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comments Comments on Ascension Update - Oct. 2006




Wow, thank you so much for making sure I received this email. I never got the first one, and this is the information that I have been looking for. My heart just leaps at the idea of going to the conference in CA, but having just bought a house and a new car my out of pocket expenses are quite small. I know Bryan has a lot to offer people and I think its a perfect match for you two to join up. I hope that you and Bryan get together again, I would definitely attend. I know I've said this before Jelaila, but thank you so much for the guidance/advice that you've given me. My life since I first came across you has completely changed, thanks to the tools that you provided me. I know that you've touched many lives in your journey, but know that you have touched mine and I will be forever thankful. Keep it up and have fun at the conference!

Ryan K.

Hi Jelaila

Thanks for your latest transmission. Topic of safe sites and areas designated for one thing or another is coming up for me, too -- at least in relation to where I am. (western Mass.). So I was pleased to read what you shared. It seems new threads are unraveling to follow... We've been anchoring light here for l6 years almost weekly, and the sense has always been it will stabilize further where we are, beside other benefits.

I have no idea what you have in mind with teachers joining together, but I am willing to add my name and support into the hat, so to speak. I know there are many factors connected to all this, so I just wanted to share the thought if/when such consideration is helpful in days ahead.

Many Blessings,
Lois Hartwick

Hello Jelaila

I hope you are well. I enjoyed your recent posting very much. I just wanted to comment on a couple of things. The first is that you are right on in how some people just cannot seem to hear you when you speak. I was told that some cannot just look at the light, it is too bright for them. The second comment I found very interesting was about the votexs because I have been told that I must establish clinics in 5 different areas so that I could draw my strength for the clinics from the portals. I currently am making travels plans to visits these areas.

You are the light,

Good Morning Ms. Starr!

I just read your article in Phoenix Ascended and absolutely had to respond to you. (I have never done this before.) I want to thank you for your reference to the 3D bridge keepers. Every time I read something about 4D & 5D I always felt left out. I understood what was being said and got glimpses of those states, but always felt like I wasn’t a part of it. Now, I understand – thanks to you – that I am one of those holding 3D and showing others the way. I do that in my daily life all the time and then wonder why I don’t ascend. Now I get it. Thank you so much!

Patti W.

Hello Jelaila!

Greetings from a very Sunny South Africa......

My partner and I follow your work very closely. He has been following your work for a long time - I have really only recently known of your work for the last year although have been interested in many areas of inter galactic origins for years.

We are both quite interested in what you see for South Africa. We follow your teleclasses and have listened to a few of them but find that the format is sometimes quite difficult to download.

We are both very into the ascension path and have studied and worked quite extensively to clear emotional paths in ourselves to prepare for the work ahead.

I am just curious to know whether you have any insight with regard to the vortexes here in South Africa? Cape Town is an Earth Chakra for the planet and I am quite sure that there would be a few in and around the area. Do you have any specific information to share on this? I am quite sure that the area in Cape Town where I live has a particular kind of vortex... I don't know if you can pick up on this at all and perhaps what myself and my partner are creating together? Particularly because we are very keen to create alternative energy etc. etc.

We are both keen to make contact with you and to keep up with the work you are doing. I personally found Bryan de Flores work absolutely amazing! I have recently been awakened to the Sacred Geometry and find that his work is extremely stimulating and am keen to know what the two of you are going to create!

Please do send us an e-mail sometime. We would love to hear from you.

Jenny B.

Dear Jelaila Starr,

Thank you very much for your update. It was perfect timing. I live in New York City and I was talking with two friends today. They said people here are very unease this week, more than ever. It is a clearing time at all levels. I am working hard at it!

I was very happy "to discover" your page in the internet a month or so. Your messages and experiences with the inner child are very helpful to clear situations I am going thru. I am passing the messages to friends too.

You explained in today's update that vortexes and communities will form in the USA. What about the rest of the continent? I am from Peru. Could you give me any light on this please? I know part of my mission is to work with communities in the Andes, especially with children. Thank you in advance.

With respect and regards,
Charo P.

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