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comments gifComments on Let’s Get Real About Our Missions!



I liked this article.  Your points and encouragement are well taken.
I would like to add some personal observations:  the more I work on my task, the more I am fascinated by all the twists and turns that history can take, and all the dramas that are illustrated by each turn, always results in a lesson learned or on left to be learned at a different time.  I find that as I continue my research, my mind and feeling self are accumulating data and experiences, which I can apply to the pages I am writing, making it more real for the reader, and connecting with their personal dramas.

Earth is a nexus point, and our templates we form here will radiate out to other times in past and future, and to other places to help solve the conflicts there.  Quitting is not an option, achieve joy in the work you are doing and the rewards will be mirrored back to you and exceed your needs.  I am just learning these things, and if you believe it can work, THEN it does, as we are our own creators of destiny at other levels.

Love & Light,

Hi Jelaila,

Thx for your latest article !  Just wanted to email to let you know that there are those of us out there who really enjoy reading them, who can very much relate.  Your service is appreciated, and isn't it wonderful how we are all on this path together?

I too have wanted to give up my mission after toiling for ten years.  I feel like I am on the verge of getting what I want, and shan't give up now.  When I try to imagine working in another area, I get depressed.  Seems I am programmed for doing only one thing, and do it I will LOL.  I feel that we will all pull through this, and we will succeed !  Supposedly I will make a lot of money out of this too, so I am definitely not doing this just as service for others, but for myself too lolol.  Your articles on abundance have helped me too, thanks !  You do a very good job :)


Hi Jelaila,

you must came here to earth from some 4d planet, yes there are wars and bad things in 4d world as much as i know.

Those who came from higher dimensions don't have these problems at home, because in 5d there are no negativity.

Good luck on your earthly journey and mission, but we can do a lot to this planet and our galaxy by simply ascending to 5d and affecting the world so. I don't see why we should live in poverty and pain just because we are starseeds? I believe in rights of 5d and higher worlds: everyone should live in prosperity and happiness, there's enough money for all.

Love and light to you:)

Dear Jelaila,

Your writer's block has certainly left! This was a wonderful and timely article.  Thank you so very, very much. 

Last night's not the first time during the last year I've felt like I might consider leaving instead of staying, and I've been as committed as anyone, I think. I didn't know other people were going through the same discouragement.  In spite of my physical struggle and what the news and Internet is telling me, I am still sufficiently in the very powerful place of Peace and Light that we are all trying to carry and hold, and I know it's there, and the corruption is all surfacing.  I know this "Peace and Light" phrase sounds pretty shallow and new agey, but it's a strong  force and it's here all the time and we're in it regardless of what else we're in.

What I very much appreciated besides everything else you mentioned is reading about the conflicts in the rest of our galaxy and other galaxies.  I've experienced and been shown some of this, but not to the degree that you have.  It's easier to dwell in the peaceful place, and I need reminding by myself and by hardworking people like you that no matter how much inner work we are doing, if we slip into negativity, as I can do very easily, some of the power of the Light is weakened, and dangerous forces can take advantage of this negativity and creep right in to add to our feelings of fatigue and ineffectiveness.

 I've almost been feeling lately as though I should be in total retreat just to keep out the contamination so the Light can be held.  If I stay in total retreat I don't know what's going on, and that's tricky also, and can allow a mental state filled with temptation to slip into argument, pain and more conflict. It's all very slippery right now, isn't it?

Thank you again for your your most informative, intelligent and inspiring article.


Dear Jelaila,

First of all, thank you very much for the work you have been doing. All of this process is a very big challenge for all of us and your comments bring us the Light to keep following and finding out our real personal and collective mission.

We all learn that is a standard way to live, act, think... and after we recode the DNA instead of just experiencing every change, we are able to see what's going on under many perspectives and this makes the process to become even more intriguing.

Remembering and discovering what has been hidden for a long time brings a shocking sensation of "what I am gonna do now?" After all, if we share or use this new language we face a snap from the others and many times, we ask if this is not simply driving us crazy and bringing more harming than positive achievements.

The hardest part of this process is the financial difficulties, specially if one has already experienced the meaning of material prosperity. This is my personal situation and my hardest wall to hit. Establishing a long term relationship is at the same level nowadays.

This is year, I feel that I walk in with no feedback. Nothing happens, is like being arrested in a web. Yes, being a STO is the basic principle of the evolution but when the STS is getting no result in the physical world, the first idea is giving up but we certainly don't want to undermine this important mission.

Thank you very much once again.

Best Regards,

Dear Jelaila,

I have read many of your articles without comment in the past. I had to
respond to this one (Let's Get Real About Our Missions). The problem is,
we still have the tendency to polarize issues - this, but not that. Listen to your heart, not your head. Embrace the Light, not the Dark. Do Good, destroy Evil. Connect with your Higher Self, not the Ego. All of this is a blueprint for failure. Everything that exists is a valid part of the Whole.

The key is union of parts, not separation. For example, without evil, there would be no growth. Good, by itself, is a static situation. Evil teaches us what work still needs to be done, and prompts us to take action. Good takes us nowhere. Only by aligning ourselves with ALL THERE IS can we accomplish our missions. Whenever we have a polarity, we know that neither side is complete. You cannot serve others if you don't first serve yourself. Otherwise, you are trying to draw water from an empty well. 

We may be on a mission, but we are not perfect beings. We still have lessons to learn. As the song from THE KING AND I says "If you become a teacher, by your pupils you'll be taught." If we are struggling with the issues of the day and finding the going difficult, we need to see what the hidden lesson is - for us. We cannot teach what we don't know. If we give up, we will have failed ourselves, as well as others.

Rosemary P.

comments gifComments on Having Fun: A Mission-Driven Lightworkers’ Challenge


Dear Jelaila,

THANK YOU so much for sharing your story about the necessity of having fun! I can SO relate to this (I work as an artist). Tears were pouring down my face as I read, because I know how true it is. Your story has truly helped me, helped put my own thoughts and life nto perspective. I am often writing in my diary "I need more FUN", but had not really consciously realized the full importance of this.

Thank you so very much for sharing this article. It is just what I am needing.

With love,

Dearest Jelaila,

I read your article on Having Fun to keep our Inner Child happy. It spoke volumes. I also have trouble having fun and didn't understand what was "wrong with me" . I now see that I usually have fun by doing an activity that has an outcome. Then when I don't get the perfection I desire I become disillusioned with the fun activity.

During a recent class  we blew soap bubbles and honestly that was the most fun I've had in years. No

Thank you again. All of us lightworkers need support to do our missions. Yours is wonderful and  hopefully my little email will also provide you encouragement and support.

Cindy (also in Iowa)

Hi Jelaila!

My name is Maria and I live in Caracas, Venezuela. I read your webpage and receive information which I consider very interesting.

I work as an architect but I am also a sculptor. I started this as a hobby but has become very important for me and I've participated in many events and exhibitions. I would actually love to do only sculpture, but there is the problem of having to work for a living...and I'm not known as an artist...yet!
Today I tried to start varios pieces and I could not get anything I decided to look up you page and look what I found! your article on "Having fun" and it struck me that is exactly what's happening to me! and that part about your parent's upbringing...I felt like I was writing it!

No wonder my intuition made me go to your age exactly tonight after I've been depressed all day because I'm not creative!
So, this is to thank you for your insight...I will try to play more....

In love,

Dearest Jelaila,

Thank you for all the hard work that you have done & continue to do for yourself and all of humanity. I first stumbled onto your website a little over a year ago, when I first began the conscious part of my awakening process (I see now I was doing much much work before hand, though I didn't know exactly what or why it was happening.)

A year ago I was quite overwhelmed and I let things soak in a bit as I continued in my life, but began to see the world in a different way, began questioning, doing more research, listening and trusting my instincts more than ever. About a month ago I "re-found" your website, and this time I was ready.

You can't know (or, maybe you do) the incredible power that you show by opening yourself up and exposing yourself--emotionally naked--on your website. It shows great strength, and sets a wonderful example. This process is not easy, has painful sides, and it's not all roses. This, I believe is extremely important to understand so that we avoid polarizing to either side. Your words indeed help.

when I happened upon your site a month ago, the first thing that caught my eye was your recent writings about having fun. I was struck with the feeling that I should contact you about something very close to my heart, and something at the core of your issue regarding play. but I got a little shy, and I did not do it.

this past month has been a roller coaster ride but incredible....but I've gotten myself stuck. I can't seem to focus on work for very long as I keep getting distracted. I've returned over and over to your site, reading more and more...and then today I realized why I haven't been able to concentrate on work: I really need to write you an email and tell you what I first thought I should tell you a month ago. you can thank whichever part of me is conspiring to make sure I contact you. :) (anyway, the point? hehe, sorry, I tend to be a bit verbose at times. Well , as I was reading your posts about having fun, it struck me that what you really should do is go to Burning Man. ( 

Now, I could write volumes about my experiences at this yearly art/community festival-of-sorts, partly because, in it's own way, it's indescribable unless you've been. There are many elements to Burning Man: unique interactive arts festival where there are no spectators, everyone is a participant. New ideas of community. Earth Centered. (Leave no Trace is very literally taken). People create and bring art in many types and forms, simple and complex. There is much costumage (one of my personal favorites...I love the freedom to outfit myself however I dream or desire), much much love; it's a community were nothing can be bought or sold (with 2 exceptions: ice, and the org runs a coffee shop/central cafe meeting place of sorts), but is a gifting society.

Personal responsibility is a cornerstone, as you are required to bring everything you need with you, and pack out everything you came with. there are no garbage cans, and there is no litter. you can smile at everyone passing you by, walk up to someone and ask to be their friend, and have a connection for life....or for that minute. either are equally as important. it's almost a joke about how much synchronicity happens there. artists are not paid (a few are given grants to help with material costs), yet thousands of people spend much time, effort and money to create art that is gifted to Black Rock City (the name of our temporary community, which happens to be the 4th or 5th largest city in Nevada during the event.) There are a lot of people (around 30,000 at the height of the event), but it feels like the safest place on earth. it's not completely without it's problems, but they are faced, dealt with and handled.

but, most of all, Burning Man is play. Right after my first time (in 2000, this year will be my 5th year), a good friend of mine put it as succinctly as you can, "Children play house. Adults play city."

Like I said, I can (and probably will) go on and on, but I really felt this pull that I should tell you about this unique event. I have a important feeling at this time that we should be (and especially those who have done so much hard work in the past few years) not cordon ourselves off from the world but must go and interact within it.

I believe it is a very special, important place, possibly a place where templates are easily created with vastly different outcomes than might happen elsewhere. It gives my inner child the chance to play...and even more importantly, to create. The first time I went, I had a new understanding of art and creativity. this wasn't the type of art that hangs on museum walls with velvet ropes and footlights, this is the type of art you are supposed to touch, crawl on, interact with. Art that shows such raw emotion, art that you know, deep down, you can also create. Art created from the basis of true creative power, true creator god/goddess power. Truly empowering.

...Ok, really, I'm going to wrap this up and wish you well....Thank you again for listening, and for your past, present and future work that you do so selflessly. I guess I feel like I want to deliver you a big present of information for all your hard work, one where you get to play. :)


Hi Jelaila,

Thanks for the article. I can relate to growing up with depression era parents - fun was not in our vocabulary. As I start a new business and new life, I find it easy to forget the fun and get stressed out with lack of money to pay the bills. I declare that this day shall be a healthy day of fun.

L...Sarah Love

Hi Jelaila,

I have been reading your articles since a couple of weeks now.  It seems that every article I choose relates to my actual life.  It looks like I'm going thru the ascension process without really knowing it (I actually asked for change in my life).  I am sometimes confused on what I should think or do because I don't know really what I'm going thru.

Your articles brings a bit more light by their clarity and simplicity. This last one on "Havin fun" is in fact a picture of my own life.  I went thru a therapy, but I guess it is to deep inside of me.  It comes back. Today, I felt I should write you because I'm going thru a period where everything is no longer "fun".  I'll try to bring back my inner child as you suggest, because right now, I'm waiting desperately for something to happen (like NESARA).  I know that even then, I need to change in order to enjoy that Event.

I just wanted to share and tell you that I appreciate your "fun" work.  I'm gonna make sure I have fun in the future.

Thank you.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so much for posting your story.  It could very well have been mine (minus your fabulous job and amazing talents).  However, who knows what talents I will let loose by playing more.  I have been doing a lot of inner child work over the past 2 years and I'm so glad I did.  I will never resist/deny a lesson that presents itself for healing.  I too consider myself a light worker, not on your scale granted, but I work at healing myself everyday.  I see now that I leave out the fun. 

I am so grateful to you for sharing.  I have emailed your story to a friend and have another in mind who may be ready to read it.

Good luck
Much love,

Dear Jelaila,

I wanted to thank you for your insight about the experience of depression with attaining higher frequencies. I'm really only depressed when I mirror myself with the expectations of my family around me wanting me to make money.

This leads into my second thank you, which is about the myth that if something is spiritual it has to be free. This belief system has really been holding me back from selling my music and other projects.

My third thank you is for elaborating on the complex issue of our galactic identities, and why I always associated cats with Sirius.

I intend to take your advice and have fun with my inner child, and not have expectations with the projects that my spiritual path initiates.

Jonathan G.
Oakland, California


This article really rang a bell for me.  I feel I was brought up with a very strong work ethic too.  Even taking a walk, I feel much better when there is a purpose to the walk such as picking something up along the way, otherwise I feel I'm "wasting my time".  And if I start a project, I won't stop until finished even if I'm exhausted.  So between my "work ethic" and stress I have pushed myself to the point of illness.

Thank you for the eye opener - it really makes sense to me.  What a way to look at fun, something that we actually need, amazing!!


Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for your recent article!!  I identified that deep life problem with myself awhile back, and knew it was huge with me when I couldn't even "feel" what play and fun were even after much examination, including researching definitions and ancient root words. 
I can't say I've resolved it, and I appreciate learning from you, from another lightworker, how debilitating the effects of the inability to truly play and have fun are.  It is another wakeup call for me.  I have now made a new commitment and resolve to bring that balance back into my life.  Thank you!



I love your new article! I am a  hard work, no play person myself. So many things you tell about yourself apply to me too! I so much appreciate your sharing this personal process with us. It"s moving to read of someones painful progress. I guess we all have to go through pain inorder to learn.

Valerie. L,

Greetings Jelaila,

Thanks for this great article. As full time carer of my parents, both in their nineties, 'fun' gradually disappeared from my life and was replaced by stress and dis-ease. Like yourself I had suffered writer's block for quite a time and felt guilty at the many unfinished manuscripts hidden in my filing cabinet.

Recently I took a well earned respite holiday and through a series of  'coincidences'  ended up at a friend's retreat centre in the country.
In this wonderful place surrounded by beauty and creative people I rediscovered my inner peace and 'fun'.

I returned home and decided to allot time for me to do some 'fun' things for myself. I have joined a writing group and an A'Cappalla singing group. I now feel so much energy flowing within me and have returned to my writing.

Love and Blessings
LLa'Rah Star

Hi Jelaila,

I'm Barbara.  I'm pretty sure I am also a Lightworker.  I trained many years ago as a pantomime and was so severely traumatized from my childhood that I would perform in the street and people would have to stand across the street to watch.  I had that much fear emanating from me.

I am telling you this in response to your wonderful article about the value and necessity of having fun.

I am now a CIT - clown in training - and though I am also doing it for the money - I am mostly looking forward to having some fun with the little indigos I may come into contact with.

My life dream is to write a one woman show - using the wit and material of a lightworker's challenges - but I have been blocked for many many years now.

I am hoping that I too will remember to laugh - because I love to laugh - and I believe it jump starts all the chakras - and enjoy life and stop being so driven to accomplish that which I came down to do.

I thank you for the wonderful articles I am reading on your web site and making them available for me.

Light, Love and Blessings,
In gratitude,
Barbara G.

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