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Jelaila’s Walk-in, June 23, 1992

I, Jelaila, walked in on June 23, 1992. It happened during a period of fifteen minutes when Joscelyn was unconscious. 

Joscelyn was in the recovery room of an abortion clinic and had fallen asleep after taking the medication the staff had given her for pain. Being consumed with anger, guilt and intense sorrow over her choice to terminate her 4-week pregnancy she sought relief, if only for a short time in sleep.

When consciousness returned, it was me, Jelaila who awakened. Joscelyn had left, grateful to be released from a life of pain. And though she would miss her little girl Danielle, Joscelyn knew that Danielle was in good hands with me, and that I would fill her shoes as mother very well. After all, Danielle was as much a part of me as she was of Joscelyn. Joscelyn is one of my soul fragments. I am her oversouls.

Waking up that day in the recovery room of an abortion clinic was a strange experience for me. I remember feeling very disoriented. Since that day I have worked to heal the many painful memories left in the body by Joscelyn. I am grateful for them because as I heal each one, I am more able to “seat in” to the body. It’s no fun being clumsy and unable to speak properly after a lifetime of being agile and eloquent, so I made use of those memories, transmuting the pain in each one into compassion which opened up the body for me.

For the first two years after my walk-in, I had intense neck and shoulder pain. Even though these can be symptoms of fibromyalgia due to emotional caretaking, they are also symptoms of a walk-in. The arriving soul enters the body through the back of the neck and the imbalance between the frequency of the new soul and the body manifests as neck pain. It took the next six years for me to clear this. I accomplished it by using the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process and Keys of Compassion to bring my physical vehicle up to a frequency that was comfortable for me, the new soul.

Since my walk-in I have struggled with learning to talk and walk without stumbling all over myself. It was pretty bad there for a while. My handwriting has also changed along with my clothing and decorating preferences. Where Joscelyn wore dark colored high-fashion suits with matching heels, I wear long-flowing dresses and flats and pink, pink, pink. Joscelyn’s decorating scheme was rustic country, mine is country French with flowers and white wicker everywhere. I even sold all of her furniture so that I could finally feel at home in the apartment.

I also changed my hair color too! Joscelyn was a dark brunette. I changed it to a combination blond/brunette. I remember that when I looked in the mirror after having my hair colored, I felt I was seeing me, Jelaila for the first time. It was hard to hold back the tears. I felt I had finally arrived.

Joscelyn is doing well. She went to Nibiru after a short time in suspended sleep. We talk and she visits me in the dream state or sends messages to me via channeling. Joscelyn continues to watch over Danielle. She has appointed herself as one of Danielle’s spirit guides.

I am grateful for the many things that Joscelyn is and was. She left me her great sense of humor, her organizational skills, a healthy body and a sense of adventure, among others.

And sometimes, in the still hours of the night, I hear her call to me, “Jelaila, Jelaila, I love you. Hold true.”

More information on Walk-ins and my walk-in experience can be found in We are the Nibiruans, Book One, The Mission Remembered, Book Two and Bridge of Reunion.

If you are a walk-in or feel you may be one and need assistance, feel free to contact me.

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