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General Session Comments continued...

Dear Jelaila,

This is to thank you and Jonathan for all the DNA Recoding information you recently sent me.  I have been reading through it all and found myself taking a quiet moment to request the Accelerated DNA Recoding process. My experience was that I felt my crown chakra open up and a channel of energy flowing upwards for a few very lovely moments.  Since then, however, I have faced several very "in your face" challenges from my mother, one of my house-sitting clients and my project partner at the university where I teach.  All of these were to do with holding my boundaries and standing up for my needs.  Surprise, surprise!

...I have a question for you.  During my session with you, you mentioned that my car represents my body.  It will not surprise you to know that my mechanic teases me that I have just about replaced every single part of my car during the past year!  I have also realized that all three cares I have owned have developed either rust or fading or peeling paint work in exactly the same spot.  I wonder if you would know the significance of this.  It is always on the upper left-hand fender next to the trunk.

With many thanks,
Sue B.

Jelaila’s Answer:

Thanks for your letter.  It was great to hear from you.  As for your question: the left upper fender of a car represents your left hip just across from your lower back.  The hips have to do with balance.  We balance ourselves on our hips...they provide locomotion...without hips we cannot walk or move forward.  The left side of the car represents your feminine side.   You said that the paint either faded, peeled and or rusted.  Fading, peeling or rusting represents a severe depletion of feminine energy.  This means that you are using your feminine energy to bring balance to other's lives to the detriment of your own balance.  So when your left upper car fender is faded and rusted it means that you are depleting your life force through caretaking others, bringing balance to their lives but losing balance in yours because you don't keep enough life force in reserve for yourself. 

Hope this helps,

Dear Jelaila,

The are so  many insights and wisdom I want to thank you for after my counseling session last week.  However, I think the most important one is "It Does Matter!!"  Every decision in my life has been underpinned with the thought, "It doesn't really matter" and now I see why I have the life I Have.  How exciting to move forward with such an empowering new perspective!

with many, many thanks
Jean B.

Hi Jelaila!

Thanks for the boost and the transcript, it means a lot to  me. You're leading by example, and that is very commendable as well! I really  enjoyed the session, and I was so happy to hear the truth... I  felt as if a great burden had been lifted. There was a small shift in  my energies, but it was significant enough for me. No wonder Data is  my favorite character on Star Trek, and I think he's the only reason I  watched the show.. ha ha. No wonder I don't handle emotions too well in  human terms.. But I do like the love feeling. I feel that I am still learning  the full capability of love in this life. Naaa, I just need to acknowledge it  in the heart especially with my family! :-)

Much Love,


Thank you so much for your RIGHT ON insights and truth yesterday....Wow....I really had to look at what I'm doing again....I did share all with Bob yesterday and asked if he would like to have a no holds back pillow fight and get some of his frustration and anger out. And I did tell him not to care take me that I need to learn what I need to learn.  I did have a pillow fight with Toby after our conversation.

Some interesting observations...his fine motor skills (lack of) showed up. He was having a hard time holding the pillow and swinging it at me. I got him a much smaller pillow to work with and the coordination just wasn't there. We will continue to work with him on that. The funny thing about this pillow fight thing...Toby just goes into a gut laugh and can't stop laughing. He just thinks it is the funniest thing. When we did it last night modeling it for him of course, we would think we were done and Toby would bring the pillow to one of us to continue....

Thanks Again for all your truth and allowing me to see I don't honor Bob's feelings....ugh..I will be working on that one. 


Hi Jelaila,

I had a session with you, what seems like, a lifetime ago.:)!  Everything you said was right on target.  I used the information as fuel for forward momentum....  I have only recently stopped long enough to catch my breath.  Recoding is going fine.  Some days are smoother than others, but all is well and I feel a continuos flow of support from my partner, guides and your words...Thank you.

I taught my first formal class on healing from within and energy in general.  It was fun and flowed as if I had always taught it!  I made sure there were no curriculum to be followed and no printed material to distract from the process and had great results...  The workshop I am starting in Houston at the end of this month, is because of the overwhelming (at times) demand for me to repeat the first class and give more information!  I resisted until I finally integrated the fear and all the requested information is flowing and my confidence is back.  I know I may stutter and be white knuckled, as I often am in front of audiences, but I also know that the information will be there and this is part of my service to the planet.

Thank you for everything and please keep the articles coming!

With love and gratitude,

Hi Jelaila,

It's Kirk again.(yeeaaaaah!!!)  After the session yesterday I felt an overwhelming to apologize to you and to myself.  I did something yesterday that was totally unnecessary.  It was the reason why my questions seemed so separate from the person who e-mailed you.  I'm so used to putting up my guard, even around my loved ones,  that I asked you a bunch of lame questions for my protection.  I already knew the answers to most of them and the ones I didn't know,  I didn't care to know the answers because that would take the fun away from finding out.  You probably already knew this but I didn't even write down the real questions.  I guess my reptilian instinct of wanting to be in control was shinning through.  I realized as soon as I heard your voice that feeling you out was unnecessary but it was too late then.  So I'm sorry for approaching you like a Psychic Friends Network psychic (laugh).  I know that I can trust you without the fear of being manipulated( I guess that's something I must work on). Okay, enough with the sad sob apology.

It was fun actually talking to someone who understands.  Once the session began I didn't even want to ask questions,  I just wanted to talk to you.  It's hard being where I am, being with the people around me, and being so young.  And about the age thing, why would you not offer guidance to young people like myself normally.  Are you old people better than us for some reason? ( just a joke )  Earth age has nothing to do with soul experience. Obviously you sensed something about me despite my age.  We young guns need help sometimes too.  Maybe one reason why we've come across each other is to open you up to that fact?  We'll have to do it again and next time I'll be REAL with you.  Thanks for waking me up to my heritage,

with love,

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom!!  It helped me a great deal and will continue to through this difficult journey (the relationship one).  So far, things are working out well.  Managing to stand my ground without much trouble.

I meant to tell you that your written material has helped me a great deal.  I am referring to your Let's Get Real About Ascension.  I loved that!!  It was just so right.  I am going to put a little review on the front page of my website with a link to your counseling session page.  We already have a link to your front page on our links page.  It may take a week or so, being that I am the busiest woman on earth *S* I have a full-time job, two kids, make jewelry, have a website and am a musician.  Right now, I am going to be focusing on starting a mailing list.  Don't exactly know the details yet though.    So much I want to do with time speeding up!!  It is indeed an adventure!! 

With joy and love in my heart,
Le-A (Gwen)

Dear Jelaila,

Hi there! I know I haven't contacted you since our phone session. I had to adjust or integrate or let it set in.  I WANT TO THANK YOU! JELAILA! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO WORK WITH ME.  I APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH.

 At first I felt my cells, my inner life, shifted. It was a good feeling.  I felt you had touched an area of me not touched before or not too often.  And it wasn't what we talked about. Something else is happening that I don't know yet. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like me. Sometimes I don't feel like me.  At night this week, it seems I've been "relieved" of some things. I don't know if relieved is the correct word. Maybe replaced. Maybe letting go. In other words, something was going on during some nights.  All along I didn't feel connected with my Guide Hathor, who was there for us during our phone session. 

Last night, I couldn't sleep because my gums on the left side of my mouth were aching.  I finally got up and went to my office where I have a number of books. I went into an area I usually don't go's not current. I started to go through books, and I didn't know why I was doing this. I picked up one book, and turned to the back of it, and there was a picture and book about Hathor. I felt this was my guide. I took the book to my desk. My thought was: now my gums no longer need to ache; and they stopped aching. I left the book open and phoned today to order the book. Then I went back to bed and slept.   I've been doing my key to compassion daily.   

Happy 2000 New Year! Jelaila! 
With Love & Light & Peace,
Dorothea L.

Dear Jelaila:

I want to thank you for what has been a last few days of wonder and release for me, and for what promises to be a wonderful new year because of it.  It all stems from trying to put into practice the things I learned from your books and pamphlets and the counseling session, as well as the counsel of my guides as the days were unfolding.

Without getting into the details - - I'm sure they'll come up in a future session with you - - it involves interactions I had with my daughter Kelly starting Christmas Day in which I took back my power, expressed my truth, and held my boundaries.  At the end of the process, I felt so light, so full of joy, and with a tingling and warmth in my upper chest. And I still feel that way. 

During the process, covering three days, the mirroring of the two of us that you noted in our session, though not identical, was so similar that I saw myself quite easily in the fear, hurt, and blaming of her victimhood.  I could feel Kelly's pain just oozing out of everything she said and wrote; and I can still feel it as if we are attached like Siamese twins.

So, thanks. Because you were there, my New Year holds a promise that didn't exist a few short months ago.  Jelaila, here's hoping that your New Year is Happy as well. 


Hi Jelaila,

I would again like to thank you very much for a most superb session. The minute that you hit the "nail on the head" as to the reason my wisdom tooth had been hurting unbearably for the last two days-it stopped and has remained pain free and it has been 25 hours now. What a major relief and eternal gratitude. 

Today I received your booklet, "Dancing With The Dark" and couldn't put it down until I was through reading the whole thing. I commend you for having the courage to come from your heart at the deep level that you wrote.  I was greatly moved and a profound change came over me immediately. My two and three yr. old grandchildren had been stepping all over my boundaries for the last ten minutes and something in me was totally different just from reading the book. I stood up and a voice so full of power, meaning and strength came out of my mouth as I corrected them and said it was naptime that without a backward glance, they scurried off to their beds and immediate sleep.  I am not sure who was more surprised-them or me. And it came from the lower chakras and is still with me 5 hours later! I also felt a heart opening, oddly enough and a lot of peace come over me.

Thank you so much-you have done it again!!! I feel truly blessed and very fortunate.

Love, Blessings and Joy to YOU ALL,
Sandra A.

Hi Jelaila:

I'll always value the session we had yesterday. The insights that you and, through you, my guides gave me have been very releasing.  When I awoke this morning, I realized that our session yesterday was on December 7th, the day, 58 years ago, that was the beginning of America's fight against the straight-jacket of tyranny and its threat to our freedoms. It was hard-fought and long but, in the end, it was successful and brought an elevation of spirit to America.  58 years later, I see my session with you as the beginning of my release from the straight-jacket of my perfectionism and towards the freedom of being fully-present and feeling.

With the guidance and tools that you and my guides gave me, I have no doubt my "fight" will be equally as successful and elevating as that one 58 years ago. After all, I've already allowed myself to be imperfect by writing this letter instead of doing my scheduled exercise program -  and I and my little child are still upright, ha, ha!  Thanks for your caring, dedication, and energy.

Ivan M.

Dearest Jelaila,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for holding up a mirror to me and helping me   FINALLY see exactly what I needed to see to get to the bottom of the dark pit that's been called my life. It was as if I'd been living in limbo with nowhere to run, a netherworld of question marks.

I knew something was amiss about 19 years ago when everything I seemed to be doing led back to the same old place, nowhere. Now that I ponder this state of existence, it can almost be compared to having lived as a ghost, being neither here nor there. No forward movement, no real success in anything I did, in all avenues of  my life. Almost like a constant bad dream. But now that you've shown me where it's all coming from, I can now take the bull by the horns and finally, at long last, begin this healing journey and clear all that needs to be cleared.

I am so looking forward with much anticipation to resolving all of the issues that have been holding me back all these years. I think a screaming YAAYYY is how I'm feeling right about now at having come to this place in my life. I feel as though you have come and held up a torch in my life so that I can finally see my way into a brand new tomorrow. Never-ending loving thoughts to you and yours dearest Jelaila. May the true journey begin.

Many heartfelt hugs,
Karen G.


It took me awhile to get over my frustration -and my ego's temper tantrum :) , I took your advice and called James and we have re-connected in a whole new's been 4 days of healing, crying, laughter and a much deeper level! We've completed the keys of compassion together and talked and talked. I am putting my intention out for our best and highest good..and am not attached to the outcome.

Thank you again for your honesty, and standing in your truth despite my frustrations..this must of have been a big one for me, I fought it so much. So, I am comfortable with the void right now, and living in the moment.

Much love,


I had a great session with you. Our phone session cleared up a lot of questions/doubts. I’ve been working with roy [Ego]. Had a wonderful experience with him a few days ago. got into our special place. [ been seeing him off in the distance with his back turned to me, this picture stayed with me for several days, didn't have to think about it, it was just there.] Anyway, I told him that there would be no more turmoil and that we had to work together; he then turned and embraced me. The feeling was incredible days seem to pass quicker, work has taken on a different aspect, projects at the house are more uplifting...

Thanks again for your guidance,

Dear Jelaila,

I am writing to express my gratitude to you, Devin and the 9th Nibiruan Council. Since my recent phone reading, my reality continues to shift with significant polarities being integrated on a daily basis. I am both surprised and pleased since I haven't been to a workshop, listened to a tape, completed the 9-step Formula of Compassion or done a liver cleanse.

In the 30 or so years of pursuing my truth and walking my path, I have never so quickly experienced such tangible changes to my everyday reality. It would not be overstating things to tell you it borders on magic! Deep emotional blockages that have confounded and frustrated me for over 25 years are being brought conscious. As this happens, patterns of behavior are being exposed and for the first time I am seeing how I am responsible and how I have perpetuated these patterns in this and other lives. For some reason, just having the awareness of these patterns and their polarities has been enough to bring significant change.

Jelaila, for the past 9 months, I have been living apart from my children and the woman who is the love of my life. Even though our love never died, our connection was weak, our passion was gone and we were completely polarized in our perceptions and attitudes. Our children suffered much turmoil and pain. Today, as I write this letter to you expressing my gratitude, I am looking forward to sharing a long holiday weekend with my family.

Nick B.


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to Jelaila for her clarity, abilities, and willingness to use them in service to others. I am the fortunate recipient of a session by phone with Jelaila and I cannot state my gratitude enough!

I've had sessions with others and did not feel the satisfaction and understanding I did after talking with Jelaila. I gave her a host of issues I felt stood out in my life as unresolved and needing clarity, and she was able to gleen a cohesive whole from them. She extracted the root cause of them, explained how it all came to be in my life, as well as described the steps I need to take to clear them and move forward.

I had such an uplifting feeling at the end of the session, a feeling of empowerment and of being on the right track, it's wonderful! I highly recommend anyone needing a gauge of where they stand in their lives to try a session with Jelaila. The positive results will speak for themselves. Many thanks!


Dear Jelaila,

It was such an enlightening and uplifting experience working with you on Sunday. A real turning point for me, I am sure. My eyesight immediately improved and each day since has become clearer!!!

After the session I had extremely expansive feelings of Love throughout my body and heart expanding into the high heart-intense love for myself, reptilians, all humanity and universes-for all experiences and the people involved and for my inner child. My chest felt like a huge balloon soaring and very full and expanded and much compassion for everything.

I listened to your tapes again and heard things about reptilians I hadn't heard before and was again seeing entities from other dimensions around me, especially late that night. the next morning when I woke up, I put the tape I made of our session on a shelf and grabbed a nearby tape to place on top of it---it happened to be a tape that arrived from who knows where last week entitled "FREEDOM NOW". Then a notebook fell off the shelf into my hand that said, "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU"!!! My initial reaction on one level about doing inner child work was-I did a whole year of that-not that crap again. But it felt very right and true and I thank you so very much for the tools to do this with.

After the liver cleanse and anger release would it be good for me to have a coach counseling to help with the heart cracking open and if so, what is the cost and do you do those? Also I would love it if you did an article on reptilian coding, exactly where does it come from (so far I have uncovered thru the mother and there I have English and Welsh ancestry all the way back. Or is it starseeded or both? Did it pass on to my child and does it pass on? Guess if I asked the question, I have the answer-I would say yes to all of that. Anyway thanks so much for a wonderful experience-will keep you posted. 

Fondest regards to you and yours,
Sandy A.


...Also I am so pleased to let you know that twenty days or so after our last session, I am still pain free-my wisdom tooth is totally painless. It is such a joy and a miracle to me. I have set up the agreements and boundaries that you suggested and am diligent about keeping them. Thank you so much for a wonderful session-again..

Sandy A.


I want to thank you for today's session.  I felt very comfortable with our discussion and my being a dragon and all that.  Patricia had mention in passing that I may have come from the planet Dracon/Thuban but she didn't mention I was a Dragon.  I think she wanted me to check it out for myself.

I believe I was in denial of being a Dragon.  Anyway...this is expectable and I will continue as this is part of my contract.  I am very happy to be doing my part for the planets survival and for humanity. I will dispel any negativity of the Dragon's bad image by projecting a genuine new code of ethic's that I believe was always there but misunderstood.  I hope to send you many e-mails of my journey and with your help I will make it! 

I enjoyed your candor and honesty...for you know I am gifted in knowing the truth and also excepting it - the good and the bad.  I am so glad I am not alone and not crazy.  sometimes I just need someone to bounce things off of.  I am glad you are here for all of us waiting in the wings to grow and understand just what exactly where here for- "we must be patient!" 

Thank you so much, with a big hug,


Thanks for your help last night in conferring with my Guides.  I'm very comfortable with the information given and look forward to our next session.  Perhaps next time, they will be more forthcoming and/or have an easier time of communicating with us!  In the mean time, I have work to do...

Take care of your self and I'll be in touch soon,

Linda S.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so much for our session the other day. Many things  have/are shifting already. I am so excited to go on this journey! My soul is  jazzed and my child is dancing!

Many blessings,


Yesterday I had the counseling session with you. I had thought the questions over and over again. I had tried to plan in detail how to march through the session. But I could have never expected what happened to me then. You picked up a question somewhere in the middle and this question became the centre of our work. And that was just the way I needed it! I don't know exactly why I chose this question being part of my big question package. That can't be chance, can it? I never thought about being a starseed so it was very amazing that you discovered that fact for me. Yes, of course, from time to time I feel lonely, yes, I like Star Trek and yes, I care about Mother Earth. But I never felt like that would indicate that I am starseed.

So, now I've got two families: my family on earth and my family in the sky. I feel like I had been adopted: nervous, excited, happy and ... you won't believe: because of the fact that my sky family likes colours I drew a picture for them ... a mandala to say hello. I feel like a little child again. And they are around me since yesterday.

About the other things in our session: They were all right. You gave me back that overview I had missed for a long time. Now I understand. You gave me a completely new direction and I'm so satisfied and grateful that I know now what I have to do. A new sense has been revealed to me. That gives me back the energy I had wasted a hundred times before. I feel comfort, tranquility and I took a big step towards knowing me better.

Let me hug you! Lots of light and love to you,

Ingrid H.


Since we had our session, I have been thinking quite a lot about what you said about “setting myself free” and “standing upright in my power.”  For  a few hours right after we finished the session, I was thinking that I was going to have a hard time finding situations where my power was distorted or out of integrity.  Good god, I was wrong!  Personal power can be perverted/distorted in numerous ways.  The most obvious is letting people run all over you and not standing up for yourself.  The much less obvious is playing the victim, the victim of the government, the victim of all the “evil” people in the word.  And that list goes on and on.  Then there is just the overall integral structure.  But anyway, I am thinking a lot about it and implementing a lot too.  I am really grateful for your guidance and will be doing another session before I got o Switzerland in late August.

Gerald B.
Austin, Texas


Wanting to drop a line giving you my heartfelt thanks, once again.  The guides were right, they gave me plenty to chew on, and so away I chew…

Wanted to share something with you, not sure if you noticed it or not, but...  One of the questions I had wrote down to ask you again was, “Would I get to visit Nibiru in this incarnation?”.  To which you responded, “Yes, you will get to visit Nibiru in this incarnation.”  (WooYoo!!)  However, I went back and listen through the tape and found, to my surprise, I had never asked you that question, but had only written it down.  I guess it was Frank’s way of leaving no doubt!! 

Of course, I’m thinking of rename him as the Indians use to do, after the first thing they saw,… so I’m thinking, “Crossed Arms with Tapping Foot”…HA….

Thanks again, will be getting back to you soon.  You’re a blessing…


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