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Links - Nibiru and the Galactic Federation

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Nibiru/Planet X/UFOs

David Icke - If you want to know what is really going on in America...and who’s really in control of us and the world...this is the site.  David had dedicated his life to revealing the truth. 

Enterprise Mission - Richard Hoagland’s Site.  I recommend bookmarking this one.

Exopolitics - This site is dedicated to producing research papers that focus on the political implications of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that is known by clandestine government organizations who keep official knowledge of this presence secret from the general public and elected political officials.

Hidden Mysteries - A great to find information that has been hidden from the public.

Holy-Secrets - This website is dedicated to the teaching of knowledge hidden from the human race throughout history.

Jim McCanney - Learn the real issues regarding the Electric Universe, Solar Fusion at the surface of the sun and the cause of electrical conditions in the solar system including the real reason for our strange weather.

Millennium Group - This site contains photos taken by the SoHo satellite of a winged disk type craft orbiting the sun.  In addition, there is a second craft orbiting the moon.

Occult Advances - Spiritual Alchemy Mindworks, The Language of the Lost City of Atlantis Continent, Human Aura Reading and Cleansing, Pictures and Chart, Israel's 12 Tribes (Judah, Benjamin, 10 lost Tribes) and much more

Orbit -  This is the site where I found the picture of Nibiru seen on our main page.  Kent Steadman has volumes of information.  Spend some time here. - Robert Zepehr’s site. Gives documentation of Nibiru’s rediscovery by NASA. - Zecharia Sitchin’s official website.

Stargate - Ancient and Advanced Civilizations of Earth & Beyond - This site brings into view the accounts of higher intelligence that has influenced our planet throughout its history, the possibilities of our beginnings and the possibilities that await us in the future.

The Bible Fraud - Truth about Jesus and the crucifixion.

The Elfrad Group - Scientific confirmation of a signal being emitted by a moving objict that is out in space and heading towards us.  We believe this is one of the signals being emitted by Nibiru.

The Forbidden Knowledge - Dedicated to the teaching of knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history, THE FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, and reveals this knowledge which the government doesn't want you to realize.

Xfacts - This site created by Jason Martell is filled with information regarding Nibiru (Planet X) and the origins of mankind. 

If you would like to be included on our LINKS Page, email us with your URL and a brief description of your website.  A reciprocal link is appreciated.

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