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Reader's comments graphicComments and Q & A on What May 5th can Mean to You!

Dear Jelaila,

I just received your November 1999 article on Ascending. Thank you. It was very helpful. I have been reading many of the  words from the Pleiadians as well as channeling of Archangel Ariel by Isaac George. They seem to be saying the same thing. I see many people (especially  women ) who are coming to a greater awareness of the planet and their part in its Ascension. Your thoughts have given me a greater sense of compassion and encouragement.

I send you Love and Light,
Marie O.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to respond to your May 5, 2000 article information by  referring you to a book I wrote in 1997, Clearing for  the Millennium (Warner Books). In Clearing for  the Millennium, I said many of the same things that you are reporting  here in your article, and to verify that six or seven things you list have been  going on with me for more than two years. In my book I date the Third Millennium  January 13, 2001, and say precisely what you are sharing: people will come back  to high-self, or paradise, in waves, angelic stages, but that all will make the  return to the authentic self.
Thank you for your website. It is real and  genuine and I support you.

Bliss and Balance,
Albert Clayton Gaulden
Creator and founding Director, The Sedona  Intensive

Dear Jelaila,

I found your "what May5th Means to you" ...most helpful. I have immersed myself in all of your writings and gone on to connected links for the past couple of weeks. Some of it has been overwhelming and some of it has inspired me to look more deeply. A lot of it sparks what I already know and confirms it.

As an astrologer, I have been looking at patterns and cycles of things and have been trying to come up with the answer to what does all of this mean for myself and for the whole planet? Thank you for sharing what you understand to be your truth and thank-you for letting us know about the need to integrate the dark and the light. This information is so valid...regardless of whatever belief system one may hold as their "truth" this seems to be the biggest piece..... Integrating the Light and Dark aspects of ourself. Denial does not get rid of anything only continues the program we are here to snap out of (my perspective). So thanks again for your assistance and your commitment to give us more information to enhance our ability to let go, embrace and move closer to our own knowing.

Sincere best regards....Audra


As happens so often, your message comes along and tells me exactly what is going on within me without even being here ... I guess I started early on that integrating my dark side stuff and getting my horrible feedback and going into that and reclaiming the lost and denied parts of me ...Does that mean if I work hard on it now I'll have a good time on the 5th?

I know for birthchart I have a capricorn sun, taurus moon with saturn, and virgo rising ... all in a trine ... so I am supposed to have a nice day right?  Or do I have to do a lot more of this wretched facing my dark soul in the mirror stuff ...Mostly I'm just kidding ... I'm willing to transform right along with everyone else ... the only thing I ever seem to get about letting myself be all the awful things that are hiding inside is relief from hiding them ...and maybe a sense of whew! that's done ... now maybe I can be love ...Sylvia

Hi Jelaila,

I have come to this website for the first time and my knowledge in this area is very limited as I am new to this, but I have so many things happening.  One thing (among many) that struck me while reading “What May 5 Means to you” was "step up to the plate you will be shown the way.” I am an accountant by day and a singer on weekends, I have an opportunity for an audition that my friends said not to go to,(they are singers also). 

In my mind the other day I used the same words "step up to the plate, and I'll know what to do next and then I read it in the article. But you spoke of website and teaching. Although my music is spiritual in nature, and I believe it has to do with embracing my dark side and also getting in touch with the devine feminine, I was wondering if that would be considered teaching but in song. I would really appreciate any input as I feel so confused about this, but I feel I must do something. I hope I am clear (God knows I haven't been lately)and I thank you in advance for any input. Many Blessings, Ellen

Jelaila Answers:
Hi Ellen,

I feel that music is a form of teaching.  Teaching for us starseeds,walk-ins and lightworkers will take many different forms. So go for it!

Greetings & Hello Jelaila,

This is Mr. X, thank you so much for the emails entitled "What May 5th can Mean to You!" and "The Earth Mission Codes".  As soon as I got them , my memory started coming back.  It is so wonderful!  Anyway, as a person who volunteered to come here to this planet, as it has been revealed to me from my higher self; but all praises are due to Allah the Lord of Sirius, for I AM THAT I AM.  I look forward to working with the Council in finishing my mission on this planet for the benefit of the universe. Much regards, thank you very much Devin.  I will talk to you soon Jelaila!

Comments and Q & A on The Earth Mission Codes

Dear Jelaila,

I stumbled across your web site after searching for physical symptoms.  Thank you for sharing this as it has helped me to make sense of my physical condition over the past few years especially.  It has obviously helped many to understand as demonstrated by the feedback you've received.   Thank you for the wonderful service you are providing!

Your articles on Mission Codes and Sunat Kumara sent shivers through my spine ... especially the description of Sunat Kumara who sounds similar to a man I see.  I often see a man with long silver/white hair and striking blue eyes, in a white robe, and sometimes I see this man emitting golden light from a star in his forehead.

Thank you again for the information you've made available.  I have found myself in an almost constantly fatigued state for the past few years and sometimes wonder whether this clearing will ever finish!? :-)  More recently I've noticed very heavy periods and couldn't fathom why I'd be having worsening physical health when I've been clearing old stuff for a considerable time.

More and more frequently now I do notice energy flooding into my body through my crown, yet there is more clearing to be done ...
Much appreciation and love,


WOW, I have only just accessed this page today 23  September 2001.┬  Since the beginning of September this year it feels like my  mission here on Beautiful Planet Earth has just begun.  My reason for being  here.┬  I have known for some years that it would begin in September and I knew  at the beginning of this year that it would be September this year.

Through the information on this web page the pieces  of my puzzle are falling into place sooooo fast it is a truly amazing  time.  Thank You. I feel that I am a little behind, but know that everything is happening in perfect timing.

With Much Love,
Barbara C.

Dearest Jelaila,

My name is Kathy and I came about your web address because I receive Isis newsletters.  Isis sent me your web address on "The Earth Mission Codes".  This article really hit home for me and with my friends, we have all had or associated with the words on the lists.  In fact I have had times when one list would apply and then go to a totally different list.  Thank you so much for the wonderful article!!!  After reading "The Earth Mission Codes" I started to dream again and I haven't remembered my dreams in so long.  Even thought I know there are many universes, it still amazes me when I awaken to a different understanding or a different door open on my path.

Thank you again!!

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you once again for your continued service to our missions.  Upon reading the earth code article, I am most drawn to the codes and symbols of the Nibiruan Council Mission, moreso than the 3 group codes.  Should I be looking at one of the 3 groups for clarification of my mission?  What does it mean to be drawn to the last group of symbols the most?  Thank you again, Deborah.

Jelaila’s Answer:
Hi Deborah,

I would think that being drawn to the symbols in the Nibiruan Council group means that your mission is most closely associated with setting up the new systems for earth via the internet for the most part.  As always, ask your guides for clarification and confirmation. If you need help you might consider a counseling session.  That way you will most certainly get the answers and the confirmation.

Dear Jelaila,

I find your article on the "Earth Mission Codes" quite interesting.  In particular, it provided to me a rational for why I, a Jew, was so drawn to the teachings of Jesus in the mid-70's and have since then considered myself a "Jesian" (though not a follower of any christian church). The cross (turqoise blue on silver, which I wear on a necklace), angels, archangels, and Wiccan, Mother Mary (who I equate to the "Goddess") are also the Etheric Sirian's group symbols I am drawn to.  But I am also a descendant of 12 Tribes of Israel, have an affinity to the Star of David, and channelings from the Pleiades (all Nibiruan Group symbols) and my favorite color is royal blue and Amethyst is my favorite stone (Avyon symbols). 

But I also have a warmth for Buddhism, the Tao, etc., and I didn't recognize any explcit symbols for these in your article.  Did I miss them, i .e., are they contained within some of the other symbols that you listed?  Or are they not listed?  And, if not listed, why not?  Ira

Jelaila’s Answer
Hi Ira,

Sounds like you are one of us "old timers" who have been in all three Grand Experiments along with a sojourn to Sirius B.

As for your question about Buddhaism and Taoism, I had originally put Buddha as one of the symbols for the Christos group but then took it out.  I understand that it is included under the Jesus symbol since they came from the same group. 

Great questions.  Thanks for asking them.  Will rethink taking the Buddha symbol out. 

This whole article took several days and one major muscle spasm/headache for me to finally let go enough to write it and then hit the send button. I was so caught up in the outcome thinking people would think that I was crazy casue the codes were imbedded in the stories, objects etc. I thought it was a cop out for not knowing the language as I saw it written on the wall in my dream.  I was told by the guide in the dream "you know this language."  I replied, "uh uhh, I don't either."  But I did know it Ira and I wasn't wanting to remember.

Thanks for letting me know that I was not crazy.  Being a messenger is a real trial in faith for me sometimes. I know that I am not to be attached to the outcome.  Easier said than done sometimes.


Thank you very much for replying to my question. Between writing you the note and getting your answer I did a lot of reading on your web site and Wow! I feel like I have come home and finally after 37 years of searching found my people, and after getting your e-mail this morning and going to the Earth Mission Codes, my body is confirming this. I am really feeling connected to the Christo group and also part of the second group and what I'm feeling in my body today is beyond description! 

I truly thank you with all of my being for being on this planet, Jelaila, for you are a blessing to us all and I do understand your saying that you are of both the Light and the Dark.  The past year I have been made aware that the Dark is not evil nor anything to fear, nor anything like what it has been presented to be on this planet. I have been meeting my own dark side and working with it the past eight months so I am beginning to understand...Your web site is a godsend and I just thank you again for your honesty in sharing your own journey with us. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak the truth very simply and clearly with out all the flim flam and the hype and the flowerly language that unfortunately, is throughout a lot of the New Age information that is out there.  Thank you for the wake-up call!

Blessings in Love and Light, Gretchen


I have read your website with great interest.   However I have always been drawn to Pegasus and Egypt.  But in this lifetime I am a lightworker and avoid anything from the dark side also fighting many battles so I do not quite understand what you are saying about that.

Also I have been drawn to Dolphins, Merlin etc which are the Plieadian group.  So does that mean I come from both groups as I am very puzzled by this and want to understand fully. 

Love and light,

Jelaila’s Answer:
Hi Frances,

It would most likely mean that you have had lifetimes in both places.

Dear Jelaila,

Try as I could I felt grippingly strong bonds with all three. Amethyst and Crystal are two of my guides and I remember many pyramid lives in Egypt . However, I feel drawn to Merlin and Camelot and strongly to Angels and archangels. (IN fact one psychic reader told me i was a reincarnated archangel). What do you do if about the same amount of symbols from all three groups resonates with you. I don't mean weakly -I have been drawn hypnotically over the years to Egypt and cats and Merlin and the Essenes and Amethyst and venus etc etc.  Maybe you have some advice for me! Thankyou for sharing these wonderful insights. It reminds me of home (wherever that is) it just feels and sounds so familiar!

Thankyou again! Annie

Jelaila’s Answer:
Hi Annie,

If you have a strong connection to all three then just flow with it.  Make your verbal agreement with your guides and the universe saying that you are willing to fulfill your assignment in whatever way is for the highest good of all.  I am not surprised that you would have connections in all three.  That means you have been in all these places at one time or another.  Just relax and go with it.  Your guides will make your next step clear to you.  Thanks for emailing me.  This is a good question.

Hi there!

WOW!!!   I could stay on your website forever!!!!  I didn't see the Phoenix listed as one of the symbols and I wondered if it came up, or was forgotten....I used to be almost obsessed by it, but after my last disaster in which I used the symbol for my business, I avoid it completely.... Tired of the crash and burn symbolism I guess! <grin>  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you post and taking the time to share it with us...

Love and Light

Jelaila’s Answer:
Hi Mondra,

Interesting that you mention the Phoenix. I did get that one but forgot about it. There is some hesitation about adding it though so I will check that out first.

Comments on Are We Ascending?


I just read your article 'Are We Ascending?'. Over the last couple of days, my thoughts have been on what Earth and mankind has in store. I read somewhere that May 5, 2000, the poles will shift and there will be great floods. I'm not sure if this is something that just happens naturally, or whether this will be another catacalysm akin to those that occur to help wake us up.

Anyway, for too long I accepted this. Then I thought, stuff that. The future is what we make of it. I thought, why can't I stop it from happening. That's right - I thought that there was some way I could change the world alone! And I don't think it's crazy. Because it's how everybody should feel about this world. Your article made me open up to that possibility. I was once fearful of the future, but now I embrace it, no matter what MIGHT be in store.    


Hello Jelaila,

You wrote:"The fact that predictions are not coming true, are the signs that we are ascending. Unfortunately those who make the predictions are taking some flack for this. I would hope that we would all understand that what they saw was accurate, and would have come true had we needed those events to assist us in our ascension by providing more catalysts for clearing and change. But, it seems that we have not needed them. There appears to be enough people doing their emotional clearing for the earth to not have to do it for us. "

A good prophesy is a failed prophesy. It is too bad that we are so hard on those whose prophesies do not come true. We should be thanking them instead. Prophesies are there to let us know of potential situations and to give us time to make changes. To believe that a prophesy has to come true is sort of like the Calvinistic Presbyterians who believe that all is predestined...when indeed we do follow a Divine Plan, but have Free Will at the same time.

I agree with you that the failed prophesies are a sign that we are 'ascending'. We are focusing more on the Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy that assist us are having more of a chance to help. The Schumann waves of the earth have risen from 7.83 Hz to 13 Hz according to NASA. That means that the pulse of the earth, its frequency, has risen. Being as we are part of the earth and it is part of us, we go with it and it goes with us. Great, eh!

Love and Light,


My name is Robert. I thank you for this letter. I have been feelingconflict with the Zeta issue and feel that the leter has cleared some of this anguish inside of me. I also wanted to tell yuo after reading your letter I gained a feeling of peace, it is hard to describe. Again, thank you for the letter.

Robert F.

Hi Jelaila,

Just thought you might be interested in a few facts. The Shumann waves of the Earth, that is the pulsations/fluctuations/frequency of the earth's magnetic field, were 7.8 - 8 Hz. NASA recently did some tests from space and found that the Earth's frequencies have gone up to 13 Hz!!! (At least that was what I was told in a recent post...I've emailed NASA for confirmation.) We are indeed ascending! When the frequencies and pulsations of the earth rise in such a manner, we must go along with it or visa versa...

I agree 100% with your comments about prophesies. A good prophesy is one that does not come to fruition. Prophesies are meant as a warning of what could us time to take action and change our ways. Let us not be so hard on those who make them!

Many buy into the doom and gloom, thereby adding to the negative energies and the weight of those upon us all. Better to focus on what we each can do to alter them. First, by raising our own vibrations by whatever means is suited to each one of us individually, using whatever tools work for us long as they are of the Light and leading us in that direction. Focusing on what is for our personal Highest and Greatest good and joy, and for the Highest and Greatest Good for All and the planet, is what it would be most beneficial for us to do right now.

Love and Light,

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