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Comments on Let’s Talk about Judgment!

Greetings Jelaila,

In reading your article on judgment, it names so well, IMO the misconception many have about "judging".  Most forget that there is the
process of discernment and then forming opinions based on experiences -and then "talking about it!!"  If someone in particular doesn't like what you say about what you've discerned, it is immediately labeled as judgment.  These latter two of course, have nothing to do, if done in/with pure intent, with "critical judgment" - though even when I use that term, a person who is named for a truth about themselves by someone else who sees it - and if that person is trying to hide that truth, they would say the "name" is being critical also, I suppose. 

Ahhhh  anyway, I'm trying to write in a hurry here and my thoughts are rather "intermingled", I'm afraid at the moment!  Sorry! To keep from going into a long story....<smile>...I'd like to ask permission to post the last seven paragraphs of that article to an Indigo Adult message board, along with the link to the whole article, and giving you credit of course.

Appreciate your consideration.  Thanks!
Genesa W.

Hello Jelaila,

Thank you for the article. One thing that came to mind regarding the negative side of judgment, and I have been just as guilty of this as anyone, is using judgment out of insecurity and fear to put someone or some idea down. I have seen this done, and I have caught myself doing it, and on reflection, I realized that whenever I was doing it, it was because what ever it was I was judging I was afraid of or didn't understand it. Judgment was my was of attacking it, that is negative because it, as you say, does not bring the person or thing to the higher perspective to determine its value.  Thank you again, Robert

Hi Jelaila,

Thanks so much for that article. I often struggle with judgment because it seems to be such a dichotomy. Also, I have a question about something else that I struggle with. You mentioned the whole marijuana scenario. Add to that alcohol. I have been struggling with the idea that I should do nothing of either sort if I want spiritual growth. Where'd I get that? I don't know. I am a social drinker - I love to get together with friends for a football game or just a night out and drink beer. So, does moderation in both of the things above hamper spiritual growth? Any comments? I can definitely see how marijuana could have the positive effect that you mentioned - are there any positive effects to alcohol? Do you think it stifles spiritual growth if used in moderation?

Nicole C.

Jelaila Answers:

I see no reason not to indulge in moderation. Just be very certain as to your real reasons for doing so. If there is fear then it will impede your spiritual progress until you clear the block and integrate the fear behind it.


Thanks for your comments about judgment. I'm currently studying the Toltec path, which includes Castaneda and Don Juan. Obviously the Indians used things like marijuana, peyote, etc only for the purposes of exploring the higher mysteries.  It's a shame that we have been a society that condones escapism for the sake of purchasing a lot of useless junk for "fun", but then are surprised when drugs and alcohol are used for the same purposes...
love, Bill

Dear Jelaila:

Regarding your article on judgment: thanks for making an intelligent argument on a difficult subject.
Your point is that whatever happens to us, if we try to make sense -- to find the inherent lesson -- then we're making spiritual progress.  I would add that judgment is valuable when we use it like a magnifying lens -- to examine our own lives. 



I think the article explains it. In my Celestine Prophecy chat group we have been discussing the value in the shooting in Texas. At first many were saying how could God do this and others of us spoke up and said maybe before they reincarnated they chose this experience or maybe the way the Baptist are (pretty damming and negative) been one. That they brought those forces to themselves.

I said that we also had to feel love for the shooter because we don't know his life story. He could have been sexually abused as a child and he was written about in the paper as a typical weirdo and had all the classical systems of a government mind control victim that killed himself. So therefore we shouldn't judge his role in this tragedy at bad.  


Comments on Establishing Your Truth


Your  website was forwarded by another SK student.  Your  article on establishing Your Truth, makes so much  sense.  The  Pleiadians say that there are truth seekers, way showers, healers and system  busters. I get the feeling that I am the jack of all these traits.

I found your reference to seeking the truth at the age of 15 interesting same age for me.  Discernment is so  important.  Thanks again and keep up the great work.  You are awesome;>)

A fan from North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Thank you for this insightful post. I find it so amusing to read others responses who become so enraged at the idea of "Accept and Allow" the dark and light sides of all of us and all beings who are working with us on all levels of light. I keep thinking those peoples' inner light beings are just jumping up and down yelling "don't you get it yet?" ...You have so elegantly and thoroughly explained how the dark and light are really one and the same, used to propel us to greater understanding and learning. This is how I endevour to explain it when I am asked about my belief in "Accept & Allow." Of course, like you explain, when someone is only looking to prove their personal truth, most times they are unwilling and unable to see beyond what they already "know" to be "true."

I was raised in the Mormon faith and was struck by "the church's" teaching of "search out the truth for yourself, as long as it is the Mormon truth that you find."  Once I struck out on my own and started seeing the world and spirit the way it really is I received a lot of opposition for my growth outside church doctrine and beliefs. I have more family members "praying for my salvation" and return to the church than you can "shake a stick at."  I am continually amazed at the posts on this list (COL) talking of the light winning, and fighting the dark...Again, thank you for further expanding my horizons.

Love & Light,

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