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reader comments gifComments on Homeland Security and the Formula of Compassion



I really liked the article. Thanks for putting it out. It was clear, concise, and extremely your articles always seem to be. This paragraph from the article...

How many times have I misused my power as parent and thus, an authority figure, against my Inner Child? How many times have cared more about obtaining security in form of approval and safety from rejection and abandonment by sacrificing her needs and thus my own? And in doing so, how many times have I dominated her, turning a blind eye to her attempts to show me that I am leaving us exposed and vulnerable to the manipulation of others? How many times have I deceived her, telling her that what I was doing was in her best interest? Furthermore, how many times have I stifled her protests and told her that if she didn’t go along with my plan, there’d be consequences to pay?

...this paragraph totally describes me! And for a whole year I've been trying to figure out why I married Mark, after reading this paragraph/article, I think I know now.

But in general, it seems that I have always treated my IC in an unbalanced authoritarian way just the the Gov./DHS has to the public. Since beginning DNA recoding, I have learned and understood that I have done this, but darn, it sure helps to be reminded of it every once in a while.

Big applause,

Hello Jelaila,

I just wanted to say thank you for posting the articles on the formula of compassion and the integration of George W and the DNS really great Thanks, and although the formula has been very powerful for me It has always been a real special treat for me to watch you take someone through it, Thanks again.


reader comments gifComments on President Bush and the Formula of Compassion



I am the webmaster for Spiritual Atlanta  I was just asked by the owner (Sheri Divers) to publish your article "President Bush and the Formula of Compassion."  I wanted to write and say,

Ahhh! Now,THAT's practically the first (and only) article I've seen in this whole presidential election that tells it like it is, and makes reasonable, intelligent sense. (Of course, my perspective is different from mostfolks, I'd say....)  Thanks for writing that and sharing that.

....Vidya Ishaya


Once again, I have read an article from your site that has moved me to see things from a higher perspective. I had already encompassed your view on our President but reading your article has shed additional light on another personal relationship that I feel is a reflection of things I need to change inside of me. By using your formula for compassion, I can see that even with my deep understanding, I was still angry at certain roles people play, eventhough I thoroughly believe they are showing me things about how I treat others and myself .

I still find it difficult to believe everything that I read on your site, but I acknowledge that none  of it is impossible.  I still find myself slightly held back by childhood religious beliefs. Regardless, I have to be honest with myself and say that part of my personal growth was due to your work. Bless your soul and keep up the beautiful work.

With Love,


THANK YOU for this most enlightening article.  It's JUST what we need more of.  It's a radical approach to understanding and effecting a change in our collective consciousness - but it's a most important and essential one for positive change. 

Thank you for explaining it so beautifully!!!  Eventually, this will all 'sink-in' the more we hear about it.  I printed it out to help assimilate these ideas and to incorporate this philosophy into my being.

Many blessings,
Sharon in California

Hi Jelaila,

I remember when you did this exercise at the workshop in New York. I felt such a shift then and this was such a good reminder for me. I do see where I've done these things to my inner child and others. You always "hit the nail on the head."

Thank you for continuing to bring this valuable information to us. I look forward to your next articles.


dear jelaila,

While i do very much agree with all and more of what you say about bush and do agree that he is a reflection of the majority of the nation and i do agree with the process in which you have laid out. 

i do however have a problem with this article in the sense that a lot of people including my self, who did not vote for him and have seen that he was all that you say he is now and saw what he is prior to his election. this is where the issue in your article layes in that i and many other across the nation have and continue to do the research .

the good news i am not agree at him i am angry at the people who did not and do not do the research, the ones who you have descibed in your article, the ones who need the healing of this president to take place so they can move on. i am not a bit surprised by the continual things bush and his administration does, i am learning not to be surprised by the masses that continue to burry there heads in the sand and it is theese people who run the country . theese are the people i am concearned about as they make the choices and are the majority in this country and continue to make the choices for the minority. yes i could apply the same healing tecnique to them as well, but they are not a reflection of how i treat myself. yes in the past but not currently.

so in closing i guess possibly you could do an article on the masses who burry thier heads in the sand ??

Thank you for the article.  It makes me happy to hear such honesty about the state of our nation.

K. Jones


I appreciate the intention here, but I'm afraid it's  just a confusing way of thinking to tell the people who DO see through someone like Bush that THEY are responsible for him.  Please, give me a break.  I knew the first moment I saw him on tv--before he was president--that we were in real danger.

One lesson I have, personally, learned from the Bush era, however, is that it is a terrible mistake to live your life under the influence of the media.  It is quite quite toxic--not just the politics and pathetic journalism, but the consumerist message.  Even good, very sane, alternative people can get lost in that perspective........ we tend to THINK we're exempt when we watch.......... without realizing how very different the "reality" portrayed is from real life.  Get out and look around, spend time in real life.  It's really VERY different from the impression you get from tv.  Prisoners, wake up, escape!   


Dear Jelaila,

It has been over a year since I emailed you, since then I've come to know myself beyond words. However in reference to your recent article, of which is OK but the part pertaining to applying the The Formula of Compassion to G.W. Bush, you seem to make things a little more complicated than needs to be. 

Jelaila, in the past I've read everything you have put out and from time-to-time I read to see how things are coming along with your belief system.  However I must break silence to say even though you are helpful to others of me... enough is enough, it is time to take it to, not the next level, but the only level. So I'll say this...when it comes to your formula, it is quite simple and I hope you will quote me in the future. "I do not have to punish myself for what I have done unto myself, I don't have to forgive myself for what I have done unto myself. I don't have to talk up or down or hold any part of myself above or below me. But most of all I will hold no part of me before my LOVE ever again. You, Jelaila must know or will soon know that there is only one thing...there is only one thing that has ever been and will ever be...Me. The sooner you know that you are not here, I am, I am here you are not, you can be me. The very thing you have referred to as GOD, the vary thing that you have made far less than what I AM... the truth is that you created that concept, not me.

The is no name for what I am, I just just is

Love you


I have read your Nine Steps and have come to the conclusion that you put too much value and faith in the teachings of the “prophet” Michael Moore. These are difficult times and the world and all humanity are better off with the end of the 30 year reign of terror of one of the most evil people to grace this planet since Adolf Hitler. Our President may not be the best person we could have, but he has the courage and conviction to do what had to be done. I don’t see any others stepping up to the plate with that kind of courage.

Other demigods have yielded their WMD’s and the barbaric dictatorships and thug governments in the world are reacting to what happened in the middle east through fear that a more tolerant type of humanity will eventually become the dominant force in their brutal ancient culture. The international thuggery will eventually end through commitment and conviction, not the wishy-washy blather that you subscribe to.

I am a spiritualist and have a strong belief in the highest and best of mankind, but I am also a realist and do not want to have teach my grandchildren Arabic through the mandates of some other tyrant. For that reason I believe in our President’s course, not the one of an elitist “Michael Moore”. You probably felt the same about Winston Churchill and FDR, without whom this world would have all been saluting swastikas.

David S.

Hi Jelaila,

This article is fantastic and reminded me of taking our power back and using it to make a difference. Even when we know this, we need reminding of it now and again. I am also going to show it to my partner, who is not aware of this, as I feel it is a perfect example of the Formula of Compassion in action so thank you for this.

You are truly making a difference and inspiring everyone else to. In Love,

Light and Peace,


Thank You for this most profound insight.  I just read statements from John J. Kennedy and if your country chooses him as leader I believe a huge welcomed shift will occur and we will find Peace;and of course I welcome my Galactic Family and the Ascended Masters for their guidance, it is a time to be joyous and grateful.

Jaynie M.

Thank you, Jelaila.

Not many people would have the courage to develop these ideas and put them out to a world of angry people. I can get myself to this point, in principle. I hope to FEEL it more. And I look forward to your next article.



Great article. Clear and concise and easy for everyone to see and understand. My bet is there will need to be allot of emotional work across the board to really transmute the anger and pain into compassion. This will help so many take the first step. Thank you for writing these great articles.



I had to let you know that last article (on pres. bush) was sheer genius, completely exquisite, absolutely fantastic!!! 


Christy in Salt Lake City

Hi there Jelaila!

My name is Kristin Reynolds, and I have always felt really connected to you and your site, as 99% of every article that you put out (you personally, not the newer girls :) Has always related to me, and my life at that very moment on a personal level. Having said that, I would just like to say that your new article is a good one, and I really hope it makes at least some of the 'Bush haters' a better perspective of how it should be.

BUT...I do have to say, that I personally like Pres. Bush! I think he is here to play his role, and he is the only one who could have put us on the path we are now on (I mean this in a positive light way), but I also think that he is not to blame for many of the things you mentioned, and more I'm sure. He is just a dude-and that Michael Moore has brainwashed sooo many people into believing his skewed views. I feel he's "just a guy" who knows nothing about any mind control etc...He's just the dupe, like every pres is, but I feel so sad for him, that one person should endure so much misplaced HATE you know?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that! thank you for being you, and I feel very blessed to be here on this earth, at this time, no matter who is the president.

Kristin R.


I can relate to your soul visions as to why Bush is president of our country. I am curious though as to where the people who did not vote for Bush fit into your equation. Yes, he reflects many aspect we do to ourselves, yet some have evolved beyond that so what is our role in your estimations in watching our lessons unfold. What levels of learning would you ascertain we need to learn. I can quickly think of a few. Myself is still evolving but I did predict we would would be entering this chaos partly because it is the age of Aquarius and making the transition to a higher level of being. . . Aquarius does present the process as the "unexpected". Seems like it would be easy to just learn through logic in many levels instead of always having to learn from pain. I don't believe we are all wired that way. I have to admit, it works, if you can realize you need to recognize the source of the pain before you can work out the solutions.

Anyway, enjoyed your article. . . Ivy

Jelaila’s Reply:


It is my opinion that as long as something is part of your reality, it is there as your co-creation and thus your lessons for growth. Seeing that he is still part of your reality, you have not risen above it...nor has any of the rest of us.

Ivy’s response:

That was about my conclusion as well. . . thank your for your email. . .



You have done it again: an AMAZINGLY well-written and LIBERATING perspective on the tense world situation we are in... thank you for this article! I am sharing it with everyone I know.

with Love and Gratitude for you,

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