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Comments on Jumping into the Void of Opportunity


Hi Jelaila,

I hope I am not inundating you with my email?!:) I can imagine the time it can take to go through and read all your emails. But I feel such a need to write, if for no other reason than a journal exercise.

Once again I must say that you have an OUTSTANDING web site! ! ! I appreciate sooooo much your work and words.

I was just reading, "Jumping into the Void of Opportunity," and the last paragraph hit me big time. "Walk-ins, time is growing short. You asked to know your Contract for Service. Taking the express train, the Proactive Path, will get you to it and to the life of joy and abundance you know your soul has set up well in advance for you.  Have a great trip!"

I had to jump up and pace about my small apartment as I called to God/Goddess and ask, "What am I here to do? What does it look like? How do I do it from right where I am at right now?"

I know I have sooooo many wonderful gifts, talents and a deep desire to
surrender my life to "The Work," but feel like I don't have a clue as
how to do it; as to what it is that I have to offer.

When I get back to work I plan to contact you for a phone session. Perhaps this may shine some extra light on my path.

With love and light,
Dennis C'Ja

From Day of Destiny Message Board
Author:  Luna
Subject: Opportunities for Growth

I really enjoyed that essay about Void of Opportunity.  The soul mate I thought I had found a few months ago after an exruciatingly painful breakup turned out to NOT be my soul mate.  He broke up with me last week.  I was pretty devastated for a few days and even started questioning my own faith until I realized it was actually another crisis of faith test.  I think I passed.  With every loss, I feel like I gain threefold now.  I feel even stronger than ever.  And I feel lucky that it only took me 3 months to figure out this person was not the right one for me.  But the breakup definitely brought up the same old childhood fears and issues of loss.  This time I am going to get professional counseling to help me deal with my new epiphanies and breakthroughs.  That article made perfect sense.  Looking back, I see that each time I thought I wouldn't make it, a new opportunity for growth and happiness appeared.  Whether my soul put them there or not is really not the point.  The point is that it IS always darkest before dawn.  And I believe in my heart that something better awaits ME behind the next door of opportunity.  Thanks for listening. :)

Hi Jelaila,

What a great article, thank you for sharing these secrets with us. I know that the advice that you have given us here is so. This is my second go around in this one body, and I experienced jumping into the void to be exactly as you stated it to be. Always a reward and blessing upon entering the next door.

At the beginning of the second time around I was told that I would start over, from the beginning again. This has been true. Although I remember all of the accomplishments and blessings and gaining the space of "Peace beyond understanding" I have still been required to go through all of the phases of learning in this second go around. Sometimes it can be very confussing, as I remember and expect to still be in that space, but I am not, yet.....

Sometimes this can be very frustrating, as I forget that it is essential to walk through each step again. But I have come full circle now, and it is time for the blessings and the rewards behind that door after I have jumped into the void.

Again for the first time...............feeling the fears, but trusting my inner feeling.

Thank you for reminding me with your loving article about the necessity of stepping off into the void first, instead of waiting to be pushed. I am standing at the cliff edge in my life right now, and your article is an answer to my prayers.. May you be blessed beyond your greatest wishes and desires for the loving care you are giving to all of us. Thank you for coming to this space and time to share with us. Here I go, 1, 2, 3 JUMP AND FLY!!! YES! it feel so good.............Thank YOU!

Love & Light,


LOVE and RESPECT ...ever growing for you and your Example in "walking your talk" and "talking your walk."  This piece is just ANOTHER of your Gifts to us, your fellow Beings in the ALL of Creation.  It's wonder-full to BE ONE with you the ALL!   



I guess I'll have to try again later.  Either you have too much traffic (congratulations if you do) or your site is down.  I gave a "sermon" on just such a subject this past Sunday.  I love your words: "So I am there, swimming in the vastness of the unknown, of the creative womb, and I have my moments of doubt, but I remain willing".  I framed this as being the way of the Aquarian Age/Consciousness.  In my talk I referred to the symbol for Aquarius, where the individual (usually female) is pouring out the water, as referring to us having to use our own inner spiritual connections: intuition, inventiveness and intellect to fathom what to do and which way to go - which can change at any moment.  We will also learn to cooperate and work in groups (not loosing individuality, but instead discovering new ways to use our uniqueness).  As we come to know how good we really are and who we really are, we won't need to compete to show our "superiority".

You also say: "This article contains the secrets of how I have learned to hang out in the void, of how to stay open and willing and allow the flow.  For starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers, it is a must otherwise we continue to create more pain than necessary for ourselves and those we love".  This is what I termed as being in the Aquarian flow. Though we sometimes want the comfort of a completely predictable life; I believe that energy blockage in any form (in order to "stay comfortable") is what creates pain and suffering.  I have a brother-in-law who recently left his painful and suffering (cancerous) body to step into the light.  I will be (in the flow) traveling to France this week to be with his/my family.  On the up-side, as the result of his "death" he met relatives he hadn't seen in a long time - and so will those of us still here on this earth.  I look forward to reading your article and seeing things from your perspective!

Blessings & Peace to you!
Brother John (an Aquarian)
John M. K.

Comments on Building Your Multidimensional Ark


I must say, ever since reading your article, I have felt a spiritual kinship with you. Your article and the analogy drawn was one of the most powerful articles I have ever read. It came into my life at time I needed a sign I was on the right path. It reaffirmed everything I knew to be true and it gave me great comfort to know that I was not alone in what I was experiencing. You are very gifted and I am so very glad to now have you be part of my life.

I don't know how John Davies got a copy of your article but I am sure he would be glad to hear from you. I know he sent a copy of your article to everyone on his mailing list and I did the same. There are not many people who can write about spiritual issues in human terms with the clarity of thought displayed in your article. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with others. <warm smile>


Dear Jelaila:

I just read your latest article "Building Your Multidimensional Ark" on the New Age Online Australia website. I can really sense your deep involvement and commitment to spiritual truth. Your article echoes how I (and other seekers that I know) feel about the journey that we have embarked upon. “Long gone are the days of single-hood, financial security, fine homes and luxury cars. Each morning upon waking we are faced with overdue bills, and bodies that hurt in places unimaginable due to the emotional clearing we are going through." Functioning as a messenger to humanity is not an easy or enjoyable task.

After a period of serious reflection, I have come to the evaluation that the reason why spiritual seekers do not have fame and riches is due to the distraction factor. The guides do not wish to have the temptation available for individuals striving to increase their level of realization to stray from their assigned tasks or to even leave the Path altogether. Perhaps, the seeker himself asked the guides (before he reentered), to provide for his needs but no more than he needs. Truthfully speaking, I can attest to the fact that I have always been provided for but the monetary riches and leisurely lifestyle have eluded me.  It is has been a source of frustration to see other people attain fame, notoriety and money so easily. As an individual that is unknown, I do not have to worry about being exploited or compromised in a mass marketing campaign to promote myself or my understanding of Universal Law.  As you commented in your concluding statement, “... that you are being prepared for a greater purpose,a near  future event that will change the world. And, also remember that, because you have prepared, you will be safe and, not only that, you will finally reap the abundance, joy and good health that you have worked hard for and so richly deserve.”

I want to thank you for your uplifting message of the wonderful future that is waiting up ahead of all seekers. I intend to join your mailing list and look forward to reading the articles that you write on spiritual issues. 

Sincerely, Jane


 God bless you for your most timely message. I too have been weathering the sometimes brutal storms of personal evolution for about 5 years now. I asked the universe for the next chapter in my personal growth toward the purpose of helping to usher in this "new age" that's upon us, and almost immediately my 3-D life crumbled around me (job, marriage, house). My health took a nosedive and has been skimming just above the life -death line ever since. Massive amounts of internal clearing has occurred during this time, so I know that a greater good is unfolding. Nonetheless, there are many, many moments of despair and frustration, so when a light such as your article comes along and shines on my creation, I am very grateful. Thank you for helping me keep the faith.

Jerry S.
Colorado Springs

Dear Jelaila,

Remember me...Les from Phoenix...the guy who holds the photographs etched in stone by the Nefilim?  You really touched me with you article about 'The ARK'.  The detailed photos I have developed of the vessel, being held by ENKI yield and abundance of information.  I would truly like to exchange views about the ARK, and how you could have described my life so perfectly.  I hold the words scribed in stone and etched in by an advanced civilization... much closer to GOD than ourselves.  Why have these artifacts destroyed me? Photos of the ARK etched in stone...

Kindest regards again, 
Les T.

Hi Jelaila.

I must say that every time you post a new article it addresses what I am struggling with at the time. I feel very fortunate to have this level of support. It shows me over and over again how my needs are met and how I am not alone. Even though I do not have a local support network, I have an excellent support sytem in place that is not dependent on geographical distance or 3D limitations.

I had my first coaching session last night. It was really a great experience for me. Once I let go of my fear of "not doing it right" (if there is such a thing), it flowed very well and my friend was very impressed. I am looking forward to the opportunity to assist others in this process.  Lots of Love...Denise


You can't know how much it meant to me TODAY, to receive the article you forwarded.  My husband and I were in the Abyss last night, talking about this very thing.  ------  I was asking God for a "sign" this morning --- something that would show s/he is there and cares and listens.........  Then I received this!   : )  Blessings to you always,

Debi (a.k.a. "Angelique")  From Sue Potter List

Dear Jelaila:

Just wanted to say thanks for your article on the ark of multi-consciousness. It's so easy to lose sight of the big picture sometimes. Made me feel better.

 Also wanted to tell you that I finally finished reading the Keys of Compassion and that I loved them! They work so well. I have a much better understanding of me, myself and I. I'm looking forward to the day when we will be integrated permanently. For the meantime, I can at least try to make sure that we stay as aligned as possible.   Wanted to thank you for your kind service. That's why you're out there  in the forefront: Because we need you there. 

Take care,  Linda

Comments on Choosing Your Dimension


Dear Jelaila,

I want to say Thank You Very Much for your presence and your articles. Finally there is someone on the Net that thinks the same way I do!!! One of my favorite sayings is, "There is only good and that which I have yet to comprehend!" Your article explains this very well...:) I have sent it out to all that I am teaching via ICQ.  I have also sent the URL's of your other articles, too. You have done a very Good Job of explaining things that I know, but sometimes can't put into words...:) Your article about "Choosing Your Dimension" also explains to me why I feel this sudden need to go to California. I will be within 3 hours of the Mammoth Basin and will be going there to help assimilate the Mother's Distress in that region.

I have known for many years that I was a starseed and knew that I would have much work to do. After a car wreck that almost killed me, I turned to the Net as my window to the world. I was unable for quite some time to get out of my house and drive, so secluded. I am a people person, so needed to reach out to others and the Net provided that outlet for me. I soon found myself teaching Metaphysics, one on one, and reaching people that I would never have been able to reach otherwise.

When people offered pity about the wreck, I would tell them that it was the Universes way of letting me have a rest that I otherwise wouldn't have taken. There is ALWAY some good in every situation...Joined with others with similar beliefs, in Synergistic Harmony, We are going to change the World...:) 

Love, Light and Great JOY,

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