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Comments on Running Out of Money


Dear Jelaila,

thank you very much for the great article " RUNNING OUT OF MONEY".  It just gave me understandings why I need to go back and get a 3D job. I knew it ! I knew that I need to go back where it was needed most , so I can continue "ringing the bell".  I Know so many other lightworkers like me , that are forced to go back and find a 3D job.  I shared your article and will see if we can translate it to spanish so we can share it.
THanks again Jelaila for being a messenger for many.
Malena S.
Semillas de Luz (Seeds of Light)

Greeting You,

I stumbled on your 'Articles Area' recently.  I was fascinated by your articles on 'The Power to Manifest Money comes from the Dark' and 'Is Your Inner Child Blocking Your Abundance?' These were very informative and I could relate to them too.

I have a major spiritual background. But I DO so struggle with the financial side of my life. I know that I can't just drop out and disappear to some cave, as it were, since I am quite a 'peoples person' and I know I am needed in society. I usually feel very spiritually strong, but this issue is rather like a thorn in my side. This is why I drew inspiration from your words. Thank you.

David R.
Cape Town, South Africa.


I got a tremendous amount out of this article. I will share it with others.  Thank you for your own dedication in keeping the info on your web site up and current.

love and light to you,
wynn f.


Thank you for your article.  I practice Shamanic Healing and Visionary Art.

In my day job, which I have had for over 2 yrs now, I am back in the  corporate world as the Global Recruitment Manager for the company where I  work. I find in this workplace that I am always guiding and adding influence in a  subtle way across a great expanse.

I sometimes am weighed down by the negativity there, but that is what I am  there for, not only to learn how to cope with it, but also to help  transmute.

I agree with your article, about needing to be a bridge between the  metaphysical and the physical. I recently did readings at a festival and found myself surrounded by  healers and psychics who are still in what I refer to as the cocoon. (surrounded  by soft fluffy stuff, in a bliss, but not yet full integrated into the business  world and back again.)

Thanks for writing that article. I am glad someone did.  I dont know how long ago it was written, but I read it today,

Kind regards,
Blessings and peace on your way.......

Dear Jelaila:

I agree with your article. Since 1994, I haven't held steady work and have returned to it each time my resources ran dry, such as running out of unemployment. Which, of course, you have to work to get. Nothing I've tried metaphysically has brought me any financial rewards.

In July and the first part of August I was working a data entry temp job. I had worked there before, so I had friends there. The work is soooo tedious that when my speed was up, I would start leaving the body. That much repetition was hard for the brain to maintain. If I slowed down for anything, I would forget where I was and be lost for awhile.

Anyway, I went to an 11:11 ceremony on August 11th, had an interview on Thursday, finished my temp job on Friday and started a new part time job that paid as much for the shorter hours. It is as bookkeeper for a very nice Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is so nice. However, I am finding that the reason I'm there is to bring out the love there...

Karen R.

Dear Jelaila,

Your observation that we must take the insights we've received back into the work world and therefore we are finding ourselves in situations that actually cause us to feel we need a job makes alot of sense.

However, we are also living in a society that promotes a feeling that we must have/spend money. As long as people are acting from a sense of lack they are creating a world of lack. Therefore it is important to affirm a sense of abundance before taking action. Particularly before eating. Saying Grace before meals means the food becomes a positive reinforcement for what we say we are grateful for and programs the body to go out and create more of the same.. Just as when people share a toast and say "Here's to good health!", the drink becomes a positive reinforcement for the affirmation, and the body is programed to create good health.

Eating while mindlessly watching television commercials reinforces the commercials message that we need to buy something. Thus while we can say there is a spiritual purpose behind why we are not handed money because we are then motivated to get out in the world, it is also true that we may not be given money because we may not need the things being sold!

Best wishes, Rosada.

Good Morning Jelaila!

I cannot thank you enough for your words regarding going back to work in the third dimension. I did just this thing last year and was feeling like you described. That I had fallen short. Your words rang so true in letting others become comfortable with us as light workers. I thought about the dozens of people I have brought around to ideas on herbs, psychic readings, earth changes, spirituality, etc. in the past year. So thank you dear one.

Spirit Blessings...Adriel


How I appreciate your webpage, etc.!... Your articles, etc., are delightful. It is also wonderful for me to read your work and have so much confirmation about what I have been doing in my private sessions and in my teaching. Thanks.

I was very frustrated by what I was reading in your article that addressed the financial hardship that we lightworkers have been having over the last few years. I feel that what you were being told was not quite honest. I have been told the same kinds of things, and I feel that the more truthful answer response from you guides and mine would have gone something like this: "Look, Sunni, you know that we are not in the business of predicting dates, because as you know, we don't live in a time construct. What has really happened is that the "financial supporters" we predicted for you all just did not come through. You know we have no control over who will awaken and when. We had projected probability for you; we have no control beyond that. And this whole time-to-go-backto-3-D-jobs stuff is our dodge because quite frankly, we are embarrassed about having gone out on a limb about the money-folks--and . . . we made an error in our judgment. Sorry to have set you up in your expectations." I am not expecting you to agree--or even to agree. But I do feel that we have been fed a line of . . . "well . . let's go into Plan B in order not to discourage them . . . and to save face for ourselves."

As you know, we are not dealing with "perfect"--whatever that would mean--beings. In any case, I am rather lackluster in my repeating this line to my students and "coaches." Maybe we are to go back into 3-D as "God's secret agents," in disguise, infiltrating that world with the light and love. I'll have to work on this further to jazz it up for myself. In the meantime, I feel that that whole line is rather "lame," at best. Ho hummmmm. I do appreciate your work. I feel the guides could do with some new material that works with the "old timers" in the work. :) Happy New Millennium. And love from one who is usually a bit more upbeat about all this.

Patricia "Sunni" Ray

Comments on Manifesting Money comes from the Dark


I had the opportunity to read the article on money ,manifesting abundance and releasing blocks.

I am thankful because, during my time of reflection I have realized that abundance flows through us and all creation as a natural state of being, through our Creator, God.

But I was trying to figure out , how to jump start my flow and was searching for a way and confirmation that this realization is so !

Keep up your good works, God Bless


Thanks for the article exploring honestly these issues. I've been around the metaphysical community and seen and experienced the same lack in finances and personal security.

On the other hand we've all had amazing experiences when things manifested for us - those periods of grace. Sometimes I feel that people want  to live in magical synchronicity and boundlessness so much sometimes they  (me when I was younger) don't apply straightforward logic e.g proper planning etc but I'm still learning myself, having just had funding cuts to my'straight' job working in schools and wondering whether to return to the energetically rigorous world of healing and living more on faith. Thanks again for your sharing your experiences. It's really needed. 

Rebecca K.

Hello Jelaila

The articles just keep getting improving all the time.  Marvelous stuff!

My very early upbringing was reasonably comfortable, but when my adopted father died when I was 3, the adoptive mother had absolutely no financial sense whatsoever and by the time I left school we were living in very much less than desirable circumstances.  All the time her attitude to money or finance in general was one of desperation and total lack.  My basic genetic structure told me this was wrong, but some of this rubbed off.  She died when I was 21, and at the age of 23 I emigrated to Australia in the 60s, arriving with just enough money to pay for my first week's rent.  Glorioso!

There was, needless to say, one really bad recession in full flow and none of the girls (in the hostel in which I stayed) could find work.  I had visions of being clamped in irons and deported back to the old country within the week.  But, I suddenly changed up into top gear and remember going into Sydney city center on a Sunday with my last £1 and visited all the main churches in Pitt Street.  I visited the Presbyterians, Catholics, Baptists, and got the same reaction from them all - they all backed away from me as though I had the bubonic plague (although I offered to give them my gold watch as surety) and one woman came out with the all-time classic remark that "The lady hadn't arrived yet!!"  It occurred to me that she never would either. 

By this time however, I'd got into the swing of things and ended up at the Phillip Street Police Station (I had managed to produce one soulful tear at that point) and had an interview with a tough and hardened detective who showed me out of the door.  On the way out he fished in his pocket and brought out £2, saying he thought he was bloody mad and why was he doing it anyway? 

I have never forgotten that man or his unexpected kindness and it occurred to me then that my attitude had put me in the position of generating what I needed (and just that I might add).  The next day, still jobless, I sailed into an employment agency and to my total astonishment , 'sold' myself as the best product they'd ever be likely to get on their books.  I got the one last remaining job they had and started work the next day. 

I can only liken the modus operandi to being totally fearless and bungy jumping forth.  It certainly kick started a run that saw me doing theatre work for the next 10 years without a break virtually.  It was also a serious utilization of the 'Dark' as the light forces couldn't have done the job unless in conjunction with the dark. 

Thank you for making this site available - it is a joy, as are you. 

Love, Sheila


Thank you so much for your article "The Power to Manifest Money Comes from the Dark." It is very reflective and validating of similar insights I have experienced over last year. I am also deeply involved integrating the dark Your openness and sincerity in sharing these experiences is deeply appreciated. 

All the best, 

Dearest Jelaila,

I have read many books on the Nibiruans through another author which was very appealing to me, then I came across your web site. I was very excited but something was not jiving from the books that I read and your site and so I decided not to make any judgment about it and leave it alone.

In the process of learning, I decided to learn how to manifest ---manifest money. I dare say it is a trying experience. Lots of curves, faith and knowing --but I am a determine one and decided to stick with it through thick or thin. Somehow or the other, I found your site again. In the headlines--manifesting moeny through the dark. I was most curious ---dark making money--well, you could imagine what went through my mind --I don't want anything to do with the dark---I am doing something wrong and so on. Well I read the article and was most pleased. I took the advice and prayed and ask my friends which are --Sananda, St. Germain and Mother Mary to cleanse any blocks that I may have to manifest. Then I relaxed ---LOW AND BEHOLD, I felt a great pressure in my Solar Plexus Chakra and then a GREAT REALEASE going through my sex and root chakra. It was beautiful===just like a heavenly orgasm----I was excited but wondering about the feeling. instinctively, I knew the block was removed for manifesting. But I was still curious.

The next morning, I meditated again and low and behold there it was again but from the Solar Plexus to the Heart Chakra. Now I am really excited so I went back to your site and started reading, reading and reading. There, to my great surprise I saw your article on orgasmic cleansing release. Well, excitement is not the word to describe my excitment!  I know that the blocks are removed but I am still trying to figure how to create. I do not know my next step but I am open as usual and determined to know. I know it is my birthright to know and I want to know.

There are so many things I would like to discuss with you such as an amazing experience I had with a cat and many more but I know that you are very busy and so I will have to depend on my higher self for answers.  Thank you for providing such knowledge.  



Your new article 11/22 was interesting to say the least. For me, making money has been a problem up until a few years ago, until I followed a path that I had started when I was a child. I deviated from that path to try to find another one, and experienced nothing but roadblocks and dead -ends. Believe it or not, my path was computers. Back in the late 70's I was exposed to computers in my class for gifted children, and was drawn to them, but then over the years I drifted away from it. After college I took up computers again, and haven't looked back since (I'm now 29). The funny thing is that I am now a network systems administrator/technician without any formal training, and making a good living at it.

What I find most intriguing is that I have returned to the sense of self I felt as a child after I had returned to computers/technology. It feels like I have picked up where I had left off so many years ago, and it feels great. The return to this path wasn't without its upheavals, however, but it was worth it. I take pleasure in helping others through computers, so much that I believe that this is where I'm doing my lightwork. Now I'm getting all kind of offers for advice and suggestions and referrals for computer work! But you know, not once was I afraid of changing my life back to my childhood path, because somehow I knew things would be alright.

Love and Light,

 Comments on New Age Money Pitfalls



Thank you for the new money article.  Though I still have a hard time with the core fears/anger of self-worth, your/Devon's views are  starting to make more sense.  I wanted to share a friend's experience.  Speaking with a beloved goddess, she asked about the roots of money and how it used to be more of a symbolic gift exchange, way back who knows when.  People would acknowledge the offerings of another by giving a symbolic gift  in return that implied "you owe me one" but did not set a price.

I make my living and support my family by teaching but so far I have operated a  pay-what-you-can system that leaves me short by half of what I need to do a  good job of it. I still cling to this idea as ideal, but realize I ...well, to step ahead, I need to realize what the professional painter has known for years: A great painting at a great price may sit for months without a buyer.  The same painting at four to ten times the cost sells much faster. It took me  along time to see that if an entertainer/artist values themselves, others are much more inclined to lend big $$$ support.  No one wants to support self-doubters. 

Sorry if I hassled you too much about the money thing.  It's  a deep wound, and leaks out on occasion.  Thank you for the ongoing  healing support, worldwide.

One love,

Hi Jelaila,

I'm somewhat new to your website but have something in common.  I grew up on Palos Verdes Peninsula  some twenty-five years ago and graduated from what was Miraleste High.

Now onto the expressed topic re: manifesting & abundance.  Since we all know the universe wants us to have everything we need-want-desire to  live survive and "enjoy" (after all if we created this experiment to believe  in our own spiritual developments, shouldn't we also have created the tools, wants and desires to fulfill in UNIVERSAL LAW all  the above)?  So goes the logic!  What universal laws are we not holding onto or what physical laws of society-family-self (beliefs) are we clinging to?  I have recently  been divorced from a 23 year marriage and have been self analyzing  all my  belief systems.  It is sad that it takes such a break in life to give the  spiritual hierarchies the chance to "revamp" ones thinking .  As it is known,   manifesting begins with thought.  Clear slate can produce clear desires  and communications within our higher self realms.  

Thus, after much work I  can rest in the fact that the belief systems, though not completely perfect,  can start the process of manifesting . Abundance comes within the  realm of all life.  Love, happiness, friends, health, money, cars, homes,  etc.  In all life a point of "grander" always comes with a grateful heart!   For the things that one has, for the things that one is in process of  manifesting, and for the things not yet imagined we can all come before the  throne of grace-in our higher selves-and be in gratitude.

The  other point that I would like to make is just this.  If our beautiful world  is turning towards a more feminine  flame wouldn't it be logical that the  more the feminine is released within each one of us the more the feminine  skills would be released to teach us-the spiritual heirarchies -goddesses,  (and in men the same) the feminine manifesting.  MORE FEMININE WITHIN--MORE NATURAL FEMININE ENERGIES FOR MANIFESTING IN A SOON TO BE FEMININE ALIGNMENT AND BALANCE OF ENERGIES ON THE PLANET.

The next step in our spiritual  development is learning to development a natural honor and balance for the  flow of our earth into the feminine yugas.  So much for our near perfect  masculine prospectives..things are changing  and the new energies are coming  in very fast.  To free oneself , and to rid one of old masculine ideas only  allows the new female energies to whisper it's new ideas and compassion into  our hearts. It is a total clear thought-heartfelt desire that is manifested.   It's easy.  It's childlike.  And the more we (or I myself) put worry or  doubt into manifesting the harder it gets.  (For example,  being a new  grandmother and a mother of three, the feminine energies act as a pregnancy.   You plant the seed of intention, and wait for it to grow and develop. You can't hurry it.  You can't take it out and "look at it."  You just love it,  nurture it and in time it arrives, whole and complete.  It only takes a few  moments to manifest itself but it has been nurtured and loved into being.)

Enough for now.  I hope you have received some insights. If you wish to hear of some examples of how the feminine manifesting has shown itself in my life let me.

In light and service,
Louise W.

Hi Jelaila,

I have had the urge to write to you for a while, and your  recent article on money told me that now is the time. Your article will be  very good in helping the lightworkers with some of their financial problems.   I would like to add another factor.   Through channelings with  Nancy Joy and Isaac George, Sara and I found out that there is a large  chard of an Atlantean crystal buried on our land behind our house.  We  figured we should be doing something with it, but didn't know what to do.   And we felt wrong in not doing anything.  A few weeks ago, I got the  following thoughts very strongly, which is my purpose for writing  you.

The World economy in general, and the U.S. economy in  particular, are in the final stages of an incredible credit bubble.  Both  corporate and private debt have just about reached the point of being  unsustainable and blowing up.  Something real, such as a healing or energy  center, cannot be created with something that is a total illusion, namely,  our present money system.

I was told that sometime within the next year or  so, an event was going to happen which would first cripple, then eventually  totally change, the entire economic system.  (My personal thought is that the  costs of electricity and natural gas going up by large multiples could well  be the catalyst.)

Anyway, we were told to just sit tight for a while, do  nothing past what we can do in our minds. This is not the time to  physically begin any projects, as they would not work or would soon begin to  crumble.  So, what Sara and I were told probably applies to at least some  of your readers--namely, that this is not the time to begin any large  projects. Their guides, in sometimes stopping them moving forward in their  assignments, could well be protecting them.

I was also told that  around the beginning of the year 2000, the universe began going from an in  breath (expansive) to an out breath (contractive ).  I can see how numerous  bankruptcies could certainly be a contraction and that all of the expansive  excesses created must be eradicated.  So this is probably not the time for  too many ambitious projects to be physically started.

In doing  research, I found some unbelievable examples of credit abuse.  Here is one  example.  As of October 1, 2000, General Motors gave the following  accounting:
Assets - $ 32 billion
Liabilities - $265 billion

In January of 2001, they issued $17 billion  more in Bonds to cover this year's interest payments.  In other words, they  borrowed $17 billion more just to keep going.  Since the best they earned in  any one year was $11 billion profit, even with ten straight "best" years in  the future, they couldn't even cut their liabilities in half.  So, all that  General Motors, one of America's "premiere" companies, can ever hope to do is  service their debt (keep borrowing to pay the interest--the same as an  individual using one credit card to pay off another monthly credit card  bill). They could never pay it off. This same scenario applies to most other  large companies such as Ford, Xerox, and AT&T, etc.

So, in  closing, I hope maybe this information will be of help.  At least for us, the  time is not right to begin any major projects and this may be true for others  who are finding their dreams not materializing.  So as you said, unless  things happen with tremendous ease and flow, it may be best just to sit  tight.

Best wishes always,
Rick S.

Hello Jelaila,

It's always a pleasure to read your articles.  This one is an  issue I am presently struggling with.  I feel your comments are right  on!  My dominant issue appears, also to be timing, as well as self  value.  When I was at my previous job, I asked why this wasn't working?   The answer I received was that the job was the wrong place for me now,  I need to change.  I asked for direction, but did not receive an  answer, as I found later that, a, it wasn't time yet, and b, I needed to  figure it out myself.  I already knew that my first assignment was to write  a book.   I asked if the book was the answer, and the answer was yes, that  IS the answer, as when the book is finished and accepted, that will exceed  my needs for physical support. 

My next impulse was to immediately begin  the book, but it wouldn't flow at that time. So, I stayed in that job until  it felt like the right time, then resigned, without knowing how to meet my  expenses.  Much to my surprise, immediately after I had released that  position, I found a temporary, part time job making close to equal to my  previous full time job, but taking up far less time.  I just walked in, and  the first question I heard was when do you want to start?  Finally, I now  have enough to meet expenses, and also time to work on the writing project!   Now the project is falling into place and taking shape as it should. The time  was not right before, but it is now.  All the time that I've been chomping at  the bit wanting to get going on this and going nowhere, was motivational, but  a lot of wasted energy. I'm still learning.

I very much appreciate your  sharing your experiences, and your article includes much wisdom and  encouragement.  Again, thank you for your gifts to us all. You are sincerely  appreciated.

Much love,
Jerry C.

Dear Jelaila:

I just read your article about the Money Pitfalls, which I  found very interesting.  Thank you so much for such a lesson.  It makes me  understand why we have that "lack of money" belief, and to also understand a  teacher I once had and from whom I went apart because many of us thought  she was turning into a material person more than a spiritual one.  She has  really worked so hard to put her own business besides the meditations,  channelings and Reiki treatments.  The Spirit has compensated her  undboubtly!  I can say that the Spirit has also provided me and my family in  so many ways, but I'm conscious that we need to work harder to throw away  some old beliefes we still have.  I try to make my family understand that the  way they think is the way they will get.  Right now we're going through many  blessings...many "dreams" come true at last, although my mother still has  doubts and worries because she just can't let things go that easy.  Consequently, she doesn't enjoy that blessed moment because she starts  thinking about other unsolved situations.

Your article comes just in the right time, now that my family & I need it the most.  I am sure this will  help us in overcomming some situations and let go, so we can enjoy and count  our blessings!  Again, thank you!

In Light and Love,

Hi Jelaila,

"If it is spiritual it should be free."  ... In this context,to me, "free" means taking the strings of time and  place off. (In a this world it is hard to completely remove the dollars we  believe are necessary) Thus it could happen at any time or in any place ...  this year, next year or next century - when the money and other resources  are there!

But, as you give so shall you receive - and so must you  also give back to keep the flow going.  This is where the mis-translation  that it was more blessed to give than to receive came from. The poor monk  that wrote that thought he would change his plight by receiving more money - thus the mistranslation.  Ha, he was a spiritual being after all!

Properly stated: "It is as blessed to give as it is to receive", or "It is as blessed to receive as it is to give".  For you cannot give without  there being a receiver, nor is there ever a receiver that was not been served  by a giver.  And so, even Bill Gates and Ted Turner are "spiritual beings"  who have learned how to receive - but also have learned how to give millions  of dollars to charities.  In the eyes of Creation, these and other  "rich" people are no less spiritual than the widow who gave her last penny to  the church.

I see this whole subject as dealing with questions of  worth and value ...self worth and self value.  The old paradigm (based on  illusions of separation of "physical" and "spiritual") tried to value  "spiritual" things above the "physical", not realizing that these are all  part of one continuum, called Life Everlasting.  And, so, it becomes a  question of how and who do we value?  If we value Creator, why would we not  value what came out of Creator - the created - which the holy books tell us  that we all are, as Descendants of Creator.  And if we were born of Spirit,  then we must be living as spirit - having a physical experience.  (But then,  as I understand it, where ever we are - it always seems "real" .. or a  different kind of seemingly "physical" existence)

Value not only ends  with "ue", or you, but it begins with you.  Thus, my value begins and ends  with me.  And since we chose this "physical" life, it must have "value", even  in those realms in which we chose this lifetime - or we would have made other  choices.  So when we give to others, we need to ask not only "what are my  services 'worth' ", but also "what am I worth". 

In the old paradigm, we  felt worthless, especially by the way we were taught by our religions. And  so there were many a poor church mouse, spiritual workers, teachers and  healers that were broke - and sometimes even broken of spirit.  Today,  however, in this New Age of Light, we can begin to realize that if we had no  value and no worth, we would not even be. So our being here is proof that we  do have value and can thus receive value - are worth much, can receive worth  and grow to become more ... so we may flow more worth.  For, this gets us  into the Universal Flow, where all abundance exists, comes from and goes  to.  Bill and Ted live in the flow.

And at this time, I am personally  reevaluating (changing the value of) my services, as we (my wife and I) step  up our vibration, become more and expand our Holistic Health Center to become  a Holistic Health Spa and Salon for Body and Skin Care (and Body-Mind Care). And as I change my way of thinking and believing I am hearing customers  saying "I will pay what ever you ask".  So, as your article states: When  spirit speaks, Move.  But, put your spiritual promptings into action, only  when all the elements are there.  (There is much more to this story, but this  is it in a nutshell).

As light bearers, light weavers and light workers we are living another opportunity within Everlasting Life, to make a "Heaven on Earth" right now.  And we are learning, forever learning, how to bring in more light so we may do that.

Blessings and Peace
John M. K.

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