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Comments on Let’s Get Real about Ascension! Part I and II

Hi Jelaila,

I read your interesting article in the pagpawnt newsgroup and I was drawn to email for no other reason than to say that what you wrote mirrored many of my own feelings.  For example the feeling of being invisible to others, finding it increasingly difficult to cope with "normal" work/everyday situations and feeling that I'm in the wrong world, in the wrong place and in the wrong time with no solutions (the last items are mine - I don't think you mentioned them).

Anyway, thanks Jelaila, it was nice to feel someone else's heart and mind whose feelings seem in sync with mine - I thought that maybe I was alone.



I have been reading your articles!!  I’m fascinated by them. I can identify with them!! I’m 58 year old female and divorced for 19yrs. I have all the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. It got so bad I had to quit my job of 20 yrs at department store...I could not function and everything just shut down and I had hard time making decisions. I couldn’t work not one more day...I have been walking around in fog and was and still am disoriented with soreness in my neck.

I went to doctor many times they found nothing.  One doctor told me he thought I was suffering from aging neck was so sore I couldn’t stand it. Now my knees won’t hardly hold me up when I get up middle of night to go bathroom, and I ache all over like the fever. And constant sore throats...

I’m feeling much better than I use to but not back to normal yet...I also went thru-change of life..think my hormones are low...I live alone and I love the peace and quiet as I cannot take noise and choas....I get alot of insight into my life from dreams..they seem to guide me....

Just want you to know I’m there with all the rest of the people going thru same symptoms...I feel I‘m at crossroads spiritually.  Soon I hope to back to normal.  I gained weight not happy with that.  I was always size 8 and now close to 12.  I haven’t worked in 2 yrs and money have dried up for me.  All this hasn’t been easy for me.  I’m a well organized person. Thank you for your articles.  They are AWESOME !!!!

light and love.........marylen k.

Hello Jelaila,

Having read your article I now know that the Ascension experiences are for me a path to..............I am very glad that I read your article 'Lets get real about ascension' Part I and II You have cleared up a few questions I needed answered. You are a good soul; the wheel of Love is really spinning in you. Many thanks and blessings to you Jelaila.

God Bless you in all you do...........Geoffrey Powell (Holland, Europe

Hi Jelaila,

My name is David and I am on the ascension path. I have been having increasing contact with benevolent, spiritually advanced extraterrestrials on a visual and telepathic level.  This has been self initiated; at first through curiosity, then fascination and finally with an intuitive calling on my personal involvement and commitment. However, as it's frequency of experiences is increasing, the situation has been alienating(no pun intended!) me with the those in the world around me. In my heart of hearts, I intuitively know that the time is now for establishing and developing this personal rapport with these beings, so I continue.

Although I have always had a deep interest in metaphysics and the UFO phenomenon, my recent commitment to the progress of involvement on a personal level, albeit amazing, is a pretty lonely place, having no one to relate my progress with. I painfully feel friends and loved ones ever more distanced from my relating to them as before. Not exactly an obsession, it silently commands of itself a priority in my life, and all else feels trivial in it's wake.

When I read your articles "Let's get real about Ascension" 1 & 2, it really helped me feel some relief in trusting that I'm not going nuts, and that there are others out there who truly know what it feels like to be on the path of discovery and self development.  So, I personally thank you with all of my heart and I hope others who are experiencing these changes brought about with accepting their personal calling, find your articles and feel some comfort and peace within.

Thank you!


Your article on 'Ascension' is IT IS , the most concise and clear 'summary' of a lot of complex subjects that I have read.  The way you explained the whole subject was simple, and yet MARVELOUS!!!

Way to go ke'e'e'e'd! (kid!)
Robert A.

Dear Jelaila,

...I am working with the articles on your web page and my Guides to put to rest my  issues that have transpired over the last few months. Your article on Ascension  symptoms is amazing, I have gone through ALL of them (still going through  Some!), and it helped me enormously to know that I am not a  hypochondriac!!!!!

Thank you, In love and light

Dear Jelaila,

I just read "Lets get real..", and I felt as if I were looking into a mirror.  This has been my life, especially "awakening"two years ago. I didn"t understand  it and I allmost destroyed myself. (I blamed it on a chemical imbalance and a  reaction to "Allegra". I accidentally stumbled onto "David Ike" through  ""last year,which really started the rollercoaster ride and has led  me to you, (I am very naive, and have gone thru much torment trying to discern  what is real and not). I am very much alone in this in more ways than one , and  would like some one (3-d) to talk to. There is much more to this but I will not  burden you about it.

Yours truly,
Raymond Perkins (lxdxik)


Just read Let's get real about ascension 1 and 2.  For the first time In my life I feel validated!  I am in between tears and joy.  It is like I just read my own life story. Wow, do not know what else to say, except thank you and many blessings to you and yours.

Teri Ann

Dear Jelaila,

I've just finished reading carefully your 2 part article, Let's Get Real About Ascension, and let me tell you, THANK YOU!!! Of course I wish I  could have read it 2 years ago, it would have been very helpful, but then again, I would not have been able to fully comprehend or appreciate

it back then :-) I have bookmarked your page and am looking forward to
visiting often, especially during those maddening periods when I just  HAVE to read something that's not only Spiritual but also Way Out There
Spiritual! Thanks for feeding my soul and supporting me on my journey. I
can't express in words what your contribution means to me but I think you probably understand.

Very Sincerely,

Hi Jelaila,

Am presently reading your book. For 7 years have  been suffering with 3 day headaches, pains in the neck and bizarre body  feelings. Like you have been everywhere to get this sorted out and it is only since November 2001 that I can say that things are beginning to get better.  The heads not so intense and not for three days. Even do not recall some of the  things my children say have occurred about past events and at times have wanted  to go home but where is home.

Many times I feel that I have come from the  future. I know my higher other self is called Veeayla, there are times I want to  change my name from Patsy but am not sure if it is the right time.

I feel drawn  to the Niburians and know that I have a job to do on earth and am soon waiting  for instructions. Just lately the words " we have been waiting for you to  connect and this is the contract you have agreed to do and now is the time to  start."  Somebody somewhere is going to have heard the name Veeayla and say "Been waiting to here from you". Then sometimes it all sounds so egotistical that I just dismiss as a fancy of my imagination.

We enjoy your words on Ascension and all that you write knowing full that as we read the words,  we are being encoded even more.  As each of us connects with our other light selves, whether that be from  walk-ins or blend-ins then the stronger the light in the world will become, and  true peace can prevail.

Love and Light,
Patsy and John Carver


Just a quick note to thank  you so much for article "let's get real about ascension".  For me this journey began to manifest physically in May 2001 , to me it appeared out of no where and  at first I thought I must have some rare disease!  After much processing on all levels I am finally at a stage where I can function in 3D like I "used to". I have read a lot about this process, but it is refreshing and comforting to read  your perspective as it relates so closely to my own experience. I laughed when  I read about the memory loss, I am only 34 and could not imagine I was getting  short term memory loss so early.......thanks for the  clarification!!!!

I could go on and on as to the strange physical symptoms I have experienced.  The lady who has been supporting me through this journey to assist me in helping myself has been  telling me for months "don't worry your just being rewired" not knowing exactly what that meant (not to mention it sounds strange to say to family members)  those words both comforted me and scared me all at the same time!!!

I appreciated your article  because it puts it in an understandable nutshell. You better believe on the  ays I need reassurance as to what this is all for, I will revisit your web site for comfort!

Thank you  again,


I read your articles regarding Lets get real about Ascension.  They were extremely validating, and I now have a complete understanding. My biggest concern was that I was alone and failing. I am going into the hospital to get stabilized, I'm really weak.  After this, I will begin my own healing process.

Jelaila, you have the only material out there that is truthful, and fills in the gaps for the next 11 years. Your work is such a blessing.  Everything you read is so glorious, and that is what I expected.  Not without a complete healing and a lot of inner work will we enjoy the 5th.

Much Love & Light,


I just wanted to let you know that when I woke up this morning, after spending the previous day with friends, I felt somewhat depressed and couldn't figure out what was going on.  For some reason I felt compelled to read your website articles on ascension and healing.  After reading the articles over, I realized my depression was starting to lift.  I now feel stronger and more assured that my path is correct and I thank you for that. 

Jelaila and Jehowah,

I think Jelaila has outdone herself with telling part of the real nitty gritty on ascention. She brings it forward realistically but you feel her heart is centered and is being brought out throughout her article. It was so moving to me. Well done.

With My Deep Regards,
 Dianne/Crystal Wave

Dear Jelaila,

...what an excellent article! Thanks for sharing all your experiences and  views. I'm looking forward to the Monday Night Chat, and/or perhaps a  continuation of the article in some form.

In love and light,


Thank you for the wonderful information and news.  That I am not alone in this struggle.  Sometimes I really feel I am insane to the point where I almost had a psychologist.  I haven't been back to chat with him but I still feel insane sometimes.  Sometimes I wonder if I am insane or the person I am talking to is insane because someone has to be due to the situation but when you mentioned I was dealing out of the 5th dimension and they were still 3-D it all made sense.  Perfect sense.....  Bless you...

Have you heard of a spirit named DeMaya under the command of MonKa?   I found articles on MonKa but nothing on DeMaya.  Thanks for the tip in your article about grounding ourselves.  That has been a problem with me now that I know I will ground myself more often.   Much more often. 

love, Debra

Thanks for answering my previous email Jelaila.

I  have been trying to meditate for years and lost heart ..many many thanks,  it  has been so beautiful to finally connect with my  inner and upper (LOL) selves,  and to know they all had names and love me very much. Re: your article, the  grounding thing is so important  (I seem to be losing comfort zones with many  peoples now - many , my friends) and often not sure whether to even bother  opening my mouth... sometimes I'd rather 'be away with the fairies' .  Your  website is my main learning tool at the moment. and from the comments of others,  theirs as well. You are so very much loved Jelaila ..

Sincerely yours,

Dear Jelaila,

I am writing this note to thank you for your article on the ascension process which I happened across while surfing the Spiritweb.  Your article once again confirmed that i am on the right track even if sometimes I feel that I am going crazy.  I am somewhat new to the ascension process and still have trouble believing in the grander plan the universe has in store for us all, but I cannot deny the inner feeling of confirmation that i felt when I read some of your words or the the words of others on the internet , in books and spoken by some of the people i meet.  This to me is proof enough once again that there is more to this ascension process than just fantasy or hopefulness by some emotionally unstable people.  I see and feel all around me the events of tragedy and struggle in the world.  I feel the lack of communication between people, the amplification of problems in people's personal lives, the stresses on my own relationship with my partner, emotional blockages manifesting as physical symptoms in the body - all these things make sense to me somehow, they resonate with truth somewhere inside and I know that I am not crazy, I'm only ascending and dealing with the release of old ways of being and replacing them with new ones.

Thank you for your work and compassion, for the outstretched hand helping a complete stranger.  I will pass it on.

Your friend in the process,

Dear Jelaila,

I have just finished reading Lets Get Real  About Ascention parts 1 and 2.  I thank you so much for writing that!  So much in there I can  identify with, and it makes me realise that I have been ascending for some time,  and not been totally aware of it!

The parts about letting go of friendships of the people of the  3rd-d is quite what I am going through at the moment...It is sad, and  frustrating, but I have no intentions of staying there, when I belong  elsewhere... I wish I could get through to some of these 3rd-d friends, and  family, but I know that the time is not right for them...I only talk to those  who come to me, and ask questions, only then, will I provide some of the  answers/ tools for them. This is, in many ways such a magical time for me, and  although, yes, there are many pitfalls, I feel in my heart, and very soul that I  am moving forward, with much more vigor than ever before...My heart sings at  what I am now doing...Although I am becoming more of an oddity to those around  me, I am becoming more unto me...and that, is, in the end, all that  counts!!

God bless you with Light&Love,


How did you get started on your ascension path?  4 years ago I was told about DNA changes, what can change it, self reliant glass domes that house a home and trees etc...  all this inside my head while rototilling a garden?  Understand I am (was) a carpenter by trade.  Dark tan from long summers, built rock hard, cared about my looks, behavior, and what women thought of me.  I wasnt the type to go off hearing little voices in my head.

Since then though I have been getting these little voices I guess.  Psychic abilities are common now and increasing as each month passses.  I have sppent the past 4 years looking on the internet for ANY information on the search engines that would maybe answer these outragous ideas that I was told about that summer day.  I typed DNA changes, questions like chemical releases that can effect DNA, I have even inquired with specialists in the medical field and could not find ANY answers to why things are happening to me the way they are.

ASCENSION???  I would have never guesed to type that one word.  I have always been intriged by the idea og a 12th planet out there somewhere. I have always known it's there.  Last night I came accross the Nibiruan Councils web page.  I found your picture which I had seen a couple years ago.  I started in on your articles on what is ascension, and I can’t believe what you’re saying!!!  People don't notice me sometimes I am invisable alot of the time No one absolutely no one understands what I am talking about half the time ARGHHH...

I am married, 33 years young:)  5 children aes 8 mo. - 13 Yrs old. and my mother lives with us.  I thought it was because of all the children and women that I was the only adult man and noone to understand me.  I read your articles and instantly felt befriended.  Thank you.  There is so much I want to ask and tell you.  I know now what to look for and can never thank you enough.  I have always wanted to astral project never could though:(  always believed there was more than living just to die.

I always knew that the goose bumps after watching something kind, changes DNA.  I am not ashamed of tears in my eyes over a good movie, and my kids know it is not only normal, but expected as a human being today!  You are so great.  I am not alone, thank you so much.

One last thing about the 3D situation on your site, I briefly entered a message board or something, and saw it no different than any other as far as subject goes.  I see people talk about everything but Ascension.  I don't care though now I know whats happening to me.


Dear Jelaila:

I'm not sure you are the person who  wrote the article, 'Let's Get Real About Ascension' which I read recently on the  web, but if you are, I feel compelled to respond to you. What you wrote about  'compassion' , towards one's self and towards others, as a vehicle for  ascension, rings true. 'The Power of Now', a most remarkable book by Eckhart  Tolle, uses a slightly different vocabulary to say many of the things you are  saying. I cannot recommend it too highly - and no, I have no financical interest  in the book, just a deep love for the wisdom it contains.

Of particular interest is Tolle's  notion that the present moment contains all we need, no matter the number of  dimensions -- and that access to this moment is greatly enhanced through having  enough compassion for our embodied condition to enter into it whole heartedly,  unreservedly and compassionately. Tolle argues that no one has ever become truly  enlightened by leaving the body; that true transformation is through the body,  not away from it, even though out-of-the-body experiences may give some taste of  liberation from materiality, in the end we will always have to return to the  body to effect true transformation.

I could go on, but it would be much  better to read Tolle's own words.I hope you can come by the book. It is a  wonder, as is Tolle himself, whom my wife and I have met a few times.

Your article is truthful and  precious. Thanks for putting it out in cyberpace for the benefit of sentient  beings

Colin Yardley

From the EGroups Ascension List:  Hello All,

I'm new to the group and have been in lurk mode waiting for the prompted moment to respond.  Last year I was "awakened" and life has become clearer and more confusing all at the same time.  Jelaila, I want to thank you for sharing your information with us.  I've been to your web -site and found great encouragement and reassurance in reading your articles on "Let's Get Real About Ascension" - THANK YOU! I would definitely call myself a starseed.  Your most recent post about the ingathering especially moved me. 

Sept 5th, I had a dream about a city in the sky.  It started out with me viewing two plain white walls connected together (corner of a room).  The walls represented reality.  Glitter started appearing on the walls and I became very excited.  Glitter was the illusion.  Soon the glitter began to take over the walls and they crumbled.  The walls were really the illusion and the glitter was the reality.  When the walls came down, I saw the most beautiful city in the sky!  I was viewing it from outer space - everything was black.  The city had a wonderful skyline and an atmospheric dome over it.  When the walls crumbled so did the dome.  When the dome crumbled away, I saw the MOST beautiful site!  In the sky were these BIG beautiful stars, bigger & brighter than we see here on Earth.  To the West you could see a galaxy - bright yellow swirl!  The colors of the sky were unlike anything I've ever seen before.  I woke up very excited - I felt I had been there and it was amazing!  I wish I could draw because the picture is still very clear in my mind.

Interestingly enough, this past year I have found and befriended another wonderful starseed.  He has been working on a web-site that will discuss many of the topics discussed here.  I've recently felt a great prompting to help him with this.  Perhaps your message is the little extra push I needed to get started on this project.  That's it for now.  Just wanted to journal how your message spoke to me.  Thanks for letting me share.

Much Love,

Hello Jelaila

Boy, you rang a few bells regarding the pros and cons  of Ascension.  In the last two years I have had to 'separate' from friends I  have known for a long time, but the drain and strain of keeping up a facade  became intolerable.  They were in fact, highly spiritual people, but the added  pressure of these days seems to have made them retreat into a 'normal' 3rd  dimensional lifestyle.  I am used ton traveling alone and have always done so.   That I would appreciate some real company on the way goes without stating, but  at least through the auspices of the Net, I can at least communicate with people  like yourself who have the courage to face this stuff head on.

I noted with great interest that you mentioned an  abusive childhood.  I know the feeling very well and the feeling of fury and  impotence experienced in those awful days still raises its head every now and  then - and I think I am learning to deal reasonably well considering.  Also, the  uphill battle to talk to ones friends about these things/happenings, is, as you  so rightly say, greeted with stunned indifference or hostility even.  I just  feel now that people get there when they get there - and I am not into banging  my head against a brick wall.

Yup, the 'am I going potty' and wouldn't it be rather  more comfortable to 'end it all' is certainly another aspect of these times.   When you think that we are battling a form of isolation, increased speed of  developments and trying to impart to the 'very hard of hearing' I think we're  doing damn well.

Your articles are very well written and I thank you  for them.

Kindest Regards
Sheila L. - London

Hello Jelaila,

I'll try to keep this brief as I'm sure you get a lot of mail.  A friend emailed your Ascension articles to me and I felt moved to write something to you.  I've never had the "urge" to respond to materials people send me, even though they do it all the time.  I guess I've never had anything "fit" so well before and thus it felt very important to connect with you.  It was a way of honoring both you for what you'd experienced and written and myself for recognizing it and knowing its truth and power for myself.

Thank you for your life and for recording the experiences of it in your article.  Truly the power for me in it was recognizing myself in almost every single thing you wrote.  Please do not apologize for the length of the writing, at least not to me, for it is what I needed at this time.  Usually when I get "off" or disconnected, confused, etc. I consciously try to connect with something or someone that will center me again or perhaps its energetically remind me of who I AM.  Sometimes I just need a little "hit" of something.  This time I needed a good, long "bath" in those energies.  Your article provided just that.  THANK YOU so very much.  I am hoping the energy of my gratitude is making up for the inadequacies of those typed letters there.

I am also grateful for my friend for passing your article on and have already told her so.  Again, Thank you Jelaila.  I look forward to connecting further in whatever way is appropriate.  I have found great comfort and delight in what has occurred thus far.

My blessings and love to you,
Kit A.

Dear One:

I read your Ascension articles and can relate to the following:

* losing friends (I sent many way lovingly and compassionately months ago),
* my family doesn't understand me, but I just "allow" and move on.
* declared bankruptcy at the age of 30!  Totally know what you are talking about!
* gained weight, but I also don't try to control it with all of the emotional releasing (weight goes up, then goes down) I just "allow"
* lost 2 businesses and starved with my husband
* did not have enough money to celebrate several Christmases' but we learned to enjoy the simple things in life (like our love)
* Re-charged, re-integrated, and re-strategized my business this past January when my husband gave me Majority Stock & told me to run the company that I wanted and that is exactly what I did & am doing through the Practicing of the Keys of Abundance and letting spirit handle my needs by sending out my "intentions."
* have removed the blocks of fear of "not having" and give away a lot of candidates to others who need them more in order to increase their "quality of life"; (It's really working!!!)
* continue to release more blocks each day, but haven't had any serious health problems, since I have been able to maintain a certain peacefulness in my emotional light body enough to keep "clear" of blockages that cause sickness and disease
* Practice healing through Reiki on myself frequently and my husband and my beloved doggie
* Have built a wonderful network of loving friends who are Reiki practitioners, light workers, others on the ascension path for means of loving and supporting each other (that is why I resonate with you too!)  It can be a lonely road, but we are not alone on it--thank God!* Have lots of wonderful experiences of validation through sending my intentions out to receive and convey the Keys of Compassion and Abundance! (receive them daily and my leaps with joy and my inner child giggles with laughter each time!)
* Ever since I re-calibrated my energy with the "new energy", I see much abundance flowing in whenever we need it to pay bills, etc.,
* Since re-calibrating my energy after reading Gregg Braden's "Walking Between The Worlds--The Science of Compassion" months ago, I have been practicing the keys and every single method works & I have been sharing this knowledge with people who ask me, but I do it through empowerment and self-awareness of myself and others. 

Your Keys are also the same as what I learned in Gregg's book and I practice them every single chance I get!* Just a few weeks ago, I began to witness 2 simultaneous worlds - 1) old energy - 3D and 2) new energy - and can see & feel them simultaneously -- amazing!

Just some thoughts that you are NOT losing your mind and you will always have a friend and co-hort with me!  Cherie

Good Morning Jelaila,

When you article was forwarded to me, my reaction to the title took me back a mental step. I then decided to check it out, because I also work with emotional issues ~ in fact it is my life work and passion. I am also a writer on the subject.

I read your article ~ usually I have found most of the "Stuff out-there" can be a bit ungrounded, and as it is my passion is for all of us be get real, it was refreshing to read a well researched article that actually made sense.   But anyway I just wanted to touch base, for it is not often I come across another who is on the same wave length as I am.

I live in Australia and this is the most amazing country energy wise. One aspect we are presently working on is the convict heritage that has created a very unique people. Though it has tended to bring about a belief pattern of less than, no value etc due to the minor infringements handed down to the original settlers of this country. Add to the mixture an aboriginal race that clearly had close contact with other realms and it is an interesting mix and this is a country about to emerge into its power spiritually. You will see many great teachers not heard of before begin to emerge, in some ways with a totally different perspective on what is presently been presented for public viewing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email to you,



Thank you for expressing so well (much better than I could!) all the interesting and difficult things you're going through in this most challenging of undertakings.  I experience it all, also, as you have expressed it, and have had no one to confirm that this is how it is and that it's all o.k. (except for my own guides, and I depend on them for reassurance!).  You have more courage than I - I find that I don't try to express these things any more to people, even those who I have been thinking are doing the same thing, because I always end up feeling alienated when I realize they don't understand, after all.  So your message provides support. 

Thanks again! 
Lillian A.


Let's get real, indeed!  As they say, "Go, girl!"  I sooo very much appreciate your very real and candid comments about the truth of what it means to prepare for ascension.  I have been teaching such things (about our connections with the Galactic Fed.) for about 20 years now.  And I have frequently said to students and in my lectures, "If I had been told years ago EXACTLY what I would be doing and EXACTLY what that would mean regarding my relationships with family and friends, I likely would have responded, "Go talk to someone else.  Surely, you don't think I would be willing to lose everything I hold dear to me."  Of course, I did not know then that MOVING BEYOND has great blessings and benefits in the relationships we are gifted with after the risk-taking of "giving up."  In the end, it is not "giving up" at all.  It is more about "cutting loose."  That would not have changed my probable reply, if my conscious mind had been aware of what all this would require of me.  My little conscious mind, at that time, would have screamed, "NO WAY, JOSE!  You've got the wrong person."  Isn't hindsight wonderful?   :) 

I, for one, appreciate your honesty.  Living-Moment-by-Moment- in- the-Light is not all spun-sugar fantasies, sweetness and light.  It requires total (as total as we can give it) mindfulness and discernment and immense patience with ourselves and everyone around us.  As I said,  "Go, Girl!!"     Sunni


This is the best article I have read in a long time. I have wanted to say the exact same things but didn't have the words to explain it like you did. .. You are 100% right on as far as my Personnel experience. It is great that someone has finally worded the truth without a bunch of la DE DA.. .Know what I mean. Every One I speak to that is anchoring the higher frequencies and are awake so to speak admit they have the same experiences you speak of.

Thank you! It will help so many people to know that it's OK, what ever they are going through. I have forwarded the article to many people. They all wrote back and said Thank You. Just wanted to you to know I deeply appreciate you and all that time and energy you expend. Namaste' I remain.  Sharing Light in the Name of One, Sandy

Hello Jelaila,

thank you so very much for your article about Ascension... I recognized so much of what you expressed within myself, but did not realize just what it was.  I have been thinking about the Earth "splitting" into two parallel dimensions, and then you write the same thing.  I have had so many of the same experiences you describe, like feeling "invisible" and being misunderstood, but I did not realize what was happening.  I want very much to become 5D, but really have no (conscious) clue how to achieve this.  I have read some books, but have no one to talk to about it all and thus have felt like I flailing around and not accomplishing anything.  Your sharing of your experiences really helped me feel like I am actually making some small progress.  I look forward to the rest of the article......I am so glad I found your website (from David Icke's E-Magazine). 

Harriette L.


Thank you so much for pouring your heart out in that article.  Thank you for taking the risk.   I have been a spiritual teacher for about 15 years now.  I teach what you wrote about but have never called it ascension because I've come to disdain that word.  To many it just means escape and I am here to bring heaven to earth and to do the inner work I came here to do.  I've always said about ascension, "why come here if all you want to do is make a mess and leave!".  From what you wrote, ascension now means something different to me and I am grateful to you.  I have always done my best to live what I teach, to walk my talk and it is, as you also said, not an easy path but so worth it!

As I was reading through your struggles which are also my own, I felt such relief.  Last night I was laying in bed and I could not remember my own address!  I got so freaked out because it's been happening more and more lately.  I'm entering the pre-menopausal time of my life and had been attributing it to that.  I'm thinking differently now.  (I'm getting ready to start teaching classes in the metaphysical aspects of menopause.  I always teach what I need to learn!) 

I look forward to your future articles.  I want you to know how much you've touched my life this morning.  I have more fuel today having connected with you.  There are days, as you know, when you're in the middle of one purging or another, when it's easy to forget where we are REALLY standing. 

May Love and Joy be with you today and always, Jelaila!   

Dear Jelaila,

I stumbled across your site months ago, bookmarked it and forgot it. Sorry but that's the truth.  No offense.  Your site was wonderful and helpful then.  As I began my own spiritual path 3+ yrs ago, the path to Ascension came before me and I took it to heart as well.  Now, I use my own website to assist others on their spiritual & ascension paths.  It is a newer site but growing.  Lots of ideas to assist the All are coming all the time.

After receiving your article by a friend, Sue Potter, I revisited your site and wanted to tell you how happy I was to see your face again ...sort of like seeing an old friend.  Your site has changed, it looks more professional but more importantly it has expanded considerably and is filled with such hope and help for so many that need it...

There are almost no words to ascertain the feeling I received from reading your article.  The sync surrounding the receipt of it alone weighs significant.  I too felt that despair only a week ago and wanted to end it all.  Nothing mattered.  It is sort of funny retrospectively, I realized we didn't have to go thru the messy dramatic processes of suicide at all, all we have to do is simply leave.  I began to feel that separation acutely - it wasn't scary at all.  There were no feelings involved outside of my utter despair - but I chose to stay (obviously <g>).  Too much to do to assist so many along their own paths. 

Jelaila, every word of your article resonated in me so strongly - to know others are feeling these things - losing loved ones & close friends over 3D/5D changes, gaining new friends over the same changes, extreme rocky emotions, recapitulating over & over just to realize it has to be done again (LOL), terribly vivid dream time into other parallel lives & the feeling of floating or disconnected in some way to this reality afterwards, detatched observance of others around me going thru their daily lives seemingly oblivious to the magick around them - baffling!, experiencing such dramatic emotional highs & lows you grasp for a perch of mental stability if only for a moments peace, seeing with true eyes and seeing so much good yet so much sadness around you, wondering if the 3D people whom you entrust to teach you have the utmost in intentions or are they doing a great mind-job on you, asking for & receiving tools/gifts from guides/ascended masters that boggle the mind, gosh, Jelaila, I could go on forever.  hahaha

I grabbed hold of your words so tightly and felt so much understanding in them.  They are like a rock of salvation (lol) in this madness & insanity.  But the truth is it is not madness and insanity - it is the most wonderful time to be living and we are here living it and are so darn fortunate to be a part of this grand game.

Well, Jelaila, once again thank you for such marvelous contributions to the All.  They are immensely appreciated.  Blessings of peace to both you and your husband.

In Divine Light, Deidre Lumley - The Art of Healing in Love and Light -

Dear Jelaila,

I must commend you on telling Ascension as it is. Some teachers keep secretive, and others mention the joys of it. A number of teachers don't get personal as you do.  Skills are needed which you readily give. All in all, Ascension is worth it. And you tell it as it is. Congratulations! I can relate to it well. 

Dorothea L.

Dear Jelaila:

"Let's Get Real About Ascension - 1" was very real for me.   Not only did you answer some questions I had about the the ascension process itself but you described to a tee many of my experiences, particularly the feeling of isolation; the characterization of being crazy, or as one relative put it, the "crisis I'm going through;" and the memory loss, which, thanks to you, I can now attribute to something other than the early stages of Alzheimer's.


Hi Jelaila, 

Excellent article!.....It is so important to know that we are not alone in our experiences.  I particularly liked that you pointed out the difference between heart-centered compassion and mind-centered compassion.  It may appear to be a subtle difference to those who are still in their head, but once one feels  heart-centered compassion, one knows that the difference is immense.  

I love ya!  

Dear Jelaila:

I just read your latest article on the pitfalls of Ascension and boy did you ever hit the nail on the head for me. !!! I have been on my own personal ascension path for the last ten years. Began it after reading the book 'Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak. The last ten years have been v.e.r.y l.o.n.g and very l.o.n.e.l.y.  Thank you for writing this article. I thought I was probably going through early stages of senility since I CANNOT REMEMBER anything. I work in a doctors office and I can check in a patient and ten minutes later if someone asks if Mr. So and So came in, I just don't know. WOW!!

Also the part on talking to people and feeling like your invisible.......although I have felt like that all my life, it is especially intense these days. I will be talking to a friend with a very important story and all of a sudden they will look away and strike up a conversation with a stranger next to them. I too have always tried to convince myself that I vibrate at a higher rate than they, but you are right, IT HURTS.

I don't know much about your Ascension Tools. I feel I have been guided to go through my own "crap" and have been recoding myself successfully (but who knows, I may be way behind). Would love to know more about your processes.  Love to you always, Linda


Either we are both crazy or both sane.  What you say about being invisible, about not being heard even though you are speaking directly to another person when they have inquired of you!, and the memory loss!!!!, AND not speaking one's truth about one's feelings when behaviors of others who are "close" to us, but not in the same "place" as us continue to cause us pain...All of these things I have been experiencing to a degree that is all but overwhelming with their intensity and seemingly non-stop frequency.  It is more than good to have read your letter tonight.  It has afforded me some relief.  I hope still to meet others face to face with whom to speak of these things.  In the meantime, know that your letters of compassion and information are helping at least the one, me, that I know of, and many others I am sure whom I have not yet met.  Blessings, Melody

Jelaila, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

The most *real* discussion I've seen by anyone in a teaching role throughout this ascension process! The difference, I believe, is the fact that Jelaila is LIVING this process, not just spewing channeled information ABOUT it...what a true blessing and comfort!  I've experienced every con and pitfall mentioned in the first article and cannot wait for the second! I've also experienced every pro and benefit and lightening. Knowing I'm not alone in the ups and downs, and knowing that the particular kinds of ups and downs I'm experiencing are not alien to others on this path, has done so much to encourage me onward and upward. I've mentioned before that the services being provided by Jelaila and Jonathan are invaluable... and, from what I can see of what's out there, uniquely so!  I'm just so grateful, there are no words. Much love and many blessings to you in your much appreciated efforts! Your timing, by the way, is incredible too! Just when I think I must have fallen WAY off course, wham! You hone in on MY reality and tell me everything is as it should be. Bless you!  NamastÚ, Susan

First of all...thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom with all of us.  You have made a profound difference in my life to help me understand the intensity in our lives right now. Because of your sharing I am able to remain detached through many of the dramas around me. 

My question. I am noticing a big shift in weight gain along with many of my friends on this journey. I've added red meat to my diet and yes I detested it and now really enjoying a good steak.  You tell us to ignore the weight gain. The other discomfort is constant fluctuation of heat. It isn't the night sweats...but throughout the day my body goes from cool to clammy. It oftens wakes me up at night. It also is uncomfortable being close in bed. Any supportive advice would be truly appreciated. I'll share it with a large group of women who are experiencing these two same issues. 

Jelaila, you are loved and appreciated in ways only your soul will really know...JUST KNOW. Hugs,  Susan

Jelaila’s Answer:
Hi Susan,

Thanks for the kind feedback and words of encouragement.  I so appreciate them.    As for your questions regarding weight gain, have you read the two articles called "Let's get Real about Ascension?"  I addressed the many symptoms that many of us are experienceing, their causes and solutions. 

As for the heat fluctuation, I beleive that was addressed also but maybe not as much detail was given as on the weight gain.  The heat fluctuations have to do the with lymphatic system and the burn off of lower chakra emotions.  As we clear and integrate our fears and their associated feelings of anger, shame, guilt, rage, resentment, bitterness, etc., those energies are transmuted into compassion in the energy transmutation device know to us as the high heart chakra.  I liken it to an incinerator.

And there is a physical dumping that goes hand in hand with the energetic transmutation.  That dumping involves the lymphatic system and skin.  Some people even experience an odor akin to burnt rubber. This only lasts a short time though.  The solution to the heat fluctuations is to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. This helps the lymphatic system to flush.  Hope this helps.

You might also want to check out our DNA Recoding/Ascension Forum.  You will finds loads of tips and support for getting through ascension and DNA Recoding which is a natural part of ascension.  We also have a chat session every Monday Night from 6:30 to 8:00 pm PST. Many find that helpful for getting answers to ascension questions.  Here are some links for your convenience. 

Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for your articles,"Real About Ascension 1/2".  It's nice to know I'm not the only one going through these things.  Now I have a larger perspective on what I have been living through for the last 5 years.  I found your comments about Fibromyalgia interesting.  I too was hit rather harshly with this dis-ease in January of 1998.  I now deal with this dis-ease not only for myself, but am looking at this phenomenum in my patients also.  The boundaries between the physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and energy aspects of our (FM sufferers) being seem to be merging and than disappearing.    Because of my connection to health care I deeply appreciated your comments in the article regarding healers.  We are becoming facilitators rather than "doctor/Gods" as you stated.  We must empower our patients to reclaim their health  and wholeness.  I'm finding I am learning more than I ever imagined possible by letting go of my need to 'know'.  Thank you again for your articles.  Blessings in your work.   Light and Joy......Dr. Tina Brents, D.C.


And many thanks for choosing to be the bodhisatva who showed up just in time to shed some light on the meaning of this pilgrim soul's several months of Dark Nights of the Soul.  Which is to say that you have a brand new fan in Denver.  I'm a long lost intellectual who woke up to his soul's mission rather late in life and spent the last nine years making preparations to launch himself on that mission (which has to do with golf, by the way, in my mind the most genuinely spiritual game that people play).  The mission begins with a book I've been trying to write since 1991, which has been impossible to complete because its content keeps changing as I change my mind about one thing after another. 

Five months ago, with the blessing and counsel of two heavy-duty spiritual advisors who assured me that my sense of mission was authentic , I took a leap of faith and quit my job, fully expecting that my making such a bold commitment would virtually guarantee that Spirit would follow through and help turn on my creative engines full speed to finish the book.  Yeah, right.  My creative engines went to dead stop for a couple of months, then into reverse for three more, and my financial resources are now nearing depletion, and every day that passes without any good results on paper makes me feel more like an idiot for jumping off this cliff and risking financial and personal ruin.  Then my right brain kicks in and reminds me of what my mission's all about and to be patient and trust in Spirit, then that feeling gets blown away by the next wave of bills in my mailbox. And so forth.  Back and forth.  I was right on the edge of begging for my old job back when, in a blinding flash of synchronicity, the Get Real articles you wrote just for me showed up.  Just in time.  Thanks (which is not nearly a big enough word).  You reason and write so well that one day soon I expect to become a client.  Mike Carroll, English and golf, Senior in age, feeling these days at best a Junior in the world of Spirit.


Thanks for sharing that link.  I related fully to what the article said.  Many times I have questioned my faith and every higher power you can imagine, but it's good to do that.  I call it the "Darkest Before Dawn" syndrome.  In the end, I know that no matter how bad I start to feel, I know it's just temporary and it's probably a challenge or lesson I have drawn to me so that I can learn from it and become even stronger.  The old adage "That which does not kill me makes me stronger" certainly applies to me!  I think I have gone through the most intense period of reflection in my life just this past year alone.  There were times I really didn't think I'd make it.  I was suicidal, depressed, etc.  But I made it!  Any time I start feeling bad, I just look back at what I already went through and realize that I DID make it and my spirit guides WERE there watching and knowing I could make it, and then I know I can still make it through whatever other new challenges come up.  Luna from Day of Destiny Forum

Thank you Jelaila,

I am a lightworker & was delighted to read your recent essay presented on ascension through the Skywatch Mailing List! Thank you for your great perspective. Discernment is a high key for me, & I don't often find words that delight me -- although I must say that it is becoming more frequent, as new age consciousness expands beyond the glamour, & like souls are popping up everywhere!

Thanks to you & your work.  Love & Light, Silverhawk

Dear Jelaila,

You are the first that has laid the Ascension on the line with pros and cons. The process of the Ascension at first was a secret. Once I got into the process myself, I thought myself ignorant and unworthy. So many things started to happen. My life shifted into a Void, then I rebuilt it, then negativity started to attack without and within. It hung on me, now and then.

On one such day (and I have never been a negative person; everyone has a little there more or less, but not to this extent) I could not get rid of this load of negativity. I meditated and meditated and did so many things to get it off me. So I decided during the day to go the boardwalk by the ocean around 4 pm.

Well, I didn't get there until 7 pm and it was getting dark. No one was on the beach or boardwalk but one man doing yoga exercises. Something told me to stop and talk to him, and I did. He said, "I've been waiting for you since 4 pm." He told me about negativity and how it's working against light and lightworkers, etc. I told him I'd like his phone number. He said he could give me one, but he wouldn't be there. So I asked him about his address. He said he could give me one, but he wouldn't be there. So I told him I'd drive him home. He got in my car, rode for two blocks, and said he'd get out now, and that these cars were interesting. He said whenever I wanted to see him just come to the beach. He walked down the street. I didn't follow. I knew I'd never see him again. I went home, and said, "damn." I still have this negative energy hanging. I thought originally I'd go to the ocean and walk the waves hitting the beach, and somehow it'd go away. The next day, I went to New York City on business, and as I was walking down towards Wall Street around lunch time, I saw this flamboyant lady walking towards me in a crowd. I only saw her. I only saw her. My eyes were on her for about 50 feet or more. Why? I asked. I kept looking at her. She caught my attention. She didn't look at me, but she passed me by and took all the negative energy with her, inside and out.

My life fell apart again. Back in the void. Meanwhile I'm doing all this spiritual routines, expanding, even protection decrees.etc.  I built my life up again. I'm learning the hard way, and probably the round about way.  No one ever told me about all these things that can happen. Perhaps you could talk about this issue of negative attacks on lightworkers, what to expect and what to do.  I enjoy your approach and your frankness. Thank you for your insights.  With Love, Dorothea Lieberman


Thank you so much for sharing your truth.  I, too, have Fibromyalgia and I know what you are going thru.  I, too, have come to know that I must be my own healer as my experience with doctors has been so frustrating.  I truly appreciated what you shared because it reflects a lot of my feelings about this dis-ease.  Since there are no mistakes in the Universe, I have come to accept that this dis-ease is taking me a step further on my path to ascension and my spiritual growth and I know that GOD has a divine plan for me which he is unfolding in his own divine time.  God bless you always and keep you in his arms.  Love & light, Virginia

Dear Jelaila,

Great article on Ascension,(part 2). Tis true, tis true!! I guess now I have another name for my journey. Who knew 12 yrs ago, when I said enough is enough & kicked my husband out. Took charge of my life & that of my childrens future, that I would be reading such an article & saying yep, yep, yep. I have walked that walk, & IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!

In so much pain, phycial, mental, &  emotional, that I self medicated with pain pills washed down with booze. Didn't have a clue that a lot of the pain was fibromyalgia, that I'm afraid is still hanging on to my left shoulder. I have walked my talk & am now a breast cancer survivor ( declinded chemo & radiation & argued with the Dr not to remove my lymph nodes). After being a single Mom, 12 yrs, with no family help, I will celebrate 1 yr cancer free & my 1 yr ann to a wonderful man & my kids are doing great!! I did shovel a lot of shit out of my body & my life, but I'm so close to the end of that black tunnel, I can smell the sunshine!!

Blessings to you as you continue your ascension, & to all who are contimplating the journey & to those who are having a tough time now.  My motto, never give up, & never give in when the going gets tough, the miracle will come.  I'm thankful for all my blessings on this, my "Incredilbe Healing Journey" the road was so tough some times, crawling seemed like climbing Mt. Everest.  The more you shovel, the lighter the load gets. I have been helping people relalize that they have the power to heal themselves for a long time now, It's nice to know that people see us walking our talk,& know that there is hope!!

Love n Hugs, Sue Watson


Just a note to let you know - you hit it right on the money with part II, wonderful discourse!!  I too have fibromyalgia, released a lot of the "caregiver" roles, now am at 90% functioning, went from being totally disabled, collecting disablity, to being able to do most physical labor, including heavy lifting, moving furniture, etc, doing yoga now to release the muscle tightness.  Your article had connections with several of my friends, things they are going thru right now, so have sent the url to them all so they too can share in the wisdom imparted in part II.  Thank you so much for sharing.  kate copp

Dear Jelaila,

Thanks again for your article.  Once again you are saying things that I thought only I knew, things I have never said out loud, but knew to be true, like being invisible while driving.  For years I have thought that I was invisible since I am constantly having to avoid accidents.  Since I have become aware that I am not hallucinating about ascension, I am not having such severe problems with traffic.

I look forward to your next article, Jelaila.  Your words are so reassuring to me about what's going on.  It is so good to not feel alone with all this.  Blessings, Melody

Hi Jelaila ~

I read the whole thing.  Thank you for hearing the pleas of our beloved spirit guides to "re-humanize" ourselves and to express this in word form.  I've been feeling this great need to communicate that everything is "ok" with regards to what we feel and our reactions to it.  The key, as I see it , is to be fully aware of what that "slip" or "shortcoming" may be when it happens, so that the act can do not harm to you in any way.  All of our emotions are gifts.  We were not created with any flaws whatsoever.  Therefore, honor your depression, honor your fears, honor the place that you are ~ reflect upon it's message and then move on.

I would just like to say one more quick thing about healing.  The message I have received is that it is imperative that people begin to see themselves as "healed".  Or else, forever they will "be healing".  Understand what I mean?  They say that even if you are not completely healed, you must believe that you are in order to be.  Like a cut on the skin.  Even though it is still healing, you KNOW it will heal ~ and soon.  And one day you wake up and the skin has returned to perfection.  People are getting addicted to healing and ascension and this is not healthy.  We must encourage "a state of healed" for this truly is the next step to 5D.   Much love, Moonie

Hi Jelaila:

Just a quick note to thank you for the second part of this article. It came at a most opportune time for me. I finished my first liver cleanse yesterday and released many ugly green balls this morning =) I feel better because your article helped me to look at some fear and hopefully I let it go with help from my soul. I cried many tears as I read your article because I felt you were talking about me. Thank you so much for all your hard work and all the encouragement you offer. Also thanks for the great chat last night. You answered many questions again for me in chat. Thanks again for being there.

Mitakuye Oyasin,
Vi - Cante

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