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Comments on Timeline 2003:
A Message from Sanat Kumara
Part One


Dear Jelaila,

I just read your latest article.  What a spooky synchronicity. Just the day before I sat in a restaurant with 4 friends and said, “I think they are going to use HAARP to create a massive scalar wave grid.”  Then I talked about how when I was recently in England, I saw a news special on people being outraged because they were hiding these EMF towers for cellular phones inside Gas station signs (Shell Oil), church steeples and at various elementary schools.  The people in charge of these things knew about the real purpose of the towers and basically charged for the space .  I do not know how people found out about this. 

I was in England at a “Heart of the Initiate” seminar.  During an Ayahuasca (shamanic) journey I met some amazing Beings.  One thing they explained to me was that Humans have fully developed emotional and mental bodies (like you said when I interviewed you for my documentary) and that a fully DNA activated Human could replicate a reality with only a couple of DNA strands functioning.  This means we can still do a lot!  Example: We create fractal doorways into “additionally added octave” layered right on top of this reality and using this reality as a common denominator.  So we create these personalized “alley” realities right on top and in the midst of the collective basic reality.   This is just some of what I learned for the Beings I met on my amazing journey.  Really Incredible stuff!

The other synchronicity to your article was that a friend who was with me in London at the Anti-Iraq War rally and who was at a lot of the 60s Vietnam protests said he just did not feel it was that big of a deal, being that those protest did not seem to do much.  My intuition was to relate to him what I had learned from Drunvalo recently:  (this coming from the Kogi Tribe).  They told Drunvalo that our set of awareness is located in the 3rd eye or pineal gland, but that long ago it was located in the Heart Chakra. Moreover when you create from the mind/pineal you automatically create in a polarized form.  Example: I think that if I give a homeless person spare change I am helping the overall situation but as it is done from the mind and mental awareness, it automatically sets in motion an equal and opposite reaction that I am totally unaware of.  So this basically cancels itself out. So to the naked eye a march of 400,000 people in London, the largest antiwar protest ever, seems good, but no one sees the equal and opposite reaction it sets in motion. These are the consequences of polarity. And it goes the same when the “Dark forces” put their actions in motion. 

Now when you can gently wrestle your awareness into the heart as in ethically and actually, not metaphorically) then you care in Unity.  And if you can then begin to dream a new alternative reality then there is no opposite reaction.  For unlike the mind, the heart is not polarized and it is unified too.

I am learning this process from Drunvalo, which came from the Kogis, and am sharing it with others. This “inner technology” is EXACTLY what the aboriginals utilize.  Another message and technique regarding the use of our “inner technology” is coming from Thomas, one of the psychic children who is working through James Twyman. Exciting Stuff!

I hope this finds you well,

Dear Jelaila,

I love the Sunat Kumara.  articles. They make  so much sense.  Thank you for the way out...that is very helpful to many of  us.  From reading this  newest article, what I am going thru makes  more sense and I see a reason for it  at this time.

love you,

Dear Jelaila,

I read with rapt attention part I of the article Timeline 2003: A Message from Sanat Kumara, and look forward to part II.

When I hear about dark situations that could be manifested into our life style, it is an excellent opportunity to make effort to remain open, to not resist and close off part of myself that says this is unacceptable, I can't handle it.  It's a chance to expand into the spiritual possibility that I am up to whatever comes.

Several of your articles have had a strong impact and, from time to time, I need to stop and thank you for your good effort.  Thank you.  You are dearly appreciated.

Peggy T.
Asheville, NC, USA


I read your article about the low frequency mind washing.  I live in Portland, Maine, and they have already started the frequency here. My teacher, Zakhuur, has found the anti-thesis to the frequency, but in order to null it, he would need to play it on the radio towers.  If you know of anyone who is interested in his work, or would like more information, you can contact me at:

There has already been a marked change in the people here in Portland, and I’m sure it will get worse.  If you know of this happening in any other places please let me know.


Dear Jelaila,

I know a lot about these mental plane frequency fences ...  they're what I’ve been consciously dismantling here and rewiring through our heart center of compassionate acceptance since the late '80's ...  their constriction is also the source of many migraines (another of which I’m experiencing today, which lets me know we're opening into yet another level of awareness) ...  I’m glad to see this article addressing why being in our heart center is so important -- as well as offering some perspective on the extreme polarity of these now times!!

With love to us all,


I just read your first installment and I wanted to let you know that I have had a similar vision of events to come. 

Firstly, I read, somewhere on your site a while back, that you are feline.  I am writing to get more information about that.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a feline (usually N. Am. Cougar in appearance) guide who appears. Sometimes she is black with green eyes or blue eyes, sometimes regular tan puma color.  Anyway, during these last few months in my meditations, I have been seeing them more often.  They don't walk on 4 legs but two, and wear white robes and have, for lack of better descriptions, lion heads, without a huge mane or anything.  Is this your race?

Jelaila’s Reply:  Yes I think the lions you see are my race.  They feel like my race.  How wonderful!  We must be related!

Does that mean they are me also, or just guides for me? I don't "hear" words, I just "see" pictures.  Am I just imagining it all?

Jelaila’s Reply:  No, this is the way I get it too.

The rest of that is that in recent times, I have been "seeing" MANY ground troops, so close together that their shoulders are touching and you almost can't tell to whom the combat boots belong if you look along the ground. When I see them, I know that they are listening to someone speak, and that they are all going to die in a hand to hand combat battle which is HUGE.  I also know that I can't get any of their attention when I talk to them. I even tried to hit one and he just stood there like a statue, a breathing statue.  Anyway, I see them march off and I see the combat, then I always take off before I see the end.  I usually snap back into my body with a real jolt. 

Usually, I also see the puma lion head, sometimes lots of them, but in a ghostly way, sort of see through, and then they usually are standing around me in a circle, not necessarily speaking, with their hands clasped in front of them and facing me, being in the middle of the circle.  I usually snap back into my body when I see them circle around me.  They look benevolent, not bad or mad.  I don't feel worried or scared in any of the visions, but I feel sad.  Mostly, I come away feeling that I need to just take care of my own self and daughter, and just not think about the others.  But, my conscience says I need to speak up and tell people to stop it!

I was at an event this past week, and I heard people speaking about how happy they were that there were now cameras on every stop light to keep our streets safe, and how it didn’t bother them to have their luggage searched to keep their travel safe, etc.  I could only keep thinking that they were enslaved.  I did try to speak, but was met with much hostility because the others wanted to feel safe.  I came home thinking that I was the only person who sees things this way, and your update was in my email box reminding me that I am not

Thank you for your information and if you have direction on where to find out more about my cat people, I would sure appreciate it.  I look forward to installment II next week.

Nora S.

Dear Jelaila,

It is interesting how some events and information come within a short time span of each other.

I found the part of your dream about the plane landing in the high-rise building and military general wearing the swastika chilling.  Even more so the vision of the young soldiers in a hypnotic trance. Then the most current issue of Mother Jones magazine arrived.  In it is an article the recently passed "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" act that congress has enacted. 

What no one seemed to know beforehand is that buried in the law's 670 pages, is provision requiring public secondary schools to provide military recruiters not only with access to facilities, but also with contact information for every student -- or face a cutoff of all federal aid.  And the public never knew that this was part of it.  Nor apparently did any administration of any public school. Not until military recruiters started aggressively pushing the fact. 

Privacy rights aside, alarming as that is, the question in my mind is WHY? So Sanat's message and your dream are starting to make sense to me.  The technology of compassion is being spread, I know this being a Reiki instructor.  You call it what you want, but by any name it is the channeling of the universal energy the energy of love and compassion. 

I had a dream of people joining in pushing back ELF waves by their physical ability to do so, out of their hands and bodies flowed the higher vibrations.  To check out what it is, just type in Reiki on a search engine and check it out.  Don't be put off by all the different types and names.  People have added their own touches.  Reiki is Reiki and in Japanese, Rei means Light, Ki is Energy. The energy of compassion.  And believe me there are thousands of people attuned to it on this planet now. 

My own guide came to me when I was attuned to the second degree.  He is a reptilexhuman being named Klickmeck(close as I can spell it)  He has pushed me to learn, investigate for myself, never has he fed me a line and let me believe it was the gospel truth.  If not for him, I would have never found your site.

Wanda C.

Dear Jelaila,

I first read a work of yours, 'What's Up With Nibiru?' on the web site and agreed with it.  Mind is important! Then, only yesterday I accessed your web site for the first time and saw the article, 'Timeline 2003: A Message From Sanat Kumara'. 

A couple of the interpretations you give to third dream sequence about the 'black horse' and the 'high-rise office building' differ from what first occurred to me: 1) the 'high-rise office building' represents the twin facade of 'big business-government'; it's the problem of authority and our current economic system worldwide which both utilises the little-guy for inadequate reward (the cause of "terrorism" and poverty in the 3rd World ) and exploits the land and its resources for private gain (the cause of environmental degradation).  For us Westerners, and our leaders in power , who benefit from the System, it's very hard to accept that The System is the problem. 

2) the 'black horse' in a sense represents the American People who are entrenched in the System - the economic system - which supports them and supplies their every need.  I only use 'the American People' as the prime example; one can see the difficulties which the System creates worldwide for peoples and for the land, yet it is very hard to turn against such a system and seek to change it (too many people benefit from it!). 

However, I believe it is this system, or the way it is used, which is in the process of being broken - evidenced by a falling stock market, business scandals, war mongering, "terrorism", climate change, and things like increased earthquakes, volcanoes, earth warming, and even the current sunspot cycle.  People, per se, are not the target of these changes, but it is the way we relate to each other and to the planet which is changing. 

In actual fact, we, as conscious identities, are part of the ALL.  Our only problem, indeed an error, has been to forget that all other units of consciousness - the animals, the plants, even the elements as they chemically interact - are like ourselves.  We all belong to One, yet we have been living in a divided manner.

There is much to look at in gladness: the protest movements, the people who reveal withheld information and risk themselves in the process, our spiritual teachers and guides often invisible to us, the Greenies, the advocates of one sort or another, and even ordinary people as they go about their lives seeking balance and harmony in everything they do.  There is much that is good in the world. 

As for prophecies and prophetic visions like your own: I once took them as inevitable predictors of the future; yet now I see them differently.  Really they are just warnings, part of our imagination, telling us what may come.  Sometimes they help us to see a developing situation more clearly (as your 'Timeline 2003' Message from Sanat Kumara) so that we may act to change the outcome.  It is our "seeing" which is important, and then how we behave. 

As for your message about Sanat Kumara, "...that the Council wanted all of us to speak more about Sanat Kumara", I've read a few things about Sanat Kumara, excerpts from a book and two articles (he's also contributed messages to a book, 'Bridge to Tomorrow' published privately in Australia - lovely writings), and in one of the two articles it says in part, "My name, SANAT KUMARA, has a vibrational tone frequency built into it that opens and ignites the memory of the 'I AM' in this civilization.  I AM the Initiator, the Truth, the Awakener, of your God within.  I initiate the change and you create the change.  I AM the structure through which all must pass.

"I have lived in a semi-physical form in the etheric frequencies of your planet, never actually creating an incarnation of the life/death process here on Terra; my focus and energy life streams are greater than this physical body could endure.  Never before, in the history of this planet have I been so present and available to humanity as I AM now.  "Why now? Because of this critical time in your Earth's history.  Because it is time for all of you as represented as humanity to realize your own divine plan, your own planetary logoship, so you are the initiator of the Kingdom of God right here on planet Earth.  We have guided you and we have watched over you and it is time for you to incorporate 'us' into you and become the totality." ....

As far as Planet X is concerned, I don't think things will be as bad as the Zetas ( portray.  What we do to handle and balance our own affairs, to make peace with the Earth and with the peoples of all nations, will make a big difference in the prophesied outcome.  The people who fear most are the people in power.  They too need the salve of communication.  What is important is what we do from now on!

With many good wishes,
Caroline C.

Hi Jelaila,

Read today your article Timeline 2003 message from Sanat Kumara.  Interesting information presented, as I, too, am receiving much information currently about possible future events; however, it is my solar plexus chakra that is feeling the pinch.  I am shown frequently mass destruction and great losses. It is always followed by the comment that it must occur to create peace.  Peace will be obtained.

In stepping back and watching current events unfolding, it has become clear that the human conscience is changing.  For example, with the Bali bombings, as an Australian (human form) I watch my fellow countrymen deal with the loss of life with much compassion and love.  Never once was revenge portrayed as an option.  We all want peace to return, much love and compassion here.  I was told to contact you back in August.  Sorry I have taken a while, but here I am, your contact in the South.

Love and Light,
Juliette G.
Western Australia and Planet Zeton

Dear Jelaila

What hit me most in your picture-dream was the cross-reference with a recent article from David Icke (http://www.davidicke .com/icke/articles2002/fork1.html).  He said that after 9/11, "They go for IT".  According to him, all and every step done by the power moguls will from now on be placed in the context of founding a fascist global state. 

I myself had a vivid, horrible dream-vision (in 1974) of millions of people walking down a steep slope into a black pit. They all held each other by the shoulder and trusted each other to take the "chosen" (sic) direction with their eyes closed.  The direction was away from the most beautiful Light you could imagine.  Sometimes in the crowd a lightworker popped up, managed to pull him/herself lose from the crowd, pointing feverishly to the Light, but to no avail because nobody was using his own senses.

Your vision activated the recollection of my own dream-vision, although it has been always in the back of my mind

Robert Rodenburg
The Netherlands

Whoa Jelaila,

That's some heavy stuff there. Although the whole thing resonated with me, I wanted to comment on the frequency fence. I have been dreaming, for a while now, of a fence.  I fly a lot in my dreams, and I used to go very, very high, but no more - now I don't get very far and I see tons and tons of power lines, which I figured out are the fence. Sometimes I get through them going up, only to look down and see tons of them just crisscrossed.  At first I was afraid because I wondered how the heck I'd get down through them.  Now I seem to get stuck going up.  But I did figure out that they won't electrocute me, but I do get hung up in them. Needless to say, it's an unnerving experience each time.

Oh, and I also dreamed that everything that should be outside was enclosed inside hallways and rooms.  One minute I'd see roads and trees and the next minute walls and doors.  Weird.

Just wanted to share that with you. What you said confirms and explains a lot to me.


Wow! Great update, Jelaila.

Kinda confirms what the Cassiopaeans have alluded to.  Looking forward to reading Pt. 2.

I had a somewhat similar feeling dream last Tuesday... In it, I went through several scenes where I and Higher Self were watching those things on a screen [not at all surprised], then suddenly, leaving me [in the dream] thinking that that transition was just too abrupt to be right, I found myself on a campus of some big educational center.  There, I knew, and was attempting to educate, in a very calm Buddhalike manner, a whole crowd of panic-stricken [running around like chickens w/head's cut-off] folks [being buzzed by what appeared to moi, as F18's w/hovering ability, and seemingly walls of helicopter's] about how to extricate themselves, via an inter-density-hyperdimensional doorway that they were seemingly oblivious to, that I was standing next to.  Then I woke up, in somewhat of a breathless shocked state, with full remembrance and recall, and it's not faded.

Universe relationship through gratitude, with observance of Source in all things, and a Nurturance of life!

In Service to Spirit and Others, as always, Gentleheart! Mayan Kin, Cib.  Yellow Magnetic Warrior.  I Unify in order to Question.  Attracting Fearlessness.  I seal the Output of Intelligence.  With the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled, :-)!

James Taylor

Dear Jelaila –

Yes this is upsetting - and it seemed overly dramatic that you would send this now and not send the solution for several days. So I did a meditation and came to understand that Sanat Kumara wants us to spend some time thinking about what will happen if we do not do anything.  I believe most other masters come through with encouraging messages because it's easier for us.  It feels to me like Sanat Kumara says we're big enough now to handle the complete truth. I know you must be inundated with mail but I am writing to you now because I am already experiencing short term memory loss, and feel that perhaps psychics and sensitives are going to be reacting to the electromagnetics first - and this information came to me now, so that I wouldn't waste any time in fixing it.

So thank you for sharing this.  Light and love and blessings abundant - hope to meet you face to face someday when we get this whole mess on earth fixed - but I think we probably already know each other from the "good old days" back in Lyra and before.


Hi Jelaila,

Sounds like the old Atlantian times, and I think, oh no, not that old boring programme again!  We are repeating the same old stuff time after time- -let's have something new!  More fun, freedom and laughter.



Thanks for the dreaming! I love it when anyone informs people about HAARP.  I've known about it since it began its toxic infringements.  I figured out a while ago that they were activating the chemicals in the chemtrails they are laying down, (up there ^) by using the freq's from HAARP!  And I also fully realized that our only immunity is our higher frequencies!  So, you’re absolutely correct in my book about your summation of the symbolic references in the dream.  It is imperative that everyone get this.

Loved having a moment to check into your site. It's been a whale of a summer. Everything and then some. Challenging and fierce in its ability to change the world!

Thank God for large miracles.


Hello Jelaila,

Since more than a year I’m reading your messages and articles from outside.  It's simply great!  Some I translated and gave them to friends.  Your newest article about Timeline 2003 activated me to give a feedback to you.

I'm dowsing for water and I’m very interested in checking out electromagnetic fields around us.  I have read the books about Montauk ( ELF and remote operating). Here in Germany many hear the low ELF tone, nearly nobody can find the reason for this.  Some modern scientists found ELF antennas all around Germany, mostly in former allied-forces military bases.  And they still are working! (official answer: submarine contact)

Now we got our new money, the "euro". First discovery of a natural working doctor was that many of her patients were blocked in the lower two chakras since January 2002.  She found that the euro-notes are the reason! All people wearing them next to their body.  Another dowser, whom I asked to check this, came to the same result as I: the shimmery metallic areas (a holographic picture against counterfeit) are antennas.

Checking the resonance-frequency, we found 7.5 hertz. It is the old earth resonance-frequency called Schumann-wave.  But since more than one year, the real Schumann-wave has raised to and above 10 hertz, so that we can connect in alpha-state to this frequency of Mother Gaya, while the former 7.5 hertz only was resonant to us in dream-state.  So, what happens, when an antenna is sending 7.5 hertz over the land? Yes, the euro-notes will resonate to this and will cover the new earth frequency.  To block this I found a very simple thing: if one puts a "flower of life" drawing together with the notes into his purse, the worse game is over.

To your dream of 4th Reich: The 3rd Reich never did capitulate, only the "Wehrmacht" (army).  Since East and West Germany have reunited, we live in a constitution-free state, the "German federal republic" was a construct for the time of occupation by allied forces (USA, England, France). It is also known that Hitler was set in his position by the allied forces.  The aim was to push the economic and colonially strong Germany of 1925 to the ground.

But nevertheless, we here in Germany are many lightful people, working and meditating together in spiritual levels. Many natural tendencies in food, and too in pacifistic behavior.  And I think you know the so-called "Maharishi-effect" that some many powerful lightworkers can do a lot to remove the "shadow on the wall". The future is not yet fixed, our presence is the only way to change the future karmas, as Patanjali said 2500 years ago.

Love & blessings from Martin

Dearest Jelaila,

Hi, its been a long time since we've 3d communicated.  Just received your dream, printing it out to read.  I've not read it all but it inspired me to send you a dream a close girlfriend had the other day.

Her Dream:
Lucid Dream.  She was standing next to someone observing the following:

Hundreds and hundreds of people (American) were being led into large camps enclosed like for a concentration of people-- concentration camps .  She knew (in the dream) that they were being led in there to be killed.

After her telling me this, I asked her a couple pertinent questions.

Q.  Were the people aware they were being led in there to be murdered?
A.  No, they didn't know this.  They were happy to go, relieved even.

(This leads me to think the luring ploy has to be fear-based, getting them to think they'll be safe in these places. [Protection from potential threat of bio warfare?!]  Side note: Never mind the fact that no one asked where these buildings came from in the first place.)

Q.  Were YOU aware there were concentration-like camps set up throughout the USA?
A.  No, I had no idea.

(I can confirm this fact.  My friend is around 60 and quite possibly was fully unaware of their existence.  Majority of folks are unaware to be sure.)

Q.  Was the setting for this dream back in the days of Auschwitz?
A.  No, it was set in present day.

That's it, Jelaila. Well I'm off to read your dream now.  Thanks for sharing this with us all.



It seems that this information is right on the money. The descriptions of the stressed-out, manic way people are behaving…my own short-term memory problem and less nerve strength.  It doesn't feel like solar flare energy. That was much easier and more natural.  Looking forward to the next part. Thanks so much for sharing this with us,

Love to you,

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