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Jonathan_formalWhat Happened to Jonathan?
by Jelaila Starr
March 12, 2011
Nancy Joy’s Message

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People often ask me, “What happened to Jonathan?”  This is usually in response to reading, The Mission Remembered or listening to one of our many CDs.  I find the answer hard because up to now it is so painful.

Jonathan and I were life partners.  We found each other or rather were led to each in 1997  near the beginning of this mission.  Once I realized who he was--I was a little slow--we  moved quickly to become a couple. 

The next decade would see us complete the work we came here to do.  In October 2004, at the end, we expected many wonderful things to occur including Jonathan’s next new venture that will inspire him and make his heart sing.  We both so wanted that for him because handling the administrative part of this work, though important,  was just not using all of his potential. 

As we waited for that next step,  we completed 2 more years of what we understood were final clean up work including the 2005 Templates

As I wrote in Mission Remembered, the fall of 2006 found us feeling lost and abandoned…Jonathan struggled with depression so profound that he could not get out of it.  He desperately wanted to get something new going, after he is a veteran entrepreneur and one who thrives on a new challenge.  We continued along, waiting for our next step.  No one could have prepared us for what happened next. 

By the end of June, 2007 we knew we were at a breaking point.  Jonathan could not seem to move forward and now, neither could I.  We were simply stuck…stalemated.  We realized that the only way out of our stuckness was to separate.   We agreed that the one who left would be free of the Nibiruan Council work, and the one stayed would continue.  I was okay with either one. After much soul searching and many talks, Jonathan decided to move on.  

Instead of going back to California, his home, Jonathan chose to move to Iowa to be close to our good friends, Nancy Joy and Mark Hefron along with the many other friends we had there.  The flow was amazing!  Our spirits lifted, we glided through the transition.  The money manifested, a perfect little home manifested, and even the movers were extraordinarily helpful.  It was as if the universe had decided to spirit Jonathan away to Iowa and lovingly settle him there.

During the next two years Jonathan and I struggled with our relationship.  We knew we loved each other, but we also knew that during the 10 years of our mission, living and working together 24/7, we had become entangled in codependent behaviors.  The question now was Should we stay married or get a divorce? 

After struggling to free ourselves from the codependency, even not talking for several months, Jonathan decided that the only way he could break free and find his next step was to divorce.  So, we did.  It was amicable but, of course, the pain of letting go was great.

Within a year of the divorce, Jonathan’s health suddenly began a rapid decline .  He began having tremors in his left hand.  After months of testing the doctors could not find a cause.  In time the tremors increased to the point that Jonathan could no longer live on his own.  In June of 2009 he decided to return to California and live with his son Dion.  Dion, the second of three sons, had always had a challenging relationship with his dad so this would be an opportunity for them to heal.  We knew it was the right decision because, once again, the universe seemed to magically bring all the pieces together to spirit Jonathan away, this time to Los Angeles, and lovingly settle him there.

The next year saw Jonathan’s health rapidly decline with the tremors becoming more severe and affecting both the right and left sides of his body.  By late 2010 he was no longer be able to take walks on the beach, fix his favorite foods, or wash his thick wavy hair.  Phone calls became shorter and infrequent as Jonathan no longer had the energy, or the concentration for them.  One of Jonathan’s greatest abilities is being able to be there for you as you go into the deepest darkest places of yourself.  He could take you and just be with you while you moved through the pain.  He never hurried you and got uncomfortable himself.  I think this was how he was able to help all the addicts in rehab who could not seem to get sober or clean.  He gave them a way to get to and resolve the pain at the root of their addiction.  Yes, gone were the days of those deep conversations and oh how we missed them.  It seems such a crime that such a gift, so needed now, is gone taken by a mystery illness.

The 9D Connection

In Mission Remembered I wrote about the timeline of Avyon One, the first human homeworld that was destroyed as a result of war between the reptilian House of Aln and the human House of Avyon.  Jonathan was head of the house of Aln and I, along with my brother, Devin were current heads of the House of Avyon.  As blood relatives--we shared the same mother--we had a bond but the bond of the heart, forged as we grew up together, was stronger.  As teenagers we had vowed that we would not allow war in our lifetimes. 

When our families went to war due to circumstances beyond our control, we still kept that vow.  Jonathan, sacrificing his families’ loyalty, sided with Devin and I.  This choice meant that his son and heir, (Dion in that timeline)  felt abandoned.  Encouraged by his mother, Jonathan’s half-sister, his son was caught up in a plot to eliminate the only heir to the House of Avyon.  By eliminating the heir, the House of Aln would take over, the next rule would be Jonathan’s son.  Jonathan’s son in that timeline is Dion now.  Hence, and Jonathan’s seemingly never ending conflict with his son, and the instant dislike between Dion and I in this lifetime.

The war that ensued was horrific and in the end the planet was destroyed.  I recall  a scene near the end.  Jonathan was standing in a doorway.  The House of Avyon had fallen and Devin and I were escaping to one of the last remaining ships.  Jonathan was with us, showing us the way through a dark, long abandoned tunnel in the mountains…one he had explored as a kid.  We emerged from the tunnel and were about to make a run for it across an open expanse to a shuttle waiting nearby.  Suddenly Jonathan tells us he is not coming with us.  We pleaded for him to reconsider, but he remained steadfast in his decision.  “I must go back for my son.”  Stripped of his rulership, wealth and the love is his people, he has paid a high price for loyalty to us.  Silently he turned and headed back into the tunnel…

Devin and I proceeded to the shuttle and on to the ship.  The last scene that I saw was standing on the ship’s bridge watching the planet breaking apart. I turn and bury my head in Devin’s shoulder…I cannot breathe due the agonizing pain of seeing our world destroyed and not knowing whether Jonathan had lived or died.

Back to now….

Jonathan has often said that he felt the reason he was sick was because it was the only way he would have lived with his son, and been vulnerable enough to be able to heal the pain of the past.  At times he would be at peace with that, but at others, it was so hard to bear. 

With no real diagnoses ( the doctors finally said it was like Parkinson but not Parkinson) and therefore, no hope for a cure, with the tremors stripping him of his independence and in some ways, his dignity, Jonathan decided it was time to prepare for his death.  He made funeral and financial arrangements so his sons would not be burdened.  Now we simply waited for him to die, our phone calls meant to keep his spirits up for the last months of his life. 

With little ability to move about, he spent many hours of each day just sitting.  Literally becoming imprisoned in a body that no longer functions…well…

At some point, I don’t recall exactly when this began, Jonathan began to create an alternate reality.    In this reality he was healthy and active, we were back together, and he was working on turning the Mission Remembered into a movie.  In this reality Jonathan was busy working with directors, camera crews and tweaking the script. He was happy and vibrant is this reality.  I think it is interesting that he spent many years making lots of money while in an alternate reality (Jonathan is a recovered alcoholic, cocaine addict and eventually AA counselor) and now he was using this same ability, sans the drugs, to create a pseudo world that made his current reality more bearable.  They say that if you spend enough time energizing your desires, they will manifest. That appears to have occurred.  Read on...

Nancy Joy and Mark had taken a trip back to the Yucatan to celebrate their anniversary.  Jonathan and I had been there with them when they got married.  On her trip, Nancy Joy discovered, through a long time and trusted friend,  a clinic that has  very high success rate in reversing many health issues using stem cells.  Her friend had had a tremendous health reversal (macular degeneration)  and now was volunteering there.  Her friend, who knew us both, agreed to see if the doctors would take Jonathan on as a patient.  The clinic worked mainly for Mexican citizens but did accept patients from other countries.  Long story short, Jonathan got accepted. 

When I heard about the clinic, Nancy Joy had called me from the airport on her way back, I immediately knew that it was the answer.  Jonathan could be cured!   Suddenly all the questions about why he had been stricken with this mystery illness and left to die were answered.  The illness manifested to get him to California so that he could heal the ancient wound with Dion….along with healing needed with his other two sons.  Once he had done this...he and Dion were getting along much better…to a certain point, he would step into the next piece of his life plan. 

In this piece he would begin creating another reality.  (Jonathan was told by Council that he was here to learn how to create his kingdom within instead of outside himself.)  In doing so he would create a template for reptilian coded people to find happiness since happiness is not about material things.  Having given up his dance with suicide, (read Suicide is Not an Option) he began creating an alternate reality in which to spend most of his time.  So, here he was spending his days pouring all his passion into creating this magnificent alternate world.  As the Law of Attraction states, when you energize it enough it will manifest.  I believe that Nancy Joy learning about this clinic was the beginning of Jonathan manifesting the world he so passionately created.  At the same time, because he turned 65 and was finally eligible for Medicaid, he was able to obtain a drug that appears to be lessoning the tremors.  At the same time, he is receiving long distance healing and taking a supplement called Olivamine, all of which are helping him regain control of his body.  It seems these things all came along at nearly the same time to help him get well enough to travel.

Imagine….in 6 to 8 weeks, Jonathan could go from nearly being wheelchair bound to walking out of that clinic and getting on with a new phase of his life.  So where is Jonathan now?  Jonathan is in Los Angeles getting healthier in preparation for a May 1st appointment at the clinic.   Jonathan’s lifeline to a new life will cost $15,000—we feel it is a very small price to pay.  We are working to raise the money for his treatment and already have $4000.  I thought it would be a good idea to share this journey with all those who have read about, listened to, or in some way benefited from Jonathan’s gift. If you feel guided to assist I know he would be most grateful.  Any amount is most appreciated.  We have set up a PayPal account in his name so any donation will go directly to him.  We will keep up updated on our progress. 


The universe works in mysterious ways but one thing is for sure, it always works to our highest good.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to get my best friend back. 

Jelaila Starr

Update - June 20, 2011

Thanks to all who donated we are $7700 closer to our goal. Jonathan has gone to the hospital in LA to get his blood pressure stabilized and is doing okay.  We hope to make the trip in September or October.

Where is Jonathan Now?Heartlights-Nancy-Joy-Hefron-Stonehenge-70
A Message from Nancy Joy

If you have clicked on this page and are reading this message and watching this video, you have known and /or been affected by Jonathan Starr.  Personally, Jonathan is one of my most treasured friends on this planet and I have known him, cried with him, shared with him, worked with him and played with him since December, 1997.  Jonathan and Jelaila are intertwined in the lives of my husband, Mark, and I and we have played important roles for one another these years.  Perhaps you have your own heart experiences with this incredible man.

There is a call going out now to reach out and help Jonathan as he makes an incredible shift that has significance for us all in some way.  Very briefly, to bring you up-to-date with the cliff notes version, I will say that Jonathan left his marriage to his beloved Jelaila and his work with the Nibiruan Council and moved to Iowa June, 2007 as his health had begun to slide and he was drawn to immerse himself in Iowa’s calm and heartfelt energy. He spent two years with us here and they were years of deep connection and personal exploration for him as well as growth for all of us here.  His health, however, continued to deteriorate with Parkinson –like symptoms and very high blood pressure and he ran out of funds and began to live on his social security.

 There came a time when he could no longer function on his own and in July, 2009, it was time to go home to California where he was born and lived the majority of his life.  Two of his three sons came to pick-him up and move him across the country where he moved in with one of them and continued his downward spiral. During this time he worked on healing his relationships with all of his sons, family and friends and in this there has been great joy.  He was preparing to transition and, in fact, made funeral arrangements and took care of his personal business so his sons would not be burdened and continued to cope as best he could.  No more walks to the beach, computer work became unmanageable, personal grooming tasks took up a large part of his day and his mind started slipping.

These months have been very hard for those of us who love Jonathan.  I have mentioned in my Monday Morning Reflections that it was he who taught me to hold a space of love.  Sometimes we just can’t change the journey and our task becomes a very emotional one of learning to be supportive and being there as those we love walk their path.

Interestingly, in February 2011 (his birth month) things began to shift for him. Things underway all seemed to kick in at the same time. Healers were doing long distance healing.  He was taking a vital new supplement called Olivamine. He finally qualified for Medicaid and returned to the medical community where he began some new medication which has been helpful.  At the same time,  he found out through my connections in the Yucatan about a stem cell program that has  very high success rates in reversing many health issues, one prominent one being Parkinson’s.  This clinic is being administrated right now by our very best friend in the Yucatan who herself had a tremendous health reversal using these stem cells and is now helping others do the same.

Did I say I was going to make a long story short?  Oh well! So Jonathan has been accepted for this program and will be heading down there at the beginning of May.  This news alone brought so much renewed energy and hope into his heart. Logistics have fallen into place as a friend of mine in Puerto has offered Jonathan a place to stay that will meet his needs and provide a beautiful space in which to heal.

 Now we are faced with creating the $15,000 to make this possible.  As things seem to happen on earth right now when hearts come together to create, we are already manifesting.  $4,000 has been manifested already, almost 1/3 of the cost!   We have set-up a Pay Pal account in his name and are asking any of you are able and feel connected to Jonathan to contribute.  Any amount that works will keep this energy expanding and flowing and we will update our success on this page for those who want to see the miracle underway.

We are one in heart and compassion.  Thank you!

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