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comments02Comments on Ascension Update - May 2005


I recently read your Ascension Update for July and your description of walking around the house writing on your arm so you wouldn't forget what you were doing made me laugh out loud. I liked it so much I sent it to others, who also got a kick out of it as we're all doing the same thing. I liked what you said so much I just now signed up for your newsletter.

Thank You!

Barbara *BlueStar*


I have read your information for the last few years and know how accurate you are .

Yes, my health, wealth, wisdom and well-being has been greatily affected adversely. I have been an acidic person and now find I am alkaline.. .grateful for the recipe on your site for vinegar and etc. I love the taste of apple cider vinegar so it is no problem for me and have wondered how long I would need to take it now I know.

I agree that not all the ships surrounding our planet are here for our good but some are here to reap what they can of the planet and its lives. In 1982 ws told I would be on the last ship out when the evacuation of the planet came into being. I know many changes had been made since and less destruction of the planet now than earlier forecast.

My guage of higher vibrations coming in in mass is I am irritabele and snarl at everyone when around other people.....they can do nothing to appease me. LOL On the 5-23 I went to the supermarket and snarled at everything in my path..... later realized why.

It is interesting the changes that are occuring to the planet and the living beings on it regardless of specie.

More and more people are reaching out to learn and change their way of living and thinking. Where I live the movie "What the &$*(Bleep Do I Know" spawnned a new community many who had never been involved in this type of thinking are now really intensively learning others who have been for years are helping them. This group meets in large rooms with 250+ people regularly and also have smaller discussion groups. At these meeting is a "Letting Go Library" people bring books, tapes,cds, videos and etc they no longer want and others take them home and bring other back. A Real exchange of information at no cost.

Many many days I am not really in this dimension but in others I know as I read and hold on tightly to my book now I am busy writinig and getting ready to setup a website under guidance from beings of higher realms.


Hi Jelaila,

I used to write 'channeled GRAILWRITINGS in the Planetlightworker. I live on Vancouver Island. Think we corresponded briefly a few years ago. Today's Lightworker has your article. In reading I am reminded of what I experienced so thought to share with you.

15 years ago I began seeing that there was a planting of crystals on mountain tops in special places. The reason was felt to be in order to anchor the energies that were coming in. Like large hot air balloons, the ropes held to be held fast.

While writing one day..something took over and the words

YOU ARE MOVING FROM GRID TO GRAIL came out. (would this not be compassion?) This was the beginning of what I call the Grailwritings...a personal preparation for the SHIFT.

recently".. You are riding the crest of the Big Wave which will hit the shore kindly when you no longer carry old baggage"

And so it is,
love, Clare

Good morning Jelaila!

Hope everything's ok with you. Many thanks for your most recent update - it triggered something in me!
Haha - I've been reading your articles for 3-4 years now and yes, it fills me with bliss, that you ask for our assistance. Because of that I've just realized that this is what I've been doing quite often recently. In my awaking state and not only in my sleep and very consciously.
I do "meet up" with a few friends who also do the same (we don't meet in physical though - you know what I mean ;D) - a team I work with and we know eachother very well.
After John Paul's ll death and before the election of the new Pope we went into the Vatican and anchored the Christ-Concsious Grid. A few nights after the election of the new Pope (I need to point out - I am not religous but I seem to be working in this area....) he appeared in my Dream and we greeted each other. Somehow he's aware about what's going on....On my own I also went to my home town which is in Switzerland (I live in the UK) and did the same, yet not grid work but frequency work.
And as I said above - this is really something I do more and more often - because it is really important NOW.
If I can be of any assistance and yes, I would love to assist you with "our group" in Seattle etc....please send any instructions to me if it feels right.
A feedback from your side would be more than appreciated.
Thanks for all the work you do.
Love & light,

Hey Jelaila,

What a hoot, eh?  All these changes that are going on inside our bodies is absolutely mind-boggling at times.  I have a few more things to share with everyone that have been happening to me over the past few years, as well.

Lately, I too, have had some interesting and, albeit very challenging, losses of my memory-banks.  It's as if someone has pushed the delete button and for the life of me I can't remember squat!  However, the memory loss is just the tip of the iceberg for me, as I have REALLY been going through some fascinating experiences!

I am from the United States, but have been asked to work on the grid from Melbourne Australia since this last October, when the planets were aligned in the form of a pentagram.  In 2001 I was working from just outside of Rome, Italy, when the planets were aligned in the form of the Star of David.  At that time, I was instructed to be thirty miles outside of Rome, in a small village called Poggia Nativa (which amazingly enough, means village of the Nativity,)  This village, was where I was to meet up with a spaceship.  Now mind you, I was a bit unnerved by these instructions, but trusted in my intuition and guidance, since, in the first place, a spaceship had appeared giving me these instructions six months earlier at a friend's home on lake Coeur D' Alene, in Idaho State.

So trusting in their guidance I was off  to Italy, while not speaking a word of Italian nor knowing anyone who lived there.  I was there for nine months before being guided by the force inside me to meet-up with this ship. ( I felt like Richard Dryfus in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" during that night months.  One clue lead to another, guiding me to my next destination, and the next person I needed to talk to).  When I arrived at the 'right person's home' the ship appeared, AND It too, presented itself in the form of the Star of David, and it appeared not only to me, but to four other of my new Italian friends, who Happened to live in this village!  NOTE:   In October of 1999 while working on the grid from Shigatse Tibet, the Star of David appeared in my third-eye, and stayed there till I completed this mission.

The ship appeared four days in a row, presenting itself as a small star which moved across the sky after coming-out from a nearby mountain -top.   It became larger as it got closer to us, then stopped directly over a Nunnery, called Farfa.  While positioned there, it, transformed itself into the Star of David, and then the show began!  With streams of light beams coming off each of the six points of the star, while the lines that connected the intersecting pyramids, blinked a 'code' of information into our bodies to download a 'our new DNA' programs. 

Since that day, as you can imagine, I have been going through a tremendous amount of reconfiguration.  I'm being told I'm being 're-calibrated'.

I've gone through memory loss, physical pain, that at times, is unimaginable and lethargy that can remain for days.  These symptoms have been discussed by your other readers, so I'll share some of the symptoms that I haven't read so far, from your readership.

My latest escapades include my body jumping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean.  I have been told via the Beings that are working with me, this is due to a lack of magnesium in the body, and I was told to eat mineral salts, which can be purchased at the local store.  This has been highly effective in dealing with this symptom.  I've also been doing a huge swing on the pendulum of life, going from being too acidic to, too alkaline.  The acidic condition, causes the corners of my mouth to crack open, with very dry lips, and more likely than not, causes the magnesium content in my body to become unbalanced at the same time.  I was told to drink apple-cider:   about a tablespoon, in an 8 oz, glass of room temperature water.  The results take around two days to get me back into balance.  The alkaline condition of my body causes bloating, and yeast infections to occur.  For these symptoms I have been instructed to eat acidophilus on a daily bases, of which I am to continue to eat, symptoms or no symptoms.

I hope this information helps your other readers, and wish to add my thanks to you for all the work you are doing.  I'm still in Melbourne Australia, and have been instructed to stay put.  I won't be going back to the United States any time soon, unless, for a brief visit with my daughter.  I've been told, as is the United States, this part of the world is a major portal/gateway, of which I am to keep an eye on till the arrival of more ships, in the near future.  This area is going to be another area where the ships are going to be coming into our planetary system when 2012 arrives.  I'm told, it will be my job, and of course, with others, to make sure this portal remains safe, and secure for their arrival.  Many ships are around Australia at the moment, many ships.  Some of these ships, are here to see if they can stop us from moving forward.  It is my job, and others, to teach everyone discernment of the ships, so we can have a clear understanding of who's who, out there in the skies.

Much Love and Light I send to you my fellow grid worker and look forward to meeting you here Downunder someday soon.

Dawn Newton


Dear Jelaila,

I just read your recent update on Ascension. I too have short term memory loss - it's like so much has gone away & at times bits & pieces return. Also I fell on Friday. While I was in the ER, I had an image from my previous past life - as a German Jewish woman killed in a concentration camp by the Nazis. I had a fuzzy side view in color of a man in a Nazi uniform with his left arm & side facing me, he was wearing a Nazi armband. Previously that week I was supposed to fill out an "OFFICIAL FORM."

I've never known why, but I always have great problems - great fear, panic, & anxiety over filling out OFFICIAL FORMS. My brother, a lawyer, filled it out & completed it for me. The necessary memories needed to fill out the form came to me yesterday, after it had been sent off. No big deal. I think my former life & my panic about official forms go together. However, when I saw the image, I had no emotional reaction - my feelings & attitudes were neutral - no panic, no fear, no anxiety, no disgust, I simply saw an image.

Thank you for your work. 100,000 million blessings to you.

Nancy Z.

Hello Jelaila!

After reading your latest post on the symptoms of ascension, I thought I'd mention that it seems to me that the indigo lightworkers aren't experiencing any of these symptoms.  Nor the crystals (it is just a personal observation from those around me).  If true, it could be either because of the difference in the make-up of our respective 'vehicles', or because we have younger bodies in general, or both.  I don't really know which.

Hope this small observation is of use to you!

Have a great day, you have a very clear and informative site.

Hi Jelaila,

As usual you are right on track with what I have seen going on. The last few months I have seen new people come to the path and they are coming because they have shifted priorities and it isn't people you would expect. I haven't had any memory problems but I am completely exhausted. I started a new part time job but I don't think just that could make me this tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open this week. I also noticed there were no chemtrails this week where I live. I do wish I could meet you in person and take one of your seminars but I don't see it happening. I do appreciate your updates and maybe you could post one more often.

Thanks, Debbie D.

Good morning Jelaila,

I read your article last night, and thank you sooo much for keeping us informed. What I would like to share is that I have been fortunate to find a few small ways which have really helped me ease the physical symptoms of the ascension process. Perhaps these will help others.

Before I begin, I have to give credit where credit is due. There is a lovely woman named Summer Bacon and she channels an entity who calls himself Dr. Peebles. We call him The Grand Spirit Dr. Peebles. Much of the following is advice from him---thanks Doc!

One of the first things I notice when my body is adjusting to yet another energy change is I retain water to the point that I feel like a puffed up toad. Along with that, of course comes constipation. All of the old stuff is saying 'Hell no, we won't go!' Now, the Doctor is big on lemons...I am not ,(yuck) but this combination works. I drink a glass of pure, room temperature water with half of a fresh squeezed lemon in it first thing in the morning. I miss my coffee, but the trade off is worth it. Then last thing at night, the other half of the lemon goes into prune juice.

Sounding better by the moment, isn't it? For some reason I don't know, he says the prune juice combo helps us sleep better, and it does! Of course, it also performs that other well-known prune juice function. Also, there is a product called Emergen-C; lots of vitamin C and other things which help cellular function. It comes in a box with several individual packets which, once again, is added to purified water. I can usually find it in the vitamin department of any grocery store.

The next feeling I have is an odd sort of jitters. My hands don't shake or anything, but it feels like my cells are playing pinball, or perhaps bumper -cars. That's about when my memory takes a hike. Then all of this is followed closely by a day or so of fatigue, and perhaps a bit of body ache . For this combination of symptoms, I have devised a combination of methods to help my body adjust.

Every chance I get, I take a deep breath and blow it out with sound. Whatever sound comes out is approriate. That is the sound my body feels like making at that time. It might be a high pitched eeeee, or a low moan, or anything in between. Of course, I usually do this when I am alone because I prefer to make very loud sounds. It's a little disturbing for others to hear.

Next comes good ol' rest. The more I can sit and read, or take a nap, or even lay down and close my eyes for a few moments, I know I'm helping my body integrate the energy influxes. I don't exercise vigorously during this gives me the whirlies. I do a lot of stretching, flexing, and swaying.

The next two things I do constantly. Thing one is, I talk to my body. I tell my body how absolutely marvelous it is. I tell my body how grateful I am for all of the amazing work it is doing. I tell my body how very much I Love it, and so on. Our bodies hear and respond to kindness just like anything else. Thing two is, I laugh as much as possible. If there is nothing to laugh at, I create something. All of that 'feel good' stuff is released into our systems during our mirthful moments. Remember?
It is my deepest hope that some of these suggestions help you through this miraculous evolutionary experience. And hey, feel free to send me your favorite prune juice recipe!
Peace Be You,
Patricia L.


I just wanted to say “Thank you!” after I read the Ascension Update – May 2005 article that you posted.

Not only has my life been turned upside down for the past 12 years, but I have also been experiencing all (and I mean ALL) the symptoms you describe in that article. Especially the short-term memory loss which does seem to be accelerating. Some days it seems to be completely normal. On others, it seems that in a nanosecond I can forget something.

I really don’t have anyone presently with me that ‘gets this’ at all (they all think I’m “off my rocker” as they put it).  It really helps to know that others out there do understand and to know that I am not alone in this.  So once again, here’s a heartfelt thank you!!!

Vernette P.

Dear Jelaila,

I realize you probably receive a fair few thank you's from your readership. However, your last 3rd may entry struck me regarding the intense emotional feelings that may come up. I had one of those a week before the lunar eclipse in Scorpio. I just thought it was something to do with that and I was just being a bit of a wimp. Your article got me thinking that I had had these experiences a fair few times before. I guess living in a linear world rubs off on you sometimes?

Thank you,

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you! I, too have been plagued with erratic short memory loss effects, also. I forget where I put stuff, go into a room and wonder why I went there, forget how to spell a word, etc. Your explanation does make a lot of sense. It's very nice to know that I'm not alone in this. I, too was wondering if I was getting senile dementia!

When this has happened, I, too have experienced sudden fatigue, as I quickly experienced an energy loss, and felt unbalanced, getting angry at myself for no apparent reason. In meditation, I asked for help in this, and was given a Earth Sun meditation. I describe it here, for those who want to try it.

Earth Sun Meditation
Begin by sitting quietly and doing yogic breathing, inhaling through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth. Keep a rhythm going while centering and relaxing. Feel the bottom of your feet. Feel Mother Gaia's energy touching your soles, feel the tingling and the warmth of her love. Feel the energy slowly moving up your ankles, in rhythm with your breathing, up to your knees, then to your hips. Guide the energy through your lower energy centers, then higher, one by one until the heart is reached. Tell the energy to hold there.

Then feel the top of your head. Feel the warmth of Sol's (the sun) warmth on your scalp, as on a summer day. Feel the tingling and the warmth of Sol's love energizing your nerves. Let the energy flow slowly down your head to the eye level, then the ear level, then chin level, then neck, then the top of the shoulders, then let it come down and include the arms and shoulders, all in rhythm with your breathing, then enter the heart and join with the Earth energy. Immediately do 4 short inhales, then exhales to join the energy streams, and let the energy flow though you and balance your various centers and totally energize you. Visualize the energy spiral going out from the top of your head, to Sol, to the Galactic Center to join with Alcyone, the sun at the center that is always in the photon stream that sends timer impulses out to the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Jerry C.

Dear Jelaila,

I would like to say your recent Article very clearly describes the reality as I am experiencing it at this time. 

I find that the constant reconnection to 3D is indeed exhausting and that the exhaustion increasing the further I attend to smaller details of 3D mentally or the longer I converse or interact with those folks who are engrossed in the 3D life grid.  So, when we go back and forth from 3D grid to the higher grids, with our mental attention, we are truly living multi-dimensionally, and it definitely takes practice and even more so, continual vigilance, like viewing ourselves from above trying to see where we are on the grid or even which grid at any given moment! 

Whoa...and, just to add, living multidimensionally between 3 and 9D like we are now, is setting the next 7 year template to connect those timelines together in order for us not only to ascend but for humans to create the absolute connection or conversion point for those timelines, one result of us becoming our destined beings; physical angels! 

So alot of work ahead of us, indeed, but wonderful work! and I will be happy to lend my assistance, I am planning on coming to your Wisconsin grid meeting in August and will be traveling by boat from the Northwest Shores of Lake Michigan to the coast of Wisconsin, thus bringing that line with me. 

I look forward to seeing you then Jelaila, and thank you for your continued Service to the Light,

Deborah N.

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