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The Mission Remembered, Book Two

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The Nibiruans reveal their work to prepare for 2012 and beyond. 

Discover the galactic events whose final days are now being replayed on Earth between.

Experience the inner workings of a mission and what it really means to fulfill it.

Discover your ancient past as the words awaken your “mission codes.”

The Nibiruans have long been assisting humanity on our evolutionary past and even more so in the last 2 decades.  Why?  They know we are coming to a point where we could finally fulfill our divine destiny. 

In keeping with their agreement to prepare starseeds and walk-ins for an Earth mission, the Nibiruans in cooperation with many off-world civilizations, have worked to ensure our missions are successful by providing ongoing support.  Their directive to Jelaila was to share the details of her work and mission in such a way that it would become a roadmap and mission handbook for others.  Describing in her own words her collaboration with the Nibiruans, Jelaila reveals the grand and the glorious as well as the oh-so-painful moments involved in successfully carrying out a mission. 

Many of you have come from the future into the past on a mission. You have come to change the course of humanity.   By healing the pain of your past, you ensure a future where that pain is no longer repeated.  Whether you are aware of your mission or have your boots squarely stuck in the mud, this book will help you find your way. 

Journey with Jelaila through the events of our galactic past.  Allow the stories to spark the long-forgotten memories hidden in your DNA…and awaken the mission codes within you.

From the author…

Deep within us all is a powerful urge to contribute to something greater than ourselves—a divine purpose, a mission.  Additionally, for many, that urge is intimately connected to the knowing that we are not from here.  Is it time to remember…and, in remembering, discover your galactic roots and the reason you are here?  If so, then come—travel with me.  Together we will explore the past and in doing so, define your mission.  Then, when you mission is done, you’ll know how to find your way home.

$19.95 US + shipping/handling.
Order online, or send your order by mail:
The Nibiruan Council
16117 W. 82nd Place, Lenexa, KS  66219.
PH: (913) 599-6222

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