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Comments on The Indigos: Children of the Web



Hi Jelaila,

I wanted to thank you for the article you wrote in Indigos-children of the web. You were right in saying that indigos have been coming in since 1970 and earlier. I'm an adult indigo born in 1964 and I personally believe that there are indigos that are even older than me.

I have been gathering information on the indigos that has been helpful to me over the past few years and your article has given me another perspective to look at and has answered more of the questions I've been asking myself....especially about my purpose in being incarnated on earth at this time. I've only had the opportunity to be around computers for about 3 years or so but I'm finding that I have a natural ability to work with them and your article may have given me some clues as to why I'm here.

Integrity is very, very important to me, earth life can get extremely boring and the emotions one experiences here are sometimes overwhelming. It's been a struggle to stay in body but I'm hoping that when I find my purpose, it will make life a bit easier.

I hope that I may see more information on indigos posted in future articles.

Thank you

Nancy B.


I just read the article on Indigos posted 2000-09-22 on the Nibiruan Council website and I thought I would subsequently email y’all.  My compliments go out as the article was very accurate coming from one who was not herself an indigo. 

Being an indigo myself (currently at age 24) I can vouch for almost all of the topics mentioned.  Although I wasn't prowling around physically killing people for their differences to me; I sure wish I was for a long time, especially when I was a teenager.  I have since grown out of that mindset though and accepted my life here as a human for the time being.  I figure, since I am going to be here for a while, I might as well enjoy myself and marvel at the beauty and diversity around me while exploring the interesting limitations of being human.  I have since had 2 near death experiences, an inner child retrieval and a soul retrieval (from part of me that was stuck in a past life in another dimension where the ascension process went horribly wrong).  I could never quite get the lower chakra thing down and consequently ended up obtaining severe ulcerated colitis and having my entire large intestine removed.  Perhaps a warning about this hazard should go out to the other indigos out there unable to live in their lower chakras.

Anyhow, the technology section was very accurate.  I was always obsessed with playing video games when I was little and I began programming them at age 12 and begun teaching myself calculus at age 14.  At age 15, I had my own website unveiling little known esoteric programming secrets before there was such a thing as websites!  Inevitably I went to college for creating video games with interests in utilizing interactive media for consciousness expansion and learning.  I gradated top of my class in the most difficult college around for such things.  Ironically, afterward I was unable to find a job!  It would seem that my interests have yet to 'catch on' in society; perhaps they will in the next 5 years or so.

Oh and another note for those indigos who are retrieving past life memories; they will most likely be from another dimension given their overall purpose.

- William


I thought I would send another email because I missed some stuff in the last one that I think is important.  When I was little I had a strange obsession with stringing things together and making these sort of 3d webs.  I would do it every time I got my hands on string or yarn or twine, etc.  I also had this odd obsession with power lines and how they connected everything, I would draw them all the time.  Although this behavior stopped when I was 8, I have always been perplexed about what it meant and your article helped clear things up.  I appreciate it.  Although, I don't consider indigos as 'spider people' because that term just seems odd and also because spiders only spin webs that are 2d. 

I ought to explain another odd facet of indigo behavior that non indigos may not understand at all.  To indigos, sex and death are often hard to distinguish or mean the same thing and fall under the category of 'consuming' or digesting.  This concept is near impossible to explain for me but as you can see, it can lead to all sorts of really strange behavior.  It took me a long time to straighten that one out but I still look at humans as very strange for how they act in regards to sex or even when the idea of it is put in their mind; it is like they transform into something completely different than what they are normally.  Perhaps my lack of understanding on this human behavior is why I never was able to get a girlfriend!

There are other issues I have faced in my life as an indigo, but I think they are just localized to me and deal with past life events.
- William


I’ve read several articles from your website today and must admit that quite a few "resonated" with me. The Indigos: Children of the Web, definitely made perfect sense. Sometime ago, I realized that I have had incarnations within the spider people family and reading about your dream and the interpretation of it made a great deal of sense to me. Just as you predicted, I was born in the 70's, have worked within the technical field (although not as an engineer) and currently make websites to pay for my college education. You state:
"I’m no expert at the Web and computers so if my explanation seems a little vague and simplistic, I offer my apologies.  I do struggle to put words to what I see in the visions."

I wanted to say thanks, the way you explain it is just fine and was quite comforting.

Many Blessings,

Dear Jelaila,

I have subscribed to your email newsletter for awhile now and have found it to be very enlightening and encouraging. Today I felt very compelled to reach out and connect. This is unlike me in that until recently I have felt very comfortable in the shadows. I feel that I am now being called to "go forth". Your article regarding Indigos is what prompted me. I am indigo and starseed, a rather old indigo - 36 years old . I came here early to help others who would come after me. Time will tell just how.

I now have a 4 1/2 month old daughter who I know is also indigo and something else. She has the indigo color as well as a crystalline-like appearance (on an energy level, of course). Have you heard of this before? Recently I have dreamt of spiders and didn't understand the importance until reading your article. Thank-you for that information. This sounds odd as I write this, however, for so long I have felt alone and abandoned. Now I want to look for or connect with someone like me.  Your website has been very helpful.

love and light,


I just wanted to say something about your indigo article. First off, I am Indigo. I have no hatred, and no desire to take over the world or meld the human mind with the computer. I think what you need to understand is that us indigos want to help save the world, and we won't do it by force or by controlling mankind as that is just not our way, we do nothing by force. We believe that only those willing to change will actually change, and its not for the evil.. All we want is for people to be happy, learn to love properly, everything that society has screwed these people up on.

As for the killing, well anyone with rage can pull out a gun. Being indigo doesn't make us less or more likely to do this or any other means of murder. Rage is a huge issue for anyone on this planet who hits that boiling point.

I felt that this article totally misrepresented us in every way.

Hi Jelaila,

I have been receiving articles from your site via Cecelia Britton for several months. I want to thank you for your commitment to your  personal contract to continue channeling and reporting to your web site. It is a  welcome connection to what I call the spirit web and all the other lightworkers  who are consciously moving through their ascension. I no longer feel alone and  isolated from my "family".

I began my interest in Indigo's a couple of years ago with the  Kryon book. I have friends with these children and 2 grandchildren of my own  under a year old. Your dream and article on the web children was a welcome point  of view for me. It made perfect sense to me and I feel this newer level of  information will assist me in my dealings with these children. I have a son born  in Oct of 69 who I feel was one of the first Indigos. Your article has helped me  understand him better too.

Much love and light,
Carol H.


I ran across your article today under the new Indigo children section of the planet light worker.

Four years ago I was inspired to create a website -
When you talked of a spider web - something clicked in my mind - I had been trying to get our webmaster [who has since resigned] to use a spider's web that I created, as a contents logo. He had a bunch of excuses why it would not work.

This concept of a spider web, with globs of golden light [?] strategically placed throughout it was given me in a vision several years ago - when I was reading your article it felt like de javu.  Thank you, I appreciated the confirmation.

In Peace,
Athena...of the 2nd wave

Dear Jelaila,

Can you explain that whilst I was reading your information on web children about the spider woman, a feeling of almost out of body calmness came upon me, that fixated me to finish reading what you had written.  Now as I am writing, I feel like I am coming out of a healing massage, having to return to earth.

I think you are writing about my son, his own dismay at being able to feel emotions, his connectiveness with computers, above and beyond many others I know of.  He was invited to attend a Tao meeting, out of the blue, no warning, and the monk there selected him from the audience to be baptized into Tao.

I have thought this very significant.  He begs me to trust my second sight, yet it is only now, in my early 40s that I have been able to do so, and also to try and connect with my guide - who I believe is called Cai.  Do you have any guidance, any idea, or help (I was made to write that) oh!



Thanks to my fascination for David Icke - his  courage, his pursuit of truth, his determination and love, I was led to you and  your channeled information about the Indigos:  Children of the Web.

I had just finished reading The Indigo Children, by  Lee Carroll, as I was in search of discovering why my beloved 13 year old Byron  is so different.  Without going into too much detail here, after reading the  book, I felt that he fell into one of the 4 categories, namely  "Interdimensional".  I have had negative remarks from his teachers at school  for as long as I can remember, i.e. unable to concentrate, short attention span, class clown, disruptive, etc. 

On the positive side, he has a wonderful  sense of humour and is the love of my life.  As a matter of interest, he could  recite or sing the Lord's Prayer at the age of 2, as well as the alphabet and  could count up to 20 - he spoke extremely early and I always felt he was bright  and special (as do all parents I am sure).

Over a year ago, I (in desperation) removed him  from the school he attended and in fact walked out on a meeting between the Principal and all his teachers, who were really 'gunning' for him but their remarks were so petty but, at the same time I understood their frustration.  Byron is very strong-willed, independent and demands respect at all times, no matter what!  He point blank refused to do the required 2 or 3 hours of  homework - 10 minutes suited him!

Fortunately, much to my joy, the new school we enrolled him in was the Westering Christian Acadamy, which teaches the ACE method, which is an American System.  Here he can work at his own pace, not competing with anyone but himself and he has no homework, provided he completes  his daily goals.  We seldom have tantrums and life is more peaceful. 

Again though, my husband and I are getting signs of teacher frustration that he is  daydreaming and fidgeting, i.e. using scotch-tape to make things, etc.  What  really made the hairs rise on my arms, while reading about the children of the  Web, that you channeled while working with Sharyl's guide, was the fact that when Byron was young, i.e. 2,3,4,5 years of age - he used to tie things up.  I  never owned a ball of string or wool as he would go from one end of a room to  the other, creating an intricate crisscross web pattern which I often had to  climb through - I found it quite amazing as well as quite irritating as it took ages to 'undo' his handy-work.

When reading your information, it seemed to be confirmation that he truly is an Indigo or Child of the Web.  I am so grateful that I discovered the book and your explanation and if you have any information on how I can assist him and others like him to reach their full potential, I  would so greatly appreciate it.  In the meantime, I am grateful for this new-found knowledge - especially the importance of clearing out our toxic levels  of unexpressed feelings for him to settle down and become emotionally and  mentally peaceful and happy.  I guess he is like a mirror - reflecting back at us and teaching us how to be authentic in every way.  Thank you!!!

Yours  sincerely,
Cornelia C.

Hello Jelaila,

I wanted to share with you a strong connection I felt when reading this information about the session you had in September.  I am a spiritual counselor, energy healer, Angel reader and I bring out awareness about the Children of the New Age to parents and teachers (and work with the children as well).  I felt so many connections go off when I read that article.  I was starting to feel a little discouraged with my work the last few days realizing that even with all that I am doing (I am also a mother of 2 Indigo's and one one the way and have said myself to be a pre -Indigo) that there was still something more for me somehow. 

I have been getting a lot of guidance to do more with helping people let go of all that they are carrying that is not of love, to help them release fear, and start being honest with themselves and I teach in my workshops that this is also a way of helping the relationships with the children in their lives.  Because they know when we are being honest and not.  I have been getting guidance for some time to write some books on understanding these children more and such topics. But I have been putting it off I believe out of my own fear, which I am releasing. 

Myself along with 2 other partners just opened up a healing center, “Wings of Light Healing Center” in Fullerton, California.  We are doing all kinds of classes and workshops, and I have been guided to start a support group for Children of the New Age, their parents and teachers.  To kick this off we are hosting an event October 15 called Children of the New Age ** New Approaches for the New Millennium.  We will be offering all types of alternative ways to working with the children in their lives, ways of healing and creating stronger relationships with them, and healing their past experiences and relationships that block them, so they can start fresh. 

We will be offering all types of tables of alternative information (on foods, chiropractic, homeopathy, essential oils, energy work, meditation, etc)  We will be offering a healing clinic and all kinds of games and activities including arts and crafts to help stimulate each individual to connect more with their higher self and with each other. 

From this I am looking to open it up to many different support groups and what ever else it leads to.  I also have some upcoming workshops on The Children of the New Age.  October 22 at Wings of Light Healing Center and one on November 4th at the Learning Light in Anaheim. 

I am not sure why exactly I am writing this all to you other than I felt strongly guided to, and I guess we will see where it leads.  I look forward to reading the other information you offer on your site.  If you would like to see more information on myself you can check my web site it doesn't have a lot yet (and will be updated soon) but it can give you some information on myself.

Thank you for your time.

Blessings of Love and Peace,
Carolyn K.

Dear Jelaila,

 ...The rest of this message is for both Karen and Jelaila and whomever Karen wishes to share it with...

The web connection is good as a start, but a start is all it is, there is much more to it than that. To illustrate, I will share a dream I had a year ago:

In the dream my friend Almine and I were with a bunch of people on a dock and she became concerned that we were in an area that was for Native Americans only and most of us were white. Immediately some Native boys spotted us and started shouting, calling us "wheats" (Almine has told me that "windigo" means devil and it might have been a shortened version) some of them sent little spiders down to chase us out . Most of the group were running back up the walkway stepping on as many spiders as they could but I was avoiding them saying to the tiny spiders, "excuse me, brother, please let me pass."

I came to a corner and was blocked by a huge web with a giant black widow on it (as big as the palm of my hand) and a Medicine man that was sitting on the rail, I backed up nearly bumping into the cigar of the man behind me. Everyone was taunting me, saying that they were impressed with me and that I should be very frightened. The man behind me told me to put out my hand, so I did. The Medicine man plucked the spider off the web and placed her on my hand. She crawled up to my ring finger and bit. Almine was screaming because she thought they were killing me. I began to faint.

I woke up still being able to feel the bite on my finger.(to this day I can feel her weight on my right hand) I told my husband about it and he sympathized because I've always been phobic of spiders. Then I went back to sleep.

I was dreaming again, this time walking with the Medicine man. I asked him where the women were and shouldn't I go be with them and he told me that it was time for my vision, that I had been accepted by the black widow and her poison would give me a vision. I began to feel dizzy and he led me to a weeping willow tree and I crouched by it for support. Through the waving branches I could see the history of earth. The wars, the fights, the cruelty. I saw all races had blood on their hands and that we were at a crossroads.

Then the scene changed and I saw a waterfall and a very pregnant woman walking down it. She explained that she was the earth preparing to birth us into our ascension and that it would be fine, she was happy and everything was going just fine, it only appears dangerous.  I awoke again.

The meaning of black widow:

If you look at an octahedron, you have the Medicine wheel, or holy grail which is pierced by the vertical aspect, bringing the seven points (including the one within). If you split the pyramids (I had that done in a spontaneous activation and message from the Keeper of the Gate of Harmony) you then can slide the down facing pyramid upwards through the upwards facing one until the points rest one on the other and you get the hourglass figure like on the black widow. It is a symbol of goddess over god and stands for eternal life and renewal.

there are those who are indigo who carry this purpose, this uplifting of goddess and they hold the key to the 13th piece of the zodiac (the 14th piece being the serpent holder and those who are not the spider-type but higher reptilian, which is actually Seraphim) and that bring ascension to the earth. I'm assuming you both know enough to know what I'm talking about here and I don't need to break down those patterns?

I am not 5D, I came from higher up, from a different pattern, but I have to work with those as all those of us from that time (the seeding of the earth) have to.  I hope this helps.

much love and light,
mouse four arrows
ps- I have not been afraid of spiders since then

Hi Jelaila and Jonathan,

Grant and I read your article on the Indigo Children and sent it via e-mail  to a number of our friends.
Thank you very much for the information, because  now I understand my youngest son we is 23 years old.

My son Heath, fits into  the criteria of a web child. He came over to our place yesterday and I showed  him the article and he agreed that most of the criteria fitted his disposition.  In the year my son was born 1977, I  went thorough many changes and never  was the same person again and shortly after Heath was born his father and I  broke up our marriage. Off and on throughout the years we got back together, but  it never lasted, because things had changed.  I was a different person and saw  that I could not go back to the way I was. All I wanted to do is learn about  life and what happened to us after death.  Also, I wanted to know about the dark  forms that would come to me now and then and voices that would talk to me.

Since my son was born I have read the bible an number of times, Greek  philosophy, Most of Zachara Stichen's books, Raymond Fowler books on UFO  abductees, Robert Monroe’s books, and most of the authors that have come out of  the Monroe Institute, Most of Jane Robert's books on Seth, Crop circle books as  well as pole shifts and many more on astro travel.
Grant and I are now  learning to ascend as well as learning to travel inter dimensionally as shamans.
We have completed the liver cleanse purging and are now going to work  through the Keys of Compassion.

I have already had a dream about being  jealous over Grant and another woman and the setting was in a place on my  fathers relatives side. My father was a very jealous man of my mother and I had  to witness my father beating my mother all the time.

Thank again for all your help and information. Also thanks for the May, 1997  News magazine. The article on The Oversoul Contracts of DNA Recoding  Downloads and Uplinks, has helped me understand why I saw a small girl enter  my left side and and older woman enter my right side in the same year as the  magazine was printed. I also heard a voice say to me I should be a gym teacher  right after the two entered me. Since then I have seen another young woman  embrace me on my left side and she seemed very happy to do so now that I am  learning to reconnect my DNA.

We will keep you posted to our advancements  with the DNA  recoding and Keys of Compassion learning. All the best to you and  your family. We are looking forward to reading more of your articles.

Sending Loving Energy!
Ruth and Grant

Dear Jelaila,

I first found your website about 3 years ago and related to the very first  article you had on there (about the Niburian Council) so I bookmarked your site  and returned every so often but found in those early days that nothing new was  going up, so after awhile I kind of forgot about you. But also during this time  I became focused on my own website, writing articles and books based on my own  discoveries, and stopped getting involved with what's going on elsewhere. I find  I have better clarity if I concentrate on my own knowing rather than on everybody else's.

But during the past few months I have found that I have been receiving email with one of your articles attached. (The Earth Mission Codes told me I also work  with the Nibiruan Council by the way, so thank you for that...that was a new  insight.) Or I will find that your articles are reprinted in some newsletter  that comes my way, or simply that someone will reference you and ask me if I  know of you. So, one way or another I seem to be constantly reminded these days  that you and I are both here working on similar issues.

In the past few weeks someone sent me your article about the First Wave which  made me smile a bit, because I had written about the Three Waves of Ascension in  June last year, so I knew where you were coming from. And on Saturday I  uploaded my website with another article updating this info which I attach  because I think it will resonate with you.

It is a little different from your view, in that I perceive that the people  who woke up in the early '90's are of the Second Wave. However, the gist of what  we both say is the same and I would be interested to hear from you once you've  read the attached, so we can share our understandings. If you go to my website  you will also find my first article called "The Three Waves of Ascension" which  was my first crack at this information. I'll give my website address/link later  in this email so you can tap in and read it.

Having just had yet another email yesterday from one of my readers, about how  you and I seem to be covering the same stuff, I decided it was about time I  dropped into your website again and I read what you said about the Indigo  children being Spider Children.

I don't have any children of my own, so it's easy for me to sit back and  watch from afar how these new kids perform because I'm not involved first hand.  But I also know who they are, in terms of being spiritual beings, and where they  are coming from as far as working for transformational change. What I didn't  know was that they were of the Spider race.

But oh the synchronicity of finding this out is radiating through my very  being like goose-bumps on my skin or the hair standing up on the back of my  neck, because in the last month I have had to come to terms with Spiders, both  literally and figuratively.

Some big hairy Spiders have been making themselves known to me in my house  just recently. There are always Daddy Longlegs hanging around and I leave them  alone, but if tarantulas come in, I ask them to leave, or at best not to go into  my bedroom. So you might say that I give Spiders a healthy respect i.e., as long  as they don't bother me I don't bother them. But I had a parade of tarantulas  coming in last month who would just hang about (usually upside down) and who did  not respond to my requests to leave. I felt at the time that they were directing  me to look at something within myself that needed to be acknowledged. The  American Indian cards told me that Spiders weave creative feminine energy, which  is something that I am learning to work with, rather than suppress, so I thought  I had got the message.

And then I had a really vivid dream about being chased by a giant red hairy  spider and I was monumentally freaked out by this, because it was definitely  trying to get me. In this dream I was absolutely terrified by this Spider and  the more terror I felt, the more this big red hairy female spider chased me.

Did you ever see the film "Jungle 2 Jungle?" If you did, you might remember  that the young boy in the film had a pet spider which was activated by fear. So  if somebody screamed in it's presence and was in fear of it, it just keep  running after them and trying to attack that person until presumably it bit  them, and they then died from the poison.

So this big red spider was doing the same thing to me and I knew that I had  to stop running in terror because it obviously wasn't going to go away. And I  also knew that I needed to embrace it and love it, although the idea of  embracing and touching a Spider really freaked me's the way they look  and move as well as the hair on their legs! So I stopped running, and even  though I was repulsed (really) and terrified (absolutely) by it, I tucked it  under my arm in a nurturing and embracing gesture even though I didn't like the  feeling one little bit.  I kept saying to it that although I was freaked out by  getting close to it, that I could and did love it and accepted it, and that I  would learn to work with it.

About a week later I tuned-in to how this giant red Spider was feeling and I  found that it was off spinning lots and lots of webs and getting itself creating  in the way it was meant to. And what's more, I was feeling quite good about it  because I knew it was working for my benefit and that made me think lovely  thoughts about Spiders in general.

And lo and behold all the Spiders in the house left, including the Daddy  Longlegs who have always been a permanent fixture. Except I did find a small  dead Trantular in the bath the other day which saddened me (I'm still not sure  what that's about.)  Last night however, I checked in with the red spider again  and it was back nestling under my arm "having a rest" it said. But we are still  not overly comfortable with each other. The atmosphere could be considered wary  and cautious;  not feeling frightened so much as uncomfortable, and still not  sure about each other. When it is off weaving its web I am ok about it, but when  it is physically on my body I still don't like the creepy feeling.

So, after your article on the Indigo children I am now wondering if perhaps  this dream could also be read in another context.  For instance, I know I have  spent many years (1984 to 1996) working at a very deep level to help clear the  mass-conscious karma for the whole Earth population, in order that the light  could be seen. So my thinking now is that perhaps I have taken on the job of  working on the inner levels to embrace these Spider children to help them feel  more accepted here.  I think it is more a case of getting used to each other  rather than anything else. And I still think the dream references my personal  issues too, by the way, but that there is also this bigger underlying thing  going on. What do you think?.

If you have any insight on this I would love to hear from you, because  although there is much that I do know, there is also a great deal that I don't, so your input is very welcome.

My website can be found on   If  for some reason the link doesn't work, key the address in manually and you'll  find me.  I live in Australia by the the state of Victoria, outside the  city of Melbourne.

With many blessings and love,
Susanna Thorpe-Clark

Jelaila’s reply:

How wonderful it feels to connect with you.  I have heard your name many times and also received your articles.  I look forward to reading your article on the Three waves of Ascension.  I am sure there is more than one interpretation of them, you know?  When I first saw your material, three years ago, I said to myself, "Ah, another council member hard at work."  Your message today is confirmation. 

As for your spider dream, I feel that there is a real connection to it with the article.  I have had others write to me sharing similar experiences.  So perhaps this race is here, what do you think?  I still tend to have some skepticism around the messages I receive. I would love to share your message with others as I feel it would be very helpful.  I can post it on the comments page for the article, but I would like to consider posting it in the Council's Indigo Conference/Forum.  After all you are one of us, and your writings add another valuable perspective to the overall picture. 

Also, do you have a picture I can use to add to the posting, if you are willing to allow me to do so? Suzanna, I feel the more we can come together to support each other as teachers, the better we all will be.  Multidimensionality means to me that there are many interpretations of the same thing and each is a piece of the bigger puzzle. If this is accurate, then where is there room for separation between us?  I would very much like to come together with you and others of us who are out there on the front lines.

Aloha Jelaila,

Thanks for sending me a copy of this article. I enjoyed reading it...

except for the extreme violence. I realize that part wasn't included for "enjoyment value," still it was majorly intense. Interesting, I tried to forward the article to my wife, before I even read it, because she is very interested in Indigos. almost certainly, at least one of our children is an Indigo. As I said I "tried" forwarding the message about 10 times, but each time, my computer would get about 2/3 of the way through and then stop sending it. this has never happened to me before.

So I copied the message into a word processor and printed it out to give to my wife. I decided to read it first, and after reading it, decided it was too intense to give to my wife. she had been in tears earlier in the day over a conference at our son's school over his "behavioral problems."

I decided the added material on the killing would just be too month, even though there is much positive and useful in the article that she would enjoy. This morning, while checking her email, my wife asked me why I sent her the same message 10 times! It turns out my computer sent her part of the message 10 times. she read up to the killing part and then stopped.

So, there it is. I don't think I would forward this out to my list as is. It's just too intense. If you decide to change it and cut that part out, let me know.

Wishing you all the very best,
Larry Morningstar
Rainbow Bridge

Jelaila’s reply:

I understand your feelings about the killing part.  It is intense yet it is what the Spider Woman wanted me to understand.  We cannot deny this part without risking its escalation. The Columbine Shootings were meant to be a wake up call from the highest spiritual levels.  We can hide our heads in the sand or we can stand up and see what is happening around us and figure out what to do.  I respect your right not to print the article as is, but I won't be taking the killing part out.  If I did, I would fail in my duty as a messenger to deliver messages without changing them.

warmest regards,
Jelaila Starr

Larry’s response: (what a guy!)

Thanks for your quick reply, Jelaila. I totally understand your position, and respect you for keeping it.

All the best,


Just got done reading the chat session you organized regarding the Indigos.  A few thoughts I had:

An important contract for these beings is to help filter out the negative emotions out of our planetary system.  To continue with the spider analogy, these disharmonious energies of violence, anger, rage, pollution, destruction, up to lack of integration with ones god-self shake the web of interconnectedness indigos are helping to build.  If you shake the web of a spider, it's going to be bothered, right?  And as with all humans, indigos will vary in their responses to this irritation, but I think their learning cycle is much shorter than many other types of humans, so will learn more lessons from mistakes they make.  Also, as a planet, we're on such a fast path, it's hard to analyze many seemingly horrible events that happen because these so-called horrible events (Columbine, etc.) may just be the quickest path to our highest planetary expression.

Indigo kids I think can often withdraw from people easily because they can continue to fulfill their contracts without much speaking with others.  They are very connected to what goes on around them without ever uttering a word.  For the parents whose kids won't talk to them, I'd bet from the kid's perspective, this started from seeing their parents time and again act towards them in ways that aren't in full alignment with their higher selves.  Indigos relate most with one's higher self and if someone is not acting in alignment with their higher self, the indigo will refuse to bow to the lower, louder physical self.

This is why they carry themselves with so much reverence; it is their higher self coming through and they connect to people at that level.  If someone talks to you like Oscar the Grouch all the time, no matter what they're saying, many people will tune out a childish, annoying voice and this is what indigos feel when someone acts out of alignment with their higher self.  And, if someone connects more fully with your higher self, your higher self will come through in you more and more energy will be available to you.  In time, the kids will possess the abilities to harmonize their higher selves more with the frequencies that cause their parents to act the way they do and hopefully they can heal the rifts between them then.

I think you already know this, but the "ADD / ADHD" thing is a boredom response because these kids are so intelligent and connected with their higher selves.  It's simply incomprehensible to many of the indigo's teachers how quickly they can learn things.  I think many indigos would be better off dancing to learn the state capitols than rote memorization.  Also, I think the hyperactive part of the syndrome may also come from inefficiently transmuting and filtering energies and instead they get them stored up and have to act up physically to release the energy.  This is a very complex problem and I think there are lots of other factors.

Indigo kids are NOT more special than any other type of being on Earth. We are all extremely special, but their energy is very current to the Earth's situation.  The special gifts indigos have are the very things the Earth needs at this time.  They are most prepared to help the Earth right now.  In the near future, other types of beings will carry more gifts that will be more appropriate (stuff will REALLY get exciting then) and in the past, others have made good on their special opportunity to put us where we are now as a planet.  Right now the indigos have center stage and I have a feeling the spotlight is just beginning to find them.  Hold on!

In the spirit of love,
Ken Krauss

Dear Jelaila,

Loved your article on Children of the web, both my children are webbies. We have a problem in South Africa because our schools are not suited to these poppets.

An educationalist by the name of Elaine Lee (no relation I'm sure) is starting a school especially for them, but the message I'm getting is that training the parents will be one of her most important functions. If we can get enough webbed parents then hopefully we can make good on our contract.

From my own experience with my poppets...... the anger and emotions are just so difficult for them to handle. I forwarded your article to Elaine for her reference too. And thanks to your chat I shall try and get my webbies out in to nature more often.

many thanks for your hard work, I would have loved to join your chat on Monday but I think it is at about 2am Johannesburg time.

Blessing for your road show.

love and light,

Dear Jelaila,

I just read your article - "The Indigos - Children of the Web"  I found it to be very interesting because I have been labeled an Indigo by my dear spiritual mentor Carol, who can find things out about people by using her special board and pendulum and the persons blood.  I preface with this information because when I read about Indigos through Kryon, I was confused that I was born too early to be Indigo.  (July 5, 1964).  Then I was at a Kryon conference last year and I missed the info on Indigos - when I came back to my seat, Carol told me that I was an Indigo.  Kryon had said that there were a few born before 70.   Anyway, she put me on her board and confirmed it.  Who knows if it is really true, yet the article mentioned above that you wrote rang true in many ways.  Let me explain. 

I was raised in a VERY dysfunctional family, with sexual abuse (that I have NO recollection of - yet since I have been in massage school, some physical symptoms have come up and emotional releases that confirms it - plus Carol checked her board for me).  I started remembering things at about fifth grade (not much, but my memory started coming back)  then soon after that I became very asthmatic and was put on some heavy drugs, such as prednizone.  Which I have since learned is a number.   Surprise, surprise.  Then I started branching off from mainstream upbringing to holistic health and realized I could heal myself from anything.  I became healthier than ever in my physical body, stopped all of my asthma medication and worked for a non force chiropracter that taught me the power of your thoughts and a woman that worked there as a spiritual healer clued me in on the real truths of who we are.  I was most definitely home and was healing.   

At the time I was married to a person who watched me come alive, yet did not like it.  I stayed with him, had a beautiful daughter and left him 11 years into our relationship.  When I started talking about Immortality he freaked out and I decided I would rather be alone than with someone who can't grasp the concept of our infinite selves.   

When I was in relationship with him, after quitting work to raise my daughter, I became depressed and sick a lot.  My asthma started coming back and I began smoking  a lot of pot.  Another number.  To make this long story shorter - after being out of the relationship with him for 2.5 years I am getting back on track with a healthy diet and positive thinking.  I have drawn to me some amazing people who have acted as spiritual mentors and friends. 

In order to keep my emotions down I created a pot addiction and through my work and being in massage school and all that came up as a result of that, I have quit.  It has been 15 days and I am having an intense time in my physical body, feeling things I never felt before from my belly botton up and being numb from the belly button down.  And lots of emotions coming up.  I feel like I am constantly on a rollercoaster and I YEARN for PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE AND COMMUNITY.    I have a very hard time with people that are not honest and true to their word.  My family life was all about hiding and lies and I married a huge pathological liar.   

Now that I am on my own as a single mother and about to enter the healing arts with massage (I am also involved with an internet based co. that is in over 200 countries) I feel lost as to what is next for me.  I know I am here for a reason, I have gotten messages that lead me to believe I am supposed to join communities together.  I am stagnant in this - the internet business is all about that.  I am going through some major emotional upheavals and weird flashes.  I don't know if they are true.   

I am pushing a lot of anger and I always wonder what people think of me.  I am 36, yet look about 24-26.  I feel confused, disillusioned by this crazy world and sometimes wish I could just be on the other side already.  Yet I know I am here for a reason and will stick it out for I know that we are coming on some wonderful moments as we merge into the fifth dimension. 

I loved your article in reference to the security measures that will be incorporated so that only the true, honest hearts will be able to enter. 

If you would be willing to help me, I would love to get a session.  I want to move through this block and become more whole so that I can work my internet biz (lots of money in that when I work it) and focus on the healing arts as well.  Paying close attention to my daughter and taking care of myself are also high priorities.   I am just now learning how to take care of myself, it is getting easier.   I have always given to others, including them taking from me. 

Blessings of Peace,


Thanks for sharing the new article, I read it early this morning and it really explained a few things about my son to me.  He's now 9, and ever since he was about 9 months old, I have felt that he has NO IDEA of how to express the lower emotions. Each time he feels frustration, anger, fear , he simply explodes, and reacts in a way which is out of all proportion to the situation. He cant handle any changes to plans and I've never been able to tell him tentative plans because if they fall through, he accuses me of lying and explodes in a violent temper tantrum.

When he was 1 and 2, he used to have tantrums which would last for 40 - 50 minutes each, twice to four times a day.  As you can imagine, I was totally out of my depth and used to wonder what I was doing wrong, had done wrong...what could I do.  No method of dealing with the tantrums worked, (and I tried them all) and it got to the stage with him that I would put him in a stroller and go for a walk because I knew I would'nt kill him in public.

I'm crying as I write those words, but that is the truth of my feelings at that time.

I began to see that nothing worked with his tantrums because the reason for the tantrum was NOT not getting his own way, but the fact that he just couldn't deal with the emotion and the feelings that had been created by the situation which triggered him (sometimes the situation was as simple as his lunchtime sandwich not being cut straight --- that one was the one that made me think I'll never understand this little person)

I think that because both me and my husband grew up in families where expressing the lower emotions was not allowed, this has created an atmosphere in our home where Andrew is in the situation that you speak about.  Andrew has been on medication for six years now, ( and while its kept us sane and stopped me killing him) it is not the solution which I would have chosen...There just seems not to have been too many other alternatives.

I feel some hope that this may be a practical solution which we can begin to work on. This makes so much sense to me that I feel this is on the right track.

Thank you again Jelaila,

From: "Sandy C.

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for the having the courage to put this information out there. 

All children deserve parents that respect them, have integrity, honesty - But I can see that I don't simply make that a way of life as fully as I intend to and as has been stated - it's time for a wake-up call. 

I don't feel fear having read what you've shared - I feel gratefully informed.  And renewed in my desire to BE in Truth As I see it In That Moment.  That's what I tell my kids all of the time because my son would come and tell me I lied somewhere along the way when he would notice an inconsistency.  Or tell me that his teachers lie... whew.  Yes - sometimes adults lie, sometimes the situations change. 

Blessings - Sandy


Just finished reading your article about spider / web / indigo kids.  It's important to note that many of these kids aren't really kids anymore.  They're young adults, some even fully grown.  It's about time we start recognizing this and asking for them to use their special gifts for which they incarnated here to express.  In the end, they will be much happier for this.  By constantly referring to them as children, we are misleading many people with our culture's assumptions that kids don't have anything to contribute. 

As I'm sure you know, the new paradigm is the kids teaching the adults.  If we don't listen to them, we're missing some of their most important gifts and it's important to listen to them immediately, when they're young, and fresh from the other side, before our society makes them forget much of what they know.  It is much harder for them to regain this knowledge after socialization in a society that doesn't recognize their gifts.  But, it's also important to remember that the first ones knew this coming in and are happy to be leading the way, even if they're ignored at first.  We're ahead of the game as a planet and even though this kids will do some f*cked up sh*t, they're transmuting much energy for the planet in the process.  They're doing this because they're more capable of transmuting these energies than the beings who incarnated on Earth before.

I recently have had a very long and vivid dream myself where many of the people in the dream were carrying guns and existing as if in a war zone.  Interestingly, in my dream, many were completely oblivious to the chaos and bullets around them (I was one of these people ).  I wish I had more recall of the dream at the moment to share with you, but one thing I took from the dream was a feeling that this was a metaphor and not a premonition that such a state would actually come to be.  It's been a couple of weeks since I had this dream and looking at the date at the head of your article, I bet I had it right around the time you had your dream.  Hmmm....

Anyway, I just turned 27 and have a strong desire to work with the internet.  Several years ago, I was about as anti-technology as you can believe for someone who's so surrounded by technology now.  When I registered my site, I think I had been on a PC maybe 5 times in the 3 or 4 years before that.  Please come browse my website  I've been working on it for a little over 2 years.  I've looked around your site and you've got lots of great information there.  I found out about your site through Standing Elk.  I've been to a couple of Star Knowledge conferences, but I don't think you came to any I went to.  Hopefully, we'll have the chance to meet soon.  Keep up the good work!

Ken K.

Good Morning Jelaila, 

The Indigo children are the 7th root race gathering from the Trinity Universe.  They do indeed work as your client has seen in webbing for they are led by Spiderwoman, from the Hopi Eagle Clan, she serves as the female incarnation of Christ, but the real purpose of the Indigo children are as master ecologists who are capable of shape shifting during the aftermath of the apocalypse and clean up this planet.  In the mean time there role is to develop as many environmental geniuses as possible before the water on the planet is completely dead.

Some did incarnate early on in the 70's, the elder clan of the 7th root race, the majority however have incarnated from 1987 on and exist in the schools today as gifted children.  That's my two cents , i believe the 7th root race is discussed in my book, hope you like it.  the city of lights are being constructed by holographic magicians who created a virtual reality framework into the higher harmonics of the 5th dimension so the Indigo children would not have to deal much with the confusing astral environment.


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