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DNA Recoding Session Comments

Dear Jelaila and Jonathan;

Just a little update: after my DNA recoding review session with Jelaila, I went back and re-did my chart asking for the information from the cellular level (NOT the intellectual level) as Jelaila suggested.  You were right; a lot of the numbers were considerably lower and therefore much more consistent with my actual experience (... although I am quite healthy, I'm not THAT connected or else I would be able to see or hear or sense more than I do.)  Two days after I completed the chart with the 'real' numbers I was communicating through dowsing with my Soul and got the distinct message to just stop (for me  that's when the pendulum just keeps going counter-clockwise) so I stopped and just sat very still.  For the next half-hour I swear the genetics engineer was working on me like in Star Trek (TNG) when Geordy is working on Data with all his little screwdrivers!  Many of the numbers on the chart (especially the lowest one) were increased by 50%: it was obviously a "working" session.  Outwardly, I don't perceive any specific changes, but the experience was very definite.  That was about 3 weeks ago and I haven't felt inclined to re-check the numbers yet. I know the suggestion was to wait even 2 to 3 months.

I belong to an 'advanced' (read 'not quite beginners') dowsing group.  We have been working on changing/healing genetics and DNA for the last 7 months that we've been getting together.  My friend Sarah, who IS a master dowser, has had some startlingly good results with some people and some issues, and then (of course) zip & zero with others.   There are 5 of us, all women and all carrying at least 30 extra pounds of weight.  We have been working on our endocrine glands like crazy, all to no avail.  I shared with them tonight the DNA Recoding information ala the Nibiruan Council books/booklets and everyone wanted to read about it and start the process.  To that end, I ordered 4 sets of books/booklets for everyone.  We'll start next Tuesday evening to work with the chart and ourselves and see what else there is to discover.

Will keep you posted. Thank you for your efforts. 


Dear Jelaila,

I want to thank you for our session last night.  I confronted my neighbor this afternoon with a box of candy and a Christmas Card. She apologized for yelling at me and I realized that alot of the angst I was building against her was my own. She was as relieved as I was that the tension was gone between the two of us.

I had asked my guides before our session if they would let me know if she was going to take any vacation. She told me she's going away in January and asked me to get her mail.  I said to myself "Oh Happy Day" A Great Week to do the Liver Cleanse.  We have alot more in common than I was willing to see. A confrontation does not have to be angry.  I was stopping me from living.  I've been giving my inner child alot  of hugs and kisses and she's so cute.

Thanks again to all.

Hi Jelaila, 

I just wanted to thank you again for your guidance today in our session.  I felt a little lost for words when we ended and did not feel I really expressed my gratitude very well.  I get that way when I am thinking too much!!  Anyway, I do feel much clearer now about my path and the things I need to do to "clear" the way ahead.  I am grateful to you and to my guides for the information that was revealed to me. Much of what we discussed, I have looked at and heard before, but this took it to another level that helped me see the obstacles in my path as well as a better idea of how to deal with them. Most importantly though was a sense of relief to know that I can begin moving forward again instead of being stuck in the quicksand in fear.

So, my sincere thanks to you. 

Hello Jelaila!

...You counseled me a little over a month ago about "negotiation" through a move I made from SC to FL.  Since I left SC I feel a fog lifting from my spirit.  I now do not know why I hesitated to make the move here.  I have been working with negotiation in my marriage relationship and in my family relationships with success.  Actually I believe people like it when you establish boundaries in a kind and gentle way because that gives them something to work around.  They really want you to be happy as well as them.  Thank you for helping me to work more with boundary-making and realizing I do not have to eat shit and die when changes come along!

Wishing you joy and love in the season of quiet and reflection, our earth's winter.


Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for the general session today.  I have a great time speaking to you on my concern of certain issues.  A lot of things starting to make sense and I have the sense of realization on what to do on the issues.  Also thanks for your recommendation on this book.  Thank you so much for a great conversation with you today.  You are such a great helper.

Tram N.


I just wanted to write and thank you for who you are and what you are bringing to this world, and in particular, the many gifts you have given me.  You are such a blessing.

Ever since I was guided to your website, attended the Galactic Training Level One workshop and mostly had a session with you, my life has not been the same!  I am opening up to some of the most “out there” stuff I’ve ever encountered, yet I am the most grounded, present and happiest that I’ve ever been!  My “mail box” is getting planted here on Earth right next to me!

I was quite shaken up and woken up by our session.  Thank you for being so direct and straightforward.  I got it--like I never have from any other session, workshop, or therapy, etc.  Balance, balance, balance!  Every Tuesday the babysitter comes for 3-4 hours.  I leave and I make sure I’m home after the kids are in bed.  I’ve belly danced, hiked, and gone to a bookshop, sat in a cafe, gone out to a delicious dinner with my mother--these are things I haven’t done in years, not since I had had my first child.  It feels so good! 

I’m also working with the Keys of Compassion.  These are true gifts you have shared with us.  Thank you!  I am using the “Formula” several times a week and having profound results every time I use it.  I am enjoying my new relationship working/playing with Maria (my Soul) and Gloria, (my inner Child).  I’m also sharing the “Formula” with my friends and family. 

The agreements with the kinds are in the works.   We started the “cleaning Game” with fun rewards this past week and it working great for all of us.  There’s so much I could share with you but mostly I just want to say a deep, heartfelt thank you.  I am so grateful for how you are, the beautiful presence you shared with us during the workshop, the information you bring forth, and the loving clarity with which you gifted me during our session.  I look forward to working with you again.

Many blessings,
PS- Your website is such an anchor for me.  I visit at least 2 times a week!

Hello dear Jelaila,

A BIG thanks for your generous counseling Thursday.  A couple of days before our session I was thinking about being my current position of being stuck and frustrated.  When I thought about what I honestly would want to do with my life (if that were as simple as choosing), I thought, I would do what she's doing (meaning you).  I really didn't anticipate any of the information or messages you brought through.  It  left me feeling both excited (yes, really) and peaceful.  I was thankful for the insight you offered into personal attributes I struggle with, and beyond that everything you told me somehow felt right. It's true that I feel especially connected to all information on ascension, dna activation, and living from a multidimensional perspective. I love the idea and reality of being able to to transmute everything that's not serving us at the level of the high heart through compassion.  Mostly, I want to be as empowered as I can be in this lifetime so that I may help empower others. I can only tell you that if it is truly on my life blueprint to do this work,...I am ready. 

There's so much more I could say but it's not necessary right now.  I do want to tell you that I really love not only what you write but how you write.  It's honest and thoughtful and great information.  For me, your writing feels kind of like you're holding a child's hand when crossing the street.  You don't let go too soon, or before your reader's can walk alone with the concepts.  I'm happy you're here Jelaila!

Many Lovely Blessings,

Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for your response regarding my question on meditation..I agree that the heart center will secure ascension rather than just the head...hopefully I'll be able to do both! ... Also, 2 days after our session in which my guides gave me a hint that writing would be a creative outlet for me, a person I gave 2 movie scripts to over 1 year ago (I do business brokering on the side) returned the scripts because he had an overwhelming feeling to see me...he couldn't get the scripts bought but is working on a movie of his own and offered to help me in any writing I may pursue...he has like interests in the metaphysical and we may do a  joint screenplay regarding those interests....I believe you helped provide this scenario through your "contacts" during our session....

Thanks Again,  


I have been wanting to write for a week now but so much is going on. It started with our session and then continued when I received my DNA recoding PLUS package.  All I can say is WOW! and Thank you!  The formula for compassion is unbelievable.  I have actually felt myself light up like a Christmas tree while using it.  I am clearing BIG BLOCKS, not only personal but societal as well.   There is so much to say but to keep it short I really understand Victim consciousness from a personal, cultural, societal, and planetary angle.  Still much more work to do but I am finally able to release the "Savior" God and grow up and become an equal and contributing member to society, galactic and  otherwise.

I have seen some of my guides for the first time once I allowed them to be who/whatever form they take.  My heart connected to the  Nibiruan Council's insignia on the booklets and opened up and I saw beings on a  ship. I am allowing myself to experience multidimensionality and loving it. I  know my soul's name and can feel her descending into my heart area.  I have  dreams of being on spaceships and of having an "operation" but not based in fear  but on an inner knowing that all is proceeding well.

Sorry to ramble I did not want to take up so much of your time.  Will order Starseed package next.  

In  Love and Service
Saundra A.

Hi Jelaila,

Best wishes w/ the writing, and to Jonathan as well.  Birthing a book...perfect.  Last March, 2001, we had a channeled counseling session. I took notes and drew in the margins while it was happening. Yes, interesting designs. This week I found the notes, made in a blue velvet notebook. Sure,  I reread them and guess what? Now they make complete sense. No surprise, I am sure you have had this feedback before. There was more love from the galactic trio who were so direct in their observations and shared opinions than I first felt. The lines of communication are opening. I know many more pieces of my puzzle than I did in March 2001.  's all perfect..LOL. (laugh out loud)

This was a thank you note. Thank you for your service Now. May we connect again one day.


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so much for the session on Monday. I appreciate it very much that you are a very compassionate, wise person with a great sense of humor. It was your sense of humor that finally triggered the inner process in me...My inner child has appreciated your way of portraying her. Today after reading the Compassion Key booklet I was finally able to feel compassion towards my father. After a few minutes of a VERY dynamic body work ( people downstairs were probably wondering what kind of orgy was taking place upstairs...) I was able to release yet another entity. I don't know what it was, but I have done it before and recognized the symptoms.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

With love,

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for our session together in NYC. I really feel shifted in the right direction as a result.  Getting to know my lessons and contracts really brings clarity and with that part of me now free, I can enjoy the present having fully detached from prior negative thought forms. I love the work that you are wonderful.  Look forward to seeing you again.

Dawn S.


I enjoyed the session we had on Tuesday.  You said, "hold onto nothing", I did a big LET GO.  And then, got a phone call this morning from my Sales Manager offering me a job promotion.  I was shocked!  I accepted and plan to start in September.   You just never know...:)

Good luck with the writing.  I'll be in touch soon.

Hi, Jelaila!

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful session last Wednesday!   Things have really been interesting since then!  Lots of insights, and new connections.   I have been connecting with my Galactic Parents (GP's), and have been noticing new abilities to read people and work at different levels already!   Anyway, it was really a great reading, and I enjoyed it very much!   You are very good at what you do!

I got on your website and read quite a bit of stuff, and was thinking about some of the things that have happened to me, like my near death in 1978. Lots of new perspectives!

Anyway, I won't rattle on forever, but I just wanted to express my deep
gratitude to you  for being there, and being such a wonderful being!   It was truly a joy to talk to you, and the session was awesome!  I look forward to receiving the DNA Recoding Package and meeting you someday soon!


Hi Jelaila,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful session that we had on May 2/02.  Your compassion, accurate  perception, wisdom and sense of humor during the session was a great gift for me.  When you confirmed that I am a starseed, an understanding of my life situations became clear.  I am truly grateful for our session.  It is a blessing for all of us that you and Jonathan have chosen this path.


Hi Jelaila,

How are you?  It was such a pleasure to meet you at the WE Conference.  I enjoyed having the reading with you and talking with you.  Remember, I am the "android".  The reading had such a great impact on me it took me a few days to digest everything.  But, as you have said "we" process things very fast.  I normally do the processing pretty fast.  This is probably one of the longest time I need to take to let the information sink in.  Now, I think back to some of the events that happened to my life, it begins to make a lot of sense to me.

I would like to share a couple of things with you that happened to me a few years ago.  The first one is, in 1996, I was on the island of Kauai getting ready to take my first crystal healing class.  I was teletransported from one floor of a building to another floor. It happened in no time at all.  It was instant. It not only happened to me, my 65 years old mother in law who is from Kansas City- was transported with me at the same time. Spirit was definitely trying to tell us something. Up to this day, I do not know exactly why. But, now after the reading, I have a little bit more of an understanding.

The second thing is more difficult to explain.  To make it short, about 2 years ago, I was very involved with the teaching Alton is doing. And sometimes I refer people to his workshop. And in 1997, I referred an acquaintance to his workshop in Sedona. He went. And 2 days after he went, I went to the next workshop Alton was teaching.  When I was there, Alton took me aside and told me something really shocking to me.  He said the man I sent to the earlier workshop was a reptilian.  His name was Bruce.  Bruce was doing all kinds of terrible things to other participants.  And Alton told me Bruce shape-shifted into a reptilian during one of the meditations. Finally, Alton had to ask Bruce to leave the workshop.  Anyway, the events led me into a lot of research into the reptilians concepts.  Therefore, when I read you book and articles, I can comprehend what you are talking about because I have done some research already.

The reason I am bringing this up is that it helps me understand more about my role in this and some other events.  I have a feeling I am here to monitor things or to warn other people about things like this.  I did it on not consciously.  For example, Alton thanked me for bringing it to his attention. ( I was totally embarrassed and shocked at that time)  I brought it to his awareness.  That was my job. The interested thing is I did not see it happened. I arrived a few later.  But, there were about 50-60 people at the workshop witnessed the drama when it happened.

Anyway, I am determined to find out more about myself and the race.  I will do it by looking at my past and also using meditation and the visualization technique you showed me.  I thank you for doing your work. I was reading you second book. You said it so beautiful about the bridging different people. It is so true and is of the highest wisdom I have ever read.  You have the last key to the ascension process.  Because without the bridge, it would be very difficult for the lightworker to live and work with their family and friends who are on a different path.

I sighed up to go to your Galactic Training class in LA on May 17, 18.  My daughter is going too.  I am looking forward to see you and listen to your lecture.  I send you me love, see you in 2 weeks.

Take care,

Dear Jelaila,

I want to thank you for yesterday's session I am very grateful that you are such a clear channel and that you have no fear of what you are shown.  I am so glad that I will be receiving a tape because I was still in the confirmation of my feelings when we shifted to what and how I am to proceed.  So the tape will be wonderful tool to help me know the next direction.  I think you will find the humor in this next statement I have all the booklets from the package I purchased ,except the 3rd key.. The one where you teach the inner child and the soul to meet. Some times my small parts hide things on me that they do not want me to do.  So I quess i have to ask her what she is afraid of so she will be able to stop blocking me from knowing her.  I know she endured the torture of the body and  is the body so on to my next task. Thank you again for your service.

In Light and Love,

Hi Jelaila,

Boy did I break open some cellular memory after our reading!...Heavy stuff surrounding 1635 and the witch hunts.  The contract centered on several men in my life and their difficulty allowing themselves to express their emotions toward me or to be intimate.

One of the men was a then twin sister of mine who's husband made her turn me into the church for practicing "witchcraft." The main scenario centered around a Monk who came to me after my exposure to the church . He wanted a cure for his "infection" (gonorrhea).  He "confessed" his "sins" to me and I gave him wormwood.  Because of his embarrassment and to keep me quiet he sent the soldiers, to get me so he could kill me. the demise was unpleasant to say the least and the release to compassion was a crowded room full of the soldiers, my then twin sister and the Monk.

Many "this lifetime" connections have been released from that horrible contract. Also found my starseed father to be Feline..... which I have felt in my gut all along.


Dear Jelaila,

Thanks once again for yesterday's session, it revealed major issues for me that need to be addressed right now.  You were right about needing a liver cleanse.  My dream yesterday night showed myself being in a winter resort, carrying a big cart loaded with piles of clothes. The purpose was to get rid of them.  I will keep you informed when questions arise while doing the cleansing.

With best regards,

Hi Jelaila,

Well just thought I would give you some feedback after the session we had.  Tony has agreed to look for a computer contract to get finances back in line.

Talked to Tony about keeping the financial side of things practical and stable and his reason for going and trying others things was to create an alternative income when he gets older. He felt it was all up to him,  not shared by both of us. So I explained he needed to support me for a few more years until I could establish a client base for my counsleing. and could then support him while he gets his real estate business going.   He finally  got that.

I feel that a ton of pressure has been lifted from my shoulders.  I'm  so much happier!  At the same time I feel nervous energy building up as I know I have to step out now and do new things.

After the session I felt I missed something, like something  wasn't quite complete for now. I have a guide called Corfu who needed to say  something to me about promises. A promise to listen to my messenger, to hear him and let him speak to me.  I have heard him and now I can talk to him. My sight is back.

Well that's it for now.


Hi Jelaila,

You must have changed your web site or shut it down because I lost track of you until I saw an article by you in the Planet Lightworker newsletter. Your article was your experience about being real. Was so glad to see you still doing your work.

You gave me a reading about my dream to have a kid camp in 1997. Tom & I sold our company to buy the land we lived on.  We are now looking for Venture Capital to build our dream. I didn't let money stop me. We had our first camp with 13 Autistic Children who seemed perfectly normal to me. We invited their parents because I did not know what to expect. We had a great time and all the kids want to come back.

I just want to acknowledge your vision that kept me on my path to help children in a natural environment. The energy you and your husband gave when we blessed the land was awesome and has manifested our dreams.

You are invited to Lakeside on our mountain any time you are in San Diego. Now that we own the land we have an extra trailer for guests.

Our web site is:www.SacredOrderSanctuary.Org. We named the camp "Cloud Walk".  Would love to hear from you and get your web site address again.

Linda Strom-Medvitz
San Diego, CA

Hey Jelaila,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your encouraging words  the other day!  I had a "Biggie" come up for me in my last dream (being burned  at the stake for healing someone)!  With your assistance, you helped me get a  lot clearer on how to see and understand the value of my dreams and I can see  how my lessons carry over into this life!  What an eye-opener!!!

I can now understand and appreciate a lot more the value in 5D  Compassion and 3D Compassion, too!  I've been running my life in the 3D  Compassionate state, as a caretaker of others in just about everything I do. I  knew that mentally...but to FEEL it and SEE it clear as day in my last dream was  a WOW!!!

Thanks again, for allowing the opportunity for me to reconnect with my Inner Child.  I know there is so much more on my journey to ascension, but the specialness of building the relationships (of  self-love) with my Inner Child, Soul and Guides makes it well worth the trip!!!


Hello again Jelaila,

Just wanted to thank you again for our session last Wednesday. It was great, confirming things I wanted confirmed and opening up some new perspectives as well. I really appreciated our time together.

Also want to thank you for all the information you've put out there in our book, pamphlets and on the web. I struggled for a long time trying to gain a simple understanding of what the word 'integration' really meant and the 'how do you do that' aspect of it. You gave me the answer. What a gift!  The pieces of the puzzle are falling together.

And then there's all that galactic history you've shared. I never liked history (in school).....always slept through it, but galactic history.....I just can't get enough and want more more and more......and insatiable appetite.

I'm beginning to understand the courage it must have taken to put all this out.  Thank you for taking that step.

Ed F.
Ithaca, NY

Dear Jelaila,

I haven't mulled over everything yet, but I want you to know how thankful I am that you are doing this work.  Out of fear I put off that session for as long as I could stand it, and I found that the fear was unjustified.  I feel as though I've just had a conversation with a wise family member(s).  That would include my guides AND you.


Hi Jelaila,

Just want to say thanks, I enjoyed our session. You certainly acted as a catalyst.  I totally agreed [about my your take on my fears], and to be honest, now I look at it, and admit to myself, I knew before I came here about lack of trust.  I guess that is why my inner child has been crying for 5-6 years now.

Guess with the lure of sea, sun, sand, of Barbados, (and to stick to all the s words,) sex, and security, plus the desire to receive love from another Being, I shut of the intuitive side of me. Anyway, after I have talked with Art [her ex-husband], I shall move on leaving all the money and security issues to Divine Will.

You certainly helped clear some of the other anger issues, I certainly faced myself in a clearer light, and your lack of judgment has helped me to accept me, as I am, without the usual harsh judgment I hand out to myself, and the desire to regain my power.  Would you please take a look at my inner child, and see if she has stopped crying????.  I will be happy to have another session, when ever you think the time is right.  

L & L,

Dear Jelaila, 

I wanted to let you know that I have made some HUGE leaps thanks to my hard work, our phone session, and the messages that my friend Patricia passed on to me from what she got from her session with you.  Much thanks and many blessings to you for the work that you are doing.

Claudia A.

Guide-Talk Training Sessions Comments

Hi Jelaila,

I wanted to share my first "Guide-Talk" session that I just  had with you, knowing there are many others who are asking and wanting the same  as I do.  I have had glimpses over the years of sensing there was an angel/guide  looking out for me (God knows I needed one many times!) and at times I felt I  could even hear her but I still had a hard time trusting which was IT! own  head talking to me or was it really a guide trying desperately to get my attention or help me.

I was a little nervous right before we started, wondering if  my main Guide, Katherine, would like me or would I like her or would she be mad  at me because I wasn't listening to her or would I even be able to see or hear  her!  I, also, wanted so much to see and hear my Soul, Keimdra, so I could get  to know her, too.  So, I called you at "our" time for the session and as I was dialing your phone number,  I could feel my fingers shaking and my heart pounding  in my chest with anticipation.  What was I about to find out!  (That Fear of the Unknown thing)

Well, here we go...

After I picked which focal point I wanted to use, Jelaila  guided me each step of the way.  I invited Katherine (my main guide) to come and  meet me.  I told Katherine where to enter and where to stand...she stood in  front of me.  I gasped, she was so tall, a very tall 6 feet! What a presence!   She is very attractive I thought and proceeded to describe her to Jelaila.  She  is slender, with long brown hair just below her shoulders and she is wearing  what looked like an apron type dress.  I couldn't make out her face though, it  wasn't clear to me.  So, with Jelaila's encouragement, I began to describe her  face.  I could only think, "Katherine must think I'm such a doofus and why can't  I describe her face...what was I afraid of seeing"!  I described her long, slender nose and her thin lips that stretched out into a big smile.  She has a  BIG smile!  Her eyes are oval shaped. Then Jelaila asked me what color are  they?  "I don't know??", I said. 

Jelaila kept guiding me and then finally I saw  a glimpse of her eye color...not brown but they had a hint of brown and Jelaila  said, "Are they hazel?  They're hazel".  Then, I saw her eyes clearly and I  shouted, "Yes! They're like mine"!  I was so excited!  At this point, I could  see Katherine's whole face and body and now I was starting to feel her  presence.  I could see and feel now how excited Katherine was, too!   (As Jelaila confirmed!)  Katherine was twirling around with excitement! 

Next, Jelaila guided me through the other two steps and now I actually saw and heard Katherine's message that she sent to me!  By now, I'm swimming in excitement!  There's no turning back now I thought  to myself, I wanted to know more!

Then, as if Jelaila knew, she asked me if I wanted to meet my soul and of course I said, "Yeh!".  I wondered what she...or me would  be like!  So, we went through the three steps again, only this time with Keimdra  (my Soul).  Once again, I was amazed at the clarity of her and her presence!  There's such a specialness that is very difficult to describe,  you just FEEL it when you meet any of your guides or soul.  It is a different  feeling with each one, as Jelaila said.  They carry their own personality, which  makes sense.. just like all of us.  It was such a powerful connection for me!  And I continue to be in awe of the new things I learn with them.

It was the most wonderful session, I no longer feel all alone  inside or I'm like this crazy person.  Jelaila, you have helped me put the  pieces of the puzzle together which I am forever grateful!  I hope others may find their way to you as I have and then they, too, can begin to experience  their own wonderful, awe-inspiring multidimensionality.

Much Love,


Thanks again for yesterday's session.  It was fun.  I did some dousing after our session and came up with the following impressions:

  - the black woman and main guide are with me for a new lesson that I am to learn is also me.

  - the second guide was probably one of the ones most similar to my current appearance and therefore would not be startling to me  - the other two guides may or may not be me, however, they are not human; in addition I have a block (and I remember saying this 16 years ago) not to see anything "scary"; I have spoken my request to release this block.

Also neat: I was thinking about the confirmation about the black woman guide and a TV commercial came on with an old, wise black woman.  :)

It is interesting that even though I intellectually appreciate that I may take any form, any time, any place, any number of "simultaneous" instances, still I didn't allow the other guides to be me as well, but only the white male...

...This weekend I will review your catalog and order the appropriate reading materials.  I have asked Donus to bring me his copies tomorrow so that I may start reading sooner but I will purchase my own copies via your web site this weekend.

Thanks for your guidance.  I am very happy about restoring these abilities.  I look forward to our next session.


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