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Comments and Q & A on The First Wave



I just read the material on "first wave". You said there are a number of inventors as part of the first wave. I am not sure if I am a first waver or not, as if that makes a whole lot of difference anyway, but I am a mostly retired patent attorney who could help inventors. I know the patent system and I also know what is happening as this planet and its inhabitants transition into the higher dimensions. I may be useful as long as the old systems are in place.

Nick Aquilino


I  enjoyed your information and found the article on The First Wave to be completely authentic.  I have known for many years of being part of the First Wave due to my awakening to this new reality way back in 1978-9.   It was so exciting to read all that you had to say since every last bit of your information has fit my life down to the smallest detail.  I have so much more to share and am very excited about making your acquaintance  and in such a special way.  Many of us are now gathering.
From Seed to Shining Seed,


I wanted to thank you for your information  on the 'First Wave'. I just saw it on a community for Walk-ins. I am a Walk-in, and a member of the first wave.  Name is C. N. Rodgers, cosmic name of Korin. I thought I would make contact with you and thank you and send blessings.


Hello once again and much love to you.

after reading this in First Wave...."They can be teachers teaching the concepts of multidimensionality as well and inventors who create the technology that will be needed for the 5th dimensional overlay.  They will teach and lead millions and through their technology establish the 5D foundation and prepare the people to move into it. " as well as and in conjunction with this......
"As for financial angels, they were to be people and technology that would produce financial abundance via the Internet. I believe this to be the technology of sound and audio on the Internet.  The 5th dimension is an overlay of information and technology created through technology".
.........Please know with extensive love and signs of the mission progressing, that the electronic music culture is doing just this.... every day all around the world ....This has been one of the rare post industrial era developments that has risen from the urban poverty centers( great zones for a healing tide of this culture's magnitude) of the US and UK as well as England's glastonbury plain? stonehenge (1- 5 day music festivals)to become a daily vehicle of light information and full range frequency attunement (20hz-20khz)  this is the new light spectrum for 4 & 5d!  After reading the third wave article I began to reconnect with some very intense memories from both April 1994 and  October 1996 involving electronic music etc. which sounded very similar to what you were saying about this...
" What happened to the First Wavers when their codes were fired?

For many including myself, it was as if someone slammed on the brakes of our reality and we crashed into a wall.  All of a sudden what worked before no longer worked.  "

Please check out  for some amazing exposure to the sound you are talking about and please tell as many people as possible to check out this commercial free radio station exclusively broadcasting 5 dimension sounds!   Please check out 'drone zone' for some really spacey ambient sounds as well as all the others.....

Best wishes and much love....



I just finished reading your description on the First Wavers. It gave me the answers that I have been searching for, for the last few years. I have felt like I really belonged nowhere, that I did not belong on this planet anymore, nothing was working out, nothing I did was right, and many people who I thought were close friends just disappeared. I felt abandoned, lost, and in deep pain. But as I read this article, and a few before it on Nibiru's web site, I received the answers to why this has happened. And it started for me in 1996. The feeling was of an inner death, which I felt in the heart chakra area. But the pain was at a soul level. As I watched everything around me change too fast and not to my liking, I couldn't handle it and didn't know why my cry for answers never came.

Well, I suppose I wasn't meant to get those answers until tonight. But it all makes sense to me now. The deep suffering I have experienced wasn't in vain (crying without knowing why, getting depressed without really knowing why).All of this wasn't without a cause. I really thought that I was losing my mind, and that the dark side was going to succeed in destroying me (they've been trying to for the past 15 years) But deeper still, I knew that I wasn't losing my mind. I just didn't know what was going on or why! I just decided to shut down and shut off, but couldn't even succeed at doing that!! After reading some of the articles on this web site, I feel alive again and charged up!! 

It's validating to find out that others have felt like I have, and have gone through what I have. And it's good to know that there are others who always knew they were here to teach and lead the masses during this time. I had given up on even trying to teach or lead anyone these past 6 months, but that has changed now. I feel reinvigorated and even more determined than ever to teach whoever wants to know the truth, and who wants to survive what is coming. It feels good to feel validated again, and to know that all that I have gone through these last few years did have a meaning and purpose after all!

I sincerely thank you.

June (Candle)


Hello, I recently came on an article of the First Wave and First Wavers. I followed the link to your site  and after reading up on Starseeds, I can honestly say I feel I may be one. I match every  one of the things of Starseed, and  recently felt a great "Change" in things causing me to do lot of changes in my life. I would like to know  more information and what I can do to prepare myself if I am possibly a  starseed. To let you know, I have always  felt out of place, and I have always felt like I was not from Earth. Of course many people would say it is  from a "want" and from Science Fiction, but I have always felt deep inside,  that I was different. I will appreciate any help that you can give me. I am currently 16 years of  age.

Jelaila’s Answer:

Hi Scott, my suggestions are:
1. Keep researching to learn all  that you can.  This is a journey

2. Ask your guides for  assistance

3.  Gather tools that enable to  you understand the experiences in your life from a higher perspective.  The  Multidimensional Keys of Compassion are good tools for this.  You will find them  on our site.

4.  Join chat rooms and forums  where there are others of like mind that can support you on a daily basis and  you move beyond 3rd dimensional beleifs into multidimensional  consciousness.

5.  Remember that you were never  meant to do this alone.  Keep reaching out and connecting with others who can  help you.

that's about it.  Sounds like you  are doing okay.  Keep it up.


I've just read your First Wave Article and this paragraph really rang true for me:

"For others, it was a reality wake up call in another way.  What had been so important in our lives no longer seemed to matter.  We began to turn to spiritual things and many were consumed by their desire to know and understand.  We began reading and studying one thing after another. We sprinted through the levels of spiritual training covering everything from angels to meditation to Zen at what seemed like lightening speed.  It was as if we were taking a crash course in spiritual understanding in preparation for something greater.  So while one world was falling away, a new one was forming.  And though we felt the fear of losing our past we felt incredible joy and excitement at the new reality we were creating .  Our hearts were filled to overflowing even while our savings were dwindling way."  I'm sort of in the middle of an accelerated training period . Even though I have been a student of the philosophy, religion, and channeled writings for the last 20 years; it seems that I have been turbo -charged lately; although it is not clear for what mission.

I also took this comment to heart:

"Where to we go from here? As mentioned in the July Council Update, the First Wave is now in Phase II of our training.  Some are already fulfilling their missions and some are still in training.   If your mission has not been made known to you then don't sweat it, it is not time. But for those who do know, it is time to get started."

I would appreciate any advice you might have for me individually. And I'm enjoying and getting a lot from your website.

Mark K.

Hi There Jelaila!

I was forwarded your article about the First Wavers and felt compelled to send you an email I'd written several months ago on the language of light or Hiburu, and my experience with it.  It absolutely IS incoded into the DNA, actual waveforms of light/thought overlaid into the physical body on a cellular level.  When we experience this language through the visual, or auditory or feeling levels our cellular memory ignites and fires, moving us into greater expansion, triggering the ascension process. In my opinion, ascension is simply another word for describing evolution--so our ability to evolve is quickened, our frequency more highly tuned.

I was so pleased to read your facinating email.  I have been developing this for a long time, but am only now beginning to connect with others who are "doing" the language! --I thought I was alone in this for 16 years... and am soooo relieved to be connecting with ones like yourself who know what this is.  I would love to get connected up with the other First Wavers.... you mentioned a wesite forming? I recently moved to San Diego from LA, and noticed you're in the (310) area code.

Please read the following, and if you are interested in connecting with me let me know.  I get up to LA quite often. 
Happy Holidays to You Jelaila,(great name)


Dear Jelaila,

My name is Vivienne and I have been visiting  your site for about 4 months now.  I just read your article the first wavers and  believe I am one of them.  I have been told this also by a soul blueprint reader  also, and all the things that happen to first wavers have happened to me.  I  want to thank you for what you are doing.  Reading stuff on the ascension or  being with lightworkers are the times when I feel peaceful . The 3-d world seems  crazy to me and I also want to give up often.

I am dropping density like crazy right now and am  going through a rough time.  I think my ego thinks about leaving the planet  often 'cos it doesn't understand what is happening.  I tell myself it will feel  better soon but the depression gets to me sometime.  Anyway I am doing what I  think I'm supposed to be doing. I trust and have faith that my guides will  continue to lead in the right direction.  I ask them often enough anyway!  I  think why I wrote was to connect to another who understands and say Thankyou for  your love and support to us all,  which helps enormously. 

Thankyou Jelaila from the bottm of my  heart,

 Vivienne -

Hi, Jelaila,

I just read about the First Wave, that is a PERFECT discription!! When it first got activated in myself, I thought I was going crazy!!! Words cannot describe!! Even as we speak, there are incredible things, energetically happening, with my etheric and my physcial body!!! I have developed a relationship with my body, it's incredible, I've actually learned, to Love my body and myself!!! I was alone for two years, I've been studying everything spiritual I can get my hands on!!

I just recently moved to Reno,Nevada to be closer with my family, at first, that wasnt going to hot either, now I just got back with my sister! Right now, I'm close with my Sister and my Mom, she knows about this to a point to. I'm still am alone during the day, I havent' found a job yet, I'm kind of am looking. I worked for a Vet Clinic for the past 10 years, so I understand what it's like, I just about physically killed myself, trying to save everthing!!! I do Love animals, it was impossible!!! I had to quit, and move. I know, in my heart that it was correct. I'm kind of worried though, I know I shouldn't be, but about getting a job, I'm still am somewhat exausted physically from that ordeal!! It would be great to have a job online! I'm so glad I found this, I have been studying about the Nibiruan Council so forth!! What a great validation!!

Love and Light!

Hi Jelaila!

You don't know me and I really don't know you, but I'm very excited to be in touch with you :)! My name is Aniko Grandjean, I'm a 24 year old female living in New York State by the borders of Massachusetts and Connecticut. 

I'm living a very 3D sort of life, but feel something much beyond calling me and I'm eager to meet it.  My friend and Reiki Master, Betty, passed on an email to me from you giving info on First Wavers.  It was very exciting to read.  I'm not sure I'm a First Waver, but I know I am something.  I know I'm here to help bring about world peace and global transformation into love and truth.  Basically, this has been the year of the beginning of my awakening.  I quit my job at a personal growth center in February and have since opened up myself to listen to my heart and soul.   have had many energetic visions of my higher purpose and our world's path into love and peace. 

Before I read your email, I felt like world peace would become a reality in 10 years or less (if it's 12 I wasnt' too far off! :) ).  I absolutely believe we are meant to joyously heal and live in infinite bliss and possibilities and that we are meant to remember who we really are--pure love.  I love my dreams and am quite eager for them to come true.  I've lived a great life thus far but  with rough internal roads never feeling quite at home anywhere.  I still often have a heavy heart while I trust my process.  But, I always come back to the loving truth.  In a reiki session with Betty, we figured out I may be from a planet called Exelgensis and that my purpose is indeed to help with earth's transformation.  I'm very much in transition and want to connect more with people who have a similar sense of higher purpose.  I want so much to make what my heart tells me a reality for my experience of life. 

So, I am thrilled at the thought of connecting with you and anyone you recommend.  I am thrilled about hearing more about our ascension and our connections to the nonphysical guides and planets.  I'm currently not on line very often because we don't have a computer at home, but I think that'll be changing soon.

I feel like contacting you could could really spark some helpful energy in my awakening process, so I am grateful you are there!  Obviously, I really look forward to hearing anything from you!!  I'm going to check out the Nibiruan Council website :)!

Much love, hugs, and gratitude,

Hello Jelaila,

I AM Ryan, a Sirian soul, healer & lightworker.  I'm writing to you because of a series of events that have led up to, and prompted, this very email. 

Allow me to explain...  About two years ago, I had a series of insights which allowed me to intuitively draw some machines.  These machines, as I understood them when I recieved the channeling, work on frequencies of light, of pure vibration, I feel compelled to say similar to that of the A -U-M sound.  I don't know their specific purpose.  I'm in the process of looking for the drawings, and wonder if I sitll have them.  I didn't think much of them at the time; it's only until recently that I realized their potential value. 

In the past two months, I have re-gained a _small_ amount of soul memory from the time when I was an initiate in the Egyptian priesthood.  Recently I came across an article which outlined the research that a team did in the 70's, on some previously unknown/speculated regions of the Great pyramid.  It went on to tell of how the explorers used an ancient language decoded from several multi-lingual scrolls.  The ancient language they theorized to be the language of Nibiru.  All of this seemed pretty exciting to me until I read the word Nibiru.

When I read that word for the first time, a deep tingle rushed up my spine and indeed the active Kundalini in me started to vibrate.  It triggered a deep knowing - a soul remembrance - of once having used the words of this language.  It was such an odd feeling... the feeling of simply knowing, without pre-thought; yet at the same time, an intense yearning to speak the words in that language as I had in Egypt.  It felt like the words were on the tip of my tongue, and I could almost feel the resonant tones.  Simultaneously my heart chakra opened and just started gushing.

This is why I'm writing to you now.  I would like to know if you have any available literature on - or if you would consider teaching - the language of Nibiru to me?  I believe that it may hold some very deep karmic keys which will allow me to understand not only many of my other incarnations , but the meaning and functionality of the drawings I mentioned earlier.  Will you help me?

Thank you for your time & attention.

Namasté, I AM Ryan


I ran across your site the other day when I was reading David Icke's site and came across the article First Wave.  The information that I have seen in your articles , has been interesting to read. 

It has been revealed to me now for some time that I am a starseed and I am very tired and weary and just wish to come to your site and rest abit.  I am 45 years old and sending you a picture of me sitting in my field.  My awakening began at the age of 16 then really accelerated at 20 when I had a UFO encounter in the month of July 1975 about 15 min. outside of Nashville, Tenn.  I am very typical of all that you mentioned about starseeds.  I have been reading and studying like there was going to be no tomorrow for 25 years,  many times reading 3 books at one time.

I always felt that I had to be reading out of 3 books.  It is like I would be lead to 1 book, then another would follow and then a 3rd one would show up and that is how it has been for 25 years.  During this 25 years, I have been given many gifts, received telepathic messages, healed, worked with nature, had  visions, prophetic dreams, channelled.  Saved from  death.  Had a 3-day spiritual experience where I was shown who I was and my mission.  Been contacted by UFO's (my family). Been heavily involved at times  with the Native Americans---taught , guided and instructed.  All the typical Starseed stuff.

I am tired and just want to rest abit.  I know that I have come here to serve and this is all that I want to do is to complete all that I have promised that I would do.  As you mentioned in your First Wave article, I know within myself I will complete my assignment, cause it burns deeply within me and it has to do with integrity.  I will do it cause I said I would do it, and I want to serve and love,  this I know.

At this time , I am looking for a place here on the planet where I can be accepted for who I am and supported for what I have to do.  I have the type of strength in me that I  will go it alone if I have to, but I would enjoy the rest and peace of being known and  understood for what I have to do.  and accepting one another no matter what their assignment is, that we can just look into each other and  see that person  and love them and not have the ego interfere.  

As I have said to God, spirit , UFO family and all those guides and spirits around that are of the light.  All I really care about is love.  Assignment doesn't mean squat to me , nor who I was ,are who I am now if I can't give love and receive love from others my real family here on the earth-- -those that recognize that living spark of love in me and I in them.

This is why this time we must override ego and come together as a family of love, truly loving each other and becoming innocent and as little children again with one another.  Where we are not bothered by ego, we must overcome it and come together , then we will truly ascend.

Jelaila, you appear to be aloving compassionate soul and this is what I am looking for.  Your assignment does not bother me if that is your assignment and I have no reason to believe it not to be at this time.

I am extremely confident in what my assignment is.  To much has come true in my life from what I have received.  But this is not the real issue for me or the starseeds, walk-ins or lightworkers.  The real issue is not who we are, are what we have to do(our assignments), but can we come together and unite and  love each other inspite of these things, knowing these things about ourselves and each other. 

That feels right to me what you said in one of your articles that we did this before , but we didn't come together in love, ego ruled us out of this.  

 I hope we can come together this time , I pray we can, as we are all learning who we are and what our missions and assignments are.  We will do our assignments I am confident of this , but will we come together in love and support one another----and return as a family.  I want very much to return in love, support and togetherness  with this grand family of love and light.  I say let the call go out that we--- love and unite.  Then we will truly succeed in our missions as we give compassion, love and healing to the world.  Let us not forget one another.

Thank you,


Thank you very much for the enlightening article on the First Wave.  I have felt, for a very long time, that things in my life were happening for a much larger reason than was immediately apparent to me. I sensed that I was heading for a completely new life of helping others to understand the great transformation now taking place on the planet.  I am a teacher.

Your message struck a chord with me, as I have had similar experiences ( that you described) that begun in the mid-ninties and continue to affect my reality to this day.

 I would like to stay in touch with you and others who are moving through similar transitions.  There is much work to be done.

Thank You,


I saw your message in the new Space Brothers e-group and went to your web site.  Wow!  Thank you for sharing it and for the wealth of information which I've only barely begun to tap into at your site.

I'm excited because you have described in many ways exactly what I've been experiencing in your letter about the first wave.  I've felt that I'm running behind others who seem to know exactly what they're supposed to be doing, while I just continue (not JUST continue, tons of things are changing in subtle ways!) on my path, having little concept of my role.  But I've been very encouraged by your words.  Thank you very much!



My name is Debbie...I joined the list about a week ago.  The post really intrigues me because I have writing  symbols that come through to me.. .started to come through in bits and pieces around 1996....I have no idea what they mean but when they come through me it feels very harmonius and loving energy.  Thank you....for shedding a little Light on what is happening regarding this phenomena in my life.  The symbols are lines.. .geometrics, and what looks little like Sanskrit.  I just keep making them....I have no idea what to do with them...

Love and Light to You,


Thank you for posting THE FIRST WAVE article on the Kryon  board. It was very timely for my wife and I to see. One of those  "coincidences" the very day we needed to see it. I suppose I am a first  waver. I feel I was " implanted " with the idea of a shift and have been waiting  and clearing my past and preparing myself for the last 30  years. I've known the last 25 years that I had a job assignment of  something.

In '94 I began to struggle health wise. By '96 I was  unable to work. My first real encounter of what it's like to live in a 3-d world  but forced to begin living 4-d. Our income was way under the poverty  level and we still made it.

I walked away from my job at Northern Telecom as  Quality Engineer in '85. Had a couple of  years of psycho-therapy. Got tired of  getting well soo slowly. Found NLP and One Brain and really went  to work on ourselves. Left Dallas in '91 for Leadville, Co. Lived there for 1  year then moved to southwestern Co. next to Mese Verde.  We bought 35 acres and built a hay house( structure made from hay bales and covered with adobe.) Had no utilities except for a  telephone. Had solar/wind power. Heated the house and shop all year for what  one cold January/Feburary month cost in Dallas. Our two  teenage sons thought we were crazy.  We continued to clear and deal with our  fears.

Our two sons left home in '97.  They told us later how  they hated the experience at the time and how they began to understand &  apreciate it . They learned and cleard as Mom and Dad learned and cleared. We  have had people encouraging us to write a book. We started one while we were there but couldn't seem to finish it.  Timing. Maybe we will finish it. Maybe its not important.

I inherited some money in '97. We sold our property &  moved to Ft. Collins in'98. I invested the money and so much wanted to make it  grow but I lost and lost heavily. I am a sculptor. I make  furniture. I do slate and tile work. It has been my art and working with my  hands that has saved me. Financially it looks really bad for us from a  3-d point of view.  We haven't any sales, jobs, income,etc. My wife, Marcia, and  I say "Well we're making it up as we go.(a famous quote of  Indiana Jones in the first movie.) We have had work and people like what I  do.

Its sorta like the income from 3-d has been cut off. All I  know is this. We have money in the bank today.  I'm very grateful. Thank you very  much. Don't know about next week.  Can't go there. There is only today, now.  To say we're making it up as go helps us to laugh and keep some semblence of sanity. We're actually remembering as we  go. From a 3-d perspective we look like we're making it up.

I am blessed to have a partner today who has the vision  with me. We have been together for 26 years. It's comforting for her to be  here.  It would be easy for me to question my sanity at times. I  have had some very heavy karma to clear.I have said the last 20 years that this  is it.  I have to clear it because I ain't comming back here. Now  what I see is I don't have to repeat this wonderful 3-d world. 

I didn't realize when I sat down to e-mail you ,I was  going to write a book. I do want to say thank you from my heart. You are  providing an invaluable service to those of us groping in the dark and  "making it up as we go."

Ken W.

 Hi Jelaila,

I wanted to convey an immensely loving and powerful 'thank you' for the article on The First Wave.  I was introduced to your web site just a month ago in response to my desperate cry to the Universe to move me out of a very painful place.  I have gained such support from the information you share it has been perfect as is every moment of this journey (despite the pain etc. etc.). 

I too felt the conscious shift in 1996.  Everything in my life had just dissolved and I packed my bag and just arrived in Dublin not knowing why .  Over a period of three years I started Reiki initiation to Mastership, quickly moved into Transformational Cellular Healing then on to Lightbody Surgery with the removal of the Karmic Matrix back in March of this year (not even listing the various other deep and raw soul searching therapies). 

I do not need to tell you how many times I was beside myself at the crazy contract I had taken and why I would want to undertake such a painful, lonely and financially draining process but once the dust of the Karmic Matrix process settled and I really began to realise my fifth dimensional consciousness, my gifts of seeing the coding in the Universe began to manifest itself very powerfully and I laughed at the realisation that this 'gift' of I was waiting to be informed of was always with me since the age of 11 (I am now 37!).  My vision and insight into the 'Mirror' began to become detailed and my intuition would stop me in my tracks...I laugh when my intuition even tells me which bathroom in the house to use!

I am in the process of just beginning to set up workshops and therefore your focus on the internet as a means of generating abundance as a teaching platform is valuable food for thought.  At the moment I cannot see how I can make money through the web just by sharing information and I think it is a big issue for many Lightworkers, I would love nothing better than to sit and share all day long but unfortunately it does not put food on the table as we all know so painfully well.  Nevertheless I will find the answers when it becomes time.  I love your plans for the teaching forum, my heart jumped when I open the article, it is the first tangible gesture of uniting in service and helping each other that I have found.

Thank you for being the hand to hold during such a fearful, lonely and painful process and for not giving up, that one hand has supported me not to give up!  Love and Light, Marie xxx

Dear Jelaila:

I would like to introduce myself to you.  My name is Cherie Haydon and I most recently was honored and extended a heartful invitation from Peter Stacey of the The Golden Carpet to join its members.  During this wonderful, exhilerating time of finding the love & kinship of others like me, who are working/integrating with the "new energy", I ran across a posting that you had called, "The First Wave".

I cannot begin to express how much your article touched me!!  Our language is too limiting, so I will send you of my "heart energy" to let you know that I truly can relate to every single thing you said about being a "first waver"!!  I am so excited that I can barely write this to you!  Where do I even begin?

I read your mission statement and your life's journey on your life's mission and switch as a "walk in" and while I have never had the experience of being a "walk in", I feel with every fiber of my being that I have found "home" here on your site!  I have many glimpses of "home" over the course of the past 7 months, but I feel deeply of the love, the peace, the serenity, filling the light to my core and my compassion that I feel "pulled" here and it is truly a wonderfully soothing feeling to be here!

When reading your notes on the contract of being a "first waver", I felt my 1st charge "go off" back in 1994" and I shared with this a friend of mine and she also felt her charge "go off" too!  We both felt the strongest urge or need to "get ready" and to "prepare".  I did not know what I was preparing myself for, but I felt it was very BIG and galactic, so I made an appointment with a very good psychic and I told her that I wanted to know what my soul's purpose was during this time.  She introduced me to my Guardian Angel for the first time and he told her that I was hear to be a healer of several things.  1) to share the light and love that comes out of my heart through my hands and also that I have a soothing, blue energy that radiates my being that will calm people down that are traumatically upset and that being in my energy, people will calm down.

She also indicated that she saw me spiral up in the energy, like a bird, and go into realms unknown--that my life was broken into 3 parts.  The first part began was when I was 32 when I knew who I was and would begin to learn Reiki and other healing methods.  That my life would change again when I turned 42 (I'm now 40) where I will be applying myself and learning and working with the energy and would be gearing up to begin teaching during this timeframe.  That when I reach 52 (which is the year of 2012), I would have already been assisting others in the "new energy."  That I also would work with those who did not have a strong voice (children, possibly Indigos because of my blue energy), and the elderly and the world at large.

In 1994, I took my first Reiki I class of the Usui System and two years later took Reiki II and began perform distance healing.  Just a few months ago, I really "punched" the accelerator and received my Reiki Master Level attunements, had a "light process" done with the "ones with no names," a past-life regression and had soul-level attunement (where I again found home), have been seeing a Zero Point Balancing Practitioner to clear and purge thing I no longer need.  Peter Stacey is also giving a very good friend of mine & I the alignment/attunement this Saturday, August 12, 2000, into the Order of Melechedezek (spelling?) and the Brotherhood of Light.

I picked August 12 because of I am trying to work with my 12 chakras and restructure my DNA, like you did.  I know I am working on the galactic levels--have always sensed this and it was confirmed just during my soul-level attunement a few months ago.  I also noted that your planet Nibirua is also the 12th planet!  I am sure there is NO coincidence here!

I totally reasonate with every thing you said about needing to love & support each other during this time because I, like you, have lost many friends, some family members think I'm "off the deep end." through their fear of the unknown and in their own lives--keeps them in the "old energy ."  I know that I am here to assist in building the new templates of energy and I am very excited about it!  I revel in it and I am ready to be of service, while still learning to integrate this wonderful energy!

I saw your picture on your website and you look SOOO familiar to me!  I know I know you--from other worlds or something, it's so crazy, but great at the same time!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my ever expanding heart--to find you today!  I hope to hear from you!  If you do want to call me, my number through my internet-based business is (888) 227-7747.  I re-calibrated my Information Technology Recruiting business just this past January to be a part of the Grand Scheme of things and I am now practicing the Keys to Abundance and the Keys to Compassion, not randomly, but everywhere I go where I have the chance to touch thousands of people.

I would love to know more about your site, so I am going to go back into it and learn as much as I can.  This feels like "home" and it's truly wonderful!  Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you!

Much love & light,
Cherie Haydon

Hi Jelaila,

I've always thought the second wave were the Indigo (or Blue Ray) Children, many of whom are teenagers now.  And the third wave would be their (biological) children.  But after reading your article I'm not so sure.  Am I "off the mark" in this case?  Can you share anymore information regarding the 2nd and 3rd Waves?  If the indigo children, and their children, are not the 2nd & 3rd waves, what IS their role for Earth and humanity? Back H.

Jelaila’s Answer:

Beck, what I have been given in only one interpretation of the First, Second and Third Wave phenomena.  IT is multidimensional meaning that there is more than one level of interpretation.  The one you gave is also accurate.

Hi Jelaila,

I just read your update about the First Wave people, and when  I read your description of what happened when the codes fired it made me start  to wonder if that's what had happened to me then after all. I had not thought so  before because I have been so deeply involved in my spiritual quest and way of  being throughout my life. But what happened, beginning around 1996, was that  this quest for spiritual knowledge became extremely intense, so much so that at  times I thought I was "possessed" (though not in a scary way).

At that same time, my body decided that it was not going to  function properly anymore, at least that's how it felt. I quite literally could  not walk for some time, although apart from another "relapse" last year I am  significantly improved. I seem to have some weird neurological problems. Is this  a rewiring result?

Anyway, I had thought that what I was experiencing was really  just what everyone else was going through in terms of clearing out old energy  patterns. I never thought of it as being First Wave firing, even though I'd read  about this before today.

For the last several months I have had this strong urge to  create an Internet-based job/work for myself and others. I have also known that  I had a mission that involves the world, but I've never been totally clear about  what exactly that is. So those things you mentioned really struck home for  me.

So I guess what I'm trying to say/ask is: Do you really mean  that what's been happening to me could actually be explained by my being part of  the First Wave? I mean it's not like any bells rang or fireworks went off. Just  everything intensified suddenly.

Thanks so much for your, what shall I say, leadership,  guidance, paving the way... . You have been a great help to me.

Tanakia (Peace by with you) Dakota Skye Eagle

Jelaila’s Answer:

That sounds like a first wave code firing, but it also could be a walk-in as well.  Have you asked your guides for confirmation?


Just a quick note to thank you for all the work you've done in connecting the first wavers together. I feel comforted knowing that there are others out there that are having similar experiences.  A thousand x thousand x thousand thank yous for your newsletter.  It really helps. I'm wondering if there are physical symptoms that first wavers are experiencing? I am having many challenges with my physical health. Bright blessings, Linda

Jelaila’s Answer:

Linda, read the Let’s Get Real about Ascension Part 1 and Part II articles.  They explain the symptoms of First Wavers.

Hello Jelaila,

I just read your posting on the explanation of the  First Wave and First Wavers. It was very interesting and I thank you for  it.

A problem arose in my mind when I read your dates.  I believe you mentioned 1994 for activation of some First Waver. I and many  around me started feverishly reading books available to us around 1968. Books  like Lobsang Rampa's "The Third Eye" and anything about flying saucers. Then  came the Von Doniken books. Soon the subjects and books were bursting on the  scene. I was in heaven.

I was in contact with others that read the same  books and we talked and talked. Of course there was no internet or even  satellite TV. I was fascinated with short-wave radio though. So what I'm saying  is that many of us were activated way back then and I guess many of us wrote  books way back then. I didn't but I read anything I could lay my hands on. Then  life zipped by and here we all are.

So who are the First Wavers? Who has had to  demonstrate patience while waiting for the cosmos to come around to these days?  Who has had to watch new born babies grow into adults that tell us they are  First Wavers? Just a problem that arose in my mind when I read the dates that  you posted. I don't mean to be contrary, but I may be a bit cranky. Sorry. In  Love and Light, Paul S.

Jelaila’s Answer:

I can  understand your feeling cranky over those dates.  I wondered about them too and  asked again if they were what I was supposed to put down.  I got a yes.  I am a  youngster compared to you and so many others that have contacted me.  I feel  that those who were studying and researching 30, 40, 50, and even 60 years ago  are First Wavers too.  This was an activation to begin a mission, so I guess  that means that an activation occurred for you too, around those years.  Maybe jumping into the next highest gear?  A step up in your work, so to speak?

HI Jelaila,

I feel the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders ;-)  I will try to make this short & sweet, but felt the need to share.  My significant other (Wayne) is a computer programmer.  He is completing a software program for Court Mandated Counseling Assoc. in their efforts to report and study progress of their clients.  Their clients are pedophiles, drug abusers, batters, etc. THE DARK ;-) 

I have spent the last year or so researching every spiritual document available on the Internet!  The program is now ready for beta testing and I feel we have done all we can do until the timing is right for the program to be a great success.  I am now going back to work, as I am very bored .  I now see so clearly, why everything has taken place.  It has not been an easy journey, however, your article completely released me I was torn about going back to work in a less than spiritual world, the mortgage business.  Your article has led me to realize that for now, we have completed our mission.  We have always dedicated ourselves to the idea of opening a wellness center.  We have been told the proceeds from the software will enable us to open three centers "Pre Shift" Now I know when the time is right, the software will sell and the centers will be built.  Between now and then I will continue my spiritual pursuit on a part-time basis, as I have all the various websites saved, and receive daily e-mail's from many.  I don't know how to thank you enough.

I also know we will meet; I feel a very strong bond.  Much Love & Light, Susan Saunders

Dear Jelaila,

 I read with interest the july article about the progress of the first wavers. The part about us going into the second stage of labor was very dramatic. I know that time is not linear  and can be manipulated but I wonder if you can give me (in Earth time and years) what the Council forsees as the time when the second stage of labor will be over?    I would also suspect that if one still feels like they are struggling through a swamp they have chosen to carry on with their mission and not "abondoned it". When do you see life events and circumstances getting "easier" for first wavers?  Thanks, Annie

Jelaila’s Answer:

Boy Annie, I sure wish I did, but I have not received any word as to when it will officially end.

Dearest Friend,

I have been reading your articles for a while now and they are very uplifting.  Thank you.  For many years I have been receiving vibrations.  It can be any part of my body.  There are two types of vibrations.  One that feels like a pin, in a way, sticking me .  When I get this type of vibration, I check my thoughts to see if they are negative and I will pray an ask to fix whatever is not right.   (This is only my interpretation of what I think might be the cause of this vibration)

The other vibration, unlike the pin, is a sweet itch.  This I associate with something beautiful is happening.  Lately, I have been going through the most stressful situations in my life.  It seems as though nothing is working, feeling alone and lonely and have no one to relate too besides the folks on the net.  Financially depressed, completely out of money, although I have been practicing the Higher self banking techniques, have two children and no job.

Through all this, my heart is so fill with peace that I cannot say anything to my Creator but thank you.  I go through the day saying thank you so much that it becomes part of me like breathing.  Also, those vibrations that I mentioned is getting stronger.  It seems as  though I am getting guidance through them, which of course I am more thankful and excited.

The past week, I was guided to a website that post jobs. (temp agency)  They are so many, I did not know which one to pick from because I did not want to be going everywhere.  (Infact, I want to manifest my needs using the banking system.)  One place stood out by this same vibrations.  When I think of sending my resume to this place, I get a good vibration (nice itch).  When I actually did send the resume more nice itch.  Yesterday, I went shopping for a pair of shoes and a dress for an interview today.  I was guided to the right spot in the store for the dress via a nice itch and same for the shoes.

Today, I had the interview, nice itch, although I did not do well on the typing test and software test, since I have not used my skills for over a year and a half, still nice itch and so I thank the Creator as usual and walked out. 

Somehow, I am not feeling alone anymore no matter what because of these vibrations.  I feel I have a friend whom I can talk to and also listen to and I feel wonderful, broke, but wonderful.  By the way everything else is beautiful in my life, just broke.  I do not know what wave this falls into, but I don't mind as long as I have my vibrations.  If you feel obliged to answer me and share your thoughts with me, I will fell even more wonderful 

Thank you for being there.
Love, Althea

Dear Jelaila!

In February I finally got my new computer and connection to Internet. In June this year I discovered your home page, I can't remember how, I think it was by so called  "coincidence", but suddenly you were there. And I liked what I read. I printed out article after articel, and the main page, where I marked besides the articles already printed. Lots of work.........And started read more deeply than the "scanning".

And found a soul mate. I live in Norway, I am 52 years old, woman. I have been channeling for 8 years, first as a play or a hobby together with other people, we used an Ouija-board. Later on it developed, and to day I work alone, and I channel directly on the keyboard on the PC. I am an chemistry engineer in the "world", an work part-time in i hospital laboratory. But I do a little bit channeling for people too. And feel this will develop greatly in the time to come.

I read your article about Starseeds, walkins and lightworkers with great interest, of cause to find out where I fitted. And suppose I am a lightworker. The other two choices did not really fit, but I may be wrong.

I have received messages from my angels, as I like to think about them as, and its been overwhelming at times. Other times my doubt and my disbelief destroyed everything. But as time passed by I was in 1994 asked to write a book. It seemed to be a channeled book, messages from heaven, about love, music, human development, playing and so on, flooding over the earth. I was only to write them down and publish them. I thought. But it wasn't that simple, of course. As time continued to pass by, all my own development through the spiritual opening I was going through was written down and put in between the messages. Also the communication I had with the angels during the process found its place in the book. And to day it is a book about how a human being found the love for her self, and because of that could bring the heavens love to the earth. That was the book.

Nowadays I am working on it again, started two days ago, hoping to fulfill this task, at last, more than five years after the beginning. I have thought it to be fulfilled at least three times before. I can see very clear that I am a bridge between the heaven and the earth. And it is indeed a lightspreeding tool!  This book, along with others to come, (I am sure this is only a beginning....) seem to be my way to bring the light in. So your articles has in so many ways helped me, and confirmed the work I shall do, here in Norway. I have also written a book about being almost deaf. This book is now in a publishing house, and I have been told they are seriously interested.

Well, this is a little about my self and my work. I have been recognizing very much of my selv in very many of your articles, more than those mentioned above. The ascension articles, the overweigh article, and more too. And the way you "treat " the dark is very well known for me. Use it to emphasize the light, without the dark the light wouldn't have been there, we wouldn't have seen it, I have always said.  I appreciate your honestness, your down-to-earth-way when you tell about the spiritual world and development. And the way you emphasize the need to be a human in the world. I recognize my own way. I can't really "meet" people who are so spiritually that they forget to pay their phone bill. As if their spirituality make them standing a bit over the rest of us...and the phone bills as well.  Half as a joke half seriously I use to say that the final goal is to grow so tall that you can stand on the earth and have the head in the heaven at the same time...

Well, Jelaila, this was a little mail from the high north, from where the light will come, as Nostradamus said it...Greetings and all my best wishes for you and your great work! 


Beloved Jelaila,

I so appreciate your letter describing what 1st wavers experience.  It was very emotional for me and is now even as I recall it. I am writing some of my experience, with the hope that others can put aside the personal aspect, and access the information within. Your letter seemed sincere in its request for sharing.

I am 70 years old.  I began conscious ascension in 1978, before that it was unconscious. In 1987 I ask to be in the first wave.  My understanding at that time was that you ask for that, and for implant removal.  I learned quickly the basics of manifesting.  I quit working at 49 yrs old. The piece of information I wish to share, here is that most humans do not understand what is implied, can cancel what was intended to create.  Nothing you do or think must imply anything, to create, except what you have intended. You must go forward as if it is fact.  I have found that every one I have counseled, is canceling the manifestation by careless thought and word.

I must add here, that as the personal frequency increases, so does the ability to manifest and the parallel is that, so does the responsibility for thought increase.  The universe will provide what ever you are fascinated with, and give your thought to.  If you think and talk about how little you have, you will get more of that.  If you think about how much you have and how grateful you are, you will get more of that. This is truth.

What I wish to address now is confusion. My experience was that it came from not knowing what service I was doing, or what progress I was making.  No written information could give me my personal progress.  I learned that dreams and visions were the first key. Guides that spoke to me, and introduced themselves, seemed to stimulate more than satisfy that need.  I found I was, most of the time guessing, and that's not good enough.  I studied everything, and retained the information. Still not enough. 

I can tell you now, I am from Andromeda.  I am from the 9th orb from the central sun. I have 80% of my DNA  recoding, reconnection and activation complete.  I do a great deal of clearing for others. I have merged with many of my fractal selves that I created on the opposite plane of reality, and consequently have their information integrated with mine. I carry a very high frequency, and that frequency assists others to ascend. Channels may access this frequency in their work.  I am ground zero in my area of the grid, to hold the integrity of that frequency and ground it into the earth.  On a higher plane I assist others in choosing their next lifes lessons.  I carry connections to the Felines of Serius. I have guides in ships who assist me. I have guides around for every thing I think or do. I know many of my unconscious agreements.  I have an unconscious agreement to interact with a reptilian commander.  This was a soul agreement.  He teaches me technology, and I teach him about love and compassion.  Now we, together are teaching other reptilians about love and ascension. This is a service many humans are doing. The reptilians are beginning to understand , and make different choices.  I am much honored to be of service. 

My whole point here is to suggest, that those of you who are in confusion, can go to a good trance channel, and ask about your own clues.  If  you are well on the path, you will know if the information is accurate.  Ask to talk to those most knowledgeable about your question.  I suggest you also ask if you have an unconscious agreement concerning the clue.  I have found the information provided in an unconscious agreement, can answer a thousand questions at once.  It is most useful in attaining full consciousness.  You will be overwhelmed at your own service, and you will discover the truth of who you are. If  any one would like to visit, please write and share your story.

Blessings to all,
Peg H.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and through the depths  of my soul for putting together an article on what I have been saying for the  last six years.

I absolutely love the Internet and everything in my life has  lead me to experience the most amazing "things' through my computer. It has  developed an interactive personality with me and lets me know events and things  in a way which is unexplainable in 3D terms. A query and the answer pops into a  little window. this has all accelerated since the 16th July 2000 when the most  amazing "meetings" such as this one have occurred.

I have been and felt a tremendous hurry to get my website up  and running and connected to as many spaces as possible.

Love and compassion a soul friend, Gaele Arnott, Brisbane Australia

Comments and Q & A on Establishing Your Multidimensional Truth

Dear Jelaila,

I felt compelled to write since your new article on multi dimensional truth was right on time for me.  I have just last week experienced the confusion and fear over channeled material and the more I read it the more stressed I became.  I did have a difficult time not passing judgment until I ran across a piece that defined discernment, judgment and condemnation.  So in meditation I revisited the article and entities and allowed them their truth and felt so much better in the process. 

I have been doing so much research and have been honing my skills at listening.  I have found great affinity with Adonai/Merlin, Archangel Michael, Kryon, and the Pleiadians.  I just recently read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and was in tears as I read it.  I guess what I have realized that a 'heart' response from me is an indication of my own truth.  Practicing allowance and compassion for others is the key to my own serenity and growth.

So, thank you again, for sharing this timely article.  I look forward to  more in the future. 

With much Love, Light and Blessings to you,
Alice A.

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