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Jelaila StarrJelaila’s Sessions

Blending spirituality and self-help techniques with multidimensional understanding...
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How to arrange a session. (does not apply to mini-sessions)

1. Order the session. 
2. Contact Jelaila to schedule your appointment. 
Phone: (913) 599-6222, or email:

Be sure to read the Session Preparation page for your type of session before your session with Jelaila. To read clients’ feedback, check out the Clients’ comments pages 1, 2, and 3.

Want to go further with your emotional clearing, or learn to communicate with your Guides?  Jelaila provides workshops by Skype or Phone.  Check out the Emotional Clearing Workshop, and the Guide Communication Workshop.

A 48-hour cancellation required.  NC Return/Cancellation policy applies.

General Counseling

Emotional Clearing

This is a 1-hour meeting between you, Jelaila, and your Guides.  In this session you can ask as many questions as you wish. Jelaila will help you interpret the messages your guides want to give you, acting as mediator and channel for them, and as counselor for you. 

Remember, this is a 1-hour meeting with your guides. That means that Jelaila will not channel at you as in a typical reading. 

When your session begins, the first thing you will do is give Jelaila your questions, category by category.  Next will come session agreements and then Jelaila will call in your guides to begin the meeting.

Taken from the highly successful Emotional Clearing Workshop, Jelaila now provides you a way to do emotional clearing one on one. Target the blocks that prevent you from:

  • manifesting money
  • good health
  • losing weight
  • satisfying relationships and careers
  • communicating with your guides and angels 

Experience the process of emotional clearing; feel the power as you use higher dimensional clearing tools.

Click here for the preparation page

Click here for preparation page


Session Options


Session Options



DNA Recoding Coaching

Spiritual Business Coaching

Want to know how many of your DNA strands are realigned, reconnected and activated?  Want to know what emotional blocks stand in the way of your full 12-strand connection and how to clear them?  Jelaila uses her  in-depth understanding of multidimensional consciousness and  DNA Recoding to assist you in working with the DNA Recoding Chart to determine where you are in recoding.

Jelaila can also assist you in using the 7 Keys of Compassion, to clear blocks and complete Accelerated DNA Recoding.

DNA Recoding becomes simple and uncomplicated once you know how the process works.

Do you feel the pull to fulfill a mission?  Does it involve starting a spiritual based business such as a counseling practice or holistic therapy practice? If so, how do you transition out of a corporate job to do it?  How do you determine when the time is right?  What marketing techniques are best suited to your business?  And most importantly, what does it take to get the business to the point that is will comfortably support you?

If you already have a spiritual based business, but are not having the success you desire, Jelaila can help you locate the source, clear it, and get your business back on track.

Click here for preparation  page

Click here for preparation page


Session Options


Session Options



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