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 Comments on Facing the Fear of Being in Debt



I was sent an email from a dear friend of mine with your information on it.  I read the article you wrote about "The Fear of Being in Debt".  Thank you for your words.  I have been in the very same place for the last year.  I not only tie my self worth up in finances, but my very existence depends on that credit report to.  I have spiraled down into the drain and am holding on by my fingers.

Reading your article just now, I've come to a place of acceptance.  I don't have the money to pay my mortgage this month due to being laid off in July, my finances have dwindled to "0".  Every time I have put the extra funds away, something comes into my life that I have to use them for.  Not finding a job in 6 months has taken it's toll on my self esteem and made me feel even less of a person then before and not wanting to even go on living. What I realized after reading your article is that Spirit has been trying to get the message to me which I have refused to see.  I need to depend on my own self talents and gifts to create a life full of money abundance and happiness. 

I am going to let go of the "Kung-fu Death Grip" to pay my mortgage and concentrate on doing work from my heart that will bring me joy and the funds I need to take care of my financial obligations.  Maybe it's time for me to be in a different location and not here anymore.  It's not the worst thing that could happen to lose my house, but my soul is torn up and has lots of holes in it.  I'm having a difficult time recovering.

So, thank you again and great, good fortune in your life!

Yarmila K.

Dear Jelaila,

I have been enjoying your website tremendously.  I was drawn to you from your article in, "Facing the Fear of Being in Debt", and subsequently the article on fear of success.  How well I can identify with your insights!

My question is:  What exactly is "multidimensionality"?  A short explanation and/or references will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Bonnie B.

Jelaila’s Answer:

Multidimensionality is the state of consciousness where we understand and can live with more than on reality at a time.  In other words we can juggle multiple realities in our minds at once and see how they all fit into a "bigger picture."  It is wonderful, it is challenging too.  I wrote several articles about my experiences with this consciousness.  You will find them in our Articles Area

Good Morning Jelaila,

Once in a while someone forwards one of your articles to me. I just wanted to share with you that I think they are quite good and that using your own life as open example is warm, inviting, and very real.

Warm wishes for the new year and for all of your endeavors. I had heard some time ago that you were ill. I hope all is well now.

Pepper Lewis

Hello Jelaila,

I hope you, Jonathan and your family had a wonderful and peaceful holiday!!

I just wanted to write you a little note.  I was reading some of your articles starting with the one on Planet Lightworker this month (I went on to check if my article was up this month and I found yours too).  And then I went to your web page to check your calendar to see about the workshop you will be doing at our center Wings of Light and I ended up going from one article to!!  

They are all wonderful.  I really needed that, I tell you, whew what a time it has been for me since July.  It started right before I went on the Healing Retreat to Hawaii with Doreen Virtue.  It has been very challenging, and as I was reading your articles boy did it all feel familure..!!  It was nice to hear it from you, because there have been moments lately I wanted to throw in the towl.  I have been going back and forth with my guides too telling them, that's it, I have been working my butt off for the last 5 years and this is where I am at.........ahhhhhhh !!  LOL, then I laugh atmyself........after my tantrums of course!!  But I am starting to understand it all more now too!!  And I feel a lot of it is great preparation for what is to come this year!!  I was feeling it today!!  So it was very helpful and a great reminder as I went through all of your articles!!  You do a wonderful job of sharing yourself and your experiences with everyone, and I think that is soooooo helpful.  I appreciate you being so open and honest with us all, that is what makes your work even more awesome!!  I am very excited to meet you in person and for your workshop in May!! 

Thank you for being such a beautiful, love radiating Lightworker!!!

Many blessings of Love, Peace and Miracles to you and your family



About once a month I drop  by for update.  I have been asking at my  altar for guidance as to why I am on this endless feast/famine cycle.  Right now its rather severe famine.  I have been asking this question for several months and getting various insights.  Trying to integrate the  insights and find a structure to lead myself out of the maze has been a  trial!  This Full Moon I lit a  white candle for clarity and's your article, Facing the Fear of Being in Debt.  Is that a quick response  from ONENESS or what??

I am copying it so as to  read just before  going to sleep.  I need to make sure I "got it" on all levels. (wink wink).

Sylvia, A Pagan Woman

Hello again Jelaila..!

Having just read your recent article 'Facing the Fear  of being in Debt'...I felt that I had to write to you and say a very big thank  you, and, how true it is...!!

I have, during my lifetime seem to have been in and out  of debt too......but my worst debt was when I did not have enough money to pay  the Inland Revenue....(I hear you laughing.!!!) was an extremely worrying  time for me then ....back in l994.....when deep recession hit this  country ....and I am not the sort of person that keeps

money for a 'rainy day'....I could not keep up the  payments on my mortgage then, either......but somehow, I got through without  loosing my house......(but I was quite prepared to problem.."!!)...I  am now in a totally different 'position' ....quite the opposite, .......but  something did happen the  other day that made me really think.

For the first time EVER in my life, someone  came in the middle of the night, and broke into my car which was parked in a  quiet place on my home grounds.......but it was what they stole that I really  couldn't work out.......they took my mobile phone, my radio/cassette...(I must  admit, I really loved that).....several other things and a spotlight from the  front of the car......someone said that they were after 'spare parts' for a  similar car......but who knows?  Maybe that was one little lesson I had to learn.......what it  feels like to be robbed and something you really love, taken I  know...!!!  Never stops, does it??!!


Hi Jelaila,

Funny you should be sending this to me (facing the  fear of being in debt).. my business is very slow right now, so I have been  getting back out there looking for work. I have been out of a job since  you can imagine I am now at the end of my tether, had the yelling session at my  guides..then the tears.  Now I am back at peace with them and know and trust that the right scenario is being brewed up for me.  I just have to be a bit more  patient.

In the meantime I have to deal with bank managers and all the other  debtors. I do not have a problem with them as I created the all  honesty I dont get on with bank manager!! but the others are pretty cool..but my debts are piled high right now. I have found myself going back to all my old  teachings...affirmations, working with the Angel of Abundance, meditating--all the stuff I thought I had moved on from.  But no, the universe has overheard me recently saying, “I dont need all that stuff anymore” and grabbed me firmly by the seat of my pants and made me have a good look at learning how to be humble  again!!

Anyway, recently i have also re-read all the money articles you have on  your site and then you send me this one..good timing, thanks heaps..I need all  the help I can get right now. Aint life fun!!
Thanks again..yours humbly  (lol)

Mel in Sydney:-)

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so much for the Fear of Being in Debt article.  I cannot even begin to describe the space I was in starting this day off and then I read your email.  In the last 10 months, my life partner and I have been slowly going down the preverbal  toilet financially... and emotionally.  I think these two aspects of my life are actually working in harmony to either create change or dissolution of our 8 year relationship.  I have been struggling with the fact that I may in fact have to declare bankruptcy and then I will need to end this relationship.  I can no longer afford to pay our utility bills or grocery bills. I have maxed out two credit cards trying to back-door the system. 

I have hit every road block that you can possibly think of and I now realize that my higher self has been pushing me to call it quits and to move on so that I can bring in the next level of my growth.

However, I too have been very wrapped up with the stigma of what "society" will think of me when I declare bankruptcy and that I will lose my long standing relationship and everything material that I have spent the last 3 years creating.  Your article has helped me tremendously.  You have reminded me that it doesn't matter what society thinks, just what I think and what I do for my greatest and highest good. 

You have really touched my heart, and as I sit here writing this with a tear in my eye, I know that all is not lost, that I am not a failure and that this is just part of being in this dimension's learning process.  I am still and will always be a co-creator with Spirit and not just a victim of circumstance. I know now that the bigger picture will show itself to me soon enough, I think after reading this article, I just may have the strength and resolve to get through all of this with my head held high and my self-esteem and higher self in tact. 

Thanks again, may spirit continue to bless you in all of your endeavors!!!

Yours in Love and Light,

Comments on Facing the Fear of Success


What a great article, Jelaila! 

A friend of mine just passed along your article and related links to help me overcome my fear of success. 

Your article made so much sense!  Thank you so much for printing it for all of us to see.  I feel so empowered knowing what is happening and how to understand why a person would self-destruct just at a point in time when things were beginning to go right.  I am a new business owner, just 5 months in to getting things off the ground, and found myself blocked by everything.  This makes so much sense!  Truly an "aha" moment.  Thank you again! 

Susan M.

Greetings Jelaila,

You have just been speaking to me about me....the Inner Child, the Money issues, etc.  Yes, it was a 'noche oscura del alma' for me and my husband, especially about money and success.  We are imparters of the Teachings and we also have a factory to express and send out beauty through our products.  So why don't we have enough sales, enough participants in the centre's spiritual work...why are we neck deep in debt ...and the situation looks as if we will be in the streets by next month?  Thank you for reminding me of the Inner child and the fears of success and of the shame and humiliation of debts.  I am working at it now.

I am very connected to Sanat Kumara...but no direct communication as I know it.

In thankfulness and joy,

Dear Jelaila,

Just a quick note to tell you I so enjoyed your article on Facing the Fear of Success. It is something I have faced for many years and could not quite get a handle on it. Your article really brought the whole issue "down to earth" and grounded my experience in reality with tools for moving through it. I shall put it into practice. Thanks so much for writing it.

I give workshops using the visual arts as catalyst for self-discovery and promotion of personal growth. Lots of issues like this come up during the workshops, so I have forwarded the link to a few workshop participants, who have become like sisters.

I will also keep your website address handy and keep checking back.

Thanks again.

Love and light,

Dear Jelaila,

My name is Gabriela and I was born in Argentina, but right now I'm living in Geneva Switzerland since last year. I read your article about debts a couple of days ago because I'm receiving mails from RedLuz...What you described was exactly what I've always felt, you really helped me a lot to understand concrete things, I suddenly think differently about money and the way to administrate, it's not a burden anymore, it's a responsibility I want and I will handle all right.. But incredibly, as I'm overweighed too (not terribly but...) I was thinking this morning if there could be any link or relation between the lack of control in money as in food. And a few minutes ago I saw your homepage and the newest article is about weight , I didn't read it yet although I know it is an answer to my question and it will enlighten me.

So thank you from my heart,

Dearest Jelaila,

Thank you for another excellent article full of brilliant insights!  I really enjoy your practical advice - kind of "Jelaila's Golden Way of How to Handle Life" :))

May 2002 bring you all the blessings you deserve - throughout the whole range from 3D to xD :)

Hugs and thanks from Germany,

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