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Jelaila StarrJelaila’s Clients’ Comments


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Some time ago, I bought a three pack of sessions with you. We only had one, but it was a great one. I learned where I needed to focus my clearing. I did the work and feel almost transparent now. I'm sure little things will come up. Really exciting to me is that after reconnecting in a very loving way with my brother and healing my wounds from my marriages, I have been in a relationship for the past ten months that I would most easily describe as with my twin flame. I never ever imagined how awesome a higher state of love could be.

Just wanted to say thank you for the work you do and for helping me to attain a higher vibration.

In love and light,



If only I could put my gratitude into words ..... our session yesterday was immensely helpful.  And healing.  It feels like we accomplished months of therapy in less than an hour.  Truly.

I want you to know how much I value the way you unapologetically deliver direct insights coupled with an exceptional level of Grace (compassion).  It's a very rare combination that allowed me to hear the truth on deeper levels without getting entangled in social protocols - such as political correctness, politeness, etc.  As an Empath, it also kept me from having to process the awkwardness that often arises in a messenger when delivering very personal and straightforward information.  That, in and of itself, was a gift.  

I'm excited about my work ahead - not because I'm silly enough to think it will be easy - but because I have a new level of clarity and understanding to move forward with.  I feel a sense of peace that has been fleeting, at best, in recent months.  My husband is doing the liver cleanse with me (so we can have our "meltdowns" at the same time and be done ;) and I really look forward to the progress that will happen between now and my next session with you.

You will definitely hear from me again ... thank you for your time, your tools, and your honesty.  Each of them are equally invaluable.   

Kelly H.

Hi Jelaila,

I bet you get a lot of emails like this one but here's mine.  I want  to thank you for my session last week, it was tough but REALLY good.   I respect your work very much.  I had been stuck for so long and you  were the dynamite that blasted me out of my hole.    It was great! Now  I can't believe I did that to myself.

I have been releasing ever since last Thursday, non-stop.  I am reading your second book, can hardly put it down, it's fascinating, more releasing, I can't seem to get thru 3 pages without crying, but in a good way.  What a relief :) thank you again.

I have been reading everything I could find about Nibiru for years now, Marciniak, Sitchin, Clow and others, the Mists of Avalon was one of my favorites, additionally, I've loved Ruth Montgomery's books since I was a kid.  I have also read every version of the Camelot story and seen every movie about it that I can find, can't seem to get enough of that.  It all seems so familiar, I have lots of questions!

Also, I want to thank you for the work you did with my husband, it was so huge for both of us, later that day, after he told me about his "ahas!", I suddenly was hit by such an overwhelming feeling of greatfullness for you and him it almost buckled my knees, right in the middle of the kitchen. Wonderful.  Seems you have straightened us both out, put us back up on our horse, slapped it on the rump and away we go!  It has been an amazing week and I am looking forward to more.

What can you tell me about chemtrails?  I know you have spoken about this in the past.  I was having so many feelings (not good ones) about them, then I discovered and did the compassion formula (several times) and now I feel ok, although I am ready for them to stop.  We have been heavily sprayed here in southern Oregon almost every day since August  with very few breaks.   We have contacted our Oregon senator since we  have somewhat of a connection there because of our work on LNG but  have gotten no where, all I want to know is why are they doing this?   I have a tribe of gray squirrels I feed and they are breaking out in  sores and I am wondering if it's because of the heavy spraying here.   We are in southern Oregon by the CA border.

One more question, you mention that you don't channel in the general session, is there a session you do channel in and what would be the difference?

Thank you again very much,

Dear Jelaila, 

Thank you for our session yesterday. The hour flew by and I got a lot out of it. I have not even looked at my notes yet, as there is so much still whirling around in my brain and heart. 

Right after the session I absolutely konked out and slept for about 2 hours! I am sure it was helpful in integrating info and energy. 

I plan to look at my notes over the weekend and start some of the work towards building trust and communication with my guides. 

As I write this I am also watching live video from Egypt---tens of thousands of people standing peacefully in a square, in the middle of the night, swaying and waving banners. It is a very moving sight, and I am using it to do my work of moving from head to heart.  

The info on what the heck I am doing in Salem felt spot on, and it was great to have that confirmation and understanding of my situation. As you said, it IS a lonely job. I have only one friend in all of this town with whom I can discuss some, not all, of what I believe. Thank heavens for my dear husband; he is so lovingly accepting and supportive of me. He is MY anchor! 

The concept of my guides and higher self TAKING CARE of me and HANDLING problems is just a mind blower. For as long as I've heard the "Let go and let God" mantra, this is the first time it hit the mark for me. I've been taking care of my parents and siblings and everyone else since I was 18 months old....I have released some of that, but taking it a step further and conceptualizing all of that power as being there FOR ME is a concept that is going to take quite a while to settle in. Hopefully not too long--because I like that idea a LOT. 

I will leave feedback for the reading for others to share. I expect to speak with you again before too long, and look forward to it. 

With great appreciation,


Dear Jelaila,

I just wanted to thank you for my session last Sunday. You "grounded" the information that Bryan[De Flores] had given me so that I can now apply it in a practical way. You two will make a wonderful team. I also received my CD and it was amazing how much more I heard.                                                                                                   
Thank you,                                                                                    
Joan K.

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for our session on Wednesday. It has left me quite shaken and with plenty of homework to do! I must tell you though, that it was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. The combination of your clarity, connection to Source and no-bullshit love is a precious gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My inner child and I are working on this relationship. She is with my guides, playing and getting some much needed nurturing. I keep telling her that I am here whenever she is ready to talk. She has been shy, but open. I am tentative and hopeful. Last night she ran to me and gave me a picture, then ran back to my guides. The picture was a face with the words 'don't leave me' in a childish scrawl. She looks much better, smiling and dancing now. She tells me I am to call her 'Princess Katydid'. I have promised to honor her, listen to her and be available.

So, we are both healing. That's the bare bones of the work isn't it? The integration of all our parts.

I am looking forward to receiving the DNA Recoding Package..can't wait to start. I am seeing how I have been so out of balance, I understand what Bryan was saying now. Thank you for the love and trust in me and the possibility of working together, being friends, whatever it is to be. That feels wonderful.  I appreciate you and your work!!


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your guidance in reminding me of my path. The planet is blessed at this time by people like you. May Divine Spirit's love and light uphold you in your mission.
In love and peace,

Hi Jelaila,

I was getting really despondent when I did not hear from you ...thank you for your lovely encouraging e-mail.  You have helped me at incredibly deep levels ... and the understanding that flowed, and is continuing to surface from the wisdom I heard on your CD's and read in the books, is priceless.
I am grateful. I cannot get you out of my mind. You are so refreshingly direct. Thank you for coming to Earth. I feel privileged to have met you, albeit it via internet and phone!

I'm continuing to do a lot of releasing from a point of great heart gratitude, and humility.  This evening for the first time, I told my brother that he is my sweet, darling, little brother and very special to me. He said yes, he does not remember anyone refer to him as sweet, darling - except dog!!!

I released him from the shame and guilt and blame of playing the roles he played for me, and saw the contract disintegrate in my mind's eye into a million points of brilliant pure light... this energy I will not put into my positive energy account, but with intention at this moment, I'm sending it to the Niger Delta in the southern oil city of Nigeria, Africa. I deposited the light energy from the other contracts into my account!!!

Thank you again,
Kathryn Hughes


I just want to say "thank you" for our session. It took me days to really recover from the "Luke, I am your father" incident which my guide has always joked about it as, and internalize what you said (this is happening because I haven't been able to accept the dark). The interesting part is, that because I thought it was porphyria, I thought the message was "I'm not letting the light in," but now I realize it's the same thing: If I'm not letting the dark in, I can't let the light in. I'm a little slow with this polarity integration.

I've come to a middle way that I feel gives me balance. Every once in awhile, I send the dark away, say that I only want guides of 100 percent light, but this never makes me feel whole, or normal. I just end up taking visits to Hell in my dreams to compensate for the imbalance:-), while my guide waits patiently (though irritated) for me to come around.

I just can't believe that the middle way has been the right way all along. I've always gone to such extremes in my life. I've really been a pendulum. One polarity does one thing, while on some other dimension the other does something completely different. Now I realize that not making too large of a movement is the way, for me at least, to limit the creation of karma perhaps. I've also come to the conclusion that instead of asking after prayer, "Let this be done if it is for my highest good" that I need to ask "Let this be done if it is in the highest good of everyone (all my selves and the universe)," and if it is in the highest good of everyone, it will inevitably be in my highest good.

Thank you again,

Hi Jelaila,

I just wanted to thank you again for our session on March 7th. It was very, very  helpful in integrating some of the fragmented information that I had received and  knitting them together. Thank you too for helping me to not feel so alone on  this path and that I'm not going crazy- that it's all just part of the process.

Susan S.

Dear Jelaila,

...Thank You and Jonathan for all you assistance.  My sons and wife, Cristina also thank you... the life of a star seed/walk-in can be lonely and confusing.  Your role in my life has made this acceptance of what I am possible and ensured that I have a chance at integrating positively for the best good of all what has come forth from within me. 


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the excellent reading about a week ago. I noticed that for the last two days when I said hello to my guides, your name kept popping up. Perhaps, it is because you helped bring my awareness of them back. So, because you kept popping up in my thoughts, I thought I would let you know what a difference you made.

Thank you.
Peace always,
Kim M.

Hi Jelalia,

Just a note to thank you so much for the  session today. You gave me wonderful keys to work on for the next lessons in my  life...Much success ahead - coming from the heart....Since our session - my world and dreams are already expanding - new insights -  new visions - the word 'integration' of light and dark duality energies has a  totally new meaning to me now, more expansive. I am looking forward to getting  your package and applying all the information to my new chapter in life. Much  joy and success ahead for all of us.

Blessings in Light,


I received a letter from a reader of PLW in which she mentioned  how helpful you had been. Since I think this would be of interest to our  readers, I have asked her permission to publish it in our November edition. I thought you would be interested in hearing such positive feedback so I am cutting and pasting the letter in below this.

Managing Editor,

Dear Sandie, (From Suzanne to Sandie)

I have  been on my path searching for a way to connect to my guides for years and  years. To date I have not had this connection. Nothing. I have read just  about every new age book there is. All very informative and inspirational but  still--nothing. I became an expert in meditation techniques. I read and read some more.

Over the years it became easier to find wonderful metaphysical books. I planned my vacation around where we could go to get a reading from  the latest hot psychic or hear my current favorite author's channeling, or to check out a great bookstore I had heard about. I lived night and day for  this. I kept searching.

I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute but I felt like I was starting to lose ground. I didn't want to be elderly before I could  finally hear my guides. I've heard every reason you could imagine for why nothing was happening. All in all I knew something was causing me to be  blocked. I would express this idea only to be told repeatedly that my guides are there talking to me all the time--I just needed to listen--or open the door and they would be there.  Believe me I've patiently listened, and I'm always trying to open the door.

Well to make a lifelong story  short, I have finally found the reason for not being able to channel my  guides. Thanks to Jelaila -----who I recently had a reading with.  Surprise, surprise! She told me my inner child is blocking my guides.  THANK GOD ! AN ANSWER THAT MAKES SENSE AT LONG LAST. She has you tell her the  questions you want your guides to answer. Then she asks your guides and gives  you the answer. Well, my guides told her I never listen. I was SHOCKED !!! I  never listen ??!!!! I'm always listening--I never can hear anything.

She said ok, I want you to try something. Ask your guides a yes-no question, or  something short and be specific. Well, for some reason I wanted my guides to  spell out the word --apple. She said visualize yourself sitting in a big  movie theater and the screen is 40 feet tall. Have your guides spell this out  on their keyboard. As they do you will be able to see the letters appear on  your movie screen. Ok, I thought. Simple enough.  She asked me to telepathically ask my guides to show me the letter "A". I  waited--nothing.

Then Jelaila said, "They've sent it." I couldn't see it. We  tried this a few more times. I can see your guides sending you the  information. I told her I'm not getting anything. She said my guides have  been trying for my lifetime to get me "to listen" without success. Jelaila  said she knew why.

My inner child was blocking the vision. She went on to  explain how I could reconnect to my inner child. Which by the way is one  frightened little kid.  Jelaila said this is the most important work any of us can do. We may not think of our inner child as real but they are the most real thing in our lives and they affect everything in our lives.  I knew she was  right.

The Nibiruan council gave her the techniques to use to accomplish this reconnection. She wrote them down in booklets #3 and #4 which you can order from her website.

The reason I'm writing this is I bet there are millions of people who are having this same problem, but where on Earth would they ever go to find this out ? I'm 44 years old and have been so close many times to just chucking this whole business of ascension and enlightenment. Sometimes I have wondered if it hasn't all been just a big waste of energy---certainly meant for some but not me because I just didn't have the right equipment this lifetime. Better luck next lifetime is what I  was beginning to think.

I have such a feeling of relief now. I have a big job ahead of me but at least now I KNOW why for all these years I was never able to connect.

Please let others know about  this. Did you ever hear this before? Have you been aware that the inner child could do this? If you have any questions about what I have written please let me know. If you know of any other sources that have this information please let me know.

One last note--Jelaila said most of what she came across in mainstream books about the inner child was not that helpful. It was the Nibiruan Council that had the best information that worked for her.  Thanks for reading this.

Live for joy,

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