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 Comments on Download and Uplinks: The Contracts of DNA Recoding

Dear Jelaila,

I don't mean to bother you with craziness but- Thursday night I was reading articles on your site.  The first one I clicked on was oversoul downloads/uplinks.  I've been having a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders for about 3 months; all I've been able to do is sit back to avoid the pain. When I read about the neck pain in the article I got an electric "chill" up my spine and my neck twisted and popped. Since then the pain has been greatly reduced.

Thank You,
Eddie Shook

 Comments on Eating Meat in DNA Recoding


Dear Jelaila,

Your article confirmed what I had found out myself after a long and constant struggle. Out of my IMMENS love for animals, I became a vegetarian for a couple years. But I found myself malnourished and despite this deep love, I got to the conclusion that there must be a good reason why we have some of the animals as food on earth. My conclusion was exactly as the same as yours. They are here to sacrifice themselves for us, for our ascension. And when people throw the leftover meat out, my heart is bleeding for the animal, who died in vain.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to the animals  who died for me. What was startlingly new and fascinating about your article is that I have unusually been craving re-red-red meat for quite some time.



I really give thanks to you for that article because regardless of what doctor or vegetarian said, I've always felt that the animals were giving theirselves to us and we probaly did it aeons ago to be in the now at this time also.   Keep up the good work and thanks again. 


Comments on Crystal Grids for Comfort



Dear Jelaila,

I love your article "Crystal Grids For Comfort." I first read it a few years ago, then again yesterday. Would you mind telling me which mine you visited where they have "warehouse after warehouse of crystals"? I can just see you standing there...and I started thinking about taking a trip to Hot Springs.

Thank you for all your candid, inspirational, and unique creations for living, growing, and of course, Ascending!


Jelaila’s Answer:

It is the Ron Coleman mine is Mt. Ida. Little Blakely Rd. Hwy. 270 at the intersection of Hwy. 27 South.  Phone: 501-984-5396

Dear Jelaila,

I am going to try this!  I have resisted using crystals in the past...guess I just wasn't ready to do so.  But your concise and thoughtful article about your own experience mirrors what I am feeling, that it's time to move up, move on, and leave the old fears behind. Don't know quite where to start , but I have faith that I will be led in the right direction, will find the crystals I need.  I have noticed that we have quite a few quartz crystals popping up all over the farm...unusual for this time of year, but then, perhaps not.  I have always been a "rock hound" and especially liked any crystal forms I've found; it is time to put these to good work.  Thank you so much for the service you provide to all of us. You Light up the path!

Susan, Dancing Light

Thank you Jelaila,

I read the transcript about crystal grids.  If you need some info or anything about crystals, I'd be happy to help.  I've been digging my own crystals here in Arkansas for over twenty years and I have a ton of them, literally.  I work with crystal grids and other stones, and also construct medicine wheels using Herkimer Diamonds to aid in lucid dreaming, etc.  I have a lot of information, so if I can help, let me know, as I've worked with stones for over twenty years.  If anyone is interested in purchasing some crystals, maybe we can work something out... possibly.  I also make amulets (using crystals and deerskin) which are very powerful, and I energize them with Reiki as well....  I make medicine shields as well and incorporate crystals... (am very much interested in shamanism and actively pursue that learning.)

You do good work and I'm happy to see a site like yours on the web.  Maybe I'll be able to join you in one of the Mon. night chat sessions soon. .. but it's hard to find time to be on the "box" (computer...ha). 

Love and Light,

Dear Jelaila,

Thanks for the prod. I needed it.  I went to Arkansas last October  and brought back 15 crystals, which I had purchased.  I wear one, but the others  have been sitting in one spot, covered and I had not done anything with them.  I  intend to build a mandala in my yard with them, and just 4 months ago, moved to  the country where I have a yard.  I will also place the rest of them around where they can do me more good. 

I am returning to Mount Ida the end of September to dig for crystals this time.  I went alone to fast and meditate that week, so I could not get anyone to let me dig, as I was only one and the Crystal  Festival was coming up.  I did research the area and know the best camping and  he 2 best mines to go back to, so I am prepared.  I even found a recorder crystal, but have not extracted the ancient knowledge from it, as yet. [have not  tried] 

Anyway, thanks for the wake up call, now I will go forward and  complete my plan.  I love your stuff. I am building my own web page, to be open soon, to add to the light as we each do our part. I have been through a divorce last  year and lost all I had, but realized I did not need it all anyway.  I am  starting over, but I have transcended the hate and judgment with a re-awakening of my spiritual roots.  I have the "fire within" burning and there will be no stopping me this time around. 

I have done some writing, and will post some of  it on my site.  I draw from all aspects, rolling science into spiritual and also  using the shaman knowledge, with eastern religion and some bible in the mix  also.  A meld of all that is known that ties things together. I am probably the  only lightworker for miles around, living in the center of Missouri, Clifton  Hill.  You lived in KC, I was born and raised there till I was 14. Then moved  to this area.  Now, after my divorce in Texas, I came back to my roots.  I have  reconnected with my old friends, trying to wake them up to what's coming.  I  believe I am here to anchor this area and spread the light from here.  I love  being back and life for me is wonderful.

Thanks for the ear.

Love to all the universe, Jim

Hello once again!

Caught the recent article re crystal grid and thought you might like to know more 'stories' about the Crystal Connection.  About eight years ago , I was starting to follow a quiet inner direction.  For whatever reason, I felt that it was my part to place crystals in several physical locations. I began one special morning nearby. It was on one of the world connection days..can't remember which. I knew to ask my daughter..then still in school to accompany me to the top of our local mountain very at sunrise.

We drove quietly and a little sleepy through a morning mist. I remember the quiet. We passed a deer and a rabbit as we climbed the road to the top. I had a crystal in a little pouch and we decided to bury it under a tall fir tree. A small ceremony followed. The intention was to connect a crystal  pathway for spiritual  energies to ground to the earth. That was all I felt to be true.

The same morning up in the interior of the Province,  a friend held a ceremony in Salmon Arm..doing the same.  My next crystal planting took place on Orces Island in the San Juan Islands, just across into the States. The same connect the lines for spiritual grounding. Another was placed at the northwest corner of the great pyramid in Egypt. 

So that is the configuration of the Crystal Grid that I know about. It was all very simple and without big fanfare. I sensed that at that time, something Big was approaching and we were anchoring the lines so to a hot air balloon line. The crystals acted as connection beams or lines. That's about it.

 Your article reminded me of this experience. I think it is related.

love, Clare

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