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reader's comments gifComments on The Ingathering Has Begun!




I do agree with the information that you received in the article about the ingatherings.  That this starts on the net, in cyberspace creating these cities of lights.  The computer and net  allows us to do the inner work of coming together, this must be accomplished first it is the only way that all starseeds, lighworkers, walk-ins can really join together in cooperation and unity.  It is a great tool for us all.

Love ya,

Hi Jelaila,

I recently came across your website and your insightful articles, they really resonated with me.   I found out a few years ago that I was a starseed, except I didn't really know what that meant.  I found the connection of the web/light cities of the fifth dimension also an intriguing concept, especially that is what I do for a living - a software/web engineer.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.



My name is Matthew Paul Valois, a student over at the University of Oklahoma; I just wanted to write and let you know that I've been enjoying your website for the past few hours; something hit home with me in your ingathering was around that time that I've upped my interest in spirituality and healing...since then I've been attuned to Reiki II, recently been initiated into Magnified healing, and had the opportunity to have a wonderful session with Marilyn Harper, a Reiki Master and Master of Magnified Healing who channels an 5th dimension being named Adirronda, who explained my interesting in healing and spirituality.

I'm an Indigo that brings vibrational energies from the Sirius and Pleadian systems, and am supposed to incorporate my music (that's what I'm studying at college) with what I'm learning metaphysically.  In the ingathering article, you talked about a guide who only came to tell of a change in life, or going into the next phase; the reference to the websites really hit home with me, because that's where alot of my information has come from the last two months: looking up everything that I have interest it, and noting the unending similarities between everyone's stories, methods for ascension, etc; a little discrepency here and there, but for 99% of the time: everyone is saying and teaching the same things through different modalities.  I just wanted to write you and let you know my input; let me know what you think!!!

Love and light,

Dear Jelaila,

A few days ago,  just before I woke up, I saw a flash of a city covered in a very bright light;I was standing near a riverside and the lighted city was situated on the other side of the river.. I did not think about it no more untill the evening of that same day I read you article about the cities of light/websites. I was amazed!  One year ago I found a parttime job in a small multimedia company. This job has allowed me to start up my own healing practice. I have always felt that somehow my job in the multimedia-sector was more than just to earn money. Your article has lifted a part of the veil..

Many, many thanks for writing this article!

Colorful Lightgreetings,


I ran across your article today under the new Indigo children section of the planet light worker.  Four years ago I was inspired to create a website -

When you talked of a spider web - something clicked in my mind - I had been trying to get our webmaster [who has since resigned] to use a spider's web that I created, as a contents logo. He had a bunch of excuses why it would not work.   This concept of a spider web, with globs of golden light [?] strategically placed throughout it was given me in a vision several years ago  - when I was reading your article it felt like de javu.

Thank you, I appreciated the confirmation.

In Peace,
Athena of the 2nd wave

Hi Jelaila,

I just discovered the message from you on the PlanetLightworker website.

I too have been given this same message about the Cities of Light beginning with a dream I had in 1987, and much verification, including from one of my star-brothers after he passed on from this earthly life in 1997.  Here is an excerpt from a message that he co-wrote with me from spirit:

"Someday you'll remember who you are--the seed within a bright and shining star..."  John Denver, from the song Wandering Soul

So, coming full circle around to God’s plan again…part of it points to something like our loved ones in spirit and our angels helping us to build new places of habitation that are more in line with natural universal principles and rhythms.  These places have been called Holy Cities, or Cities of  Light, in certain scriptures.  They represent the new world we are creating for ourselves, that truly can be heaven on earth.  We must do our part at this end if we wish to live in these cities (which will really be more like garden communities).  All souls will unite and reunite, here in these cities, including those who have passed from this physical plane.

We will learn how to communicate with the spirit world, and sorrowful "death" as we know it will cease to exist.

So hearing this from you is more verification to me; maybe there is a way we can work or network together.  Being on-line gives a whole new meaning to "network," doesn't it? LOL  Maybe that is how these cities will cities of the Heart (oh, oh that sounds like a song trying to sing itself!)


Dear Jelaila,

I received your message concerning the Ingathering with great interest.  It reached me today after it had no doubt traveled through a variety of connections.

I was glad to receive the information as it made sense of some messages I had been receiving from other levels.  Due to the nature of my work, I am often sent information via the web of this style but I have never read anything that scanned as well as yours did.  (By scanned I mean when I looked at its vibration it was coming from Spirit and Truth, rather than someone's ego or confusion.)

I am told that your connections in the Council are such that you will be able to get information on who I am, if you ask.  If you feel it is appropriate I would like to connect with you.

I look forward to your reply.
Many blessings,
Catherine W.

Dear Jelaila!

Hopefully this will get to you after my third try in as many days. You see I'm one of the" walk-ins", that has been impulsed for the past year to get a computer.  I've had this one for all of about two months  and am virtually computer "illiterate."  As a retired school teacher of  nearly eleven years,  I did not have much exposure to them, and truthfully didn't want any!

Things changed suddenly and rapidly  about a year ago when I was in a bad accident on a return trip home from Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico. All of a sudden I found myself thinking that I absolutely HAD TO HAVE A COMPUTER!  On questioning my own Guides as to whatever for, I was told I would find out in due time.(I was not without other means of communication with the world, even tho I was temporarily slowed down for a little while.}  My next question was where would the funds come from to get it. There was No Way on my tiny La. State Pension that I could do it!    Of course my Guides, chided me about remembering that Spirit always provides.  A year after my accident, a small settlement was awarded to me by the Ins. Co. of the people responsible for the accident. I received my beautiful little computer the last week in July, and have been learning piece-meal from friends, how to work with it.

But it wasn't til I got the message of The Ingathering, that I understood why I had to have it. It is my responsibility as a Walk-in, to give not only the messages I receive to those in my circle, but that of other Light Beings, Walk-ins, and Star Seed such as yourself and others.

The Ingathering has been passed on to thousands in the past few days, thanks to you and your courage for putting it out there. Please keep me posted with any new info and updates. If I can figure out how to sign on to your mailing list I'll do that. Also, I will check out how to have a reading with you .

In the meantime , may you be filled with the peace. joy, love and light of Spirit, and as always, "Don't forget to stop and look for rainbows!"

Rainbow Paths of Light Healing & Holistic Center
Rev. Mary Parrish, M.Ed, SRT.,DD R.M.

Hi Jelaila,

My name is Shelli and I was referred to your article by Sharyl Jackson. I have been corresponding via email with Sharyl over the last few days because of questions regarding Indigo Children, more specifically my own beautiful child, Desiree.

I was reading your article getting shivers with such intensity, I felt I have been guided to write. So not sure why I am writing, other than to say...

What can I do? How can I help to serve this purpose?

Interestingly, reading your vision of the two worlds bridged, I saw Atlantis. Since I was a child, Atlantis has always held some meaning for me, although I know nothing about the "Hidden City" only that it's very real. Several months ago, in an email from a friend, she asked me about my beliefs in Atlantis and Edgar Cayce. In searching I found a University in Florida, called Atlantis Univ, that works hand in hand with the teaching of Edgar Cayce's work.

I am enclosing a link to my personal website although I am not sure it will post on this.  My professional one, Mind -Body-SpiritLink is currently being redone as I write.

Again, not sure why I am here other than to say I AM.

Shelli B.

Dearest Jelaila:

I've been wanting to respond to your article for days now, so much "stuff" is coming in and out that distracted me.

I have an additional take on your information and it may be that it's just all around ME and so I project out.  For the past ten years I have been told about centers for healing arts I will establish/run/operate.  I have met many folk who have been given the same information with some variety.

Three years ago I started receiving information telling me VERY specifically that I would be running a center in Lake Como, Italy. For TWO YEARS!!!  everything I saw, heard, dreamt and read about was

Lake Como. Finally, the time and resources came to pass and when I was on the computer one day perusing through a travel website I am a member of, there was a great flight to Milan, less than an hour south of Lake Como and my entire body went into goose bumps (which I experience when I hear or say TRUTH!). IT ONLY TOOK TWO YEARS!  Well, that turned out to be a "planting the seed" trip. I spent six glorious weeks anchoring energy around northern Italy and spent most of the time in Lugano, Switzerland in total Bliss Heaven. No healing center, but Bliss was totally acceptable.

When I returned to the States and spoke with Spirit, I was informed that I had carried lots of energies this trip so that when I return to Italy I can carry more as I will be familiar with the territory and will have anchored energies to reconnect with. 

When I came to Atlanta in November I was drawn to a very special part of the City that has drawn me for 30 years. I was told that this will be the first of three healing centers/centers for healing arts that I will establish, one in Atlanta, one in Italy and one in France.

In December,'99 The Beacons of Light, The Group information channeled by Steve Rother, transmitted a message describing a gathering of energy sites, LIGHT CENTERS, that some of us call Healing Centers, the Group said.  They said we would be like pearls in a necklace encircling the globe , connecting and interconnecting with one another for reasons on all dimensions. Healers would come to rejuvenate and heal; others would come to be healed and assisted with the ascension processes.

I have had pictures and pictures with great detail about what will be part of my path. I have also been told many times that the Internet, websites and global communications will be one of the main pieces of activity at the centers.

I see ALL these pieces, yours and mine and everyone else's, as part of a wondrous mosaic being brought together, the Gathering....

I am Scorpio on the cusp of Saggitarius. The Scorpion, the Eagle flying and released, the Phoenix rising from cleansing and burning everything and releasing all.

Lord Sananda is my Gate Keeper, but I don't have conscious connection with him.  When I saw the information sent me on The Gathering conference by Sananda's Eagles, can you imagine how far out of my skin I flew!>!>???  Please imagine how wonderful it feels to have you also talk about Gatherings. I travel a lot and would love to meet with you one of these days, a cup of tea would be lovely. I will make every effort to participate in the Monday chat room, I have a meeting from 7-9pm with VERY talkative people. I will leave early to return home and get on board.

In Love & Light, Naomi

P.S. I sent your "gathering" information to someone in Norway I met on a website I belong to. IT RESONATED so much with him, I'm sure he will connect with you directly. He has a magazine and he sounds just delightful.

Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for sharing the information about the web Cities.  Per assignment, I am creating a visual representation of what you and I and others have see on our website... the Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY.

I felt the ingathering too as we are approaching 10,000 points of light (entries) in the directory.  At that time (very soon), we will place the points of light on our map to show people where all the 10,00 entries are located.  (I know there is software that can help us do this.) With the software, we can interconnect all the point of light with spider webbing pulses of light.

This will be our new "blueprint" for the website and people who can just stop and look at it will get connected.

This is the vision I have held for 3 years since I quit my job to construct the map.  Of course the data had to be in place first... what a task.  Help has come at various steps along the way.  I chanted all the names last year and felt the web enliven.

Thank you, Thank you for sharing your vision.  We are looking for the resources, that spirit sends at this very minute, to complete this task and start the next phase (don't know what that is yet). 

Thank you for listening... I am so excited to share with you.   It's been so much work but I feel it coming together too and get so energized that it is all coming about.

Not sure what else to say except thanks for doing your part and continuing to be a sacred voice.  Namaste to you.

Love and de Light,Nancy

Hello there,

I received a message from Isis in Oregon about your  wonderful revelation about the in gathering...It made the hair on my neck stand up and then I began to cry...It was a crying of relief, and kinship, and sisterhood, and lonliness...I had to let my subconscious think about this a few days, and feel more centered about what I am sparked my next project along with a few more syncronicities.  I made a page with the email I got so I could refer back to this OK? 

I have an idea to create a place of tremendous beauty which will include everything I know..I am very excited about it as I also am enjoying creating web pages many people are so hungry....Anyway I am here and accounted for...Galactic Volunteer reporting for duty!  :D)

Time Traveler

Dear Jelaila,

I am building a website to network information for healers and  lightworkers.  A friend emailed me a copy of "The Ingathering has begun !"  May I include this in my  website, together with the email and website links?

The name of my website will be and i am  part of a website design company  in England and also work as a healer, poet in schools, water diviner, artist etc.

Love and light, Julia Woodman

Hello Jelaila: 

That article is absolutely brilliant!  Each time that I read it, I get something else from it and pieces of the vision I have held for years.  I think I told you that I have raised a house full of children.  Well, they represent all the racial groups on planet Earth, some of them several races.  The last 30 years of my life has been spent "honoring our differences, unity in diversity, etc."  I have known for some time that there was another level to this diversity, which very few see and that I was to be a part of that.

Anyway, one of the things that I wanted to say to you is that I was thinking about the way you get these messages......that different people have the codes for different pieces.  It is so cool, cuz it is just like the representation of the communities of light in cyberspace.  No one of us has the whole picture, but each of us has a piece of it, and when we find each other and come together, the piece comes forth.  It was intended this way this is the way we ensured harmony in creating the whole instead of infighting.  Some of us who would never normally talk to each other, are drawn together to activate codes in each other, interconnect, form alliances and friendships.  We planned this part very well, at least I can say that because it seems to be working!!!

You know, last night I was getting that the elderly white haired gentlemen is indeed Metatron!  I have always known that he had a lot to do with the codes of light.  I had just never asked his name before. 

One more thing.........your agreements stuff is a critical piece to personal empowerment and mastership.  You already know that, but that too is so clear to me.  What I call the "energy exchange" of it must be an equal match to ensure the flow not be interrupted.  When there is not an equal "energy exchange" the flow is interrupted, there is at least a hiccup, if not a complete break.  We have been told for some time to release all the vows we have take before God, which carry over lifetime after lifetime.  As we release those vows of poverty, celibacy, silence as well as the idea that service to god has no value that you can determine, we will be ready to make these kinds of agreements of which you are speaking.  Most lightworkers cannot do this.  But the key is the equality of the energy exchange and that will mean something different each time and may or may not include money.  And herein lies where our creativity and personal needs and tastes come in......our individuality as we create agreements with Spirit, family, partners, whatever. 

My blessings to you and your willingness to do what is needed at any given moment. Anyway, Jelaila, the service you are performing is awesome.  I am pleased to be a part of our Cities of Light. 


Dear Sister Jelaila,

I thank you for the message.  I received the same inner feeling a few days ago, but you always have a way of putting it out there faster and understandable.  I am glad anf happy that you have been chosen to be a major part of this Divine Plan.  I am in support of your energy 100% plus.

The term Star Knowledge Newsletter kept circulating in my mind.  So of course, I thought about a newsletter.  I would break it in four parts.  Earth Messengers, Star Messengers and Messages from the Ascended Realms.  The fourth would be just feedback, advertising, and other announcements.  I feel that would cover many areas for growth.

I am asking your assistance and with your permission to possible print some of your material in the newsletter once I get it up and running?

Thank you for your heart and your purpose.

Mitakuye oyasin
Standing Elk


I am completely dumbfounded and in a state of mild shock ( and I mean shock, clammy hands etc.) from the In-gathering mail list posting you sent just moments  ago.

The first time I heard of you was when a friend forwarded The First Wave  article a few weeks ago. Since then I have read much of your website and found that I resonate very strongly with the Greater Nibiruan Council Group Assignment. Both of these articles created a less intense but similar feeling in me.

Since reading those articles I have felt mildly impulsed to contact you  directly, but not knowing what to say any more then a vague "Hello. I'm here.  Are there any other people or groups of like mind in my area?"  I refrained.

But today! Today is a different story. I began the day today, Sept 11,  scaning your website for any new information. Then within hours you posted the  link that I did not find this morning. I feel that the message The  Ingathering has Begun! was directly targeted at me and my exact and I mean  exact, situation.

I am a computer scientist living in, of all places, Seattle Washington. I  have spent the last six years developing the visions I have had of building  Internet based computer systems for Electronic Commerce.

The 'spider web' connected cities vision you described is the same vision I  have been working with!

So, I wrote you to say. Hello. I AM Here. Are there any other people or  groups of like mind, that you are aware of, in Seattle?

I eagerly await any more messages you are given. You are doing incredibly important work and I can't even began to express in  words the gratitude I feel for  you having the courage to be who you are!  You  have helped me immeasurably over just the last few weeks.

Thank you.
David H.

Hi Jelaila,

It is good to get confirmation of our own messages. Especially when you are in the states and we are in OZ.

My friend Sheila Battersby and I were doing some work together and Sheila channelled that the computers were the Cities of Light that we had been talking about for so long. That as we became more computer literate and versatile these cities would be like "homes". This channelling was Already I am finding that on Monday the 28th August - so about the 27th in your time.  I think we are about 18 hours ahead.

I also have been getting information from Oonatamajri for about 15 months who told me to take the information to the women elders. He has been very helpful to me during this time. he comes and goes. I can not call him in in the same manner as I usually do when working with other dimensions. If I call an intermediary comes - who is able to communicate with language that I understand. (Tsunamawa is his name) I had assumed ( before your article) that he meant aboriginal elders. I tried every which way to meet and talk with these ladies but - no go. Your article presents a different picture altogether and when I have had the opportunity to do my own channel I may get a different response from Oonatamajari - (he is certainly aboriginal in appearance - in my minds eye anyway.) I know he does not use language only telepathy because he tells me that there was no language.  My computer has a name Ngaire because we interact so beautifully together.

Sometimes I do not have to even type the stories just appear. Certainly more and more as I send healing messages - the computer just does it for me. One day recently I had 589 emails. At least half of these needed response for healing of counseling of something. I opened the emails at 6 .45am and at 7.05am all was finished. The computer an the Universe allowed time to stand still. I am sure that there are many more like me who are having these wonderful experiences. At least with computer emails we can share without the isolation society puts upon us. This isolation is also receding as I find more and more "mainstream" folk are coming for advise. I am being invited to more and more Ladies groups, church groups etc. as a luncheon or guest speaker. I always "knew" where I was going now I am beginning to see it as well.

with love from my heart to your heart
Gaele A.

Dear Jelaila!

I don't know what to say about this fantastic information  about the ingathering.  Lately I have been feeling an urge to gather with the  starry family again, and I dont know why. It just came as an impulse and I'm not  sure what to do about it.

Sometimes I think about Ken Carey's book about "The  Starseed transmissions", and I wonder how the cities of light will once  manifest. Your "information", "channeling" about internet as the medium for this  to happen is something I never thought of. I guess it's true in a  sense...

Thank you for a beautiful vision. It is so good to have  visionaries among us!

Many regards from Norway,

Dear Jelaila,

I've recently read two of your articles, both of  which provided me with a very strong sense of inner knowing and empowerment. The  Earth Mission Codes symbols in the Second Earth Grand Experiment rang bells loud  and long. I've had a deep connection to Ashtar since I first began to see UFOs  about 12 years ago and also experience dreams of being aboard these ships. I am  actively involved in Ashtar's Trinity programme and I sense his energies about  me when I meditate. Strangely enough I also have a deep connection to Akhnaton,  through channeled messages received from him through Soltec.(I am not a channel)  Presently I've been drawn to working with Akhnaton's symbolic star language kit  featured on Soltec's website

Then to the Cities of Light article, - with an  explanation that these centers will exist in cyberspace, all accessible via the  internet. Very early in the late 80s, I read about the cities of light we would  build in the new age and dreamed about contributing to them. Now my desire is to  refine and enrich my own small site into an educational/spiritual source that  will form part of the linkage to these "cities." What a wonderful concept, - one  that will provide benefits to humanity in an open, free, instant and uncensored  way.

This is a brief email, just to keep in touch and  send on my continued love and light.


Dearest Jelaila,

I have been reading your emails and wonder-full messages brought to me through Michael Russ and this one I could not resist replying to. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AMAZING MESSAGE. It has futher helped me understand who and what I AM to do in this life. The Universe has answered my queries regarding this and I am so very grateful.

I know you must receive many messages so I will keep this one short, but I also feel that it nice to receive feedback and encouragement for your work, so I share with you, with Love :)

I have been a graphic designer for 10 yrs. I commenced my spiritual growth in August 1999 (consciously, anyway!) and started publishing my own spiritual newsletter in June this year. I have been an active member at the Linda Goodman website and owe a lot of my development to that site. I am now being 'guided' to take my newsletter called "the Word" to the internet to allow it to fulfill my original ambition of it being an interactive newsletter with reader participation. So here I AM, planning to further my graphic design skills by starting a website development course to get my newsletter online :D (I already design for the web, but I don't program.) And here is my confirmation via your message. Aren't we lucky to be guided in this way? (I know we asked for it, but still, in my present Humaness, I am thankful) I AM sooo grateful to the Star Elders (funny, I feel like they are my peoples' elders - Aboriginal Australians) for their message via you, and thank you Sharyl, for being the activator :) My energy levels have been low due to clearing, but I feel them re-centering now.

I Love You, Soul SiStars. Be Well.

Eternally, I AM
Tanya Marie Annandale


Just a thought.  I was at a Merkaba  seminar recently and kept seeing am image over and over again.  I tried,  unsuccessfully to draw it.  The day after I got back I found it it the 'Keys of  Enoch" p.219..exactly reproduced.  It is - somewhere in the Keys described as a 'City of Light'.  Twelve of these are supposed to be coming, at the right time,  guided in by the Pyramid gridworks and the Merkabas of the Masters to twelve  places on the Earth.  Then the Lightworkers who are supposed to go will be  gathered into these cities.  The Keys doesn't seem to imply that anyone has to  move PHYSICALLY anywhere, but that the correct people will be gathered.

Perhaps this could be helpful, it is  hard to say....

Blessings, Marsha

Hi Jelaila,

This is fantastic. I have been receiving messages from my guides much similar to this. In the messages they were telling me that now is a time of gathering and harvesting.

Now Jelaila I have a small message from Sanat Kumara for you :

" My dear sister Jelaila one of your tasks you took upon yourself is that of a mediator between different councils and our dear volunteers walking in a human body at the beginning of the Golden Age of the Earth. All these volunteers need a place to feel a bit at home therefore you will be asked to pass messages that will resonate with the different races and beings from different places and dimension. You will do that by different means. This is one of many ways.  Your brother in light Sanat Kumara"

Jelaila does this resonate with you?. The reason I am asking this is that Sanat Kumara is a new guide for me and I am trying to validate the things I hear.

Light, Love, Wisdom and Abundance,

Hello Jelaila,

My name is Robbie (Roberta) I am writing you regarding your article "The ingathering has begun" On Sept. 9th I awoke to a voice in my head calling my name rather loudly. This has happened about 5 times in my life usually before or right after the death of someone I know. This time no one has died. Try as I might, I can't seem to get any clarity on why the voice called me. Perhaps it has something to do with this in gathering thing.

Any ideas? I'm stumped and just can't get an answer, except I do feel moved to ask for your help.          

Best blessings to you,

Jelaila’s Answer:

Interesting experience, huh?  Sounds like they have already given you the answer via an indirect means.  At least that is what I get. Sort of like the experience was a call to pay attention to something that you would be receiving.  Does that make sense?

Dear Jelaila,

I just recently subscribed to your e-mail list and I must say that the information I read  this morning about ingathering and the website just has me vibrating internally- for want of a better description.  What you wrote couldn't be more synchronous for what my husband and I have been experiencing.  I found your information from David Icke's website originally and I was immediately drawn to you.  What you say rings so true for me and it is a pleasure to have found the connection.. We are currently constructing our website and I just feel like laughing at how wonderful the universe presents confirmations to us in so many wonderful forms.  We live in Calgary, Alberta and have a clinic here called the Healing House.  Thank-you for the information.

Tracy T.

Dear Jelaila:

Hi!  I had a totally unexpected, but wonderful telephone conversation with Jonathon last night (I forgot you were doing the chat room!) and told him about your article listed below!  I have been feeling this way for some time (at least 1 year now).  I believe this very strongly because I have owned, managed and run an internet-based business since 1995 and I am heavily involved with the Internet, eCommerce businesses. 

As I may have told you, I market & sell IT computer professionals, web developers, web designers, web architects on the latest & greatest, most cutting-edge technology to clients all over the US!  A lot of my success has been with networking my way across the Internet with job seekers and have developed a fantastic strategic alliance network who I adore!  We all try to work with the highest ideals, highest ethics, with the best interest at heart for all concerned to make every thing we do -- at the highest possible quality of life for all concerned!

I have been receiving guidance from my soul and my guides to create another floating palaces of light to which people can come to obtain information or be referred to other resources for additional information!  This is fantastic!  Thank you for sharing!

Your cosmic sister, Cherie

Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for the article. I have a few thoughts which it provoked that I'd like to share with you.

Through a metaphysical group I've been going to for a few years now, members have been bringing through information from high vibrational beings who sometimes identify themselves and sometimes not ( for they say the information is what is important, not their names ).   Sometimes they call themselves The Ancient Ones.  There is a member who communicates with another group called The Council of Twelve also known at The Elohim.   I have been asked to assist with a group entity who come from the Violet Ray.  They want the channel to advertise in the PennySaver ( a local shopping free paper ) to draw newbies to spirituality and they will answer any question no matter how seemingly insignificant.  They are loving and helpful and do not want to be put on a pedestal. 

Since I started working with them, I have found an acceleration in my awareness.  In January I bought a new computer, the money just presented itself.  I had wanted to do some sort of website ministry for a while and now was my chance.  Being dyslexic however, I had a hard time conceptualizing how to build web pages and struggled for a few months.

Suddenly, I started to wake up in the middle of the night in sort of a trance state and observe information being given to me- technical computer stuff that was vague when I woke up.  Soon I was able to put up a simple site and share some of the communications I got from the groups.  I have a basic grasp of html now and have been able to throw a few bells and whistles on my site.  The Violet Ones will give me information to put on my site.  They will say " This is for your site and for the ones you serve."  I am in awe of how this happened, but am also excited about it.   If I get any more pertinent information to The Ingathering, I'll post it on the Channeling forum. 

Love and Light, Annarita

Bless you, Jelaila. 

When I read the article you recently posted, I remembered a dream I had -- whew... maybe a year ago.  I know the city of lights you described in the article.  I was one of many taking off in a jet... much like a regular plane... that flew into space.  I remember looking out of the window and in the distance saw the destination from the air... the city of lights.  The atmosphere on the plane was very light, happy and animated.  There were "airline attendants" somehow familiarizing us with the flight... almost like we all had reservations for this flight.  The passengers on the flight were like regular travelers... men, women and children... all ages and cultures.  Nothing unusual... other than the destination of course!! 

Thank you for jogging this memory in my mind.  I often wonder if I have bypassed the chance to take an active part in the transition that is in progress.  I have returned to college after 20-some years and it seems like all I have time to fill my head with is academic "stuff" right now.  But, in the Master Plan... I know there's an ultimate reason for finishing school and being able to do counseling in the next few years (I just don't know exactly why yet!!).  Thank you again for your article.



You wrote:

In the early morning of August 27th I awoke to hear a voice in my head saying, “The ingathering has begun”.  I looked at the clock to see what time it was.  It was 2:22 a.m.  Immediately a picture from a childhood storybook of the animals walking up the ramp into the Ark came to mind .  I knew this was important because the feelings in my heart chakra were very intense.

Ok, I'm a starseed, and I really do share this.  Last few weeks the feeling about this "ingathering" has just become stronger and stronger.  Modernized space-age version of "Ark" has been in my visions very often too, but I've seen myself in a kind of a huge 'lobby', I cannot say is it a ship or what, but it's full of people like rushhour at airport...It has nothing to do "this reality", I was standing there as a 'staff' in a white uniform with badge saying Galactic Federation.

Also seeing code 2:22 or 22:22 happens every day.  Another set of numbers I've spotted: 3:11, 3:44, 3:47 has a nice touch when calculate them in whatever way, anyone else met these?  If someone founds any meaning out of those, these I spotted same night, time/date from my vcr: 05/09 06:10 - timeline? (date format as day/month).

Possible assignment?
Years ago I imagined what if one day I wake up, and most of the people is gone, leaving here only a few. I never used to talk about it, until very recently I met an old friend, who said he's been thinking that same fantasy too often, and with intensity what makes it out "just a fantasy for relaxing"...Then I met even more who "has been playing with a thought" saying "I don't know if it hasn't been a fantasy after all..." Anyone sharing this kind of vision?

In a world of "anything possible" I'll do my job what I've promised to do, only this *waiting* makes me mad ;)

"Let There Be More Light!"  


Well smack me in the face, I thought I was the only nut case around.  What a relief to hear it from someone else. You know I get these "visions/messages" from you knows where? Well, last year I was told that the internet is here to heal the world!!  I was shown the world as being wrapped in a mesh (spiders web thing) of light.  That web was the WWW.

I was told that "we" now had the ability to help worldwide healing via the web. I was also reminded that man did not create the web, but that man is corrupting the web.  They told me that the web had risen like the phoenix from the ashes of a military web, which had been altered in order to provide good for the planet. (I looked this up & it's true:

The original internet linked government defense facilities) I was asked to get directly involved in protecting the web from those who will use it for bad things.  I was told that the whole web issue was tightly linked to the evolution of the planet and that there is an expiration date on the whole process. I was given a time of not more that 9 years(this was in the middle of 1999).  I was told that if we didn't sort out the web corruption by then, it would cause a problem for us.

It is possible (I have done it already) to send light and healing down the web (merely by intent) using a physical link (cables etc) to carry a non physical intent.  The WWW is almost a physical manifestation of the metaphysical light web which is currently starting to envelop our planet.  I have been side tracked and not pursued the issue, but I have kept note of certain things in my head, like the amazing number of lightworkers who are employed in the IT and web industry. 

Dear Jelaila, thankyou for reminding me of this. I had thought of trying to follow it thu but at the time I thought I wasn't important enough to convince the service providers to do what is required. It also felt that the time was not quite right. Now I know (thanks to you) that I don't need power or importance, I need faith.  And the time is at hand. 

Thanks again.

Heather P.

Hi Jelaila,

There definitely is a new phase getting underway in Lightwork, particularly for those Lightworkers connected with the Golden Eagles.  We here in Australia have been guided to move our work into our local community and we have been given a vision of a spiritual centre which will eventually become a spiritual community.   We have started  in a small way and trust that the rest will follow in due course.  It needs trust , faith and the courage to grasp opportunities as they arise.

May Love and Light surround you
Ankh Em Ma'at -- Live in Truth
Caroline A.

Aloha Jelaila, 

This morning your recent channeling came to me through Larry Morningstar's list. I was very excited to see what you had to say about the websites being nodes on this grid of light.  I too have seen the same vision and for over 5 years we have had our 'coconut'/cyber domain running in this little rural area in Hawai'i, near by where the lava flows.  I saw that we were a template of light and love flowing all over the world as a grid.

We are the Aloha Planet because I was shown how we would seed this vibration throughout the world.  You can find us at:

Our dolphin/whale research consortium Sirius Institute is on there as well.  Count us in.
Aloha for now,
Paradise N.

Dear Jelaila,

I feel prompted to write to you in regards to the cities of light.  In a mailing list there was the mentioning of this 5th dimensional network and in one of the following nights I spent most my night in a in between sleep/awake state 'working' within this concept.

In a full awake state I have no clarity what it all means - I'm just following my feelings to write to you.  I also relate to a recent channeling about the Galactic Federation using a holographic sky to camouflage their work - simply knowing ok, yes, that's what's happening - somewhere I knew it !

Does any of it make sense to you?  How can I be of assistance/service ?

In loving service,
Usui ~ Karuna ~ Lightarian ~ Seichim
Reiki Master/Teacher

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