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The Mission Remembered, Book Two - Reviews

Introduction | Excerpt 1 | Excerpt 2 | Excerpt 3 | Order



Do you have a purpose for being here, a divinely inspired mission?

If so, have you discovered your mission, or are you still waiting for it to unfold?

What will it entail and what will be require?

How do you fulfill it while maintaining a career and caring for your spouse and kids? 


Reviews from the readers...

“All of us who have awakened and expanded our understanding of the universe in which we live know, somewhere deep inside of us we are here for a very important reason.  It is just that feeling that buzzes beneath our daily experiences that says inside our hearts, “There is so much more to my life than I understand.”  We just know that there is.  I have always felt that I was a voyager from the future who has returned to my past to make corrections and heal my own wounded heart.  This feeling is what makes Jelaila Starr’s latest book, The Mission Remembered a must read.”  - Nancy Joy Hefron, author of The Wounded Heart

“I like many others had been anticipating Jelaila’s new book. After reading Mission Remembered three times, I can honestly tell you I could read it three more times and still not get all the information. This book transforms your thoughts into finding your mission.  As I read her mission it stirred things inside me I never even knew existed.  Mission Remembered eased me into looking at my “dark side”, and yes, we all have a dark side.  What I chose to do was to hide in the Light, thus allowing my dark side to rule in the shadows.

Jelaila boldly confronts her dark side in Mission Remembered, past, present and future.  This is what separates her work from all the others.  Balancing Galactic information with the 3D work is difficult at best. Jelaila Starr does an outstanding job.  I know my mission now is to change.  Be ready for it while coming from a place of integrity.  This now gives me clarity in walks of life I never dreamed of. Family, co workers, and friends already see a change in me.” - Michael Alpough

"I just reread this book.  I liked it a lot the first time, but now it is even so much more meaningful for me.  You share so much of your personal experiences, especially about your own daughter, and it really adds so much more to my realizations and understanding, particularly about caretaking.  It is like partially living my lessons and awarenesses vicariously through you.  The book was marked up/highlighted before, and now it is much more so.  I also now have 5-1/4 pages of typed notes that made a particularly large impression on me.

I have been wondering for quite awhile what the "ai" in so many names mean, especially in 9D.  It must be a vibrational thing?  Even Gracie Mai... Anyway, I just thought I would pass my happy thoughts along."
  - Valerie

“If you aren’t multidimensional before you read this book you will be by the time you are done!”  - Sharon L.

“Well Done!!! I just finished reading your Book Two. I can only imagine the discipline and focus it takes to complete something like that...but we know of your tenacity when it comes to completing missions. Your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable will help resonate with hundreds of others. Thank you (fellow) Time-Line Healer for all that you have done in willingness for insuring the completion of this amazing experiment/game.”  - Merrily M.

“I just wanted to let you guys know, the book is so good, I might just stay up all night reading (or at least until I can't keep my eyes open)!  I'll write more after I'm done.... the book is very TRANSFORMATIVE, I can feel it activating and changing me as I am reading, that's all I have to say. Your long labor has produced powerful fruit for the mission.” - Carol Ann C.

“Just wanted to say, I didn't want to come to work today - I wanted to continue reading Book II and to say that I just laughed and cried and cried some more in the wee hours this morning when I read Chapter 13.  Yes, and I agree, contrary to what a lot is said/written, the path is tough when trail blazing!  All the more reason for you to touch base out here for others on the journey.  I hail the internet, but it's not quite the same as face to face is it? and thank goodness for mother-nature and her beauty to help us balance...”   Pam B.  from Australia

“I just finished reading The Mission Remembered.  And so much I want to say and yet I  can’t seem to find the words – only I feel them.  Oh how I feel them!  How does one thank you for the sacrifices you made to help all of us?  How does the average Joe even comprehend what you went through?  Jelaila Starr – With All My Heart I THANK YOU for everything you have done for me, the planet and her people.

Your story is so similar to mine in many, many ways but what you did that I didn’t do was really “listen”.  I guess each of us has experiences that we wonder about, question our sanity about, etc.  But not once did I ever believe that we were alone in this vast universe. 

I am so glad you wrote your story.  I think it helped you heal a lot of wounds, not to mention those of us who read it, to heal as well.  That in itself is more than anyone could ask for.

Jelaila there is so much I would love to talk to you about; so much more I want to say.  Maybe one day over coffee we will meet or in a galaxy far-far away.  But we will meet; that you can put in the bank.”
- Elaine P., from Canada

“I really loved the book.  It was so powerful.  I would literally have to sleep for hours after reading sections to implement the information.  When I got to the section about LaRai I was shell shocked.  I even sat in my car screaming one morning about how could that happen.  I felt it to the core...I still do.  You have been through so much and I know it was all part of the contract but nonetheless it had to be rough.  I thank you so much for all of it.  You have done more than you know for all of us.” - Kara B.

“I finished reading the book Mission Remembered yesterday and wanted to let you know how it affected me. Reading the book brought me a closure I didn't know I needed.  So, thanks for the book. It changed my life.” - Jyri

“Just finished reading your 2nd book, 'The Mission Remembered' and couldn't put it down until I had finished. You've given us such a good working example of the formula of compassion by sharing with us your life and emotions and how you healed them using the formula. I plan on re-reading it and your first book again because there's so much to digest.

You answered a lot of my questions even ones I wasn't expecting, the reason why I couldn't find the 'Connecting Link' magazine any more. But most of all, you've given me a behind the scenes explanation for all the changes I've been wondering about on your web site as well as other sites and things I've noticed in the world, like prophecies NOT happening. You gave us the real reason Jelaila came to earth and how healing that has affected the whole world. You've been through a lot in order to complete your mission. It scares me to think of what might have been if you hadn't done so.

I'm also glad to see you're going to be changing the "galactic language" in the '7 Keys of Compassion Booklets' and replacing it with words that would make it more acceptable to a "mainstream spiritual audience." It's so important that the religions of the world preach not only love but compassion because they should know it's compassion that integrates and heals.

I know there are many people both on the earth, in it and off, that are devoted to helping us and mother earth ascend but what you have done [and are still doing] is such a major contribution! I [and my multidimensional selves] thank you for all your work and also for writing a very enlightening book.” - MJ

“I only have a few pages left to read of your new book and I am overwhelmed with the enormity of the "mission" and what you both have done for humanity!  And through most of it having to endure so many negative emotions and reactions from almost everyone.  I hope you had some people who were always there for you (besides Devin!)...and please know that if there is anything I can ever do for you, you just have to ask.


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