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The Mission Remembered, Book Two

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by Jelaila Starr

For the last fourteen years, I have been privileged to be an integral part of an amazing project to help Earth and her people successfully ascend to the 5th dimension.  This project, as mentioned in the Preface, is known as Project Earth Shift.  It is the work of the 9th dimensional group of beings who call themselves the 9D Nibiruan Council.  Throughout the book, I call them by various names.  When speaking of the 9D group, I refer to them as the Council, the 9D Council, or the 9D Nibiruans. 

As you will soon learn, I was contacted by the 9D Nibiruans in early 1993.  Over the course of several years, they revealed details of their origin and history to me.  They said that they were from the first human species to exist in our universe.  They lived on a beautiful Earth-like planet in the Lyra constellation.  They called their world Avyon.  Avyon was later destroyed after a long intergalactic war known as the Great Lyran War.  Driven by the need to heal the emotional wounds of those events, they colonized other worlds in order to reestablish their lives and move on.  But through it all their primary goal was to discover how to integrate the Light and the Dark.

After many eons, they became the ancient ancestors of all of humanity and their quest to discover how to integrate the Light and the Dark was the legacy they handed down.  In time the 9D Nibiruans found the answer. From that point on they made it their mission to help all species discover how to achieve integration.

As survivors of the 1st Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration on their planet Avyon, the 9D Nibiruans developed the expertise to work with Grand Experiments.  They have followed the Universal Game from its beginning through all the dimensions.  As time healers, they manage the timelines of planets.  They heal existing timelines through time-traveling to a point where they can insert an aspect of themselves into it in order to create a change in the future.  They also manage dead timelines of destroyed planets by weaving them into the timelines of an existing planet.  Such is the case with Earth.  As you will discover, Earth has had the timelines of several dead planets woven into it and those timelines have been playing out for thousands of years, creating our past, our present and our future…unless we change it. 

In finding the answer of how to achieve integration, the 9D Nibiruans reclaimed their memories agreeing to become the Keepers of the Universal Game.  As such, their goal was, and still is, to bring the Universal Game to a successful conclusion.  In order to accomplish this, planets are set aside at various times to be used as Grand Experiments.  Each Grand Experiment is set in a free-will zone, meaning that the souls who incarnate there have total freedom to create as they choose.  The timing of these Grand Experiments are when the souls in our universe have polarized to the extremes of Light and Dark while, at the same time, developing the technological expertise to destroy all of creation.  At such times, a world is set aside for everyone to work out their differences.  The souls from the previous worlds incarnate there and, with the assistance of a consciousness veil that shields everyone from the memories of those lifetimes, they meet each other as spouses, parents, friends, bosses, etc.  A new lesson, disguised as a difficult situation and designed to trigger just the emotional aspects from the original situation, occurs.  In the heat of the moment when the pain erupts, the souls in lesson can make a different choice.  If the choice is compassion, then they heal because compassion integrates the Light and Dark.  If the choice is not compassion, they try again and continue to do so for as many lifetimes as it takes to achieve it. 

The 9D Nibiruans tell me that our present Earth is the third of its kind, since the previous two, the first being Avyon and the second being a planet located in the Pleiades, failed.  You may have faint memories of lifetimes on those worlds.  You may recall the loving embrace of a husband or wife, the smile of a child.  Your life here on Earth seems like a repeat of a former time, but on a different world, in another time.  Friends and family members seem like old acquaintances or ancient enemies.  You have traveled along the timelines back into the past in order to change the future.  You have come here to recreate the events of the past with the intention of making a more compassionate choice this time.  You are a veteran of past attempts at integration.  Deep in your hearts remain the memories of war and suffering, the price that we paid for failing.  This time, armed with wisdom born of experience, you intend to be successful. 

This book is my and the 9D Nibiruans’ contribution to your success.  By chronicling the 9D Nibiruan’s mission, I hope to achieve several objectives for you.  First, to give you an idea of what a mission looks like and what it means to fulfill one.  Unlike many have been led to believe, missions are not gloriously wonderful.  Even though some are not as difficult as others, they all require rigorous self-examination and change.

My second objective is so that you can experience the journey that I have made in fulfilling the Nibiruan’s mission, starting with the moment of first contact.  But I must warn you, as we explore the ancient past which is part of the journey, you may find yourself in other lifetimes, some of which are very dark.  If you have the courage to see what is there and integrate it, you will emerge more empowered than you ever thought possible. 

My third objective is to help you determine where you are in your mission; whether you have begun, successfully completed it, or gotten off-track.  If you have gotten off-track, perhaps it will help you correct course.

My fourth and final objective is to help you remember who you are.  If you allow, I will take you on a journey through time.  Together we will explore our collective past.  As you find yourself in a past event with me, and you allow yourself to feel all the things that the words trigger, it will open your own memories of that time.  As you will discover, we have not been all love and light.  As souls and creator god/goddesses, we have created many realities wherein we played Dark roles as part of our learning.  Those realities have traveled with us, tied into our present -day timeline through our incarnation here.  They affect our present day reality and our future.  It is time to integrate those realities, understanding the purpose of the darkness we created.  

You have been drawn to this book for a reason.  Perhaps the reason is that your Soul and your Guides have decided that it is time.  If that be the case, then my hope is that, through the journey you take with me, you will remember and, in remembering, complete your mission and find your way home.

Jelaila Starr
Kansas City, Missouri

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