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 Comments on Weight loss and the Ego/Inner Child


Hi Jelaila,

Thank you for your amazing work. I find it astounding that you can write articles that feel so "down to earth" and articles that seem totally beyond believe.  I previously felt it difficult to accept the information you give about "outside the earth plane", but it now feels natural to start including this in my truth too.

When I read your article on the Planet Lightworker website of this month, it felt like pieces of the puzzle coming together. Suddenly I felt I understood multidimensionality much clearer. And after I read some more on your site "as above, as below" made a lot more sense too.
Love and Light,

Dear Jelaila,

Thank You for your words of wisdom and this great article on weight loss. I have also been on a similar journey. As a teen I starved myself to less than 98lbs and the by age 35 had gained to over 265lbs. Weight and food and all the issues in between had taken over my life!

I discovered with the help of a spiritual guide that food had nothing to do with my weight. and I embarked on a journey to begin to love myself exactly as I was. Iin 7 months I had lost 100 lbs. and remained in perfect health. I set this down on paper and commenced to facilitate a workshop in my area to bring my new awareness to struggling people. What I found was resistance to these new ideas in large measure. I eventually went back to my first career choice as a weight loss consultant in a few clinics. I passed out food plans and tried to help clients understand "they were what they ate" but my heart wasnt in it. I had never gone a diet to lose my weight!

I left that job in April. And after a serious bout with depression and somerelated relationship issues found myself back in the mirror looking at avery overweight person. I know this isnt because of food and has everything to do with my self love or present lack of it. It is wonderful to see finally there are others sharing this knowledge and helping to lead these overweight and very sad people to light. I thank you again.

Warmest Regards, Ginger E.

Hi! Jelaila!

I just red your article about loosing weight.  I am 48 years old woman that was born Psychic.  You may know then that based on Metaphysics my entire life I have taken control of 'everything' (or I thought) until I read your article.
I asked God to conceived a baby when I was 38 and now my boy is going to second grade!  I had a hysterectomy two years later (deep in myself I did not want to deal with female problems!) so my uterus dropped and I had no choice but take it out.  I was on all kind of hormones (trusting my doctors (which is ok) but one day while dealing with all of this I asked my angels (Devas and Guides) to lead me to something to replace my 'premarin' (LOL)  Well, I have been on natural phytoestrogens for about 7 months now and I feel great!!!  Exercise has become my only vice.  I can't live without it!  BUT! here it comes...the BIG BUT! (yes, only one t) ..I AM STILL 15 lbs. ''beautifuly overweight!!!
Now, after reading your article I have realized that I haven been '' kind of hating" (I say kind of because I CAN NOT HATE) but you know what I mean, my 'fat' and definitely not helping my inner child! OH BOY! OH BOY!  UH! starting RIGHT NOW I am giving myself the cheers up!  I accept the beautiful inner child in me.  Thanks a million!  Thank you for being here to shine not only for yourself but for others.

Peace, Love and Light,

Hi Jelaila!

I just read your article on weight loss & ic/ego.  The first part made sense, but the last part on caregiving REALLY clicked!  Since March of 2002 I had many dilations on the throat/esophagus to open it up.  I blamed the weight gain on allowing more food to go down.  I went on a candida food program, lessened the intake, and am still gaining.  Also in March, I started facing burnout with working in the Alzheimer's day center.  The people were going down hill, requiring more and more care and attention.  I knew then that I was going to have to get a new job soon.  Now, it is July and Aug. 1st I start a new job working with developmentally disabled/mentally retarded!  More caregiving!  Now I see
the Inner Child's part and the limits I need to set, plus the attention I need to give to my Inner Child that I give to everyone else.  Thanks for sharing your experience on the 3d level so that I can apply it and move on!

love and integration!

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you for all your articles on the inner child and being overweight. I logged onto the Diana Cooper website and found your link - heaven sent
- Thank you Angels!  Your information is just what I needed - I have been searching for these answers for years.  I will practice the partnering of my inner child - I feel this is right.

once again, Thank you,  You are a very special spirit

Lots of Love,

Dear Jelaila,

As a 400 plus pound person - your article is really speaking to me.  My health has been ok and I still am out there doing some stuff but not enough.  I can't breathe!! I have been asking my guides and I have been
getting the same as you did.  It is about LOVE.  I am going to read and re-read your article until I do accept it.  Some parts of my mind still say, don't bother, you are fat and dumb and ugly and not worth it.  Even tho I know God loves me and I interact with my guides and do reading for people in the most loving light - I have to get over the negative that I have perceived and accepted and learn to accept myself in LOVE.

Whew!!! You are breathe of fresh air.  And I am ready to hear you. Thank you for writing.

Doreen G.

Dear Jelaila,

Thank you so very much for your message on weight loss.  I have sent it to many friends and they all have similar responses as the one I have posted below.  It is so amazing how simple things can be when we stop spinning our wheels in old energies.   Your work here is much appreciated by many and you are wished many blessing for your very good health and joy. In LakÚch.....Dianne~~~

Okay, back to the weight loss thing.  When I read it, I immediately identified with it!  This goes back to when I worked at the Bank, was going through the 'change", was under very, very much stress, felt betrayed by the guy with whom I'd worked for 8 1/2 years, etc., etc.  Well, I started gaining weight like never before.  I couldn't seem to control it, even though I was swimming regularly.  Of course, I wasn't eating right, in addition to trying to work two jobs, since I knew eventually I was going to quit the one at the Bank.

But what this wise missile that you sent says to me is that my inner child was terribly bruised, traumatized.  A lot of things that had been "true" in my life suddenly were shattered.  It was like going through a divorce, but worse, because there were no "guilty" parties, so to speak.  It was Hell.

I am wiser and stronger for it, but really thought for a couple of years that I was going to lose it.  I started the T.M. (meditation) program in July and by October I was able to make the decision to quit the job, because I realized what it was doing to me, to my health, and to my family having to put up with me in that condition.  I don't give up easily; am not a quitter and will go through unbelievable pain instead of walking away.  Never again!

After eight years I am just now able to shed some of those pounds.  It will take time, and that's okay, I just want to feel "normal" again.  It has been an interesting road to travel.  Thanks for sending something very important to me, and thanks for listening!


Dear Jelaila,

Today I read your recent article on weight.  I can only say thanks from the bottom of my heart for providing me with some missing pieces of my to heal and integrate them.   The left brain is one thing - it's that old right brain stuff.... that's another..... :)

Thank you for this article - it does indeed resonate -

Along with one other thing that my "folks" show me but I do slip on: WEIGHTING for something to happen - almost literally translates into pregnancy mode and giving birth.

WAITING/WEIGHTING = gaining weight. Stop waiting/weighting and start doing, and the weight comes off. Field of Dreams - build it and he/she/it/they will come.
Again, thank you.
Christianne "Gracie"

Hi Jelaila,

A friend in Aussieland forwarded one of your articles to me.  (Weight loss and Ego/Inner Child)  It was thought provoking.  Enough so that I went to your web site to check on others.. and printed out eight.  (I tend to avoid the web.)  Anyway, I have read the articles and find your comments on the Ego/Inner Child situation quite interesting.  Will re-read them before making any comments though.

On another subject, I was intrigued to see.. and copy.. your Reptilian article.  I especially find the comments on the attitude of that group interesting.  Thought perhaps their inflexible attitude might have something to do with their hive mentality.  Understand they have already been evicted from this sector, but didn't see that noted.  (Same for the Grays.)  Hopefully these evictions will limit new technology from being acquired.. for use against the common good.

Looking forward to reading more of the articles on your website soon.

'bye for now,

Dear Jelaila,

I have just read your recent article on weight and the IC/ego and it made so much sense*S*

Im a professional clairvoyant and healer and I also work 2 days a week in a New Age Shop which I thoroughly enjoy.  Ive recently shifted to a 6 day week and seem to be very active at the moment but what I couldnt work out was more weight gain with it.  Im very overweight anyway which Ive never been able to work out because I havnt got a sweet tooth and dont eat any more than any one else around me.

Your article makes so much sense because the more I enjoy giving the more I gain weight.

A lady came into the shop the other day and said that my heart chakra was way out of my body and my aura had expanded to protect it.  She also said that my body has expanded to meet demand HAHA

In a strange sort of way she was saying what youre saying ROFLTO

My question for you Jelaila is what do you do if you have the opposite problem.  There is a lot of people around me that give so much of themselves too and they are desperately trying to put on weight. 
Thankyou so much
Love ~*Vanya*~

My goodness!

The value to me of your article was the focus of the giving/needing energy for caretaking.  I would have used the term 'giving away my power' instead of giving away energy.  And giving away my power has been a challenge to overcome.  If I take your approach, I could compare it to the fact that I gave away a tremendous amount of my power to my ex-husband....and when I stopped doing that, I dropped about 60 pounds.  I want to drop another 35, and am having a challenge.

I wonder, now, if I examined my life, and my style of operation, to identify where else I give away my power, or caretake, if I wouldn't see those 35 pounds peel off!

It would be interesting to know how you dealt with the caretaking aspects of holding your children accountable....I recognize my 11 year old son's capabilities, but I know that there are places where I do more than I need and could expect much more of him.

I also know that I would have trouble at the moment using your 3 list approach.  I don't see some of the things you mentioned, yet....hence, perhaps, my continued overweight condition.

Anyway, thanks for the insight.  I will be working at my weight from that approach.  The value, ignoring the weight, will be better support of my self and my own needs.  Along with caretaker, I also do martyr very well.

Camille B.

Thank you Jelaila

for being the channel to me through your message forwarded by a friend.

Your story mirrors my life from childhood, to marriage, to chronic fatigue during the awakening process, to a 30 pound weight gain and all of the resistance I have been applying to something I knew intuitively was/is part of the process.

Thank you for sharing the tools that worked for you to deal with your remaining caretaking issues.

Another path begins with gratitude.

thanks for the brilliant insight. I just lost 52 lbs and know it was the emotional release therapy which led me to take care of my self. Very important that you shared this.

Thank you.
Claire S.


I just read your article on weight loss and loving your Ego/IC. So very true--I had tried losing my extra weight for years. It wasn't until I started emotionally clearing with my spirituality and loving myself, setting limits and boundaries did I finally drop the weight. I had also gone through the chronic fatigue syndrome--its all cleared out now, including the extra weight that I don't need anymore because I no longer am co-dependent or an enabler.

Thanks for sharing.... We are not alone--we are all one.
Love & Peace,
Cheryl S.

Dear Jelaila;

I am glad to see I am not the only Veg. out there with strange new cravings for meat. Sometimes I actually find myself thinking it smells good or thinking I should be eating it.

I have been eating alot more natural veg. protein lately instead and sometimes I find I cannot get enough of it. I have been doing this before I ever read your suggestion of the same. But still, it is so very nice to know I am on the right track and listening to my "God Self".

I have also just read your new channel about weight loss. That is another issue I work on too. I could have bet money on it that when I turned veg. several years ago that I woudl loose weight but I did not. I have lost some over the last year but need more to go... Thank you for the info... I have not as of yet read through it all but will do so as soon as I am finished with this letter.

Thank you again...
God Bless You In Peace And Love And Peace To All Beings... I Love You...
Sincerely; Thomas

PS - I heard of you by a friend who Fwd. me your latest channel. May I be on your E-mail mailing list (if there is such a thing?) Thank You.

Dear Jelaila -

I just wanted to respond to your wonderful article on the inner child and weight Loss. I too do Inner Child Work and authored the book, The Inner Child Workbook over ten years ago...  it has been a good book for me and is still available in bookstores like Borders and Barnes and Noble... but it is exciting for me to come across your material and to be on mailing list and follow what you are bringing in from the other side.. It so matches the work I am seeing in my private practice with those who are struggling with this issue.. (as well as myself)

I perpetually battle that 5-10 pounds which haunts me just enough to keep me distracted from my ultimate purpose..)  Weight and money seem to hold the context for so many women - often it seems it is the way we define ourselves and hold ourselves in check in this dimension...

 Anyway, I just wanted to make contact with you and tell you how much I enjoy your material and  being on your mailing list.

If you are interested in any of my material I would be honored if you  checked out my website... which is www.multidimensionality.faithweb .com  and at some point I would love to touch in with you on the phone.. I live in Minnesota but frequent San Francisco quite often and at present am out here for a week...  but when I get back perhaps we could figure out a time to talk in person.

Until then be well... Cathryn Taylor  (952) 361-0670 or
(415) 272-5149.

Thank you and Bless you Jelaila.

Once again you "hit home" with me in  sharing  your experience you have helped me in my "fat wars".


Comments on The Value of Being Overweight


Dear Jelaila,

I am very, very bottom heavy with lots of dimples on my thighs.  Reading your article is helping me accept my fat until I am ready to do something about it. Now when I look at myself nude in a mirror I say to myself, “I was given all this for a reason.” Thank you for helping me.


Jelaila - thanks; many thanks!!!!

Since there is no specific beginning I can think of, here goes: I was sitting in my car, listing to tape 5.  As with the first tape, I found the laughter and humorous asides of you and Deserai (spelling?) infectious.  At a certain point I began thinking about the Nibiruan book I had purchased for a friend.  You will recognize this story as it unfolds.

In my early years, I was a genuine athlete (skiing 100 miles in 2 days for example).  Later, I neglected my body, and gradually became obese.  Three years ago, I discovered I was diabetic.  Fearing I would have to take needles, I went to an osteopath, and practiced denial.  Every coin has two sides.  In the course of these treatments, more than once I felt what can only be describe as "yukky" feelings, as the junk was released.  Gradually a greater self-respect and sense of self-worth began to emerge.  At one session, I had the sense of a thin vapourous blanket of something, which had covered virtually all of my organs in the abdominal region, rise up and out of my body and dissipate.  Over the next short while, without my consciously noticing it, I rapidly lost 20 pounds, without any change of any routine.  This attests, independently, to what you say about weight maintenance and loss.

Nonetheless, I continued to get far too little sleep, wrong foods, overwork myself, so that last March I went into hospital, going into a diabetic coma on the way in.  I wasn't aware for two days; later I had the opportunity to meet the nurse who worked on me as I arrived at emergency, who thought I surely "was a goner".  Her face became suffused with joy and even amazement - they rarely get to see the results of their dedication, much less their success stories.  I also became aware of how many people do genuinely care for others - it would be impossible for me to become a cynic after that experience.

Shortly after I became conscious, Cynthia (our friend and my wife's business partner, who is a walk-in, a spirit-trained shaman, a kahuna and reiki master) together with Carol, a shaman, came in and did a healing on me.  After 9 days in intensive care, I had to relearn to walk during the next 12 days elsewhere in the hospital.  So complete was their healing, that the doctors could find no source of the blood infection which was the partial cause of the coma.  Further, with the exception of the pancreatic problem, every other test showed healthy functioning.

I had lost considerable weight during the process.  Regrettably, I've gained all of it back.  However, it appears this will all be sorted out if I just hold to the DNA recoding "flight plan". 

During the 3 months following hospital, as I recovered, it seemed at one point that I would never work again, such was the pain of the neuropathy in my feet.  Finally I went to see Sherri, a friend who is a reiki master.  I spoke to her of my sense of having been "rewired" and the need, perhaps, to have these connections completed.  It made sense to her, and she also spoke of a need to be "grounded" (imagine that! who-da thunk it?).  She worked on me for 3 1/2 hours for three days in a row.

Sherri spoke of an encounter, a seminar with someone more than 5 years ago, in which she had been told about 12-strand DNA.  Further, she was told that after some 5 years of some difficulty, turmoil and vicissitudes she would begin to enjoy the benefits of the work at the seminar.  This indeed has happened, including increased and new abilities, and a series of "visions".  I thanked her, and brought her a hanging plant - she would take no payment.  I asked her if she enjoyed reading - she does, and reads extensively.  I was determined to find an appropriate book as a gift for her.

[LOOK OUT, HERE IT COMES!] When I ordered books and tapes from you, I ordered an extra copy of the "Nibiruans" for her.  The books arrived on a Thursday evening - perfect, for I was to be in her vicinity the next day, or so I thought (nor was that to be!).  I was on the couch reading.  Therese, my wife, picked up the second copy from the dining room table, and said "There's some writing in this copy."  I explained that it was my copy, because you had autographed it.  We exchanged books, and the gift went onto the table in the same place as the other had been.  As I began to drift off to sleep, I put my copy on the top of the back of the couch.  In the morning, I couldn't find it.  We searched "high and low" in the immediate vicinity of the couch.  It was nowhere to be found.  Fairly quickly, I realized that the book was not to reach Sherri.  I believe I have learned that lesson for the last time (ha! likely?).  Next surprise - the book on the table was the autographed copy!  The book intended for Sherri was the one which disappeared!

Time to sign off - I'll be in touch again as I try to sort out the recoding process.

Sincere thanks and love,
Jim C.

Hi Jelaila,

I have just finished reading the article on being overweight. I think we must be twins. I felt as though you were conveying my thoughts on this very matter. I have also been told, stand in the mirror and say "I love you" I would do that and say "Get real ~ I cannot love that fat". I have felt such grief to look and not see a body beautiful. I have about 6 planets in Libra just to add to the mix

The single most important issue for me is about feeling safe. I even organised a Peace Concert in 98 and when I asked for my own hidden agenda, it was that I did not feel safe and if everyone got that feeling of peace through the music, then I would be safe.

Naturally I set up for myself the most devastating attack upon my heart ~ which sent me into retreat for about 12mths. Licking my wounds. It has been such an interesting curve. And so once again thank you for your articles that are so on the mark.

Love you,


What an inspiring article this was to read - obviously I am one that has a overweight problem.  Your article has reinforced to me that I am an OK person - that my ME has chosen the overweight as you have said as a protection aid until I am ready to allow the real me out.  The constant striving I have done over the last years to be what I thought others expected me to be - what I thought I was supposed to be for others - will soon be gone for good.  I have often thought - why am I doing this - when I am ready I will lose my weight - like aging gracefully.  Know I can put my efforts into finding ME and allowing the inner glow - growth through self healing, astral travel and spiritual development.  Your site will be visited frequently over the coming months.

In Peace and Harmony,


I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading your article on the value of fat.  I don't think I have ever read as honest, and therefore truly touching, piece on this subject.  All I can say is THANK YOU.  As an incest survivor, I thought I had figured it all out in terms of my weight being about protection..  And although I've come to realize, in my process, some of the things you touch on, I am still profoundly moved.  I'm going to check out your website, and if you have a moment, I'd be honored if you looked at mine -  I saw your article on the newage australia site and am so glad I did.  Linda and I have been in touch about promoting each other and I have link to her site on mine - even though I'm in the states.  Thank you again.  Staci


We all have the some of the same challanges...your gift is to help us realize we are not alone. Thank you for doing that.  I have just recently found that I had been carrying ET's with me for lifetimes. Many of these have left, but I believe I may still have more hanging around, due to a continuing depression.  I just read your article about carrying weight to protect the inner child. It really hit home. I want to rid myself of this extra weight now to show a better example to my daughter and to show more love to my husband.  Thank you for giving me the tool. You are so blessed and are blessing all that read and learn from you web site.  Thank you for everything positive. 

Love and Light,

Hi Jelaila;

I loved this article, I will let you know which issue it will be placed in...right now I'm setting it aside till I get back from my vacation, there is no issues going out for Dec. 27th and Jan. 3rd....I'm an over weight person, and I had to learn to deal with my weight problems due to my medication I take, 30 years ago I was a 98 pounder <g> and now I tip those scales at no fault of my own, but I had to learn to accept it and not care what others thought...that came a few years ago when I went off the steroids that I have to be on for life due to my bad lungs, I stopped the medication, and in 3 months time I lost 30 pounds, boy was I feeling like a Queen then, but then I caught a cold and got very sick, the doctor was very upset with me stopping my medication like I did, and I had to go back on double the strength till I got better, in one weeks time I gained 33 pounds...all that I did I lost in that one week, well I finally had a long talk with myself, and finally accepted my weight no matter what OTHERS thought of my full figure...I thank you for this article...

Love & Light,

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