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Comments on What’s Up with Nibiru?


Dear Jelaila,

I love this article because it gives a serene explanation about certain rumours that some have dealt with in fear and chaos.
Warmest regards

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for the info about Nibiru. It is very clear and I am very grateful for this helpful clarification. I will also send it out to my  list.

I will mention this for my Silver Dove Convergence and we could use this event also to work on the Compassion Grid.

Lots of love and blessings from Thailand,

Dear Jelaila,

I am in constant awe with my life as I discover pieces of my spiritual journey that seem to fit at just the right time. I believe this awe and discovery are two energies from many that are held by the Creator for "us humans" to experience. Being in physical form is a challenge. Especially to keep the chakra's open so we live from our heart and take the steps where the heart leads us. I believe Christians equate this being in the flow as God's Grace. Anyway - a friend of mine led me to your site. I am delighted you have a "feedback" address to allow your readers a chance to give back to you. About a year and a half ago, I was journaling and touched a past life as a holy man. I not only saw myself dressed in black cloth robes standing in a colony of abandoned lepars, but also, felt the frustration, agony of this lifetime as I tried to hold compassion around physical diseased beings of which there was no cure. It felt so REAL to me.

I know I have had other past lives with people in my current lifetime. This experience was totally different because the holy man became totally present in 2000. I was him. He was I. It was during this journaling experience I began to wander through the thoughts of living all of my life experiences at one time. A block in discovering the "All Time Is Now" reality is my mental body wanting to categorize and organize lifetimes into timelines. The word timeline is a third dimensional word reflecting periods of time. Our mental bodies immediately label this with a number like 1890 - 1935. Or January 1 - December 30. I liked your image of drawing lines on a chalkboard to depict the different timelines. However, I think most people are going to be some deeply mental they will not be able to grasp how a timeline of 1890 - 1935 can exist at the same moment as 2002. I would like to share with you another piece I have discovered about All Time Is Now.

I think we reincarnate with the whole soul imprinted as part of the present lifetime blueprint. The whole Soul is a composite of your spiritual signature (the heart qualities like compassion, love, honor, integrity etc) and all of the physical re-incarnations it has taken to grow those heart qualities (hence the All Time Is Now). It like comparing a whole Soul to the chapters of a life book that have already been written. My Soul book has 29 chapters. The book is filled with my spiritual journey's trials, tribulations, successes as I grow in the same energies that are held by the Creator. I call them heart energies.

I am physically manifesting my spiritual grow path in physical life time number 9. I "remember" bits and pieces of lifetime 5 (the Holy Man) because what I'm manifesting now is similar to that past life. I "draw" on that past life to hold wisdom around similar circumstances happening in this life time. I have had glimpses of a future life 10 as a famous singer because there are pieces in this lifetime I'm working on now that will blossom in life 10. I think your statement of simultaneous lives is correct because the whole soul represents everything

it took to become itself. I think I would not agree with the "timelines" word. Because timeline is a 3D thought - and time only exists in the third dimension. So, I believe we are experiencing glimpses of past of future reincarnations in the present now as our whole soul journey's on the spiritual path of the present time. The book of a Soul is never completed until all of the heart qualities become part of the Soul's spiritual signature . Or until we completely return to the Creator's light.

Thank you for providing me an opportunity to share my journey with you.

Susan L.
Valdosta, GA  (USA)

Dear Jelaila,

I am requesting permission to share your article, "Whats Up With Nibiru ?" with the Planetary Activation Organization members across the USA.  Many of us are very familiar with your website and work but some do not have Internet access. I will definitely include all of your information (e -mail address, website, phone number, etc.) for ways people can contact you.

I know everyone will enjoy it greatly.  People are searching for good, valid information about Nibiru and this whole scenario.  Besides Sheldan Nidle's material, I think it's important for people to be aware of other excellent, like-minded sources and I've pointed out your website over the years.

Thank you!
Chyrene P.
USA Coordinator
Planetary Activation Organization

Hi Jelaila,

I recently discovered your website whilst doing research on Nibiru and it  has blown my mind! The way you write excites my heart and mind unlike anything  before!

Over the past few months I've been on an unexpected increasingly  mind-expanding knowledge trip which has taken me through Magick, Alchemy,  Taoism, Sacred Geometry, Yoga, Metaphysics, Hermeticism, Creative Visualization and a load of other stuff that all seems to interrelate in resounding  ways.

Then I came across your site and I have had my mouth open ever since. I  'realized' so much about myself and my friends that it has been  overwhelming.

But I have to admit to being somewhat confused as to what to do now.  I am especially confused about the Pole Shift. When I read sites such as  Zeta Talk and Troubled Times I get the impression of a lot of people already resigned to a disaster that's gonna wipe out 90% of the people on the planet.  When I read your site however you seem to indicate that it is our decision as to how the Shift will affect us.

I feel I am in a position and indeed want to be in a position to help  people and tell people about what is going on but WHAT DO I SAY? I have shared this information with 2 of my friends involved in our project (  but we have no idea how to relay it to anyone. Even my housemates think I'm 'going a bit mad' when I talk about certain concepts that seem completely natural to me.

If this Shift is really going to happen how can I save everyone I love? I  feel there is now a huge responsibility for me to do something to help and somehow warn people but I don't have a clue as to where to start.


HI Jelaila,

Fantastic to hear of your Galactic teachings and the Grid Activations.  If i had the money, i would fly to do these  courses and join you in Egypt. I have to ask you if you have any future plans in coming to South Africa.

Well I hope you do as i will be the first on your list for any courses or Talks.  If possible I would like a full list of the  symptoms of Acension.

Many Thanks.
I am healer & EMF Practioner.
Much Love
Claude L.

Hi Jelaila,

Just had to comment about the timing of the article  you wrote and the "picture dream" I had the night before.  When I woke up on  Sunday, January 27, 2002, I went straight to my journal to write about my  "picture dream".......they show me things sometimes and sometimes I am  participating in what I am being shown.  My dream was about the process of the  third dimension going out of existence and the fourth and fifth (at least I guess it is the fourth and fifth) coming into existence.  We all have moved into the fifth with some remaining in the fourth.  I know nothing about scientific knowledge of dimensions but the fourth had to do with time or rather no-time and the fifth had to do with space and time (at least that is what I  feel like it meant in this "picture dream").  Anyway, I just now had opened up  your e-mail and opened to this particular article you wrote on January 27,  2002.

I just had stumbled over to your website through  another's e-mail talking about the planet Nibiru.  So, I thought I would  investigate what this planet was about.  Glad I did.  I like getting  confirmation that there are lots of other people like me, out there.  Most  people think your weird when you talk about aliens and the memories.

I did send a note to Art Bell asking him to have  you as a guest, also.  Well, I don't normally write to strangers, but I  couldn't help it.  When I read your article, it gave me goose  bumps.

Light and love,

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