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Comments on Message from Sanat Kumara




Thank you for your article from Sanat Kumara. It's just what I needed to hear. I've been recently encountering these electrical fences in my dream voyages, which cause physical trauma to my body. I'm also from the Orion system so it's encouraging to hear his stories.

Carina T.

Dear Jelaila:

Thank you so much for your devoted service and information. The website is fabulous.  The perspective you and Devin impart is entirely unique and has resonated in many parts along my path understanding the effects of ascension, the multidimensionality, changes and at times a result of some startling physical symptoms.  THANKS !!!!!

I wanted to inquire if you have any further info or where I can get more
information on what is referred to as the " dragon people".  In your message from Sanat Kumara, and the awesome info you offerred regarding
the Earth mission codes, etc.. you make mention of a " highly evolved dragon people".  I was unsure if that was the reptilian/human hybrid .. or what. None the less I have found " nil" on the subject and I would like to assimilate some more data on that.  Sometimes it helps to have a little confirm from other sources, as this was such obscure info and I was recently given some like info from my lineage, the AM and S.K. himself.

In deepest truth, light and the perservering quest of the polarity integration in our duality game....!  Much gratitude and abundance to you!  I look forward to our paths crossing ...

Peace and Blessings,
Lisa R.

Hi Jelaila, 

I just  love the way the universe works.  I have been tracking this "reptilian thing" to  the ground lately and, in that, drawn to Sanat Kumara .  I had the feeling that  he is reptilian or part reptilian, but wasn't sure how to proceed.  Info has  been flying into my hands/eyes in so many ways. It seems I can't even surf the  T.V. without catching a little item that applies as I fly through the  channels

In any  event, I was up at your article site, re-reading the Reptile/Human article, when  I noticed further down the list your "Message from Sanat Kumara."  I had never read that one before, so I printed it off to read on the bus home.  I could  hardly believe it when the info about the reptilian heritage was mentioned!  Ah hah!  I suspected as much!  So, now, with this info I believe that all of these  other pieces I have been gathering will begin to fall into  place.

I have always felt that "I report to (Archangel)  Michael" whom I have recently begun to feel is also Sanat Kumara.  Do you have  any info on this? 

Shari H.

Dear Jelalia,

I've found a direct web address for Soltec's Star Languages at  which will offer you more information. I have been working with the kit for some time, as I've always been drawn to symbols as well as stories. It seems that I have a  connection with the Melchizedek Order and to the Sirians as well through the  Egyptian mystery schools. Also I've met Drunvalo Melchizedek and have been building my merkaba field through meditation and sacred geometry. All of this  puts me into the second mission group where I also feel the most attraction.

Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic  Games in Sydney? Wasn't it wonderful to view Sanat Kumara's white dove on a  circle of blue, from the air, as it covered people in the stadium. There it was,  for billions to see and remember their connection. I felt it was a powerful wake  up call for many.

I hope this info is helpful.

Love and light,

This is part of a thread from the Egroup Ascension List of which I am a member. I thought you might find it interesting...Jelaila

To: Ascension List <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 6:45 AM
Subject: [ascension-l] "'love and light syndrome" from message from Sanat Kumara

DEAREST Ascension people, I want to draw Your tender attention onsome interesting moments in Jelaila's "Message from Sanat Kumara" I understand that the Ascended Masters of which Sanat Kumara is one are concerned that their people are caught in the love and light syndrome and therefore are rendered powerless by their resistance to the Dark side. SO "LOVE AND LIGHT SYNDROME". It fully condradicts my experience! If You are only in LOVE'n'LIGHT yOU ARE IN FAST EVOLUTION TO ETERNITY! Once You can create the UNIVERSES like this on 11D. And after somewhere in 24D You can create the creators of Universes!!!!!  LIGHT means freedom, DARKNESS MEANS non-freedom and if You are in dark side once You cannot even THINK ABOUT LIGHT and DARKNESS!!!!!  I mean here L. and D. aren't polarities as You can read in Jelaila-Sanat- Kumara messag become invaluable in the integration of the Light and Dark, male an> female polarities, since they represent both polarities with their genetics.

So the choice between L. and D. is the choice between ETERNAL FORTUNE and DDOOM. D. being anomally , which don't want to resonate with ETERNAL SOURCE try to make ILLUSION it's so eternal as the SOURCE, BUT THIS IS NO SYMMETRY between Light and D-ness!!!!!!!!!!

I DON'T want to speak anything about critics to Ashtar Command in Jelaila's-Sanat-Kumara message. I want only Ascension fellows be attentive , well discern and independent reading this message...I don't criticiate Jelaila personally and She has very exciting w-site, but ...I feel such reaction to Message from Sanat Kumara extremaly necessary after publishing this not only in ascension-l, but sananda-l too!  RAYS OF ABSOLUTE KINGDOM (ABOVE 12D)--LOVE&LIGHT     Michael V.

Hi Jelaila, Michael, List:

Jelaila, I think it took tremendous courage for you to channel that information and post it to these lists for us to read. I know someone who would benefit from it and I will find a way to share it with her so that she will read it. She is not open to this right now.

I had to chuckle at the idea of "love and light syndrome" in the article. My first thought is why does it have to be either one or the other? Are you in either love/light or darkness? As polarities, both are part of a cycle and both are necessary parts of being human. Ascensionists tend to call the people who focus on darkness "fearmongers" and those who focus on light "oblivious." Why divide ourselves in this way? We all contain both light and darkness, allowing for the shades of in between. How else would we learn and evolve?

As someone who is into "love and light" I also wonder why this has to mean that a person is in denial and danger? In my experience, I got where I am by integrating and healing (bringing to wholeness) many aspects of myself.

Having done such, I feel less in denial than someone who has not worked with their "dark side" and is afraid of it.  Yet, I admit I have a long way to go.  Those are my thoughts on the topic. Thank you Jelaila for sharing it with us :)

Peace (and love and light), White Dove

My Reply to White Dove and the Michael List:

White Dove, thank you for the vote of confidence. It means a lot to me.  As for the idea of the "Love and Light Syndrome" perhaps a little clarification would help clear the confusion created by that term on this list.  Allow me to preface it with this.  I had a feeling that that term would trigger some people because of their idea of what it meant and that is why I was afraid to post the article. In fact, when it was first given to me, I procrastinated for 5 days in writing the article.  Only after an intense migraine which lasted 3 days did I realize that I was going back on my agreement with Sanat Kumara and sat down to write the message...then hit the Send button.

So, my understanding of the Love and Light Syndrome and the interpretation of it that was meant for the article is this: Love and Light Syndrome refers to the syndrome in which we polarize in our chakras to the upper chakras.  We resist anything that to us resembles the Dark side of our natures.  On a spiritual level this means resisting the dark side of ourselves, our pain, our anger, our resentment, our need to succeed, our duty to be responsible for our actions and not be victims.  As a result of being stuck in this syndrome, we appear sugary sweet with no hint of anger, stuff our feelings and don't speak our truth.  We don't assert ourselves for fear that others will think we are not spiritual enough. We don't go for abundance because we feel others will think we are no longer spiritual even though we ask our guides continually for financial help.  There is more ways that it manifests but hopefully this will give you the idea.

On a 3D level as it has been explained to me, the upper chakras represent the light (feminine powers) and the lower chakras represent the Dark (masculine power).  Polarizing to the upper chakras causes us on a 3D level to spend our time out of our bodies running through the cosmos.  This is fun but it really works havoc on our ability to manifest money, manifest a 3D construct for our missions and operate and function effectively in the 3D world of which we are still a part.  It also creates a challenge to staying grounded and being mentally clear.  So we end up, financially broke or struggling, unable to hear our guides because are second chakras are blocked, unable to manifest our missions, frustrated with our guides.....

I hope this explains what was meant by the term "Love and Light Syndrome"

I bless you all as we move forward in this ascension together.  I appreciate being on this list and being able to receive your feedback.  I learn a lot from you.

Thank you,
Jelaila Starr

Hello Jelaila,

I have just read your "Message from Sanat Kumara", and am simply astounded by your perception. My own perceptions on the Kumaras come from personal soul knowledge, as my partner and I are rays of the Kumara soul family.  Yes, Sananda is a very integral part of the Kumara family, and actually your own connections with them are greater and deeper than you may presently realise. 

Here is some information that I recently found, however, each reader needs to be their own judge regarding accuracy:

Let me get to the point. This is not generally known among the New Age community, but it is a very large part of my own reality. The Kumaras are an extremely ancient and vast soul lineage that originated outside of this local universe. They were among the first souls to occupy a humanoid form, which was reptilian. This was before the creation of "humans" as we know them today. The Kumaras have engineered many forms of life.  Kumaras are legion upon the Earth, and have been here a very long time. The planet Venus is not their only home, but simply one of countless bases throughout the omniverse.

It was the Kumaras who founded what is called The Galactic Federation; the same with the so-called Melchizedek Council, which plays a prominent role within the Federation. The Kumaras are like Warrior-Priests.

Being among the first to develop civilisation, it has remained to mission of Kumaras to bring peace and understanding between all races. Sanat and Sananda are two large branches of the Kumara soul family. They are known in many mythologies under many names and guises.

If you would like to discuss this, feel free to reply.  Attached are some related articles I wrote some weeks ago, that you may find of interest. Of course, no two perceptions of reality will ever be the same.

Best regards,
Jon Hurst / Mani Rak Dar (my Kumara name - meaning "to become one with all")
The Omega Times

Hi Jelaila,

My name is Paula Harpak a "light worker" in a quest for my task and identity. I am currently living in Israel.  There are few months now that I came across your internet site ,which is so enlightening for me.

In the last 3 weeks I have been visiting USA and among other beautiful places I was in Sedona. There in Sedona's vortexes I have discovered that I came from Sirius , among some other places like Venus and Orion.  The thing is that many of the Ascendent Masters were my teachers and guides, until one day one of them presented herself (seemed to be a female energy) as Ananda and I was kind of curious of her origins. I think I found the answer in your Sanat Kumara Article. I wish to thank you very much for this Article. Do you have more information on the House of Ananda?

Furthermore , I am channelling occasionally the Universal Mind. This is a place where I go to meet Light beings and talk to them. The ones that presented themselves to me and we are in touch are the Orion Healers of Light. Do you have any idea or information of a such  group?  Do you think they are part of Sant Kumara's group?

Thank you again for the information.

Love and Light,


Thank you so much for all your work. Several months ago as I was wandering the internet, I came across the Nibiruan Council and was amazed at all your information.  Two days ago I was drawn to your website again and printed out the Sanat Kumara Message and after reading it, forwarded it to three people who came in VERY STRONG as I read the message. The nine pages of responses was even more revealing.

What an amazing trigger you provided. I am honored to be a conduit, even in a small way. From your newsletter indicating hundreds of responses and hundreds of emails, I don't need a response, just wanted to share your good works with you.  Thank you and Bless you. Naomi Stauber, Atlanta, Georgia and the World...

P.S.There is a "GATHERING" in Sedona Sept 30th-Oct.2nd, truly part of the larger gathering, and I believe I will meet individuals there who will be part of my path for the rest of my life!   Naomi

Dear Jelaila,

Firstly, I must thank you for proceeding with your writing of Sanat Kumara's message to his people. I receive your mailings all the time and have read the articles that you write, however, I have not experienced the interest or bonding to other articles until I came across this particular message, as well as the Earth Code Mission article.

I have always felt isolated and alienated, never really belonging to any particular groups or even the human race. I always knew that my home was in Sirius and always wondered why I chosse to be here on Earth (especially since I didn't "fit" anywhere). I am the type of person who finds it difficult and painful to understand why we as humans cannot get along and cannot wake up in order to be able to change Mother Earth.

I find it extremely difficult to meditate at the level which some people state is required to achieve Ascension. I beleive that by "making" people think that this is the only way to reach Ascension (through intense meditation) is wrong. Wrong, because there are people out there, like myself, who find this difficult and at the same time, frustrating becuase we are made to feel that if we don't meditate then we are not doing our "work".

This whole emotional rollercoaster for me, seems to push me further to a darker side of myself. A side that I struggle with, but now has an understanding of why I do the things I do.

I have had people channel for me, and when I arrive at the session, they all say the same 2 things; "You should be telling me things" and " there is a great presence that stands behind your guides, he shows himself to as a great white beam, that commands attention and has intense presence".  I now believe that he is Sanat Kumara.

My dreams are a Gold colour and the winds are always warm, in the background waving to me and telling me that its time to go back is a tall presence, he feels like my father - that is, the love of this figure, is the intense love of a father to his children. When I dreamt this, I cried for days after because it was such a beautiful place full of love, peace and grand beauty, all I wanted to do was return.

I still don;t know exactly what it is that my "work" here on Earth involves, however, this message could not have come at a better time, and I know that you had your hesitations regarding this message, so I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for  your courage and determination.

May the day come, when we can all look into each others eyes and see that we all belong to the same spark of light, that we are all from the same source, from the same Divine family.

Peace & Joy
Sandra Amarante
Earthly Angel

Hello Jelaila,

I read your message several days ago at work, but have been blocked by circumstances from communicating back to you until now.......packet anyone? :-)

I've been involved with metaphysics for almost 3 decades, and post regularly on Confederation of Light, so I am aware of Sanat Kumara as well as many other "ascended masters" but can't really say I chat with any on a regular basis. :-)

Anyway, your article caught my attention early on when you described the symbol he gave you.....the white dove in a blue circle.  Well, I read that and then my eyes drifted over to the coffee mug on my desk.  I bought it out on Cape Cod at least a dozen years ago.  On it there is a picture of three white sea gulls inside a blue circle.  The circle is half light blue for sky, and half darker blue for the water, with the three gulls soaring over the sea.  Not exactly the symbol you got, but too close to be conicidence.

So, now I read with greater interest.  I have felt for a while that my earthly father was from Sirius, and my mother Pleiadian.  I also feel strongly that I have had reptilian incarnations.  As I read on, things began to resonate.  At one point deep in the article, as I was reading Sanata Kumara's name, I thought, "I wonder if I am connected with him".

A little background here.  I often get powerful jolts of energy that shake my body, like putting your finger in an electric socket.  This has been going on for a long time.  The first time I got one I was reading a book called "How to do All Things" from the Mark-Age organization.  Ever since then, I get them when I am experiencing a powerful accelleration, or as a confirmation of something I have said, read, or thought.

It was no surprise that I got a pretty good jolt when I had that thought, but just for good measure, a voice in my head said quite clearly, "Could I make it any plainer?"  Well, I answered, "Yes, but you would have to be physically sitting in the chair next to me."  He didn't take me up on my suggestion, but I got the point anyway.

More background.  For the past few years I have felt strongly that one of humanities greatest challenges was to heal the rift between humans and reptilians.  No progress can be made as long as the conflict between us continues.  Besides, humanity contains reptilian genes, which permanently bind us together.  It's like siamese twins fighting........each blow harms both, and one can't vanquish the other without killing both.  Best to accept the reality of the situation and embrace the other half of ourselves.  Love is the only way. 

Now another piece of the puzzle that I AM has unfolded for me.  I've held off reading other reader comments until I could finish this post.  They should be real interesting.

Thank you for the excellent message, 
Admon kam Admon

Greetings Jelaila,

I am very impressed to read someone who articulates themselves so well and knows how to spell, while sharing the necessary information without getting scattered in the details.You express yourself Universally, the path of the Heart.  I find it soulfully reinforcing to know that someone (you) processes life in a most similar way as I do and yet manifests your purpose through your own experience using the tools of channeling and the internet. I commend your courage of integration!

 I resonate Cosmically to much of the channeled information, some I just don't know about, but I find that the message depicts a 'Universality", as I have traversed them through experience and intuition. The way of being and processes described seems so familiar. At 5 or so, I received a vision and basically the next 16-18 I chose to escape the pain of my claiming my awesome responsibility.  I had always kept myself on track with esoteric studies, nutrition, dance/fitness and mostly human observation and their emotional dynamics.  I realized early enough, in my late 20's, through much physical back pain (scoliosis) caused by emotional imbalances was the perpetrator. At 33, I am happy to say that I am on my way to creating a straight spinal pathway via intense emotional release using tantric  movements (a serpentine spiral) through the chakra system and other intuited processes such as how to release origin of pain energy (miasms) in the body, using energy/rolfing type work to reintegrate and center the body,etc.

I am interested to know more about the emotional origins of your Fibromyalgia.  I know so many people with Chronic fatigue and Fibro, Epstein Barr, etc.. and notice a similar emotional parallel. Perhaps I may offer some insight... I am now at a juncture where I seek the integration of knowledge regarding the myriad mind control methods & devices used on the 3-D level by our Government and its Agencies. As you say, the mind methods used for clearing can be used negatively. Spirit propels me towards this subject for many reasons. I am eager for your article on this subject.  I felt that It necessary for me to introduce myself as we all must come together in Light and purpose if we are to make that 144,000 by year 2012.

It can be lonely as I, too, have left friends behind who choose to linger in victimhood. With compassion, I am there for them should they choose to move forward.  This does leave a very small group of individuals to share our mission and broader perspective with.  Being Spiritual is one thing, moving towards Ascension is another! You aptly describe all the dynamics that we land upon during the ascension process and it continues...

I just wanted to thank and applaud you for staying true to yourself and in alignment with your purpose despite all the external controversy, dynamics that appear to try and dissuade you and all of us from our path of heart.  I feel that "Birds of a Feather" must flock together, or Lizards, Dragons, etc... I personally resonate and work with Pleiadian Energies. I have found only two other's than myself to find the new chakra point between the heart and throat chakra while meditating.  I never knew what to call it-now  I know,the "Higher Heart".

Thank You for shedding light on the filtering out function of this chakra as it adds a new dimension to its essence.

Alisa Battaglia 


Thanks for send this out.  I was in no way offended or did I find it controversial.  I don't really resonate with it, although, Orion is my most favorite constellation.  I look forward each year when it is visible here is SoCal.  This stated maybe 7 or 8 years ago.

The one thing I did find interesting and with which I do resonate is that part about the reptilians having to ascend  via the 3D path.

To give you a bit of history about myself, I was awakened about 18 months ago to all this ascension stuff.  At that time, the person who facilitated this, told me that I have a great deal of ET genetics... most of which is reptilian.  I strongly resonate with the Drac.  I love the movie Enemy Mine and have read The Enemy Papers which chronicles the Drac history along with other stories.  (I figure this is what my 3D mind works with).  When I had the work done, I laughed and laughed realizing that at last the pieces were coming together.  I realized why it has been so hard to be on this planet up to this point.  I'm simply not from here and have had no clue how to live here!

As time went on, the realization that this is my first physical incarnation on this planet was really clear.  I have been here a few times before but as a walk-in.  This aspect of being mostly of "other"genetics and here for the first time for some reason occupied my thoughts for a long time. I thought.  "How special!"  Eventually, I fully embraced my humanity and have realized that I can not do my job in the ascension process as anything other than an human being.  It is the earth and humanity, I feel, that are ascending.  I am comfortable with my "roots", if you will, but the challenge is being here on the planet and being fully human... allowing Divinity to fully mingle with it.

More and more, I allow spirit to fully integrate within me.  Yes, I look to the stars but my home and task is here in this moment in time.  Life on this planet at this time is challenging to say the very least, but each day I open to allow more of All That Is to merge with my being to be expressed here.

Well, hope I haven't bored you with all this but I have been enjoying your website.  You have done an outstanding job of bringing so much into view.

Dave Larson

Dear Jelaila,

It meant so much to me for u to share this gives a deeper explanation for some of what i have felt in the past but unable to articulate... the ashtar command thing never resonated with me as in fact it felt elusive and "unreal" and this explains why... i have recieved personal info about sanat and the kumaras and have pondered this over the yrs and u're info adds clarity... interesting enough, i too recieve info in energy packets that i then have to "translate"; so i can really identify with your process and wonder about our soul connection..thanks again for sharing...Carol

Dear Heart,

...My understanding is that there were great beings called Kumara's who came to this assist this Solar Logos and established their operational base on Venus in the upper fourth or higher frequencies.  The senior among them was called Sanat, or highest ranking Kumara, i.e. Sanat Kumara.  Hence it feels to me his common appellation is actually his title, not his "name".

As you have clearly understood Christ is an office, a function, not a person, so too I belief checking in with your own sources will reveal Sanat Kumara is his functional title and shield from revealing his vibratory ID -- which he clearly does not wish to be placed in common usage -- as there is much truth in having power over person, place or thing by knowing its name,. Remember the fable of Rumplestilskin!

Ronald Ross


These past few weeks since your article first appeared in my inbox I watched anxiously for the next piece of the puzzle. What the piece is I am not sure.  I have been getting the name Ananda for several years now and so maybe this is what your message is about today.

In July 1998 I chose not to hop on the Orion bus but instead to take the bus beyond Andromeda and to follow my destiny through this line. I was given a definite choice and believe that to go beyond both these known planetary systems has taken me into such uncharted "waters' that much of the time I have difficulty in formulating the journey into conscious words. The pictures and letters are strong in my mind.  The alphabet is not Hebrew but does translate into a sort of Greek which in turn I am slowly beginning to translate into English.

I may have stepped onto a Niburian ship 26000 years ago but feel that this was just an adventure along the way. I may also have visited Orion for a period of time but this too was a journey as in the adventures of Ulysses. 

The pull from your articles is enormous - is this a circle being formed? Did we meet on Niburu? Will we know within the next two years?  The Universe has seen fit to keep me fairly isolated and low key these past two years. Since the end of June the most amazing things have come my way via the Internet. we truly are being drawn together through an invisible web. I have even had cobwebs appear in my house where none have ever existed before. They reappear quicker than I can clean them off. The web does indeed grow stronger.

As a trance channel I began channelling Wae Kin Yan and Wae Kin Yama both aspects I believe of Quan Yin. The past four years I have becoem a multi-dimensional channel. I recognise your Orion man as a sometimes visitor - where to now?

from my heart to your heart,
Gaele Arnott
Brisbane Australia

Hi there, 

We have spoken briefly before, I applaud your  bravery in sending out  SK's message to his people...... it confirms something I have  felt about Ashtar for some time..... like you I was not drawn to him  or many of the other AM, aside from Jesus..... but  through you I now understand why, and feel what you have said is  truth!!  I was also interested in what SK said about  ascension this time round, again it felt right.......

You did the right thing here, and i know many  of his soul group will be  in tears of relief at hearing his message..... bless you for being  brave and  doing what is asked of you....... remember it is 'OUR' (readers) choice in how we receive information from  other realms...... all you are doing is relaying the message from one realm to another...... your the  telephone so to speak....... I know you know this, just wanted to  let you  know again, that I support you......

I know how you feel when posting messages like  this, but as you will have learnt they need to go out...... it is our ego that puts up  the doubts....The angels bless you, and ask that you continue  to keep doing yourthing....... you have many important roles to play  yet.....blessings in the light =  knowledge.

Karen / Milaralay

Hi Jelaila,  

I read the new article and I have never heard of this person but it resonated with me and with some other information from Robert Morning Sky that I have heard.  You might want to look at his website. He says we are from a reptilian and a cat like race that both came to Earth.  He also talks about the same planets and star systems.

When I was a little girl I use to think I had a guide who lived on Venus.  This was when I was  very young and didn't know any metaphysical stuff .  She was a beautiful woman with long black hair and a white robe and she would stand behind a lecturn in a all white room and talk to me and tell me what to do.  She really remained with me as a guide for a very long time. Until I was 35.  I look forward to your future articles.  Debbie


Quoting you: 
"Yes, I see that he is.  But I also sense that there are those of the Reptilian overlords who have taken his name and used it to create a counterfeit Ashtar command; one that represents him as all love and light and not who he really is...a phony command that will disempower those who follow this fictional character instead of the real one."

Thanks for releasing this message.  I also found out about the fake ashtar, and tried to help many of his followers to Find out for themselves.  The info about that has been available since 1992 from a fellow in Australia who was the ONLY ashtar Channeler who was able to reveal this info about the real ashtar.  Thanks so much for this confirmation.  


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for taking the time to share what you were given, even though if you had some doubts about it. You're a true heroine, you know that? The article moved me to tears when it mentioned the loss of loved ones during a dramatic escape from another world.

I mentioned the spider thing once last week in the chat, remember? I do not remember which world it was, though. I do recall being in a lot of wars and battles. I feel intuitively that I'm part of the Christo Alliance or perhaps was part of the Black Orion League or at least participated in the rebellion, and I knew there was something more to Venus than met the etheric eye.  SK's words had great impact on me, except I'm not a blonde , so I can't be of his soul group.. lol.. I also remember something you said once in a written testimony (Okay I'm just paraphasing): Don't accept their truth, let it become yours by finding out for yourself. Perhaps Devon said that, but they are still great words to live by.  Hope this helps you on your journey to wherever you're heading to!

Love, Lisa

Thanks Jelaila.

Now I know why that 1980's television series "V" gave me so many nightmares about being in a resistance movement.  I always thought it was just because of a former life in Nazi Germany.  My husband has it all on tape now...I won't watch it.

Love and Light!  


I had to share my elation at reading about Sanat Kumara.  Of course, you know that Janus is part human and part reptilian.  What you don't know, most likely, is that I have had to come to terms with the reptilian influence that we both share.  It has so often been portrayed as negative energy.  Now you bring forth this special information that Ascended Master Sanat Kumara is part reptilian.  The cosmos is beginning to make sense, thank goodness!

The information about the style of the reptilian ascension was very interesting.  I am one who believes in Sanat Kumara's message that sharing relationships and integrating the Dark and Light energies are the real path to ascension, not feeling the need to isolate oneself from the rest of Humanity.

Anyway, thanks again for being such a wonderful channel and messenger.  Keep up the good work!

Bev Dombrowski,   The "iam" relates to the "I AM" Presence shared by the Ascended Masters, most particularly Saint Germain.


YOU ARE ONE FINE MESSENGER.  There is a chanelled book, "Pleiadian perspectives on human evolution" which tells about all the colonies that came to earth.  It tells about that colony.  I cried when I read your message and even now.  Isnt it all  magnificent?  That book is authored by Amorah Quan Yin.  

Blessings, Peg H.

Hello, Jelaila!

The 23rd of April, huh???? That is the day the two of us got born.......For the rest, good for you writing this! It does stir up controversy I can tell you. But hey, isn't that what all of us 'button pushers' are meant to do here :-)))))

Let me tell you of how we came to meet and 'converse with' Sanat Kumara....We know him as the former Planetary Logos, and did not really get into personal things of him and his soul group before he became Planetary Logos. The first time we had conscious contact with him, it was also in dream state. He was solemn and all, but in appearance as you describe in your text.

My sister told him with a big grin he was cute, soooo, next time, we both saw hum in sleep time wearing a 'cool' leather jacket , still retaining his nicely tanned skin.... :-)))))

Anyway, we find him to be a very wise and gentle person, always a pleasure do deal with!

Lots of Love, and JOY!
Alisha and Galimai
Ashtar Lightwork Center

Hi Jelaila,

I do not feel connected to Sanat Kumara, but was  very interested in what you said about the phony Ashtar.  In the 80's I was on an Ashtar Command mailing list, whose communications were very Love and Lighty,  but also contained admonitions to send money or the "Mission" would fail, as  well as to stockpile food and supplies(and even weapons I think) for the coming  conflict with the Dark Forces.  I got kinda turned off and stopped subscribing.  Now I know why!  Many thanks.


Dear Jelaila,

You will find some interesting material about the Black League and related history in Lyssa Royal's tapes. Apparently their society was nearly paralyzed for a long time by the conflict between the "oppressors" and the "victims" and the "resisters." In the end, a man appeared who was something like a Christ figure. He was raised in secret and managed to not "take sides." He taught that nothing could be settled through fighting . His teachings were accepted with amazing rapidity, perhaps because everyone was exhausted by the struggle --which I think had been going on for thousands of years. Lyssa managed somehow to make a time travel connection and interviewed this man on tape.

I appreciate your information very much.  


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for passing on this message. It rings so true to  me. Ananda is even in my 'family' name, just to remove any lingering doubt! I  cannot describe what I feel reading this message, as it is truly indescribable,  but I thank you again, from the depths of my soul. I was given my own symbol -  it is the Planetary Logos - the figure 8 lying on it's side in brilliant gold.  Perhaps this is a part of the 'family' tree. I am trying to incorporate my human  with my spiritual and I am glad to know why it is so important for me and why I  am determined to do it and why indeed, it is quite trying at times.

Peace is definately my rallying call and compassion is my true armour.
I have been passing on with Love, ACCEPTANCE = PEACE. Now I see why . I  have even been communicating my own thoughts on how the dark is the light and it  needs acceptance in order to remember its source. etc etc. I so needed this  message to know that what I am trying so hard to do is inlign with my Path. I am  a descendent of the Australian Aboriginals and my mother is being initiated into  her tribe next month as she was a stolen child (taken from her family by the  government). She is helping our people heal as are many others.

I'm so  glad you spoke to Cheryl and wrote your message :)

Tanya  Marie Annandale
"Let peace be our rallying call and compassion be our armor."
Sanat  Kumara

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your article re Sanat Kumara this week.  The pieces drop into place on a daily basis.  I have recently found myself connecting with people on the net, usually of mixed cultures which seemed to be the origin of their feelings of rejection, pain and a constant feeling of being 'split'.  It is a theme which is being played out in every area of my life for me to understand more fully and be in no doubt about my purpose and focus and therefore the article was perfectly timed (as ever).

Although I read your articles with keen interest I never seem to retain the information but I have noticed that the articles themselves are encoded and my body reels with humming, burning sensations and waves in my head so I get a full fix! I first experienced this type of  'coding' when reading my first introductory channellings by the Pleaidians and would be constantly amused at having to turn the book on its side and just sit there staring into the pages aimlessly but knew there was method in this madness.

It was interesting to read your description of Sanat Kumara, in my former years in healing I used to set up crystal nets I found in a book called 'Crystal Doorways' and would lay in the nets which were laid out in such a way as to invoke the energies of, among many energies, the Ascended Masters.   Sanat Kumara was one of those nets I used regularly and no coincidence I suppose that I took my crystals out of hibernation for the first time in three years after the posting of your recent article on crystals - the crystals 'thank you' and having been bathing in the sun for the best part of this week.

As for the necessary 'grounding', it continues to be painful, lonely and intense…..thank you again for your lifeline!

Love and service,
Marie D.

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