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9D Nibiruan Council Update for July 2001
By Devin/Jelaila Starr
written July 6, 2001
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As many of you already feel, there is much occurring in the dimensions and in the Council Halls.  I will attempt to explain it and all its ramifications as clearly and as concisely as possible.

When I speak of Council Halls I am referring to the halls of the Galactic Federation (GF).  In case you may not be aware, there are hundreds of thousands of councils within the GF. Each one serves a unique purpose and lends its efforts to the overall management of the GF.  At this time due to the success we have had with Earth’s ascension plan, there is a great deal of activity.  This activity takes the form of discussion and disagreement.  You see, we are working to reach a consensus on how to proceed from here.  Let me explain.

In earth’s divine plan, it was decided to send souls to earth who had genetic ties to other races in the universe.  We call these souls starseeds.  The starseeds would carry the genetic behavior patterns of their race that have enabled that race to succeed in spiritual evolution.  In addition, they would carry the patterns that are currently holding their race in limbo, not allowing them to continue with their journey to reunion with the Divine Creator/Prime Creator/All That Is.  Earth, being a Grand Experiment would be a key component in the completion of the journey to Oneness for all souls in this universe.

At this time, the gap between 3D and 4D has widened to such an extent that it is becoming more of a hindrance than a help.  Those on earth who chose the path of ascension began the emotional clearing and lightening of their physical vehicles in order to ascend.  As a result, they created a new consciousness upon earth.  This consciousness, let’s call it the 4D consciousness, coexisted with the normal 3D consciousness.  As this consciousness grew a gap developed between those in 3D and those moving up through 4D.

We had foreseen that there might be complications such as too many individuals choosing to remain 3D and/or those shifting into multidimensionality moving at too quick a pace causing a strain on the emotional balance of their bodies and also the emotional body of the planet.  We agreed long ago that if this were to occur we would come together to find a solution to enable to the two to coexist in greater balance. 

Many of you may not see this situation as a problem and this is understandable. From our perspective we see the overall impact this gap has created.  What we see is too many people becoming emotionally distraught to the extent that they take their own lives.  Whether intentionally or not, when an individual’s consciousness accelerates through emotional clearing at a pace where the physical body cannot keep up, it creates great distress that manifests emotionally as well as physically.

What we see is the people being moved by the increased energies from the sun, as well as the 4D consciousness that affects all of you, wanting solutions to the challenges that are surfacing and confronting them, their heretofore hidden fears, and no way to comfortably reach out for help.  Many of the teachers of ascension have moved beyond the comfort level of the average 3D person to the extent that someone who is not acquainted with emotional clearing, DNA Recoding, parallel lives, starseeds and other ascension/spiritual information may feel uncomfortable reaching out to them.  In other words, many of the teachers have developed belief systems that are just too much for the average 3D person to embrace…they are “too far out there,” so to speak.  We do not fault the teachers for this, we are very happy that they have been able to follow their path and perform the work of their missions so efficiently.  And as we watched this situation develop we urged fellow members to be cautious about slowing the growth of those who lead the way.  We took a wait and see attitude. 

What I am explaining is no way meant to alarm or upset.  I am simply explaining the situation as we see it.  When divine plans for planets are enacted there are always going to be adjustments.   This gap just needs an adjustment. 

Though we have not reached a consensus, as many of you know who travel back and forth from these meetings in the dream time, there is an agreement that a slowing down and bridging needs to take place.  Just how to do it has yet to be decided.  There is a delicate dance that is occurring between you and us as we seek to determine your willingness to slow down and shift direction and all that that entails.  We must bridge this gap between 3D and 4D.  We must find a way to pick up those left behind, those who could not, because of their many fears, move as quickly as the rest of you.  We see that the teachers, the way-showers, can be very helpful in this situation by shifting their work to embrace those of a more 3D mentality.  In some cases this will be rewriting material and/or developing new curriculums for workshops. 

For healers, there will be no change.  You are needed to continue your work as is.  It is the teachers, those writing books, articles and/or holding workshops on ascension that we direct this to.  If you are willing, you can make a big impact on those in 3D.  You can help them to find the strength and courage within themselves to begin the emotional clearing in order to ascend with the planet. As I began to mention earlier, we are in a delicate dance with contacting you.  Each starseed council has agreed to contact their people on earth via those individual’s main guides to suggest a new plan.  This is done through dreams and also thought transmissions that are received as intuition/impulses.  Then we wait to see how each individual reacts, whether they are open or resistant to the new idea.  Once each council feels they have a good idea of what they can expect from their people, they return to the larger councils with a proposal of what they believe they can contribute to the overall solution.

What you may experience through all of this are feelings of frustration, confusion…a feeling that things are unsettled.  These are accurate feelings.  What you may experience as a physical manifestation of this situation is your financial support drying up, flagging workshop attendance or a reduction in clients. In addition you may experience concerns that you have done something wrong and therefore your guides have abandoned you.  Let me assure you that this is not the case.  When a shift as large and as all encompassing as the one needed to bridge the gap between 3D and 4D is required, then a period of limbo, stagnation or void in your realm will manifest.  You may feel that your work as you have known it has come to an end.  In many ways this is accurate.  And when one path ends, the support for that path ends as well.  Until the new path has been established, support remains unavailable.  Many of you will find this time challenging as bills pile up and the money is not there to pay them.  Please know that this will come to an end.  The solution is not far way.  This brings me to another point.

Jelaila has asked me why this period of shifting has taken so long.  She sees it as taking months instead of days or weeks as has been the case in the past.  The reason, from my perspective, is that as we move further along in this plan and success increases, so do the risks.  The more we succeed the less we want to fail.  As this risk increases, many fears are triggered among us and alliances are strained to the breaking point.  Peace among several of the races is tenuous as best due to their long history of conflict.  Keeping them talking takes the greatest degree of diplomacy and diplomatic finesse. Yes, we have diplomats too.  And we have not always succeeded with the result being that from time to time some of our allies have taken up arms against each other.  Right now there is fighting on Nibiru.  Some of you have seen this in the dream state.  We ask you not to get alarmed…this is common and will be brought to an end soon.  No one wants to fail.  We consider this conflict as a way to express the tension that some of these races feel right now.  It will pass.

So far we have determined that circling back to 3D and creating a bridge of communication and modalities is necessary in order to have at least 70% of earth’s population ascend and to minimize the pole shift so that the planet survives in tact.  Based on our calculations at this time, with the gap between 3D and 4D at its current level, we see that only 46% will make it. This is not acceptable to us.  We hope you feel the same.

We will continue to work towards a solution.  When we accomplish this, you will know because you will feel it.  The adjustments to your individual missions will be made known to you and new doors of opportunity will open for you.  Until then, we ask that you sit tight and breathe your way through this.  Talk to each other and support each other.  The more you understand that you are not alone in this situation, the better you will be able to weather it.  I have been asked the question, what can you do to assist us?  There is something you can do.  Actually two things: 

  1. Hold the intention in your hearts that the highest good of all be served as we journey through this time to reach consensus.
  2. Clear any issues you may have with those of another culture or race.  What you do on earth affects your starseed races.  There is a saying on your planet, “As above so below.” We would like to add a new saying, “As below so above.”  What you do in clearing old patterns has a ripple affect that impacts every planet in the universe.  Do not forget the power that you have to change the universe through your compassion.

In closing, I would like to emphasize our joy in your progress.  We would rather have the problem of a gap too wide from progress than one too wide going the other way.  This is something that we can deal with, as you say on your world.  We continue to hold you close and walk beside you as comrades and peers.  Even though we may be dimensions apart, we are always with you in our hearts.  Love knows no distance.

Be in peace beloved ones,
Head of the 9D Nibiruan Council, through Jelaila

Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans is an internationally known  channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila's message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around the world inspiring hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.  

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila's unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached at:  Website:   

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