him there as he was not there a few moments ago.  I notice how handsome he is with his dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.  And though he is only about 5’8”tall, he has a very commanding presence.  Quietly he waits for me to acknowledge him.  Our eyes lock and then he speaks.  “We have work to do together—a contract, and it’s time to begin.”  Though I hear his words, there are no sounds.  Everything is being said telepathically.

Without waiting for my response, he moves around behind me.  I’m taken by surprise when, without warning, he steps into my body.  There’s pressure in my head as his head enters mine.  Slowly and gently, he presses his face inwards.  Once in, he pauses as if to give me time to adjust.  Then again there is pressure; this time it’s on my tongue.  He is pushing it aside to make room for his own.  For a moment I panic, frightened by the total loss of control, but then the panic subsides.  “I will speak through you,” the man’s voice says as its deep, melodic tone vibrates through every cell of my body.  Another moment passes.  “How is it that my tongue formed the words instead of his?” I ask myself. 

More words are spoken, but I am not aware of them because I have fallen unconscious as if in a trance.  Suddenly, I have no idea how long after, I regain consciousness, being jolted back by another sensation; he is extracting himself.  With a tugging, almost sucking sensation, he pulls free.  Walking back around to face me, his eyes search mine for signs of distress.  “Are you all right?” he asks, concerned.  Frightened and a little irritated by what has just happened, I decide to ignore his question and instead ask, “What is your name?”  “Devin,” he calmly replies as he fades away. 

I awoke with a start a few seconds later.  Frozen by fear, I lay there not breathing; my heart was pounding.  “What the hell was that?”  I asked myself as I struggled to orient myself in the dark.  “Have I been possessed?” I wondered, remembering the pressure on my tongue as the man pushed it aside.  But as soon as I thought those words, I knew that was not true; it was just my old religious programming kicking in.  “Besides”, I thought to myself, “I wasn’t scared in the dream, just a bit irritated that he did so without asking first.  It all felt rather natural in a strange sort of way.”  Having gotten through my initial terror, I relaxed and inhaled to satisfy my screaming lungs.  Moving my now unfrozen limbs, I sat up in bed.  “I have no idea what that was about,” I thought to myself as I reached over to grab the glass of water from my nightstand, “but it was something.  I just don’t know what.  I’ll think about it tomorrow.  I’ve got to get some sleep.”  I lay back down, adjusted my pillows and fell immediately into a dreamless sleep.

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