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Comments on Timeline 2003:
A Message from Sanat Kumara
Part Two



I had a very similar  dream on the night of Nov 23 Saturday. I told a friend and today she sent me your dream. I don't think I have a microchip ...But I DO KNOW that I am thinking collectively with many other people on this planet. I am not sure how or why yet...

I feel like my brain thinks thought that are not my doing. I am ok with it. I cry only when I see or hear about the destruction of nature and the stupidity of humanity. I have no personal sadness in my life. I have everything I want and I want everything I have...I also feel that my 5 senses are here to restrict my vision, hearing, taste and feelings. To keep me away from reality, the real reality...don't worry, I won't poke my eyes out..LOL

All the  best,

Hi Jelaila,

I’m writing from Italy, and my name is  Elmo.  Your work is very, very important for us (for me and my group in Orvieto), many thanks for all your messages, full of passion and love.  I’ve looking for some activities about the people’s manipulation with electronic equipments under the skin , the results is a company that called Applied Digital Solutions; this company at the first had some problems with the food and drugs administrations for the correct use of their technology, but now the ADS, after the last decision of FDA is able to implants their “objects” under the skin.  This is a part of the site  ( :

(October 24, 2002)



PALM BEACH, FL– October 24, 2002 – Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSX), an advanced technology development company, today announced the launch of a national “Get Chipped” promotion for VeriChip, a subdermal personal verification microchip. The first 100,000 registrants and all qualified ADSX shareholders will be eligible for a special introductory savings of $50 at the time of “chipping.” Details on the “Get Chipped” promotion will be posted soon on the Company’s website:

The Company also announced that it has established four new Authorized VeriChip Centers and Distribution Centers in Arizona, Texas and Florida. Including these new centers, there are now seven Authorized VeriChip Centers in the United States: Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Naples, Florida; Port St. Lucie, Florida; McLean, Virginia; Boca Raton, Florida; and Sunrise, Florida.

The “Get Chipped” registration program will assist the Company in determining where and when to establish future Authorized VeriChip Centers. The Company’s fully equipped mobile center - ChipMobile™ - has increased its marketing efforts in the Southeast region, maintaining a full schedule of visits to recreation and stadium events, health clinics, nursing homes, and general ‘awareness’ locations. Those interested in seeing a photo of the ChipMobile, or in learning more about its schedule of community visits, are invited to visit

The Force is with you,

Dear  Jelaila,

Just want to say thanks to you and Sanat Kumara for the recent articles.  It was great to find out that compassion is the highest vibration.  Compassion is now always upermost in my thoughts and I find myself even chanting it to myself at times when a situation calls for it.  It also reminded me of the importance of working on our own dark sides and not sweeping it under the rug, but bringing it out, working on it and clearing it!

The "dark" information in the first article was not totally surprising to  me.  Since Sept 11th I've become increasingly aware of the Agenda relating to the New World Order and it is downright frightening.

Am wondering what your knowledge is relating to the Chem Trails that are happening all over the world.  In recent weeks the entire West Coast has been bombarded with them just about every day.  You talk about HARP and the ELFs and was wondering if you perceive the Chem Trails as being part of the "dark" plan.  I had a nightmare about them recently and whenever I see them, I have a hard time dealing with it emotionally because whatever is being spewed across our skys seems to be harming water, plants and people...not to mention that they often block out the sun and seem to be causing temperatures to drop.

Thanks for the great work you are doing.  And if you have any thoughts or perceptions on the Chem Trail issue, would appreciate hearing.

Rose M.
of Northern California

Jelaila’s Answer:
Hi  Rose,

That’s a good question and one that I should write an article about.  Will dothat next.  Thanks for the idea!

Dear Jelaila,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your posting.  Lately the swirling tide of negativity, appearing in the media, in the faces of colleagues at work etc., has been hard to rise above.  I always remind myself "it is OK, all is as it should be.   We are ascending as a planet and this military madness persecution of the world`s peoples and doom and gloom will all pass soon".  Yet each day someone approaches me with yet another sad article from the news, or their own personal story of the loss or illness of a loved one. I am sure others here can relate to how I am feeling. It sure is a struggle to stay centered!  So I do whatever it takes to keep on track, spend as much time as possible with my 4 children, for the little ones amongst us hold the keys to heaven...they live in the NOW and do not hold a grudge,and approach each new person with an open -mind.  I meditate at night, calming those runaway thoughts, and buy the English chocolate, which has just popped up in a local store...for it reminds me of growing up in London, before the days of video games and puters*S*

So Jelaila, you have brought a message of hope and inspired us here at The Ascension List.  Keep up the great work you are doing, and I shall pass your incredible message on to all I know to help them on their journey..

Thank You*S*


...I have noticed the tremendous amount of towers going up around my home. I know  that all those towers cannot be because of the amount of cell phones and  computer internet access. I know it is much more than that, and your message  from Sanat Kumara confirmed that. I know that I am protected, as I have an  island of light around me while on assignment here at this time. I have cleared  alot of stuff withen the last few years, and understand the game we play of  duality.

Get ready and fasten your seatbelts...we are in for a bumpy ride  for the duration of our stay here. I don't think that I will be required to stay  on Earth much twin flame told me I would be leaving soon, and there  is a sense of completeness in my life. My difficult, dangerous assignments are  complete. I stay now to anchor light and to be of whatever assistance that I  can.

Keep in touch.
In Service to All...

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 9:15 AM
Subject: interesting in light of world events

I don't usually forward articles unless I feel they have a particular importance. I think that we are entering a time in our history when knowing what is happening or more importantly, what might be behind things is to our advantage. It is better to look at things and feel how they might be true, then to stick our heads in the sand. I will be forwarding more information as i see it, please, use your own discernment and if there is a ring of truth no matter how out there it may seem, tuck it away in your knowingness and allow the pieces to mingle, they may create a thought or not. you decide.

Did you know that... we supported Bin Laden and the Taliban for years, and viewed them as freedom fighters against the Russians?

Isn't that strange?

As late as 1998, the US was paying the salary of every single Taliban official in Afghanistan?

Isn't that strange?

There is more oil and gas in the Caspian Sea area than in Saudi Arabia, but you need a pipeline through Afghanistan to get the oil out.

Isn't that strange?

UNOCAL, a giant American Oil conglomerate, wanted to build a 1000 mile long pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea.

Isn't that strange?

UNOCAL spent $10,000,000,000 on geological surveys for pipeline construction, and very nicely courted the Taliban for their support in allowing the construction to begin.

Isn't that strange?

All of the leading Taliban officials were in Texas negotiating with UNOCAL in 1998.

Isn't that strange?

1998-1999 the Taliban changed its mind and threw UNOCAL out of the country and awarded the pipeline project to a company from Argentina.

Isn't that strange?

John Maresca VP of UNOCAL testified before Congress and said no pipeline until the Taliban was gone and a more friendly government was established.

Isn't that strange?

1999-2000 The Taliban became the most evil people in the world.

Isn't that strange?

Senior American officials in mid-July told Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, that military action against Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October.

Isn't that strange?

9/11 WTC disaster...Bush goes to war against Afghanistan even though none of the hijackers came from Afghanistan.

Isn't that strange?

Bush blamed Bin Laden but has never offered any proof saying it's a "secret".

Isn't that strange?

Taliban offered to negotiate to turn over Bin Laden if we showed them some proof. We refused; we bombed.

Isn't that strange?

Bush said: "This is not about nation building. It's about getting the terrorists."

Isn't that strange?

We have a new government in Afghanistan.

Isn't that strange?

The leader of that government formerly worked for UNOCAL.

Isn't that strange?

Bush appoints a special envoy to represent the US to deal with that new government, who formerly was the "chief consultant to UNOCAL".

Isn't that strange?

The Bush family acquired their wealth through oil?

Isn't that strange?

Bush's Secretary of Interior was the President of an oil company before going to Washington.

Isn't that strange?

George Bush Sr. now works with the "Carlysle Group" specializing in huge oil investments around the world.

Isn't that strange?

Condoleezza Rice worked for Chevron before going to Washington.

Isn't that strange?

Chevron named one of its newest "supertankers" after Condoleezza.

Isn't that strange?

Dick Cheney worked for the giant oil conglomerate Haliburton before becoming VP.

Isn't that strange?

Haliburton gave Cheney $34,000,000, as a farewell gift when he left Haliburton.

Isn't that strange?

Haliburton is in the pipeline construction business.

Isn't that strange?

There is $6 Trillion dollars worth of oil in the Caspian Sea area.

Isn't that strange?

The US government quietly announces Jan 31, 2002 we will support the construction of the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline.

Isn't that strange?

President Musharref (Pakistan), and Karrzai, (Afghanistan...ex-Unocal) announce agreement to build the proposed gas pipeline from Central Asia to Pakistan via Afghanistan.

Isn't that strange?


Dear Jelaila Starr,

Thank you for this article, I found it very interesting and had the ring of truth for me, thank you for expressing it so clearly. I and many others have been making devices to counteract the negative energy put out by the mobile phone towers which are connected to the HAARP grid.  These devices are placed adjacent to these towers and convert this energy to positive energy, much to consternation of the powers behind this assault on our peoples. These devices generate what William Reich called 'orgone energy' and are simple to make and can be very powerful indeed.  My question is this, would the use of these devices, in your terms, be fighting the Global Elite with external technology. My own feeling is that they can be made and placed without any hostile feelings and using compassion towards the perpetrators. Greetings and Good Wishes from Australia.
--Don Bentley

Jelaila’s Reply:
Hi Don, thank you for writing.  External is external, meaning outside of self, so yes, it is external technology.  Let's change our DNA then we don't need any external devices.

Dear Shaumbra,

This message from the Nibiruan Council was brought to my attention yesterday on another group list.  I read it all.  For me, it is a depiction of an Alternate Reality that might be being created (reminds me much of a science fiction story).  Many times we have heard that there will be 2 worlds, 2 consciousness...and even 2 different simultaneous "dimensions"...there may be some who will choose this reality depicted by the NC, and there will be others who choose otherwise...

Our Universe is a place of Free Expression, no one dies, so everyone always has a Home--and these "Homes" form according to their consciousness...There is NOTHING to fear..You (we each) CREATE (y)our own REALITY..and you will always BE where you  are most comfortable and accepting of!!!

love, jai
Listen to the laughter in your heart!
twinkle twinkle

Dear Jelaila,

I must say your WWIII dream frightened me.  Now I am just trying to bring peace and love to myself and everyone.  Thank you for your service.

I am a Minister with John Rogers MSIA and they don't really talk about this stuff directly. 
Jan Larson

Jelaila’s Reply:  Hi Jan, I realize that it can be frightening as warnings usually are. But in this case the fear is a good it if causes people to take notice and change something now to avoid the future represented in the message.

Greetings Jelaila,

First let me say that I read your first book and resonated with it.  Looking forward to the next one.  I just read your new posts.  I can see this all coming.  A tower just went up next to the place where I work.

About a year ago I had a dream where Sanat K 's name was repeated to me over and over.  I then had another dream where I was in a large house and Sanat kept helping me go higher & higher in the house.  At the time I did not know this name and had a hard time finding information . But anyway I just don't know what he wants me to do.

May I share last nights dream with you?  It was very unnerving.  I dreamed it was the end time.  There was great darkness over the land.  Fires, bombs.  People were running and I was trying to stop them.  Telling them everything would be alright.  When I looked up many, many, many spirits were dropping out of the sky. A never ending army of spirits. I kept trying to tell everyone to look up- that all these spirits were coming to help us but no one would listen. I was not afraid except that I could not calm anyone.  When I woke up I was totally soaking wet with perspiration and had to change.  I hope this is not what is to come.  I have had other premonitory dreams that came true.  Thank you for all you do


Dear Jelaila,

Thanks for your post on the Crimson Circle site. I just wanted to say that until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Sanat Kumara, but then it was recommended that I get a bottle #61 of Aura Soma that is labeled with his name and Lady Venus. So I felt a synchronicity with your post.  I'm in Japan, so your message reached over here.



I found these messages most interesting....and I thank you for the work that you do.  Your writings always enhance my ability to further my own understanding. When resources permit, I plan to contact you for a reading.


Hi Jelaila,

I am still new to all of this.  I have been reading your articles for about 6 months now. *L* I guess you can say I'm still in the waking up process.  For a long time now I knew something was different and couldn't explain it.  I remember as a child living on a farm in Southeast Texas laying on my back in the fields, staring at the sky.  The feeling I always had was a wanting feeling. Like I belonged there and longed for a reunion.  For some reason, I never get angry at anyone.  Even to this day I'm easy to forgive.  I never really made the connection until lately.  I must add, that I loved the forums.  You couldn't imagine how much it helped me understand. 

As for the time line article, I've had the same dream since I was a teenager.  Of a great war.  It’s kinda sort so I'll tell you.  Its like I'm watching from a distance.  There's a group of five people, me included, of 2 women and 3 men.  They are running down a street in an old part of town (town is under attack). We are supposedly on a mission (like we're supposed to take something out or plant a bomb) anyway the dream jumps to us trying to run out of town (we accomplished whatever we were to do). We are chased into an old church (hiding).  It’s amazing how much detail I get from this dream (sounds, smell, even feeling).  I am watching through my eyes, I walk down the tile floor of the church, I can hear the footsteps.  and I stop to stare at the stain glass windows.  They are a dark bluish color.  the sun shines straight through it, lighting up the church.  I stand there just starring at its beauty. Then all of a sudden there is a flash of bright light from outside and then I wake up. 

Now I am not a soldier of any kind.  which is why I find this dream weird.  But reading your article kinda brought this all up again. Anyway, I know you’re probably flooded with email, but just had to send you one.  Thank for opening my eyes.


Hi Jelaila:

I came across these two items recently, it seems that they may be relevant to the Sanat Kumara articles just posted on your website.  Sorry about the length of the articles but the world seems to be coming more complicated as the days pass. I'm beginning to feel that intuition is the only viable tool to deal with the amount of information/disinformation that abounds that allows the individual to remain informed but not 'sucked into' issues.

I seem to remember that HAARP, (the US defense project in Alaska), is capable of delivering the effects of a small nuke without the radiation effects.  It's input is 3600,000 kilowatts - approximately like the combined output of at least 3 or 4 of the world's biggest power stations.  Hmmmmm.

From Jean Hudon Big Brother

An intriguing explanation - to say the least! - to the horrific recent blast in Bali:

The What Matters Programme is an initiative by Boudewijn Wegerif to spread information about what is happening in the world today, and how things could be, given a schooling at all levels to free the self and the world from debt/guilt oppression and money madness - a schooling for Satyagraha, truth and love force.  The trustees of the What Matters Programme are the collegiate of Folkhögskola Vårdinge By, an adult education residential college south of Stockholm.  You can read WHAT MATTERS E-letters 1-103 at the WHAT MATTERS web site -

For information on The Money Masters, see the website

Light and love


Talk about synchronicity!  I just read your Timeline 2003 Part II piece today (10/29). The below idea has been on my mind for a while.
Don Flesher
A.  Problem - based on the premise that Lower 4th dimensional entities are the ultimate cause of Earth’s ills.  The 3rd dimensional humans who act as hosts enable these entities into places of power. Multi-generational conditioning of the host humans has maintained the physical portal for the 4th dimensional entities.  See example:

B.  Solution – breakdown the bonds between the conditioned Global Elite 3rd dimensional hosts and their 4th dimensional parasites.  This attacks the root of the problem.  "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." – Henry David Thoreau

C.  How: 1.  Compile a database of the top two to three layers of leaders in the following areas and post it to a website(s):
a.  Media – TV, Print and Radio
b.  Commerce – Energy, Military Industrial Complex, Finance, Medical
(AMA), Legal (ABA),  Transportation, Communication, Entertainment, Sports, Liquor (I.E.Bronfmans), Pharmaceuticals
c.  Government – Legislative, Executive, Judicial, Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement

2.  Through meditation and visualization, energize or neutralize these people to close down their openness to the lower 4th dimensional entities attached to them.  Sun Tzu, in "The Art of War" states: "Know yourself and know your enemy and you will win one hundred percent of the time." "Know yourself but do not know your enemy and you will win fifty percent of the time." "Know your enemy but do not know yourself and you will win fifty percent of the time." "Know neither yourself nor your enemy and you will lose one hundred percent of the time.  " Humans have the ability to affect change ethereally from afar, this fulfills the "know yourself".  The "know your enemy" aspect in this case is identifying the upper lever persons that bridge the human 3rd dimension to the lower 4th dimension.  Because these persons have undergone multi-generation conditioning into left brain dominance making them void of compassion, they are victims as well. The antidote naturally is compassion. Ethereally extend compassion on them to break their chains of servitude to their masters.  Thus chopping the root system of this current paradigm and down comes the whole corrupt tree.

Hi Jelaila,

I just wanted you to know that something must have clicked for me after your first article from Sanat Kumara.  Last night (before reading part 2) I had a dream where I flew up really high again.  I immediately thought "oh gosh, the power lines" and looked down to see them everywhere before I could stop going higher.  This time, though, I looked at them and said "not there!" and began falling and there were NO lines!  So, I've broken out of a prison of sorts, and this article confirms that for me in a way.  I felt so passionate and empowered when I read this second part, and I know that I can take whatever they throw at me.  Thanks for passing along that message.


Dear Jelaila,

I have been on your email list for some time now, and I always enjoy checking in with the new updates.  This last update I received was, as always, in such perfect synchronicity with events in my own life, that I was just astounded.

I just wanted to thank you for writing all of these articles and dreams out to share with us.  My dreams have been vivid my whole life, bringing me messages and downloaded packages of information.  This past couple years has been very intense.  What you shared, in tone and vision and underlying message was just a wonderful confirmation of what I'd been receiving in dream visions and other messages from Self (and supportive other dimensional messengers) recently.  I do not have a website, but I share everything I've been shown with those in my vicinity who are open to these messages.  My parents have been having similar dream messages, and it's just so wonderful to feel as if we are all coordinating and laying the groundwork for our future on these multi-dimensional planes.

It is my experience that all the support we need is here, and much guidance has been coming to me about how to eliminate and reduce the effects of these overshadowing technologies by simply making lifestyle choices and alterations today that will provide more of a buffer, if you will , between the 3D paradigm agenda and our ability to overcome and shift it entirely.

So, thank you again.  Feel free to write back if you ever have time.  I've often wondered if I could get you to come to our area to meet with our local supporters of the compassion grid (we're in Fairfield, Iowa).  But for now, I just keep passing on all this information and attempt to raise awareness around us.  And I've just remembered how I dreamt of Denver (I lived there once, briefly) being the center of this dark governmental entity, and this was probably 7 years ago I dreamt it.  But many times since, it has arisen in that same definition in my dreams.  Wow.  Anyway, Thank you again.

In love and light (and all the rest (= ),
Mary L.  Peterson

Jelaila’s Reply:
How wonderful to meet you!  It’s always good to connect with another like-minded person who understands this whole galactic picture/compassion thing.  It’s so easy to lose sight of it when we see the things going on now.  As for coming to Fairfield, that would be wonderful.  I would love to chat with the people in your group.  Perhaps we can set something up for a weekend?  I live in Kansas City so I am not far away.

Please stay in touch and let me know if you get any more dreams of a similar nature.  Please say hello to everyone for me.


I love and relate to your articles about Compassion.  Some of my friends were aghast when in my group prayers, I said that we should embrace the darkness. And learn to understand its message. The darkness cannot embrace the Light. A room that is totally without light will remain dark unless a door is opened and the Light can enter from a room that is Light,  Darkness will not enter a Light room.  But, conversely, Light will enter a dark room.

Leona H.

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