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comments gif Comments on Finding the Value in Mycoplasma


I just read your article about Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia... I found it very interesting.

I particularly like what your guides the Nibiruans had to say about: Pain is something we experience when we believe that things should be different than the way they are...

This statement is particularly interesting to me because with all the cases I have worked with relative to these symptoms, the key psychological ethiology has a great deal to do with resistance to the now.

I also appreciated your comment about dysfunctional beliefs. In the case of these symptoms, and in light of our mind/body research, beliefs about "one's helplessness" is particularly involved in promoting the "right inner environment"  to promote these physical problems.

When that key belief and its associated belief systems and emotional realities are released, the inner disharmony dissolves, the body resumes its harmony, and the symptoms disappear.

Now about changing beliefs... it isn't as difficult as it seems. We have done 23 years of research in the processes of thinking, feelings and behaviors. Such research has revealed some very specific and smooth techniques by which belief systems can be completed released, decoded from the physiology, energetic systems, and psychological profile of the person, with great ease.

As for what Dr. Scott had to say, we have found it to  be so with any disease.... a predisposition is necessary... and yet, a trauma of some kind is also necessary for the problem to unfold. That is why people exposed to the same "attacking agent" will respond so very differently. Such a quandary for the medical, and I shall say, the alternative schools of thoughts! We add to these insights though that predisposition and trauma are also established by the psychological profile.... back to the beliefs... and emotional landscape.

Anyway, were you to find this email interesting to you, and desiring to know more about our work, you can check our website at: 

Continue the good work!
Love and peace, 
Guylaine T.

Dear Jelaila, Claire and Daniel,

Just to say thank you so much Jelaila ( and Daniel ( for your recent articles - 'Finding the value of Mycoplasma, the Source of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue' and 'Labour Pains and the New Humanity' respectively, helping to explain to us so well the challenges that are currently manifesting in all our lives and the reasons for these challenges. 

Thank you too, Claire, for publishing Daniel's article in the latest edition of Paradigm Shift. 

As we struggle on from day to day, learning to live with the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc., it helps a lot to know the reasons for and causes behind these symptoms and why the doctors can find nothing very much wrong with us.  Your detective work, Jelaila, as explained in your article, is most impressive.  Both articles need to be extended to as wide an audience as possible.

For reference, similar articles can be found on Susanna Thorpe-Clark's website at (The Bigger Picture) and on Geoffrey Hoppe's website at (The Shaumbra Symptoms).  The latter, a channelled message from Tobias through Geoffrey, was published in Paradigm Shift, Issue 9, May 2002.

Please keep up the good work of keeping the rest of us informed of all the latest developments.

With bright blessings and all good wishes,
John T.

Hi Jelaila,

Boy, do I resonate with "pain is the resistance we experience when we believe that things should be different than the way that they are."

While you emphasize the consciousness of "compassion" in your article as the way to heal (via recoding), I more strongly resonate with what the consciousness of compassion equates to, namely, as you've previously defined it, the consciousness of "unconditional acceptance of all that is both light and dark". It seems that can get my mind around "unconditional acceptance and non-judgment" better. And for me it's easier to key in on during my day: Am I accepting of what I'm experiencing or not? And if I'm not, then I'm resisting it.

Since the summer of '99 (before I actively started on the recoding path), first my knees and then my hips all of a sudden just started bothering me , and finally in 2000 I couldn't even walk for 3-5 minutes on a treadmill because the pain was so great. And in 2001, I came down with CFS, which was identified by my naturopath as due to adrenal insufficiency from the adrenals being over-stressed (which could well have been the result of infection by the germ you mentioned because I did have signs of an infection).

In 2002, after much clearing, I came to the spiritual realization that "everything is perfect" and that "all is as it should be"....a consciousness of unconditional acceptance and non-judgment. And as that consciousness has been solidifying, and as I've been increasingly "waking my talk," my knee pain has dramatically moderated, my hip pain has gone, and my fatigue has lifted markedly. Since mid-January 2004, I've been slowly building my walking strength and aerobic endurance back up; I passed 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday.

During this past fall, I came across the book "Who Gets Sick: How Beliefs, Moods, and Thoughts Affect Your Health," by Blair Justice, Ph.D (2000 edition, Peak Press, 464 pgs). Justice makes the point, via reams of scientific studies, that those who *accept* what is going on in their life, and thus feel that they are in control of their life, do NOT get illnesses or diseases EVEN when they are subjected to the same germ or other stress-related environments as those who do get sick.

Thus, this book provides scientific backing to what you have just written, and that you and I have been experiencing.

Thanks for a great, and timely, article.

With love,

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